Weighting factor for Vendor evaluation

Hi gurus
we have configured evaluation like Quality-50%, Delivery-25%, quantity-25%
for all vendors it is picking the same criteria but donno for one vendor calculation criteria is picking  like Quality-66.7% and Delivery-33.3% and Quantity-0%
What would be the reason and why this is happening for only one vendor.and how to come out of this
Thanks in Advance.

and the note said:
1. Question:
Why is my purchase order not considered when calculating a score for quantity reliability?
Only closed purchase orders will be considered, as long as they fall within your given time range.
A purchase order is closed if:
the goods receipt quantity is greater than or equal the po quantity.
the delivery complete flag is set in the purchase order.

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  • Mass Maintain weighting key for vendor evaluation.?

    Hi experts
    Can anybody give some inputs for below issue
    1.How to maintain weighting key for vendors .
    2.How to maintain weighting key for all vendors in mass .(Mass maintainence)
    3.How to get the report of vendor ranking list duration wise (Month, year..etc).
    MM group

    weighting keys is customizing, and this is certainly not by vendor.
    you define one weighting key  and then you run vendor evaluation using this weighting key.

  • Smoothing factors for Vendor Evaluation for Services

    Hi Team,
    How to apply smoothing factors for Quality and Timeliness of services in External Services. Any help is appreciated.

    Hi ,
    I will try to explain with one example
    Actually in vendor evaluation , we are going to get only one percentage say for a material A for example Qty reliability - smoothing factor is 0.20
    Material A is ordered by so many purchase orders and many goods receipts are done in many times. Goods receipt is done 6 times till now and the score is 80% . Now GR is done for 7th time . If the qty reliability is 100 % for this GR
    the score is calculated in the following way
    80%0.8+100%0.2 --- this the score after the 7th goods receipt....
    Hope now u understand .... If u still have queries please post your feedback...
    If u are satisfied , please reward points

  • Weight Key in Vendor Evaluation

    Hi all,
    How the Weighting  key in Vendor Evaluation is updating for Each Vendor?
    If it is automatically Updating why ME6E is required?
    Gibi Philip

    Weighting Keys
    A weighting key is an identifier under which the weighting factors for a number of main criteria can be grouped together and saved.
    If you know that you will want to carry out an evaluation repeatedly with certain main criteria and certain weighting factors, you can save this combination under a weighting key.
    When you carry out the next vendor evaluation, just enter the relevant weighting key instead of entering a weighting factor for each individual criterion. The system then automatically sets all the weighting factors.
    There are two possible types of weighting key in the standard system:
    Key 01
    Key 02
    Key 01 permits the equal weighting of all criteria.
    Key 02 enables you to evaluate vendors supplying small parts, for example.
    The weighting factors under this key are distributed as follows:
    Price 5
    Quality 3
    Delivery 2
    Gen. service/support 1
    External service provision 2
    Hope it explains you the importance ...

  • Config Smoothing factor in vendor evaluation

    Dear MM experts,
    Please let me know where I can config smoothing factor of score in vendor evaluation!

    what do you mean by smoothing factor. Normally the primary criteria used for vendor evaluation is
    1. Price
    2. Quality
    3. Delivery norms
    4. Service
    based on 4 above points the evaluation is reveiwed.

  • Additional functionality for vendor evaluation in ECC 6.0

    Hi folks,
    Can any one help me in getting the information below.
    Is there any additional functionality for vendor evaluation in ECC 6.0  when compared to ECC 4.7
    Pls let me know the functionality and the difference.

    Is there any additional functionality for vendor evaluation in ECC 6.0 when compared to ECC 4.7
    The Solution Browser lets you enter start and target releases for functional areas, and provides you with the information about the new functionalities.
    You find the tool from our homepage at http://service.sap.com/erp (see the tool box on the right hand side).
    Andreas Rudolph

  • Reverse factoring for vendors

    We are currently working on a solution for reverse factoring for vendors.
    The process is that when a vendor sends an invoice to us, it should be marked to be a part of reverse factoring.
    We invite the vendor to participate in this process and they can choose to sent all invoices through this process or select the ones they want.
    When we receive the invoice, it should be marked and a CSV or XML file should be generated and sent to our bank.
    Our bank pay the invoice and take the money directely from our account, the one we have agreed upon.
    The vendor receives the payment quickly from our bank.
    The bank sent a file to us of what invoices they have paid and we need to make this match to make a clearing automatically.
    So, the easy part is to define the layout of the file we sent to the bank, but I don't know how to mark the incoming invoice so that we know what invoices we should put into the file to the bank. Also what information do we need to make the clearing at the end?
    Hope anyone knows this process and has implemented it before, and can provide me with some more information.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards
    Birgitte Hamborg Jakobsen

    Hi Joss,
    is your requirement related to HCM module?
    Then , it should be posted in below link,
    SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM)

  • Additional sub criteria for Vendor Evaluation tab in SES (ML81N).

    I like to add two additional sub criteria for Vendor Evaluation tab in SES (ML81N). Based on which vendor evaluation will be calculated.
    1. Safety/Envt Upkeep
    2. Morale
    These two are added in SPRO->Purchasing->Vendor Evaluation ->Define Criteria. But not displayed in ML81N->Vendor Evaluation tab.
    Existing criteria. 1) Quality of Service and  2) Service Timeliness are already available.
    Thanks in advance.
    Chetan Shah

    Hello Chetan,
    have you checked note 79166 "MM-SRV Hint: Vendor evaluation for service"?
    Define an evaluation criterion for services in Customizing of the vendor evaluation to be able to use the vendor evaluation also for the services management.The main criterion must contain the determination methods 'C' (determination from the quality valuation of the service) and 'D' (determination from the timeliness rating of the service) in the sub-criteria.
    Kind Regards

  • Role for Vendor Evaluation

    Hi experts
    i'd like to know what are the standard role for vendor evaluation and vendor qualify in SRM EBP 7.0.

    The vendor evaluation questionnaire is always triggred when a the user posts a confirmation RIGHT?
    com.sap.pct.srm.ro_goodsrecipient-Portal Role
    Supplier Evaluation
    You can use Supplier Evaluation in SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) to evaluate your suppliers by means of Web-based surveys. You can tailor individual surveys and questionnaires, and select the criteria to evaluate. You can then transfer the data that you gather from the questionnaires and surveys to SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP BI). You can use this information to help you select suppliers and negotiate conditions.
    For more information on reporting in SAP BI, see the SAP NetWeaver documentation on SAP Help Portal at  http://help.sap.com  SAP NetWeaver  SAP NetWeaver <release> Library  SAP Library  SAP NetWeaver Library  BI Content  Supplier Relationship Management  Supplier Evaluation .
    You need to compile questionnaires using the WebSurvey Cockpit. For more information, see the SAP NetWeaver documentation on SAP Help Portal at http://help.sap.com  SAP NetWeaver  SAP NetWeaver <release> Library  SAP Library  SAP NetWeaver Library  SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability  Application Platform by Key Capability  Business Services  Web Survey .
    When you use the Supplier Survey Cockpit (see below), you can access the WebSurvey Cockpit from the SAP NetWeaver Portal. To compile a questionnaire, in this case, click on the Supplier Evaluation tab strip. Then click on Create Questionnaire.
    There are two different methods to collect data to evaluate supplier performance:
    Event-driven evaluation. For example, when saving an invoice, a questionnaire is presented to the user
    Ad-hoc evaluation through surveys managed with the Supplier Survey Cockpit
    Event-Driven Evaluation
    SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM) supports event-driven questionnaires for two specific occasions:
    Saving of a confirmation
    Saving of an invoice
    The event-driven evaluation and the ad-hoc evaluation use separate InfoProviders in SAP NetWeaver BI. The InfoProvider that is used for event-driven evaluation is also used for evaluation triggered from out of the Advanced Supplier List.
    End of the note.
    These events trigger a questionnaire, which pops up on the screen or enable a button to open the questionnaire. To carry out event-driven evaluation, you first have to specify in Customizing when and under which circumstances you want the evaluation to take place. For example, you can define that the evaluation is to occur for certain product categories, or suppliers, or purchasing organizations. You can also define the frequency (for example, every invoice/confirmation, or every second invoice/confirmation, and so on). For more information, see Customizing:  Integration with Other SAP Components  Data Transfer to the SAP Business Information Warehouse  Settings for Application-Specific DataSources (SRM)  Define Events for Supplier Evaluation in SRM
    Supplier Evaluation is used in the Confirmation and Invoice applications to evaluate day-to-day activities on the basis of operational documents. It can also be used from the Approved Supplier List.
    Supplier Evaluation Examples Application
    Possible Questionnaire
    Possible Criteria
    Evaluation of goods
    Delivery on time?
    Condition of packaging?
    Evaluation of services*
    Was the service performed in a timely fashion?
    Quality of service performed?
    Evaluation of invoice
    Invoice quantity = confirmed quantity?
    Was the invoice clearly presented?
    Approved Supplier List
    Evaluation of supplier
    Reliability of supplier?
    Price transparency of supplier?
    *Note the data protection regulations that apply when evaluating services.
    End of the note.
    For more information about SAP NetWeaver BI Reporting, see SAP Help Portal at  http://help.sap.com  SAP NetWeaver  BI Content  Supplier Relationship Management  Supplier Evaluation
    Ad-Hoc Evaluation: Supplier Survey Cockpit
    The Supplier Survey Cockpit is an application with which you can manage surveys to gain information about your suppliers. After completion of a survey, the survey data is transferred to SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) for reporting. Analyzing the survey outcomes in SAP NetWeaver BI helps you to always be up on your suppliers' performance regarding, for example, reliability, quality, and service.
    The Supplier Survey Cockpit enables you to gather information independently of a certain purchasing event. With the Supplier Survey Cockpit, you can do the following:
    Set up a survey
    Assign a questionnaire to the survey
    Distribute the questionnaire via e-mail and
    Monitor the responses
    To access the Supplier Survey Cockpit, choose Supplier Evaluation and then Survey Management under Detailed Navigation.
    By default, you find three queries: A survey query, a survey package query, and a survey monitor query. Depending on the query you choose, the table below the queries displays different information.
    To manage surveys, choose the survey query. Click on Create to create a new survey. Select a survey from the table and click on Display, Edit, or Delete to display, change, or delete a survey.
    To manage survey packages, choose the survey package query and click on the corresponding buttons.
    To download the table contents in MS Excel format, click on Export.
    For more information on the queries, which serve to monitor surveys, see Survey Monitoring.

  • System setting for vendor evaluation incomplete

    I want to caryout automatic vendor evaluation when i run t code ME63, its show an error system setting for purchase org incomplete where as i have maintained all the parameters from standarfd 0001, can anyone tell me how to carry out ven evaluation.

    Select SPRO --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Vendor Evaluation. Select following criteria -
    1) Define Weighing keys - Here define weighing keys in addition to 01- Equal Weighing & 02- Unequal Weighing (if required)
    2) Define Criteria - Here 5 standard criteria are maintained. Maintain additional criteria if required. Also maintain sub-criteria. Each main criteria contains some standard subcriteria. If required you may maintain additional subcriteria upto 20 per main criteria.
    3) Define Scope List - Here you may maintain how the evaluated vendors should be ranked.
    4) Define Purchase Organization Data for Vendor Evaluation - Here you may maintain main criteria & sub-criteria for your purchasing organisation. Also maintain score for equal & unequal weighing. Maintain point score for automatic  criteria for each percentage vainance
    Hope this fulfils your query

  • Entering the scores in service entry sheet for vendor evaluation

    I could not able to enter the scores for vendor evaluation in service entry sheet. How to do it.
    With regards
    G Narendra kumar

    While defining the Sub Criteria for Service, you have select the Scoring Method as C (Determination from quality rating of service) or D (Determination from timeliness rating of service).Then u can find a tab for Vendor evaluation in Service Entry sheet where you can enter the scores for service.

  • No grouping maintained for vendor evaluation

    Hi Experts,
    I have loaded data till DSO 0SR_VE_CP successfully using Data Source 0WS_DATA_1_C. But when I am trying to load the data into the Cube 0SR_VE_C2 i am getting following error message:
    No grouping maintained for vendor evaluation (Message no. SRM_VE014)
    It would be appreciated if you help me step by step as i am new to this.
    Thanks in advance.
    Niranjan Chechani
    Edited by: Niranjan Chechani on Oct 20, 2011 11:03 AM

    Hi Niranjan,
    I'm trying to activate the standard data flow for DSO 0SR_VE_CP in Business Content, but no transformation between DSO -> DataSource is available there.
    How did you manage to load Supplier evaluation data into DSO 0SR_VE_CP from DS 0WS_DATA_1_C ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Smoothing factor in Vendor evaluation

    I'm not able to understand the math underneath the "smoothing factor" used in vendor evaluation. Could someone throw some light in this?

    A score for a new goods receipt or the scores for a new service will change the existing scores for the current month.
    The new individual score does not have the same significance as the previous composite score, because the latter was calculated from a number of individual scores. For this reason, the new individual score is given a lower weighting (that is to say, it is smoothed).
    In carrying out this process, the system applies the relevant smoothing factors that you have defined for each individual score in Customising.
    OMGL is the transaction to configure smoothing factor.
    hope it helps.

  • Standard report for Vendor Evaluation

    Hi everyone,
    Is there any standard reports (ALV) to display Vendor evaluation ranking list except ME65, ME6B, ME6H.
    any other Program names will also do...

    S_ALR_87012990 - Evaluation Comparison
    ME6H - Standard Analysis: Vendor Evaluation
    ME6E - Evaluation Records Without Weighting
    ME6C - Vendors Without Evaluation
    ME6B - Display Vendor Evaluation for Material
    ME65 - Evaluation Lists

  • QM Settings for Vendor Evaluation

    Hi All,
    I am having a small issue with QM settings in Vendor Evaluation.
    Actual Scenario - My client makes use of "Weighted Charateristics" instead of "Usage Decisions" and decides whether the material can be used or rejected etc at the time of Quality Inspection.
    And, i believe that whatever the score or decision regarding the material was observed, it will be stored in a file with scores.
    Now, the problem is Automatic Vendor Evaluation is simply giving a single score of 82 for whatever decision they make. Please try to address my following queries
    1) Where the person responsible in QM needs to maintain the actual file with scores so that Vendor Evaluation can pick those scores for calculation?
    2) Is there any configuration involved in either QM or Vendor Evaluation?
    I came to know that all the configuration on the Vendor Evaluation side is OK

    In the MM side for QM criteria you have to make automatic only than rest will take by the QM module
    see below
    Complaints/Rejection Level
    This subcriterion is used to evaluate whether the materials delivered by the vendor are regularly found to be faulty subsequent to incoming inspection (for example, on the shop-floor) leading to additional expense and loss of time (due to loss of production, reworking etc.).
    The score (QM key quality figure) is calculated in QM Quality Management and the data passed on to MM Vendor Evaluation. This key quality figure is converted for use in the Vendor Evaluation scoring system.

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