What Is The Best Way To Connect Ipod To Stereo Reciever With High Quality?

I recently purchased an 80 gig and am a newbie. I ripped all my music at around 280kbps to retain good audio quality when playing in my car and home theatre system. There are tons of accesories out there (docks, jacks, etc) which is the highest quality to connect my Yamaha receiver. I would think a connection to the bottom of my ipod would be of a higher quality rather than using the headphone jack. Any suggestions would be great. I was thinking about using the monster itv link but mostly for audio. thanks

OK - So now that you have all completely ignored the original question - in hopes of proving your manly-hood....
Does anyone have an answer to the original question....
"What is the best way to connect to a high end home stereo to retain the best sound?"
For sure any connection going through the headphone jack will be a big step back - enough so that you would easily hear a sound quality loss in doing so.
For the few of you who would like to argue/bicker/rant on the nominal sound quality loss....keep on doing so, but for those who actually have some respectable advice we would love to hear it.
For the record, I tend to hear just outside the normal human auditory range...
To help myself put it to rest already... a few years back I decided to conduct my own little listening test.
I took 6 different common ripping modalities (from lossless - to - 128kbps in both MP3 & AAC.... then transfered all of them in order to a blank. Used the same song for each - the song chosen opened with a few clean crisp bars of high freq. music, followed by an instant explosion/drop into a tight & low bassline.
The final cutoff that was achieved before I was unable to detect an audible difference was 198 VBR AAC. Having convinced myself that there was the ever sooooooo slight difference b/t 198 & 256, I went with my current ripping status of 256.... Just incase my audible range should become finally honed with age (yeah, like that is really going to happen) !
This test was run over a Yamaha DSP receiver, running at a constant 110w per channel (w/a max of 220w). The speaker setup was a full surround set of Klipsch Reference Series..... each speaker housing 2 x 6.5 woofer (each housing 2 x 1" Titanium tweeters) And sitting along side the 5 surrounds was/is a 150w continuous 12in. Subwoofer.
Now I am hardly stating that I have hearing as good as some of you extremely technically profound music enthusiasts out there, but for the majority of people making comments about sound quality, and lack there of - when played over a $120/40w Audiovox radio.... I'm sorry, but I would have to side on that of......"Hogwash, that you can hear a difference!"
So.... if possible would someone please offer some advice on a dock or cable connection that will allow us to enjoy the music we ripped at whatever
so-called range we did!
For those interested in seeing who could hit the further bullseye with their eyes closed, You win!!! Now can you help us?
MBP   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

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    What is the best way to connect a MacBook Pro to my HiFi system?
    Look at the back of the reciever and see what your connection options are, the front headphone jack is output usually.
    The Mac's  analog audio in/out ports doubles as a optical in/out ports.
    The analog won't over power your amp, it's just a headphonejack, like a powered mic, just enough power to get the signal to the destination in one piece.
    Since you have a analog amp, your stuck with inferior analog connections, however you mentioned you wish to listen to the best sound quality of your lossless music.
    To do that your going to need a decent surround sound system with Toslink optical import jacks, a Toslink stereo jack to regular Toslink adapter, Toslink cable and enable the optical output in your System Preferences >Sound
    Another method is to use a Airport Express, it also has duo analog/opical out port. Then set up the Airport Express for iTunes streaming using the Airport Utility, then in iTunes setup the lower right corner one can set the connection.
    I recommned a Harmon Kardon surround sound system, with their 100 watt satelight speakers and the 200 watt subwoofer. Enable the "concert hall" and other neat effects which will turn your 2.0 (stereo) iTunes music into 4 channel speaker sound filling the room with music and sending the lower channels to the subwoofer.
    It will likely bring tears to your eyes that you can actually hear the full quality of your music as intended, I almost quarranty you will never want listen to music on a crappy iPhone or iPod again.
    If a surround sound system is out of your budget, you can get by using the Harmon Kardon "Go Play" portable stereo and a analog stereo cable.
    If your going to use your analog amp to power reference speakers, then there are various analog adapters of all sorts to make the appropriate connections once you know what they are, check out Radio Shack online for them.

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    I recommend the Apple MiniDisplay Port to DVI adaptor.  I would avoid VGA.  MiniDisplay Port to HDMI will work as well (3rd party).

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    I want to listen to my mp3 collection through my home theatre stero receiver.
    I have 2 audio interfaces that I connect to my mac through USB and Firewire: Digi Design Mbox mini and Maudio ProFire 610.
    I've tried going from a headphone 1/8'' connector from the headphone out of my mac to rca connected to the aux (or whatever) of my stereo.
    I've tried using a 1/4'' adapter on the 1/8'' to go from my mbox mini's headphone output to the rca aux on my stereo.
    The problem is I'm hearing distortions that sound like clipping, or static, crunchiness on certain frequencies in a lot of my mp3's that shouldn't be there.
    I listen to lots of music, and a lot of it uses distortion, like shoegaze, drone etc but I know what I'm hearing is unnatural.
    I even hear these flaws when I listen to headphones through the headphone out of my mbox.
    Page 2 on this instruction manual says I should be able to go from the monitor outs to my stereo. The monitor outs are 1/4 inch out so I figured I would need a 1/4 inch to rca cable.
    I got this one from monster thinking it should work. No dice.
    So my question is, what is the best way to connect my mac to my stereo? I need to avoid these distortions and flaws in the audio i'm hearing or I will go nuts.
    Why might I be getting these clipping distoritons?
    any advice would be fantastic

    It depends on how close the receiver is to the iMac. If it's just a few feet away you need at cable like:
    http://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-THINTOSMIN6-Toslink-Digital-Optical/dp/B00016 W6Y6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1316096392&sr=8-2
    However if the receiver is across the room or the house you would be best to enable Air Play, this enables you to wirelessly connect the receiver to the iMac. You will need the above cable and an Airport Express. If you are not familiar with Air Play navigate to:
    I have been using it for quite some time and find it great. If you are not familiar with the Airport Express here is the link to it:
    You can even find refurbished ones on Apples website for about $79.

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    If you want to connect 2 Displays you must do it one with the Minidisplayport and one by HDMI if you have a Retina 13 Inch. i think the old MBP doenst have HDMi Out

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    I don't have the patience to buy and return 10 different types of adaters (nor would Best Buy appreciate that)
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    Look for something like this:
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    If the instrumet can communicate with an OPC server I think both methods are fairly equal.
    There is a chance that you might have to reinstall LabVIEW without OPC server if you choose DDE, as it is known that it might conflict with the DDE server.

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    every connection is a bit different. Generally, connect to the wifi, then you may need to open Safari, and may even need to try to get to one of your bookmarked pages to trigger the 'agree to our terms' page to come up.
    As to it kicking you off every so often, there are sometimes glitches with the wifi on iPads, you can also be subject to any programming the hotel has. Like I've noticed various places that only allow you to log on for a period of time before having to relogin.
    most hotels have 1-800 numbers, so you can always try calling that to see if their tech support has any tips for the frequent disconnection issue.

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    What is the best way to connect a G4 running 9.2.2 or 10 to an new imac running lion?

    It should be possible to network them easily.
    Ethernet will be the most straightforward. There is no question that you can plug both Macs into a normal network and they can share files if you turn on File Sharing.
    The iMac has a Gigabit Ethernet port, and if the G4 also has Gigabit Ethernet, that will be a very fast connection through a gigabit-capable Ethernet cable or router. Otherwise both can use the slower Ethernet speeds with no problem.
    You can also network the two machines via a FireWire 800 or FireWire 400 cable if necessary, and use File Sharing that way too. Finally, you can put one Mac into FireWire Target Disk Mode, which turns it into a hard disk that the other Mac can see, but this is the least flexible since one machine goes out of service, and it's probably no faster than Gigabit Ethernet.

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    Since you posted in the Thunderbolt Display Community, I am guessing you are attempting to connect a MacBook Air to a Thunderbolt Display, but since you tagged projector, it makes me doubt my assumption. Can you provide some more details on what you are trying to connecto your MacBook Air to?

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    Much depends on the available connectivity  of your television.
    If it has HDMI input available, all you will need is a minidisplayport to HDMI adapter, and an HDMI cable long enough to place the Mac in the desired proximity to the TV. The adapter is avaialble from the Apple Store online.
    Provided the HDMI input on the television supports sound, and the model of your MBA supports it as well, make suree that your adapter is also supportive of sound, otherwise you will need to run separate cabling from the headphone jack of the MBA to TV sound input or external speakers.
    This is a somewhat specific answer to a question without any requisite detail. You don't indicate the model or type of inputs on your TV, nor do you indicate the model/generation of MBA you have.

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    Hello quinstar,
    It sounds like you would like to use either your Personal HotSpot to AirPrint from your MacBook Pro or use an Airport to do so without internet access to the home. According to the following Featured Discussion you very well may be able to use AirPrint with Personal HotSpot:
    HT4356 Can I use personal hotspot as wifi to connect printer?
    Also, the Airport products to not need an active internet connection to set up a home Wi-Fi connection so that is another option as well.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Take care,

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    What is the best way to connect macbook air to present power point presentations

    Since you posted in the Thunderbolt Display Community, I am guessing you are attempting to connect a MacBook Air to a Thunderbolt Display, but since you tagged projector, it makes me doubt my assumption. Can you provide some more details on what you are trying to connecto your MacBook Air to?

  • What is the best way to connect Cambridge DAC to imac

    What is the best way of connecting a Cambridge Audio DacMagic to the imac without losing sound quality? 

    Morning Acousticare,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Thunderbolt cables should not exceed three meters for maximum performance. The Apple Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable (2.0 m) is two meters in length.
    For more information on this, take a look at this article:
    About Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable (2.0 m)
    Hope this helps,

  • What is the best way to connect my guitar to the usb port on my IMac

    This is for use with Logic Pro X
    what is the best way to connect my guitar to the usb port on my

    As has been said really, the less you pay the less quality, and flexibility you'll have on your sound.
    For example, you could run on a 'Rocksmith Real Tone Cable' if you just wanted a cheap way of getting your guitar into the computer for some fun.  Probably cost you $30 (I live in UK so can't be sure).  If you're starting out then this could be considered the best option for dipping your toe in the water without spending too much.
    You won't get a really nasty sound out of that if you can process it yourself in Logic afterwards to clean up, but it won't be great either.  I imagine it could get quite noisy so you'd need to get heavily gating your guitar sound, if you're playing something clean that's not ideal.
    Longterm, you're far better getting a decent audio interface, as you need something to play sound back through, if you have different input sources you usually have to create an aggregrate device on osx to use multple sources at once esp if you're using the built in audio chip on your mac to listen. 
    All this can add latency and possibly sync issues (i.e. drum tracks not in time with audio etc.), although generally it's not too bad, but it's something worth knowing if you want to do things on the cheap without buying a dedicated interface.
    What kind of money did you want to spend? Are you thinking super duper cheap, and then see how it goes and maybe spend more in future if you enjoy it?  Personally i would say £100-150 would get your something good to start with, like that Presonus audiobox, there's a lot of options like that available.
    My local music shop always push the alesis io2 on new users, gotta say i'm not that overly impressed with it.  Line 6 stuff will be good however, but limiting.  Although i beleive you get their software for free with it?

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