What is the new version of numbers,, mine is 3.5 (2109)

what is the new version of numbers,, mine is 3.5 (2109).  I just want to know which version my mac is running.  I am trying to revert back to iWorks 09... I need to mail merge badly.

My apoliogies. Do you know how to change a "this helped me" to "this solved my question"? If I was paying attention, that was what I should have done,

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  • With the new version of numbers, 3.0, how can I stop the spread sheet from scrolling horizontally without reducing the size?

    With the new version of numbers, 3.0, how can I stop the document from moving horizontally?  When I scroll up or down I find it annoying that the document might shift to the left, and then I have to scroll it back to the right.  The only way I've found to stop it from moving horizontally is by reducing the document down to about 50%, but then I can't read the document.  I prefer having the document set at 125%, but then the bottom horizontal scroll bar shows up, and then the document can shift to the left if I'm not exact with my scrolling up or down.

    Hi Nels,
    Please update your profile. Numbers 3.0 will not run on Mountain Lion (10.8.x)
    With the new version of numbers, 3.0
    imac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
    iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
    Regards ,

  • What is the newer version SAP R/3.

    Hi All,
    What is the newer version SAP R/3.
    at present i am using 3.0 with my client...

    Most commonly using version is 4.7ee,
    But ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0 are also available in the market.
    SOme companies are using ECC 5.0 already.

  • After the download of the new version of numbers the cells with formulars are not updated automatically after changing values in cells in the formular. In the previous version this was done automatically. How to make it work again?

    Downloaded new version of Numbers last night. Formulars in excisting spreadsheets are not working anymore.
    Pls. Help.

    You need to give a lot more information if you are to grt help. What are the formulas and how are you using them?

  • How can I work in 'print view' in the new version of Numbers

    I've just upgrade to Mavericks and am using the latest version of Numbers. In the previous version I was using I was able to work in "Print View", it made pagination so much easier. I can't find that option in the new version. Is it possible?

    It seems to work differently from previous incarnations.  If you Hit Cmd+P it takes you to a print setup screen where the document can be set up. You can then print or just hit "Done" to take you back to normal editing.

  • The new version of numbers will not start - it used to work and now I have spreadsheets that I cannot open. Any ideas?

    It seems to have stopped working after installing the new version of iMovie.

    You need to do as Jerry suggests because after the upgrade you very likely still have the old version of Numbers on your Mac. The new Numbers 3.1 is in your main Applications folder. The old version is in a subfolder within Applications named iWork '09.  You can use both versions.  But you can't use the old version to open a document that has been created or edited in the new version (or in Numbers for iOS).

  • How can I perform the LINEST function using the new version of Numbers? The old method of using "command enter" to complete the array function does not work. Please help ASAP!!!

    LINEST function using Numbers for Mac

    Thank you for your help. This page is somewhat helpful, but I still don't quite understand.  I am using the Numbers program, and my assignment calls for me to use the LINEST function to return a set of 10 values. 
    When I googled how to do this, a lot of pages mentioned hitting "command+enter" to complete the array function, but they were using an older version of Numbers and it doesn't do anything when I try it in the new version.  I tried using "Index" with LINEST, and i've managed to get about 5 values out of it.

  • What is the new version in D2?

    hi friends
    i wnat details about what is the new verion in D2k bec i want take to traing for D2k in HRMS.
    pls tell me any one ???????

    Details about the latest version of Developer Suite can be found on OTN at the following URL. Specific component details (i.e. Forms, Reports, etc) can be found by clicking on the specific product links found on the previously mentioned page:

  • If I have OSX v10.6.8 What is the best version of numbers that will run on my computer?

    I have an old laptop I'm trying get every last bit of life out of.
    I want to get numbers but with the new App store the only version of numbers that they sell will not work on my computer.
    So how do I go about figuring which version of Numbers I need and How do I get it?

    You need to buy an iWork 09 DVD from a source such as Amazon or eBay.

  • What is the new version of iPad?

    Please tell me the new version of iPad.

    IOS 7 is coming this Fall.

  • What's with the new version of numbers?

    I can't open any of my numbers spreadsheets, and Apple is telling me that to open them that I have to get the latest version for $19.99. What's with this? Is there another alternative?

    I can't open any of my numbers spreadsheets
    How are you trying to open them? What error message are you getting?
    Apple is telling me that to open them that I have to get the latest version for $19.99.
    How is Apple "telling you" you need to pay $19.99?  If you have been using Numbers 2.3 on your Mac, downloading Numbers 3.0 is free.

  • What are the new versions of  Forms

    Hi All,
    I worked on Forms4.5/Reports 2.5 and i am having good idea on the development side. After that i didn't worked on the forms side and didn't upgraded myself on this technology.
    Can any body help me in knowing what are version which came from forms4.5 ?
    what are new enhancements ?
    what is ment by application server ?
    when i am looking at the oracle site it is giving much on java side than this forms side. is oracle going to continue forms technology ?
    what is java techonoly used in the application server ?
    help me in know this

    this probably is teh wrong place for a new features tutorial, but the latest versions of Forms and Reports are 10g (Forms 9.0.4). Before that and between now and Forms 4.5, we had Forms9i (9.0.2), Forms 6i (6.0.8), Forms 6.0 (6.0.5)and Forms 5.0.
    Similar for Reports except that there has been Reports 3.0 where forms had 5.0
    Documents can be found at otn.oracle.com/products/forms
    Finally, no, Forms is not going away.

  • What's the new version of Financial consultant Cert?

    Hello everyone!
    I heard the Fin Rel 11 track going to be only available until Jun 2001.So I want to know what willl be the next version for Fin consultant cert?(Rel 11i??), and How different is it from Rel 11? ;Can I use those studying materials on Rel 11 to study Rel 11i?
    Best regard JC

    It is best to start your own thread instead of hijacking another - that way you will get an answer directed towards your particular question.
    You can find the new iPhone tech specs at http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html.
    Mac system requirements
    Mac computer with USB 2.0 port
    Mac OS X v10.4.10 or later
    iTunes 7.7 or later

  • What happened to page headers and footers in the new version of Numbers?

    Just downloaded the update to Numbers. Where did the Show Layout  with page headers and footers go?

    They are somewhere on the cutting room floor at the Apple app factory.
    Send Feedback to Apple via the Numbers menu.

  • How do I paste a hyperlink into the new version of Numbers and show the link name rather than its URL?

    I used to be able to do this using paste and match style, but now instead of showing the link name as on the website of origin it is pasting the whole URL. thanks

    Hi Debbsy,
    Hyperlinks in Numbers 3 are a bit of a mystery. However, here is one way that works.
    Debbsy's question
    For example, the URL to this thread in Cell A2
    In Cell B2, insert the HYPERLINK function
    =HYPERLINK(A2,"Debbsy's question")
    Hide Column A.

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    ok this has been happening since iOS 8 got released, and is still happening with 8.1 It generally begins with copying a link from Safari, either by using the copy button at the bottom of the browser or copying the link directly in the navigation bar.

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