What is the oldest version of Acrobat that will work with Mac OS 10.8? I have version 6 and it does

What is the oldest version of Acrobat that will work with Mac OS 10.8? I have version 6 and it does.


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  • What is the most recent Apple OS that will work with Adobe CS4?

    I need to update my Apple OS but would like to continue using CS4. What is the most recent Apple OS that will allow me to do this, please?

    OSX 10.9.4 should be able to handle this just fine, but you will require manual intervention.

  • HT2404 I am getting notices from web sites that they won't support Safari 4.1.3 much longer, but I'm having trouble finding a version of Safari that will work with Mac OS 10.4.11. I have a n iMac flat screen "lampshade" and still love it.

    Help welcomed. How can I upgrade Safari without upgrading to OS 10.5?

    Safari let's you change your identity ( user agent string ) to anything. This is what the server thinks you are running.  Want to be run Windows 7 IE8? No problem.
    Whether the pages looks good depends on the capabilities of the Browser.

  • I only use Windows XP, is there a version of Lightroom that will work with XP

    I only use Windows XP, is there a version of Lightroom that will work with XP

    Yes if you want to run Version 1....you can still download version 1.4.1 (the last update to Version 1), and your serial number would be good for that.
    But if you want to run Version 2 or Version 3 you'll need to buy a new license (i.e. a new serial number), but if you have a valid serial number from any prior version you only have to pay for the upgrade license for the later version, not the full license.

  • What is the oldest generation of iPad that will still allow me to run IOS8 and allow for future IOS updates?

    Buying a used iPad... what is the oldest generation of iPad that will still allow me to run IOS8 and allow for future IOS updates?

    An iPad 2 will do it...for awhile. Realize that it's seemingly on it's last legs as far as iOS updates go and performance will not be great enough for today's demanding games. Also realize that a big part of running apps smoothly is how much system RAM (the memory area that the apps actually run in) the device has. The iPad 2 has 512 MB which is adequate for most apps but not for some. The iPads above the iPad 2 all have 1 GB of system RAM and the iPad Air 2 has 2 GB.
    The time will come when the iPad 2 can no longer be updated past a certain iOS version (as the iPad 1 is) so it will be more difficult to keep up with apps that you want to be using. This will eventually happen to ALL devices so you'll have to judge if you want to be at the tail-end of iOS updates or at least have a bigger buffer with a newer iPad.

  • What is the latest version of Firefox that will work with Windows ME?

    We were recently given an older Gateway laptop that we intend to use solely as an internet terminal. Alas, it is running Windows ME and I don't even know if it has all the specs to upgrade (and certainly not to Vista, which is the only thing we have an install disk for). It currently has Firefox, which of course contains numerous security vulnerabilities and is incompatible with most newer plugins. What is the best version of Firefox that will work with Windows ME, and is it still available for download? Thanks!

    Hmm... guess this will be just an e-mail terminal, hardly anything else works cuz I can't update Flash! Thanks for your help.

  • What is the latest version of iMovie that will work with OS 10.7.5?

    What is the latest version of iMovie that will work with OS 10.7.5?

    Hi magicmidi,
    If you are interested in the system requirements for the various versions of iLife, you may find the following page helpful:
    iLife: System requirements
    - Brenden

  • Will Safari 5.1.10 work for all versions of 10.6 or just version 10.6.8? If it requires 10.6.8 then what is the latest version of Sarari that will work with 10.6.6?

    Will Safari 5.1.10 work with all versions 10.6 or does it require 10.6.8? If it does require 10.6.8 then what is the latest version of Safari that will work with 10.6.6?

    This Mac currently has Safari 5.0.4. Software Update shows a newer version of iTunes and of course the combo updater to 10.6.8 but nothing else. I imagine the 10.6.8 updater contains a later version of Safari but I don't now which version it is and whether it is backward compatible with older versions of 10.6. There are a number of newer versions of Safari: 5.0.5. 5.0.6, 5.1.1, 5.1.2, . . . 5.1.10 to name a few but would any of them work with 10.6.6? In a similar thread a guy asked a similar question to mine: he had 10.6.6 and wanted to upgrade to a newer version of Safari. He tried installing various versions but was rejected each time. He finally asked if there was any newer version of Safari that would install on 101.6.6 - but he never got an answer.
    Software Update displayed a newer iTunes but no mention of Safari. I wonder if this indicates that the 5.0.4 Safari that I have is the latest version there is for 10.6.6. Anybodyknow for sure?

  • Can anyone recommend a print server that will work with Mac & PCs?

    Can anyone recommend a wireless print server that will work with Macs and PCs ?

    Wireless has a disadvantage for many Powerbooks.  Unless yours supports 802.11g, it is not secure.  So it must support Airport Extreme on the Powerbook to have a secure wireless network.   Also many printers only support 802.11b, making matters worse, as that is not secure.  See my FAQ* on printing:
    Some printers have ethernet ports, which would allow you to use a Wireless ethernet bridge that is 802.11g.  Similarly you could use one on the Mac, and then you'd have your wireless printing.  Ask the printer manufacturer what might be possible.  The last thing you want is an insecure network, especially if you are at most 4500 meters/1500 feet from someone who could pick it up and log into it that you don't want.
    * Links to my pages may give me compensation.

  • What is the best ATI Radeon Card that will work in a mid 2012 12 core mac pro?

    What is the high model # ati Radeon Graphics card that will work with my new mid year Mac Pro 2012 .. 12 core, If I use 2 cards can I have up to 6 screens operating
    How much from Apple  is a 5870 card?   Can it be purchased for less somewhere else?   Can it be used in conjunction with the stock 5770 card?

    One or two Apple-firmware 5770 cards can be used simultaneousy in a Mac Pro. It requires ONE Aux power cord for each card.
    ONE Apple-Firmware 5870 can be used in a Mac Pro, as it requires TWO Aux power cords, and that is all that are available.
    Please tell us more about what you are trying to accomplish, and you will get more help. Readers do not want to have to write a book-length answer to your overly-vague query.

  • Latest version that will work with Mac mini Core SOLO under Snow Leopard?

    Latest Flash Player 11 versions will work with Snow Leopard, but they say they require a Core Duo or newer processor.  What is the last stable version of FP that will work on my mom's Mac mini 1.5Ghz Intel Core Solo (running OS X 10.6.8)?
    Have searched archives and web for this and still draw a blank.  Thanks!

    Fixed it!
    I mounted it in target mode again and manually applied the 10.5.4 combo updater ad it now boots again.

  • Is there an external hard disc that will work with Mac OS10.4.11 and Windows Vista?

    Is there an external hard disc that will work with both Mac (OS10.4.11) and Windows (Vista)?

    For NTFS on Mac, there are both open-source and commercial solutions. See:
    For HFS+ Drivers for Windows, there is only one:

  • I need to install Internet Explorer on my iMac G5 (OSX vs 10.4.11). Is there a secure source for downloading an older version of IE that will work with my system?

    I'm not sure I properly asked my question. I have a need to post a resume to an employer who requires that the information be submitted via Internet Explorer. My OSX vs 10.4.11 will not accept downloads of the current IE version and Microsoft no longer supports any earlier versions that would work with my Mac. A web search shows thousands of download possibilties, but I am leery of what kind of schmutz might come with them. Has anyone in the community have any recent experience with a secure Internet Explorer download

    Probably best to go to a library and submit your resume there.
    You can make many web browsers claim to be ie.  Here is how.
    TenFourFox -- It's a port of the latest FireFox to run on older hardware and software.
    "World's most advanced web browser. Finely tuned for the Power PC."
        --  works for me on 10.4.  Supports 10.5
    alternative download site:
    OmniWeb uses the lastest Safari framework.  The open source WebKit. Other browsers like Safari and iCab use the OS version of WebKit.  The OmniWeb downloaded dmg includes it's own copy of the latest WebKit.
    Safari 4.1.3 for Tiger
    iCab - The Taxi for the Internet
    What is my user agent?
    You want to change your user agent to be ie.
    in tenfourfox
    tools > add-ons
    seearch for change user agent
    user agent switcher
    tools > User agent switcher
    change to ie.

  • What version of DVD player will work with Mac OS X 10.6.8

    DVD player was uninstalled on my macbook pro and currently running Mac OS X 10.6.8. What version of DVD player will work as each one I have tried won't open.

    Use Pacifist to extract it from your Mac OS X 10.6 DVD and then run the Mac OS X 10.6.8 combo updater.

  • Is there a version of FoxyProxy that will work with Firefox 6.0.2?

    We are moving the Firefox 6.0.2 and need to know what version of FoxyProxy will work with Firefox 6.0.2.

    And to answer the question the two versions mentioned will work with SeaMonkey 2.0a - 2.6a1 Thunderbird 3.0a1pre - 9.0a1 Firefox 3.1b3 - 9.0a1

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