What is the recommended version for ITS?

HI Experts,
what is the recommended versions for ITS?
We have SAP R/3 4.6c and WAS 6.40 ................what will be the recommened versions ITS for the above said SAP R/3 4.6c and WAS 6.40 combination...........
and also furnish the list of all versions of SAP R/3 ,WAS and ITS........
Higher points will be rewarded for useful inputs........
Thanks in Advance,

ITS 6.20 gets well with 4.7.. There was ITS 6.4 also released but there were some issues.. you can check the ITS release note from
https://service.sap.com/notes for more info.
Hope this helps

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    In resource based throttling, what's the recommended setting for "Process memory usage" ("process virtual" in the resource based throttling tab of the UI) for a 64-bit host
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    According to MS (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee308808(v=bts.10).aspx):
    "By default, the
    Process memory usage throttling threshold is set to 25. If this value is exceeded and the BizTalk process memory usage is more than 300 MB, a throttling condition may occur. On a 32-bit
    server, you can increase the Process memory usage value to 50. On a 64-bit server, you can increase this value to 100. This allows for more memory consumption by the BizTalk process before throttling
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    Michael Brandt Lassen

    Hi Michael,
    Recommended setting is the default setting which is 25 .dot.
    If your situation is abnormal and you see message delivery throttling state to “4” when the following performance counters are high or if you expect any of you integration
    process could have impact on following counters, then you can consider the suggestion by Microsoft. Don’t change the default setting.
    High process memory
    Process memory usage (MB)
    Process memory usage threshold (MB)
    You can see these counters under “BizTalk:MessageAgent”
    You can gauge these performance counter and its maximum values if have done any regression/performance testing in your test servers. If you have seen these counters having
    high values and causing throttling, then you can update the Process memory usage.
    Or unexpectedly you’re process high throughput messages in production which is causing these counters to go high and cause throttling, then up can update the Process memory
    The above two cases where I know my expected process usage (by doing performance testing) or suddenly my production server processing has gone high due to unexpected business
    hike (or any reasons) which caused throttling, then do changes to default throttling setting.
    Just changing the default setting without actual reason could have adverse effect where you end up allocating 
    more processing capacities but the actual message processing message usage ever is low means you end up investing in underutilised resources.
    M.R.Ashwin Prabhu
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  • What is the recommended way for persisting JMS messages?

    What is the recommended way for persisting JMS messages?. As per the IMQ admin documentation , using the default built-in persistence type which is through unix flat files is much efficient and faster, compared to the database persistence .
    Tried setting up the jdbc stuff for database persistence on iAS 6.5 . I am getting the following
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    [24/Apr/2002:16:09:20 PDT] [B1060]: Loading persistent data...
    [24/Apr/2002:16:09:21 PDT] Using plugged in persistent store: database connection
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    [24/Apr/2002:16:09:23 PDT] [B1039]: Broker "jmqbroker" ready.
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    failed:com.sun.messaging.jmq.jmsserver.util.BrokerException: Failed to persist interest
    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column
    Any thoughts?

    From the output, you are using imq 2.0. In that release
    the key used to persist a durable subscriber in the database
    table has a limit of 100 characters. The output shows that
    your value is:
    which is much longer than 100 characters.
    You might want to shorten the string you use for the
    durable name.
    And yes, the default file-based persistence store is
    more efficient when compared to the plugged-in persistence
    through a database.

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    [email protected]

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    for me, personally (i'm not see pdf in browser so often) so i keep firefox built-in pdf in browser and i have my Adobe Acrobat for my downloading pdf, but that is my choice).

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    - a .exe file which is a wrapper for a .jar file (a Java Swing program),
    - and a directory for the JRE.
    I read an article on the web which recommended bundling the JRE with the Java program. And
    this is what I am doing. And my understanding is that if the user's system does not already
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    However, when I tried to install my .msi file on a system that did not already have the JRE,
    my Java Swing program would not start. After installing the JRE on this system, my Java
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    Do I really need both JREs, one bundled with my Java Swing application and one installed at the
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    Another question I have is that if every application would bundle its own JRE, there could be many
    copies/possibly versions of the JRE on the system, is this acceptable? What is the common or
    recommended practice?
    Thank you for your help.

    I'm sure why it didn't work. That is how I bundle the JRE. The only disadvantage about bundling is the size of the installer file will be pretty large. In my opinion, relying on a public version is not a good idea if you have no control of the target box. The user might, for some reason, decide to uninstall java or upgrade to a new incompatible version and your app. may stop working. I'm sure many on here will disagree with this though.
    I always use the marner .exe wrapper:
    and inno installer:
    They're both free to use and I've had no problems with them. Another wrapper is Javaround:

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    Hello Community
        When using WS2012 and Sharepoint 2013 Server, what
    build version for a Sharepoint 2013 Server farm should
    be applied and where do you get the cumulative update
    for it (trial version also if there is one)?
        Thank you

    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to know which SharePoint build version should be applied to Windows Server 2012 and where to get cumulative update.
    If you want to use SharePoint in Windows Server 2012, you can use the RTM version 15.0.4420.1017.
    For CU update and build version, I suggest you can refer the detailed article below:
    SharePoint 2013 Build Numbers
    Best Regards
    TechNet Community Support
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    You can get an OCP (Advanced PL/SQL) by completing 1z0-146. You have in practice to get PLSQL OCA first.
    You can also get OCP via a forms route instead .... 1z0-141. What I am trying to say is Oracle has a number of products other than sql* Forms, and forms may be in decline, so if you are not already familiar with forms that may not be the best place to put efforts.
    What I was trying to say that is possilbly that effot getting to know apex (application express) may be better than time spent trying to ge to grips with and certifiying in Forms. (Though as far as I am aware there is no apex certification).
    i feel that you suggest me something other than oca /ocp certification. if i am right do please clear me out . and for your information i have worked in sql & plsql for quite a good time.In summary
    I am suggesting you seriously consider Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate(OCA) and Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional (OCP).
    However the case for studying for (Oracle Forms Developer Certified Professional (OCP)) is perhaps less clear cut if you have not aleady got forms experience, and that for you effort may be better spent elsewhere, possilby even in non certified study (jdeveloper, application express, oracle designer ... )
    Rgds - bigdelboy
    Hope that is less unambiguous.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    iOS 5.0.1
    Whatever the latest version of the iPad iOS can handle.
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    I have a customer who wants to really stress-test his PCIe hardware. His idea is to declare two 8 GB buffers alternately filled by application software and fetched by scatter/gather DMA in the hardware (Transfer to PCIe card). If I calculate this through,
    this is a maximum of 2M scatter/gather elements per buffer or 32 MByte, assuming S/G element is 16 bytes. i.e. 64 MByte logically contiguous memory as a common buffer for storing the S/G lists. The test system will have plenty of memory, 32 G upwards.
    Still don't think I am likely to get a 64MByte common buffer from the system or even two disjunct 32 Mbyte buffers. If I look at poolmon on my server, the current size for NP is only 86M
    So I expect the driver will have to handle multiple calls to EvtProgramDma, each covering just part of the 8G to be transferred.
    Still I have two questions:
    1) Are there any recommendations, house numbers from experience etc. regarding what is a usable maximum size I can reliably get for a common buffer with a call to WdfCommonBufferCreate (percentage of NP pool?, absolute number? ...). The common buffer is
    for storing the S/G elements for the HW DMA controller
    2) If I just declare a huge array of SCATTER_GATHER_ELEMENT[4M] or 2x huge arrays SCATTER_GATHER_ELEMENT[2M] in the device context (to be managed later by WdfMemoryCreatePreallocated() etc.) , will windows refuse to load the driver because the driver footprint
    is too large?
    We are talking about Windows 7/x64

    thanks for your reply. The card is always physically present in the test system which means I could load the driver at boot time, but it would have to be after PCIe enumeration of course.
    So far I have always managed to avoid writing a boot-start driver, my main objection being for "purist" reasons. I understand the MS documentation to mean that boot-start is really only intended for devices that are required to boot the system
    (disk, console, keyboard, maybe network ....). I am aware of the advantage of boot-start though, a much higher probability of getting contiguous memory in larger chunks. This driver however is definitely not relevant for system start. The add-in card is essentially
    a high performance source of test data and only runs when a SW application has been started.
    The card does have high performance scatter/gather DMA support also 64-bit addressing capability.
    I do wish Microsoft would issue some guidelines regarding realistic sizing of common buffers, it would make my discussion easier. Yes, I could write a test driver and measure it out but I don't really have time for that. Microsoft surely have test/application
    teams for figuring these things out.

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    I'm not an MS Word user, but am running Open Office, should that be required in addition to having the entirety of the Extended CS6 Design-Web suite.
    Thank you very much for any replies.
    Kind regards,

    Hi Petteri,
    Thanks for answering.
    The final format would be destined for the printer who would prefer the file to be from InDesign.
    I'm aware of the quality differences between images intended for print and those for the web.
    The short version of the idea is to take the tabular (i.e., ugly) data generated from one program and edit it into something more attractive while also making the folks at the print shop happy. WTides (or some other derived flavor of XTides) can generate plain text or html tables. The html can be templated so that there is a minimal amount of post editing required. The images in the html tags can be high resolution images of the various symbols; e.g., moon phases, etc.
    Thank you again for any suggestions.

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      Thanks! Will automatic update select ‘Adobe Reader X’ after support ends for ‘Adobe Reader 9.5.5’ on June 23, 2013?

  • What is the compatible version of ITS on ECC6.0

    Hi All
    Please can anyone tell me which all version of ITS is compatible with ECC6.0.
    Thanks in Advance

    If this parameter is set to "1", the work processes try to
    activate the ITS/Web GUI plug-in when starting up.
    Please check following link

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