Which one is the Right Approach - Re Using Page Layouts or adding Web parts directly to pages instead of page layouts in SP 2013 online site ?

Hi Team,
I am SharePoint 2013 developer. Before asking question I would like to explain the requirement in clarity.
We are developing one O365 SharePoint online site which is having 10 different page layouts with different and some common webparts and we are reusing these page layouts by deploying a sandboxed solution which is having page layouts. These page layouts contain
filter and query to display data using some condition and predefined values. By using these layouts we have to create 100+ pages. All pages will show data according to that page name and category (if it belongs any). We have not written any code to develop
the site, everything is OOB feature.
We have used below feature/list/lib of SP Online 2013:
- Document Library
- Survey
- Calendar
- Lists
- Discussion forum library
- OOB Search feature
Now, I would like to know whether this is the right approach to reuse the page layouts. Or can we add webparts directly where the logic resides in the webparts and add them to the pages instead of page layouts?
Also how to deploy page layouts/pages from one server to another? Currently we are deploying everything as a feature using sandbox solution. 
Could you please let me know the right approach to follow. I am asking this question because we are facing below issues:
- Sometime page layouts gets corrupted, showing nothing.
- All written filters/logic disappear when we open layouts in Designer
- Deployment is pain using Sandbox solution
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks in Advance,
Shifa Mittal

Interesting question, to which i do not know a definitive answer.
Output Caching is used to increase performance and to reduce load on the box. However since you're in the MS Cloud you don't need to worry about the latter and MS do the worrying about the former. I wouldn't be surprised if MS have updated the behaviour
for O365 and not updated the documentation. That first office.com article is using 2010 screenshots which doesn't fill me with confidence about it's continuing relevance. Don't forget that SharePoint 2013 and O365 are technically different versions and have
very different behaviour in places.
Generally i'd say not to worry, but in this case if you do find any more information i'd love to see it.

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    Thanks for reading.

    Hi Dongus,
    Welcome to Lenovo Community!
    As per your query we understood that you are looking LCD panel for ThinkPad T430.
    As per the parts list which you have provided in that you can go for 04W3331 - LGD 14.0"HD+ A which is suitable for your system.
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Hemanth Kumar
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    You'll need a 90W adapter. See an example here: click me!
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    1 row created.
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       2  FROM EMP
       3  WHERE EMP_ID = 101;
    SELECT LPAD(salary,10,*)
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-00936: missing expression
    SQL> 1
      1* SELECT LPAD(salary,10,*)
    SQL> c/*/'*'/
      1* SELECT LPAD(salary,10,'*')
    SQL> l
      1  SELECT LPAD(salary,10,'*')
      2  FROM EMP
      3* WHERE EMP_ID = 101
    SQL> /
    *****17000Based on the above, you need to make up your own mind as to the correct answer.

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    correct. You use FMA first and then compile the FMX files. You can also use the Forms builder environment to perform the migration, but FMA is more convenient to use.

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    The "2014" versions are new versions of the software. It's like the difference between CS5 and CS6. The new one is (most of the time) significantly better. This isn't any weird screwup, it's just a new version.
    You may want to keep the old version around for compatibility, client needs, safety, etc. However, it probably behooves you to use the current version for all of its new features, etc.

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    which one is the best practice.
    right now i am using decode function. according to the condition the data will come in the LOV.

    can we show the data in the LOV by decode functionAs you already do, you can.
    its better to write two LOV's based on the condition.It depends. If its a complex lov and only one column varies based onsome condition, it might less work to use just one lov. Personally, i prefer two different lov's

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    The "best" way is to do what you described, but do it right... If the hierarchy isn't flattened, then the full hierarchical path to a pin is consistently named as a_inst/b_inst/c_inst/D.
    In Vivado, it is important to note, though, that the pin's name is not a_inst/b_inst/c_inst/D. Vivado is aware of the hierarchy, and the hierarchy is real. The pin name is actually "c_inst/D", inside the hierarchical object b_inst, which is inside the hierarchical object a_inst (assuming hierarchy hasn't been flattened). So the / means two separate things; the final / is a character - part of the name c_inst/D. The other / are hierarchy separations, which are not characters.
    This is important to understand for wildcarding... This pin will NOT be captured by [get_pins *c_inst/d], since the slashes before c_inst are not characters. It would be matched by [get_pins */*/c_inst/d], since that is saying "look for c_inst/d two levels of hierarchy down".  However, since the last / is a character [get_cells a_inst/b_inst/c_in*d] would match it.
    You could also use [get_pins -hier c_inst/d]; this means look for a net named c_inst/d anwhere in the hierarchy. But this is sloppy, since there may be other things named c_inst/d somewhere else in the hierarchy. You cannot, however, mix the -hier option with a partial hierarchical path; for example [get_nets -hier b_inst/c_inst/d] will not work.
    It is important to note that this is very different from how UCF worked. In UCF, the hierachy separator was just a character, and you could use PIN *c_inst/D to match the pin anywhere in the hierarchy, since the * would match "a_inst/b_inst/". You can (but should try to avoid) mimic this behaviour by using the -filter option 
    [get_pins -filter {NAME =~ *c_inst/D}]
    will match your pin in a UCF like style - but, this should be avoided.
    Note: If hierarchy is flattened, the rules change. If hierarchy is rebuilt, then this should work, but I don't trust it (which is why I always use flatten_hierarchy set to none).
    As for IP, you shouldn't reach down into Xilinx IP. From version to version of the core, the structure can change - so the hierarchical path could change. I am not sure why you would need to do this; you should restrict yourself to using the pins of the IP (and use things like all_fanin and all_fanout if you need to get to the startpoint/endpoint of static timing paths that start/end in the IP).

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