Why are the TypeKit fonts I am syncing not showing up for use in Illustrator?

Hi there,
I am beyond frustrated right now.  But that's neither here nor there for anyone reading this so I will get to the point.
I have synced the TypeKit font, Tablet Gothic Wide to my Mac, but it simply won't show up as a font choice in Illustrator.  Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Sam,
I'm sorry that you ran into trouble with this.  I've confirmed that the font selections are added to your account correctly. 
In case you weren't aware, the Creative Cloud application needs to be running on your computer in order for the fonts to be synced. If you don't have that installed, you can download it for free from https://creative.adobe.com/products
Once you have Creative Cloud running:
- Are the fonts showing up in the Fonts tab of Creative Cloud? 
- If you haven't done so already, would you please try turning off font sync in the Creative Cloud application, wait a moment, and then turn it back on?  The option to do this is under the gear icon in Preferences > Fonts ("sync on/off").  Sometimes the app just needs a fresh session for the fonts to appear again.
If that doesn't make a difference, please send your recent sync log files to Typekit Support at [email protected] so that we can look into it further.
Thank you,
-- liz
On OS X:
* Open the Finder
* under the Go menu, select "Go To Folder"
* in the window that opens, type:  /Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CoreSync/
Remember to replace "(username)" with your own account name.
(Or if you are comfortable working from the Terminal, cd to $HOME/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CoreSync/)
Attach the 3 or 4 most recent CoreSync-yyyy-MM-dd.log files to an email. Please don't send a zip file, as they often get flagged as spam.

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