Why can't I post a question from my new system?

Hello All:
I was just trying to post a question from my new mbp but it wouldn't allow me to do anything.  It continually gave me a message highlighted in 'red' that i was;t allowed to modify or post anything.  I've been asking questions for quite a while and have never seen this.  I also happen to have my older bmp, also logged onto the 'Apple Discussions' site, open beside me.  Can anyone explain this to me please?  BTW, my new system obviously has Yosemite on it while my older bmp has Lion.  Thanks in advance, to all those who respond.

ChitlinsCC, I'm adding your reloaders to my article on how to make using ASC easier.
Here is my ASC work flow...
1) I login.
2) Block the automatic 30 minute logout.
     Unless you do something every thirty minutes you get logged out.  The forum software waits to tell you this as long as it can to keep you in suspense  ;-) . Filling out a reply is the exception to the thirty minute window.
        Start an auto reloader.
Safari = SafariTabReloader
Firefox = ReloadEvery: "Reload web pages automatically"
Others = Reloaders | Cerberus - Support Center
  You need to pick a page that will reload over time without stalling out. It's ASC.  I've found my profile display the best to use. I get my Profile page after some  logins.  It's ASC.  Change rccharles to your apple id.
Reply technique
Open a new browser window.  Pick some discussion.  Open a reply window.  As long as this reply window is open, you will stay logged in.  The 30 minute times is reset as needed by the ASC software.
3) I open another window to do my normal ASC browsing.
4) I have a FireFox bookmark to goto the discussions that I have participated in. I've modified it to add on the content stuff.
         turingtest2 recommends. Change rccharles to your apple id:  
https://discussions.apple.com/people/rccharles/content?filterID=participated~obj ecttype~objecttype%5Bthread%5D
5) Use turingtest2's generated links with the /content suffix as browser bookmark to the ASC discussions: 
Site map of Communities and Categories
6) Adjust the ASC web page layout.
For FireFox
I run with Hiroto's modification to user content.  This is the only way these forums are readable for me.  How to adjust the format and layout of ASC Web Pages:
For Safari
"ASCPowerTools is a Safari Extension designed to give more control"
7) Read and answer my old posts.  I kind of memorize the time I last posted. ( It's way bad that apple eliminated the last poster to a thread. )
8) I use tabbed browsering.  From a list of discussions, hold down the command key then click on the link. You get two tabs this way. The original window will keep where you have been.

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    We don't want to email it.....  we want to upload it.
    Then why did you say (emphasis added):
    Why can't I post my resume from Pages to the web or an email on my iPad??
    There are plenty of methods for putting a resume online, where a potential employer can download it, though admittedly the iPad is less flexible in this regard than a computer.  Nobody ever has claimed otherwise.  However, I get the feeling you're not actually looking for an answer to anything, and you're just posting to complain.  Note that that is a violation of the Apple Support Communities Terms of Use, which you agreed to when signing up for an account here.
    I wish I had gotten a Galaxy Tab.
    Then sell your iPad and go buy one.  You will have no problems whatsoever finding a buyer.

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    You can only use one credit card to one Apple ID.

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    why can't i post my question

    The 2nd ethernet connection goes to an ethernet splitter that connects to my Yamaha Amp, Apple TV Living Room, thunderbolt connected MacBook Air, Bell HD PVR Sat Receiver and Xbox One. 
    By splitter I presume you mean switch.. as long as it is gigabit there is no issues.
    Some of you info is a bit hard to follow and I cannot really comment.. wireless links are necessary evil but to be avoided as much as possible.. in particular no double hop wireless.. that means all wireless AP should be ethernet linked back to a main router.. when you extend wireless you halve the speed. You also make the network less reliable.
    I have used the "Guest Network" in an attempt to prioritize specific home connections when Guests arrive.
    Guests is for keeping the clients out of the main network.. it has no particular QoS attached to it.. although when you extend wireless in guest network it does seem to go super slow.. this I think is more a bug than deliberate. Apple routers have no support for qos.
    What is the best configuration?
    All ethernet.. any wireless should not be extended.. only single hop to any wireless access point.
    Should I attempt to assign wireless channels to our devices to improve connections?
    Only if auto fails.. if it does then take control of the whole thing.. but you need to spend some time doing wireless surveys around the house.. start with the main AE with nothing else.. work out what signal levels you get and where the dark areas are.. then power on the TC and whatever express are associated and do the survey again.. get levels of each AP as seen by client in the places you want to use them.. conflicting wireless signals should be separated as much as possible but it is not so easy as there are only 3 non-overlapping channels at 2.4ghz namely 1, 6, 11 and using in between channels is not really going to help. 5ghz has more available channels but AC chews up 80mhz by itself so that doesn't leave so many.. although 5ghz wireless range is less so interference is less of an issue.
    You also have to check what wireless is around you.. and that adds so much to complexity you might as well leave things on auto.. although I break that rule when I extend wireless because I think it is less than stable so the less auto the better.. and another reason to avoid extend wireless.
    Or assign static IP addressees to the ethernet wired components?
    Static IP can help but you should always use dhcp reservation on the main router. That helps to keep the ARP tables correct.. although Yosemite has real network issues.

  • Why can I not post a question?

    I'm a registered Apple user (account, password, etc). I'd like to post a question about an iMac support stand but the system won't permit me to post. What's up?

    Leaving this open will defeat the timer...
    If intentional that composing NOT prevent timeout and editing WILL prevent timeout, it seems bass-ackwards to me.
    I would think that good UX design would make initial contact as easy as possible and dissuade languishing by the absent-minded only.
    I am not sure about the most trafficked forum though. I'll stipulate VERY Large. Microsoft has a massively bigger installed base and is notoriously buggy, from which I would deduce much more active a forum and server loads.
    From what I understand - and I know quite a bit about it - just being logged in and sitting idle on the client side has NO Load on the server. The server-side only responds to requests. It doesn't idle like a car motor - nor is it like an old-timey telephone switchboard. The server array does indeed have some limit to open sockets (number is, and must be, huge), but they are used for milliseconds (nano?) and then are available for new requests and responses.
    The LoginTimer is in a cookie expiration TimeStamp and is solely client-side computing. tt2 discovered the compose pane timeoutDefeater and I proved the details in CookieTESTing - from " Cannot post - User ' ' is banned from posting. | Apple Support Communities "
    highest regards

  • Why can't I activate my phone from Abroad after System Update?

    I have been using my iPhone 4 as a glorified ipod touch with whats app etc while I have been studying in Europe. Today when I was updating my iPhone it reset the iphone and is making me go through activation again. When I get to the activation part it says "Your iPhone oculd not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting your iPhone to iTunes to activate it.." BUT now my iTunes doesnt recognize my iPhone and neither does iPhoto!! What do I do?

    tbmshark wrote:
    AT&T just tells me to connect my phone to iTunes and follow the onscreen instructions, which I've already done....
    If it is not working contact AT&T and discuss your issue with them.
    They are the ONLY ones that can Activate it.

  • May be slightly simple question from a new Mac user: Why can't I quit safari? I cannot quit it from top menu bar neither to do it from dock? All other apps are working normally.

    May be slightly simple question from a new Mac user: Why can't I quit safari? I cannot quit it from top menu bar neither to do it from dock? All other apps are working normally.

    Or you can actived the right button on your magic mouse and click on they icon in the dock. then you select "stop" and it's out of your dock.
    *update: Sorry, my mistake! I didn't read your message correct! Sorry for the inconvience!

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    I just want to ask a simple question about why Firefox is now launching every time I restart my computer, but don't want to do so in a discussion about Final Cut or iLife or any of the other forums where posting a new topic is an option because that would be bad etiquette. At the same time, I'm not given much of an option.
    Message was edited by: dddnlb

    Hi dddnlb!
    "Why can't I post a new topic in the Leopard discussions."
    The info posted below is also available in the Announcement How to Post a New Topic
    If you have a Technical question about Apple Hardware, Programs, Services, Technology, Software, Applications, Products, etc, from this page Discussions - Forum Home, select an appropriate Category from one of the sixteen divisions.
    For example, under Mac OS X Related Software, choose the Category Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard.
    On the page that opens, select a Forum, such as Installation & Setup, or Using Mac OS X Leopard.
    Most Category pages, have numerous Forums within them.
    But some may have only one, two, or three.
    For example, the Safari Category page, has three choices listed under Forum / Category:
    Safari For Windows
    Safari for Mac Support forum
    Safari 4 (Beta).
    And the Apple Remote Desktop Category, has only one Apple Remote Desktop Forum.
    From a Category page, select an appropriate Forum to post in.
    On Forum pages, there is an option to Post New Topic.
    More info here How Is Discussions Content Organized?.
    Edit: I have requested that a Host, relocate your Topic to a more appropriate Forum.
    As it will be transferred, it is not necessary for you to repost elsewhere, at this time.
    ali b

  • Why can't I receive text messages from other iphone users after upgrading to iOS 8?

    Why can't I receive text messages from other iphone users after upgrading to iOS 8?

    Hey DebC2001,
    Thanks for the question. After reviewing your post, it sounds like you are having trouble with iMessage. I would recommend that you read this article, it may be able to help you resolve or isolate the issue.
    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Have a nice day,

  • HT5312 Your security questions do not match what I put in when I opened the account, why can't I get security questions that have my answers?

    Your security questions do not match what I put in when I opened the account, why can't I get security questions that have my answers?

    From a Kappy  post
    The Three Best Alternatives for Security Questions and Rescue Mail
       1. Use Apple's Express Lane.
    Go to https://expresslane.apple.com ; click 'See all products and services' at the
    bottom of the page. In the next page click 'More Products and Services, then
    'Apple ID'. In the next page select 'Other Apple ID Topics' then 'Forgotten Apple
    ID security questions' and click 'Continue'. Please be patient waiting for the return
    phone call. It will come in time depending on how heavily the servers are being hit.
    2.  Call Apple Support in your country: Customer Service: Contact Apple support.
    3.  Rescue email address and how to reset Apple ID security questions.
    A substitute for using the security questions is to use 2-step verification:
    Two-step verification FAQ Get answers to frequently asked questions about two-step verification for Apple ID.

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    why can I no longer access google from my mac with either Firefox or Safari — both with latest updates loaded. My PC is fine.

    What was before? And what is now?
    It is a good idea to include the machine type and OS version in your problem posts.

  • Why can I not put a picture from camera roll into an album?

    Why can I not put a picture from my camera roll into an album now? When I try these are greyed out. I created these albums on my ipad too but ever since I updated to IOS 7 this can't be done, it was so easy before.

    I can now answer my own question as I've worked it out. For those who are interested click on Shared Streams then on album you require photo to be in then click on the empty box with a cross in the centre and choose photo you wish to add.

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    Hey cjt101,
    Thanks for the question. Was this song purchased from the iTunes Store? If so, it may be that your device is configured to show all of your purchased music that has not yet been downloaded. The following resource may resolve your issue:
    iCloud and iTunes Match - iPhone
    View only music that’s downloaded. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store. Under Show All, turn off Music.
    Matt M.

  • Why can't I upgraded to lion from snow leopard

    why can't I upgraded to lion from snow leopard

    You will need to provide more information.  Your question is too vague to answer.

  • TS3276 why can't i open SOME attachments from email and most of the time i can open them?

    why can't i open some attachments from some emails and not on others?

    Read this link from Apple for more info:
    The Apple Communities is a free information resource, but posting the eventual answer helps future users to learn solutions.

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