Why is the PAPER SIZE pull down list different between my 2 identical MFPs?

Indesign 6 - Toshiba MFPs with PS3 Drivers.
I have 2 of the same models Toshiba MFPs - 5560c, and using the Universal PS3 Driver under Windows 7 PC.
Why is my Paper Size pull down list different between to the 2 MFPs?  The main reason I ask; I don't leave it on "Defined by Driver" because that affects full bleed with crop mark printing, so I setup the driver first (say 12x18), then come back to the InDesign dialog and select a paper size.
For my scenario I need 12x18 - which shows in one list but not the other. Aside from that the lists are totally different - why is that?  How can I manage that list?

Sorry same screenshot

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    Wrong Forum....

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    But when I try to print, the printer and the computer both give me a "paper mismatch" error and my only option is to change the paper or cancel.  I went back into photoshop again and was able to print a 4x6 photo again - once I put in 4x6 paper - but then I changed it back to an 8.5X11 size photo sheet and tried to print on letter size paper and..."paper mismatch'.
    I changed the printer back to factory settings.  Nothing.  I just had to reset up my printer on my network, but it still won't print.  I tried to re-install the printer software from the installation disk, but it won't install.  It says "already installed".
    HELP!!!!!!  I honestly don't know what to do at this point!!!!!
    Thanks in advance!!

    I have struggled with a similer problem with my new 7500A.  I've done all the things you did. I made sure I had all updates and the firm ware update. I spent time on the phone with a lady who meant well but clearly didn't know the product. I had a difficult time communicating with her. Her accent was in the way. This morning I realy didn't want to face another day of this struggle.  As I walked into my studio I had a idea. Instead of going to the computer to try to solve my problem through menues, HP Customer Service and or communities. I went dirrectly to the printer.  I turned the printer on, the little screen on the printer lit up I touched the arrow to go to the next screen of menus. I touched "Set Up"  then scrolled down through the choices. I picked "Preferences". At the bottom of the list was.............. Media Width/Type Sensing (ON)............I promptly turned it (OFF) ......................I am printing as I was told I would be able to do prior to buying. I am not getting that anoying screen  "Paper Mismatch" . The printer is printing now on my 12 x 12 stock regardless of the type. ie: cardstock, plain paper, colored paper, construction paper. I hope this helps some of you out there.  Clearly HP was of "NO" help to me. I have read that others are installing HP 7000 drivers etc.  I've solved the problem without going to those lengths, no thanks to HP.

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    Sorry posted in wrong thread... closing now

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    Any suggestions?

    Does any MPEG variant still show up, for instance in the Sequence Presets does it show HDV, XDCAM, or similar?
    If not, you have been bitten by the Installer Bug.
    Many have experienced problems in the sense that after updating, their full version reverts to trial status. Often this is caused by either a faulty installation previously or having used at one time the trial version. The best solution, cumbersome and time consuming, is to uninstall, run the CleanScript 2 or 3 times and reinstall and then apply the updates again.
    Look here: Using the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Clean Script

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    I believe this may solve it:
    Open System Preferences and go to Accessibility. Next, select Display from the source list along the left, then check the box labelled Reduce transparency.
    It was first presented in this post #15 by TheUlser:
    It has been described on this Adobe page:
    It may also depend on the monitor, as it appears from post #29 by Loncar in the same thread.
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    When you apply certain styles to a select tag, Safari switches to a "design-friendly" dropdown control without any Aqua styling. That's what you're seeing when you get the "gray line" before the arrows.
    So far, I've determined that going into the Web Inspector and removing styles until Safari uses the default Aqua control fixes the problem.
    But, if I build a test page from scratch, and it has a "design-friendly" select it works fine. So, there's some combination of things at work here. The "design-friendly" control certainly seems to be the linchpin, though.
    I can't spend any more time on it at work today, but I might futz with it some more tonight.

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    If anyone out there has found a way to turn this "feature" off, PLEASE pass some instructions my way! Thank you!

    Hi ChrisanneW,
    I found this workaround on Chris Calabreese's blog. First the setup:
    Go to the Settings app. Select General, then Accessibility.
    Scroll down to the very bottom and tap the Accessibility Shortcut option.
    Tap the AssistiveTouch option so there is a check mark next to it. This should be the only option with a check mark; if not, un-check the other options.
    Once that’s done, here’s how to disable the Notification and Command Centers. This can be done from the home screen or within any app:
    Click the Home button three times in quick succession. A black square with a white dot will appear on the screen. Tap it once.
    A menu with several options will open. Tap the Home option three times in quick succession. The menu will disappear.
    Your Notification and Command Centers should now be disabled. Try swiping down from the top of the screen and swiping up from the bottom to verify.
    NOTE: I’ve discovered this method has one undesirable side effect. When Notification Center has been successfully disabled, your device will no longer sleep automatically. Your device’s battery will drain quickly if you’re not aware of this. If you want to disable Notification Center on a long-term basis, you will need to remember to manually put your device to sleep when you’re not using it by hitting the Sleep/Wake button. This effect is only temporary; if you re-enable the Notification Center (as outlined below), the device will sleep automatically once again. Because of this, I would recommend disabling Notification Center only when you really need to (when playing a game, for example), then re-enable it when you’re finished.
    If you wish to enable them again, here’s how:
    Click the Home button three times in quick succession. The black square with a white dot will appear; this time ignore it.
    Click the Home button again three times in quick succession. The black square with a white dot will disappear and your Notification and Command Centers should be working again.
    Hope this answers your question.

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    So are your text box set to floating? You can tell that by looking in the Inspector>Wrap Tab when you select the text box.
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