Why is the  "Use Native Sequencing" option disabled ?

I am trying Toplink with SQL Server and I have some identity fields... I see in the documentation that I should select the "Use Native Sequencing" option in the mapping properties(Database Info tab) but it is disabled(I use JDeveloper Is there any reason for this ?
Thanks in advance.

Native sequencing should be configurable for the SQL Server platform. I have filed a bug to track this.
The easiest workaround is to select a different database platform (i.e. Oracle) and then enable native sequencing. You should then set it back to SQL Server. In my quick test it kept the native sequencing configuration even though it shows as disabled.

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    Native sequencing should be configurable for the SQL Server platform. I have filed a bug to track this.
    The easiest workaround is to select a different database platform (i.e. Oracle) and then enable native sequencing. You should then set it back to SQL Server. In my quick test it kept the native sequencing configuration even though it shows as disabled.

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    Auto mode is a very limited mode. Try using Program until you learn how the other modes give you more control.
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    Hi Nishikant,
    I am going to have to bow out of this one since I am using 2007A PL45 (I'm in the UK) and it does not exist on my menus!
    Looks like Gordon's link has the answer though.

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    Hi all,
    what is the use of constraint option in prompt.If which scenario it is useful.
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    NB -- I am doing this from memory, but isn't the Constraint (or limits in EAS' HBRs) just a way to reduce member selection scope even beyond security?
    I think I have used this once as I generally design apps to rely on Planning member security and not add in an extra layer.
    Cameron Lackpour

  • Input fields of the used DC view is disabled

    Hi Experts,
    I am new to webdynpro and working on the support project. i have came across one unusual problem which i would require your help.
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    Now the problem is the Input fields like date etc which is der on the embedded view is visible but not enabled. I checked it on the ORIGINAL VIEW of the USED DC and there the property enable is true. But when we embed into some other DC then those fields were not seems enabled.
    Please Help

    Hi Shobit,
    Now the problem is the Input fields like date etc which is der on the embedded view is visible but not enabled. I checked it on the ORIGINAL VIEW of the USED DC and there the property enable is true. But when we embed into some other DC then those fields were not seems enabled.
    the problem is with Node cardinality. please check the cardinality of ur node it should be 1:1. if the cardinality of ur node is 0 to n, in design time input field will be enabled but in the runtime, the input field will be disbaled mode.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • How do I make Firefox ignore the "Use High Contrast" option in Windows?

    I am taking care of a Windows XP machine which is running in "High Contrast Mode" for accessibility reasons. This display mode is enabled via the Control Panel of Windows (Accessibility Options, Display, Use High Contrast) and it has major impact on how Firefox display web pages. What I want to do is make Firefox ''ignore'' this operating system option, so web pages will be rendered "normally", but keep Windows in High Contrast Mode.
    Is there any way I can make Firefox ignore this setting? I.e. run Windows in High Contrast Mode, but not Firefox?
    A similar questions has been discussed here:
    However, I don't want to disable High Contrast for Windows and the whole machine, just for Firefox.
    Thanks in advance
    Bounder of Adventure

    thanks for your comments. The computer is mainly used by a visually impaired person. She doesn't do much web surfing though and doesn't really need a high contrast web browser. If however a colleague wants to help her maintain the machine or quickly wants to look up something on the web for her, then it would be great if it was possible to access web pages "unfiltered", in their regular look and feel, as designed by the web author. In fact, the High Contrast Mode significantly changes the way web pages look, and sometimes screen elements needed for navigation etc. are suppressed or rendered invisible. (This, of course, is often related to poor web design, like graphical buttons or links with the actual label as a background image or without an ALT attribute, but unfortunately, vast parts of the web are not really "accessible", so accessibility will remain an issue for the browser as well.)
    Creating a separate user account certainly is an option, especially for shared machines, but it makes it more complicated to quickly jump in and give her a hand. That's why separate user accounts are not really popular here; instead, Opera was installed which does not adhere to the OS setting and therefore grants a neutral view to all web pages.
    Actually, when I started investigating on that issue, I was quite surprised that there was no option for this in Firefox, not even in "about:config". After all, Firefox obviously queries the OS for the Contrast setting and then chooses to render the page this or that way, so I thought they certainly implemented a flag or something to change the behavior. It seems however there is no such flag, is there? This distinction seems to be entirely hard-wired.
    I am not sure if this is the place for change requests, but if somebody stumbles upon this question, is there any chance to make this setting open to the public? Something like an option "accessibility.useoscontrastsetting" or so? This might also facilitate it to develop an add-on for on-demand switching between the two modes, and web designers could check more easily how their work looks for those with poor eyesight.
    Bounder of Adventure

  • Why did the recent iOS 6 update disable our ability to control the volume in FaceTime?

    So my girlfriend and I spend a lot of time using facetime everyday. We normally use headphones or earbuds because she wants privacy to speak with me. The recent update in facetime has been permanently set so the volume in facetime is loud.. So now it hurts our ears to use headphones. Why was disabling a great feature such as turning the volume down taken away? Is there away to downgrade to a previous iOS update?

    I am having this issue as well. I'd prefer for my conversations to be more private. Also, the noise gate is far too sensitive, I can see my friends lips move, they are speaking at a reasonable level, but their words are cut off because they are below the threshold which Apple has set. I'd honestly prefer to hear backgound noise.
    As far as the volume control issue, this is just silly. Why is it that Apple should be the dictator of what is an acceptible volume level for conversations? I'm not going to wear headphones every time I use facetime (anyways, I did try it once and the volume was absolutely too loud. No, I'm not going to buy new headphones with volume control, just for facetime).

  • How can I login with my admin user after the "file vault-security option" disabled?

    My HD was full. So i deleted the biggest files related to file vault. After that i disabled the file vault option in security preferences, and restarted the machine. When i tried to connect again, appear the message"error in file vault". How can i fix?

    I have the same problem.  My Mac Mini server will not let me reset pram or safemode.  Can't login.  Help

  • Is there a way to enforce the use of sequences

    is there a way to stop someone from inserting an id without using the sequence?
       START WITH 1;
    CREATE TABLE test_table (id_seq NUMBER (4) PRIMARY KEY);
    INSERT INTO test_table
         VALUES (id_seq.NEXTVAL);
    INSERT INTO test_table
         VALUES (2);
    INSERT INTO test_table
         VALUES (id_seq.NEXTVAL);gives us
    ORA-00001: unique constraint (DSAMSTRC.SYS_C0091648) violated
    as it should
    however is there a check constraint of some ilk that ensures that the user is using the sequence when doing inserts?
    so that the second insert
    INSERT INTO test_table
         VALUES (2);gives me some sort of check constraint violation that I'm not using the id_seq.NEXTVAL ?

    One minor problem with your trigger. If the "bad" insert is the first thing done in the session you get:
    SQL> insert into test_table values(25);
    insert into test_table values(25)
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-08002: sequence ID_SEQ.CURRVAL is not yet defined in this session
    ORA-06512: at "OPS$ORACLE.TRG_TEST_TABLE", line 4
    ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'OPS$ORACLE.TRG_TEST_TABLE'If you want to raise an exception instead of just silently using the sequence as Frank suggests you need something more like:
    create trigger trg_test_table
       before insert on test_table
       for each row
       l_currval integer;
       no_currval exception;
       PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT (no_currval, -8002);
       select id_seq.currval
       into l_currval
       from dual;
       if( l_currval != :new.id_seq ) then
          raise_application_error( -20001, 'Hey!  Use the sequence' );
       end if;
       when no_currval then
          raise_application_error( -20001, 'Hey!  Use the sequence' );

  • Why was the "new tab" button option removed from the "customize toolbar" set?

    Back in 3.x and older I was able to place a "open new window" button, and an "open new tab" button on the bookmarks toolbar. This worked well for me. Now with 4, the "open new tab" is unavailable, and you can only open a new tab using the default button right next to your already open tabs.
    Any chance of that open new tab button coming back? I'd rather use that (what I am used to) than the new one.
    They're called options, stop removing them.

    You can find the New Tab button showing as a '+' on the Tab bar.<br />
    You can open the Customize window and drag the New Tab button from the Tab bar on another toolbar and it will become a regular toolbar button like the New Tab button that you have in Firefox 3 versions.<br />
    If you want the New Tab button at the far right end of the Tab bar then place a flexible to the left of it.<br />
    Open the Customize window via "View > Toolbars > Customize" or via "Firefox > Options > Toolbar Layout"

  • The use of  folder  option in Smartforms ?

    Hi ,
    What is theuse of  folder  option in Smartforms ?
    Thanks in advance

    You use this node to combine inferior nodes to logical groups
    The more extensive a form, the less clear the node hierarchy in the tree structure. To avoid this, you can combine related nodes under a folder node. When displaying tables, you can use the folder node to protect multiple table lines against automatic page break (see: Page Protection for Tables).
    Nodes assigned to cells of a template can be identified more easily in the tree structure if there is a folder for each line or column.
    Depending on the length of time by which the last date for payment has been exceeded, each dunning letter should start with a different introduction. Create a text node containing the relevant dunning letter for each dunning level and specify conditions to print only one of the nodes. In this case, it is a good idea to group the different text nodes together in a folder.
    Create a node of type Folder in the navigation tree of the Form Builder.
    Enter a unique name for the node and a description (for example, cells of the third line).
    To assign other nodes to the folder, use Drag&Drop to put them in the folder node or insert new nodes as subnodes.
    On the Events tab, you can activate a header and a footer area. For more information, see Printing Tables.
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  • Captivate5: Why should I use a pause option with a button?

    I am sure this is a rookie question, but the book I got with my training does not explain it, just hand holds me through examples. I would appreciate any resource you use that goes over the basics of Captivate and the WHY and HOW behind each application within the software. I just want to look up something like "button" and read about what I should think about when implementing a button.
    So, can someone please explain what the pause is used for when using a button. I am guessing that it is use to pause the slide so the user can take his/her time to choose a button to click on. I appreciate you helping me with my rookie question.

    Hi there
    In addition to what was offered there is often a misunderstanding about the button pause point and the associated action.
    Imagine the Captivate playhead as being like a boat floating along a river. When a pause is encountered the boat is stationary and doesnt float further down the river. Now the default action associated with the interactive objects is to "Continue". So lets assume that each entry point to a slide is similar to a port the boat may stop at. When the pause is released, the boat may float along to the next port (continue). Or, if you have selected the action of "Go to the next slide" it's like a helicopter picks up the boat and carries it over the remaining river bit and it is placed at the next port where it will then continue.
    Hopefully this helps... Rick
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  • Use Interference Robustness option disabling on restarts

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    That link is addressing only iOS 7 in general, not the iPhone 4S specifically. I have already answered your question here: airdrop and airplay option not showing iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.2. It is the same answer as what wjosten have provided in this post. Air Drop is compatible with iPhone 5 and later.

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