Why Synonym becomes INVALID when changes are made on the related object ?

Hi all,
WHY SYNONYMS becomes invalid when changes are made on related OBJECTS ?
Is there any specific reasons for this.?
Is there any method or procedures to make the synonym VALID as soon as the we perform any alteration on the related object.

Synonym will be validated when it is accessed, no need to take an action.

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    Is there a setting to keep the sales orders in released status once the order is release for credit through VKm3.
    That is even if the order is release if you make any changes to the order it goes back to credit blocked status.
    Is there any way to stop this from happenin. I want the order stay released even if any changes are made to the order once a release has been done in VKm3.

    Go to the transaction code OVAK,
    Select the correct Credit group and risk category and enter into the features of this combination.
    Here if you check the fields, you can find that there are certain fields which decides whathappens to a sales order when it is released from credit block and then some changes made.
    You can configure these fields to enable your functionality. As I am in different network now, I am not able to give u the correct fields.
    But as per the functionality, it should ideally block the order because the change can even be in price , that is the Credit exposure itself. Hence it should ideally block.
    Hope this helps you to decide.

  • How system will automatically populate clearing date field for invoices paid similar to when payments are made to the vendors

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Could you help me on this, How system will automatically populate clearing date field for invoices paid similar to when payments are made to the vendors.

    Hi Ramakrishnappa,
    If you clear the invoice against payment, then the invoice clearing date would be payment document posting date.

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    I want to stop getting emails when there are changes made to our grocery list but I am not sure how to do it. We both have icloud accounts and we both have checked the box under preferences in my calendar for "in app notifications" for icloud invitations. When I open Reminders in icloud I don't see a preferences for reminders.
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    Did you try to switch Push "off" and fetch to "manually"? This way no mail is delivered until you choose to open the mail app. The moment you open Mail on your device, your mail account will be checked and if any, mail will be delivered.
    Fetch New Data
    This setting lets you turn Push on or off for MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo!, and any other push accounts on iPhone. Push accounts deliver new information to iPhone whenever new information appears on the server (some delays may occur). You might want to turn Push off to suspend delivery of email and other information, or to conserve battery life.
    When Push is off, and with accounts that don’t support push, data can still be fetched—that is, iPhone can check with the server and see if new information is available. Use the Fetch New Data setting to determine how often data is requested. For optimal battery life, don’t fetch too often.
    Turn Push on: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” > Fetch New Data, then tap to turn Push on.
    Set the interval to fetch data: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” > Fetch New Data, then choose how often you want to fetch data for all accounts.
    To conserve battery life, fetch less frequently.
    Setting Push to OFF (or setting Fetch to Manually on the Fetch New Data screen) overrides individual account settings.
    page 203 iPhone_User_Guide
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  • Automatic Output Message when Changes are made to a PO

    Hi Gurus,
    I would like to know to to set up automatic print or fax for PO output once changes are made to it. I was able to send automatic print/fax when i create a new PO. But when that same PO is changed, i still need to go to ME9F to fax it. Is there a way to make it automatic?

    Hi Greetings
    would like to know to  set up automatic print or fax for PO output once changes are made to it. I was able to send automatic print/fax when i create a new PO. But when that same PO is changed, i still need to go to ME9F to fax it. Is there a way to make it automatic?
    You need to make the following u201CFine-Tune controlu201D settings for the output type so that output will be generated automatically once changes are made.
    ONLM --> Messages --> Output control --> Message types -->Define Message Types for Purchase Order -->  Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order --> Include indicator 2. Printout of changes for the output type.
    Gobinthan G

  • How to not retriggered output type when changes are made in Purchase Order

    Hi All,
    Could you let me know how can I resolve this one?
    We have a custom output type. Now this output type should NOT be automatically retriggered if a change is made to the document/purchase order. Currently the system automatically repeating the output type for every change made to the document/purchase order. But there is still an option for the user to be able to manually repeat the output.

    1.In order to restrict the output type to trigger you need to write the requirement routine in transaction
       VOFM> requirements>output control.
    2. create the requirement routine in application EF and write the required logic and pass the sy-subrc EQ 4 if you not require to trigger the output type and pass sy-subrc equal 0 to trigger the output type.
    3. assign this requirement routine to custom output type.

  • The Change time of the file is getting modified when no changes are made to the file content

    While doing save operation of a MS-WORD file, (in my example "1M.doc" ) with client (Windows 8) and server(either Win 2008 R2 or Win2012 R2). Observing the following scenario.
     After Renames are done(eg, xx.tmp renamed to 1M.doc) , all the file handles are being closed one by one.
    When the xx.tmp file is closed, immediately followed by Create of 1M.doc, the LastWrite time values between Close and Create are same but LastChanged time values are different. The LastChanged and LastWrite times are noted from
    the Close Response and Create Response packets.
    No modification is done on the file between this last close and next create. So, why LastChanged time values are different for the file? We are observing this almost everytime with Win8- Win2k8R2/Win2012R2, but not observed
    till now with Win8-Win2012.

    Is only word files have the issue? You could refer to the articles below to troubleshoot the issue:
    The "Modified time" file attribute of a registry hive file is updated when an application loads and then unloads the registry hive file without making any changes on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7
    File “Date modified” property are not updating while modifying a file without closing it.
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • IWEB does not delete old pages on  .mac account when changes are made.

    I deleted one "movie" page and added a different one via IWEB. I changed the name of the site. I saved it to a folder on my drive and updated the .mac account.
    When I checked my .mac folder, WEB>Sites>IWeb contains a folder with the new site name. That folder contains each of the pages and associated folders, html's.
    However, using a previously saved .html, I can still access the old named web site which contains the un-desired deleted page. That deleted page and the entire site funtion as though it was never removed.
    This "removed site" and all its pages does not appear any place in the .mac account's file listings.
    What is happening that I can't remove a page using the procedure listed in the IWEB documentation?
    Anyone have any thoughts?

    However, using a previously saved .html, I can still
    access the old named web site which contains the
    un-desired deleted page.
    Was the old site also produced by iWeb? Why are you "saving to a folder on your drive and updating the .mac account" instead of publishing directly into .Mac?
    That deleted page and the
    entire site funtion as though it was never removed.
    This "removed site" and all its pages does not appear
    any place in the .mac account's file listings.
    Are you sure they are not in the Sites folder used by Homepage? What is the url?
    If they really are not anywhere on your iDisk, then perhaps they are being cached somewhere and will eventually disappear.

  • Account assignment not updated in SRM's shopping cart when changes are made in ERP's PO - Classic Scenario

    A customer has classic scenario and creates shopping carts using only cost center as account assignments in SRM.
    When the PO is created in ERP's backend, sometimes a purchaser changes the account assignment to Asset("A").
    The account assignment changed in ERP is not reflecting in the shopping cart and the result is that the requester can not make a goods receipt in SRM because the account assignment does not match the PO.
    Does anybody knows what shall be done so the account assignment in SRM is updated according to ERP?
    Shall I use BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI?
    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards,

    Hi Karin,
    As Mithun rightly said, the changes made to the PO will not be reflected in the SC not just in Classic but in Extended Classic Scenario as well.
    We create a Confirmation against a PO and not against SC, so it is not necessary that the SC needs to be updated.
    Is the system allowing the creation of the Confirmation or is the error coming up when the confirmation is being posted on the backend system?
    Can you check the SLG1 in SRM for the error that it is triggering when the PO is changed?

  • What to do when changes are made and refresh doesn't show the changes?

    I'm new to SCSM and I have created some lists in authoring tool and when I go into console to edit them they are not showing up. Even after refresh. Also creating some new incident views for support groups are not showing up until I restart the Management
    server.   Is there a service or something I can restart that will make changes take affect faster?

    the poster is editing in the console, so no MP import/export should be required, that being said, the console does do a lot of caching, so if you don't see something, you might need to restart the console.
    you can restart the three or four Services marked "System Center", you should ge the same effect as restarting the server. that being said, restarting the server should not be required. if restarting the management services is really required,
    then there is probably some performance issue with your database or some performance issue with your workflow (first) management group server.

  • Find and replace in files does not refresh when changes are made

    Using RH10, I search for a term with the Find and Replace Options pod. I use the Find Results list as a reference only, and open each file from the Topic List. I do this instead of opening the topics from the Find Results tab because I want to see the WYSIWYG changes. Anyway, I make my edits and delete the search term from each topic. Then, to make sure I have done all the work, I run the search again. I expect to see no or at least fewer matches than before, but I still get some or all of the same results as before, even though I double-check the Design and HTML views of the topics and even check the source of a topic separately in Notepad, all indicating that the search term is gone from the topic.
    There is some ridiculous lingering or echo going on. I make sure to select Look in: <Current Project>, and the paths of all the Find Results files are fine. How do you refresh the search so that this echo doesn't occur?
    Also, I close the Find and Replace Options pod, reopen it and start the search again, and the same results are there.
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    Hi there
    To avoid the message about the file being modified, close all topics in the editor before commencing with any find and replace operations. The message is produced because you have the aforementioned topics open in the editor.
    As you mention "Find and replace in files", I'm guessing you are referring to version 8. I just opened version 8 and performed a find and replace to confirm. There is a button allowing you to clear all.
    On the clicking and dragging to create a link, it's never worked that way. You simply cannot drag from the Topic List pod to do it. But you can from the Project Manager pod. Perhaps you should consider submitting a Wish Form to ask for the ability to click and drag from the Topic List pod to create links.
    As far as rearranging your topics into different folders, as long as you do it from inside RoboHelp you shouldn't be destroying any links. RoboHelp will update references for you as you move things around. The only issue is if you are automatically creating your TOC structure based on the project structure. But usually that's a one time shot. From there forward you just manage things using the TOC editor.
    Hopefully this helps... Rick
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  • Trigger WF when changes are made in a table

    HI folks!
    Could you please guide me as to how to trigger a WF when an new row is inserted in a particular table in SAP.
    Appreciate a quick response.

       Go to SCDO and look for your Change Document. If it doesn't exist, you should create your own change document, but if your target is only to trigger a WF maybe you can find out other ways (ie call function SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT).
    Remeber that your change document id code usually is not the same of your BO.
    To set a link between change document and workflow Business Object call TRX SWEC.
    Here you can set al ink to raise an event when you create, modify or delete a table row (you can also work on specific fields).
    An easy way to understand if your CD is active is to make a change to an object and check new entries in table CDPOS and CDHDR.
    Anyway it's always a good idea look for documentation :


    When you change Customer/Vendor by VD02/XD02/MK02/XK02 there is the Object Services Toolbox for Object functions next to the title. I'd like the 'Create note' screen to popup as soon as the Vendor or Customer change is being saved. Can you help me?

    When you change Customer/Vendor by VD02/XD02/MK02/XK02 there is the Object Services Toolbox for Object functions next to the title. I'd like the 'Create note' screen to popup as soon as the Vendor or Customer change is being saved. Can you help me?

  • Automatically update a 'Last Updated By' field when changes are made a database record.

    Basically I'm building a database app using mySQL and PHP.
    I'm from a design background, rather than a techie one, so I'm far
    more comfortable using the DW and phpMyAdmin parts, but less so
    with any code.
    We want to have a 'Last Updated By' field that automatically
    populates with whoever created or last edited a record.
    What's the best way of achieving this?
    I've looked at some mySQL stuff, but all looks a bit over my
    head to be honest. Have a table of Users in phpMyAdmin - not one as
    part of the database, but under privileges - so where 'root' is,
    plus another couple I've added.
    In the web directory, I just have a standard connection file
    that looks like :
    # FileName="Connection_php_mysql.htm"
    # Type="MYSQL"
    # HTTP="true"
    $hostname_connDevelopments = "localhost";
    $database_connDevelopments = "developments";
    $username_connDevelopments = "root";
    $password_connDevelopments = "password";
    $connDevelopments =
    $username_connDevelopments, $password_connDevelopments) or
    But how do I do it so that people log in to the database?
    Alternatively, can I just use DW's log in (ie log in to
    particular pages, rather than users log in to the database, using
    database privileges?
    And from there have a hidden field in my insert and update
    pages that's set to the current user, and that value can then be
    inserted in the table?
    Any help or pointers with this greatly appreciated.

    Thanks David. That sounds about right - the last app I did
    was an online photo library, and used the Log In stuff for that.
    With this one, we want to track changes, as we'll follow the
    progress of the developments from early info right through to
    completion - hence last updated, and last updated by fields.
    So I figured it should be do-able as an extension of the log
    in stuff, ie pass the stored current user somewhere.
    Regarding security - this is just a local app running on an
    internal server, rather than out there in the wild.
    To test it out, I've added a 'LastUpdatedBy' field to my
    other app, and added in a hidden field in my update page :
    <input name="LastUpdatedBy" type="hidden"
    id="LastUpdatedBy" value="$_SESSION['MM_Username']">
    I have the code that does the inserting :
    if ((isset($_POST["MM_update"])) &&
    ($_POST["MM_update"] == "form1")) {
    $updateSQL = sprintf("UPDATE Photos SET Link_ID=%s,
    Title=%s, Rights=%s, Rights_Details=%s, Credit=%s, Width=%s,
    Height=%s, Year=%s, Supplier=%s, Photo_File=%s, Orientation=%s,
    Admin=%s, Region=%s, Country=%s, Easting=%s, Northing=%s,
    LastUpdatedBy=%s WHERE Photo_ID=%s",
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Link_ID'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Title'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Rights'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Rights_Details'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Credit'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Width'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Height'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Year'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Supplier'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Photo_File'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Orientation'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Admin'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Region'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Country'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Easting'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['Northing'], "text"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['textfield'], "int"),
    GetSQLValueString($_POST['LastUpdatedBy'], "text"));
    The bits in bold I've added for the LastUpdatedBy - but no
    joy - that's entering $_SESSION['MM_username'] into the table.
    What should the syntax be?

  • Thumbnails do not update after changed are made in the raw module?

    I am editing raw files in bridge. The changes that I have made in RAW do not transfer to the bridge thumbnail page when I leave the raw module.  I can see that I have made changes by the little symbols for crop etc. in the thumbnail, but no live changes.  Any suggestions?

    Judy Lovins wrote:
    I am editing raw files in bridge…
    No, you're not.
    Bridge is just a file browser, it doesn't open, edit or save any files at all.  It just hands the file(s) to the appropriate application, whether that be Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, or even MS Word.
    Check your Thumbnail preferences in Bridge Preferences.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Multiple Duplicate Jobs in Solution Manager.

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