Will syncing with iTunes delete all my stuff?

My computer crashed the other day. The HDD was destroyed and I had no choice but to buy a new one and install iTunes again. I still got my 2g Ipod Touch filled with valuable family photos, music and, of course, apps.
Nedless to say these are things i would prefer not to loose.
Now here is my question. Can I sync my Ipod Touch with my iTunes on my new computer? *Will I risk having all my data and apps deleted?* And if so is there any way I can transfer my apps to iTunes.
I would very much want to upgrade to iOS 4.1 so I will have to sync my iPod to iTunes sooner or later.
*Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!*

iTunes can only be synced with one computer. If you sync your iPod with a different computer it will erase all items on your iPod. You will find some suggestions in a post by Zevoneer on how to transfer from iPod to computer here:

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  • I just Synced My iPhone 6 which had close to 2000 photos to a new computer (windows PC) and synced with iTunes.Now all my previous photos have been deleted which were there on my phone. Please suggest a way to recover those Photos . Thanks

    I just Synced My iPhone 6 which had close to 2000 photos to a new computer (windows PC) and synced with iTunes.Now all my previous photos have been deleted which were there on my phone. Please suggest a way to recover those Photos . Thanks
    P.S -I have not taken any backup of those photos. So please suggest any software or any other method.

    If those photos were part of the camera roll, they were part of the backup as well and you can restore from the latest backup you made on the old computer. After that transfer the photos to the new PC, follow this article: iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer
    Then sync again to the new one, which will erase the phone again.
    You can also try to copy the backup folder from the old computer to the new one and see if the old backups get recognized, check this article to find the location on your PC:
    Create and delete iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch backups in iTunes
    If the photos were not taken with the phone, your data is gone, photos you sync from iTunes to the phone are not included in the backup.

  • 2nd Gen Ipod will sync with itunes but will not download new song

    My Ipod will sync with itunes but will not download newly purchased songs.  It is Ipod nano 2nd gen.

    If you want to use automatic syncing, you may need to set up or update the iPod's Music sync settings in iTunes.  If the new songs are not included in what gets synced to the iPod, they will not sync.
    If the sidebar (along left side of window) is hidden, from the menu bar, under View, select Show Sidebar.  The iPod appears in the sidebar, under DEVICES.  Select it there, to show its Summary screen to the right.  Toward the top, there is a bar of buttons, starting with Summary.  Click on Music next to Summary.  This Music screen is where you tell iTunes how to sync songs to the iPod.
    Check the box for Sync Music, if not already checked. This is the "switch" to enable automatic syncing for songs.
    NOTE:  If Sync Music is not already checked, that means the iPod is currently set to Manually manage music.  Setting up automatic syncing will replace the iPod existing content.  If you want to add the new songs manually to the iPod (instead of using automatic syncing), please post back.
    If your iTunes library fits on the iPod, you can choose the option to sync Entire music library.  Otherwise, choose the option to sync Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres.  Below that, select (checkmark) what you want to sync to the iPod from the lists.
    One convenient way to set this up is to first create one or more playlists in your iTunes library, with ALL of the songs you want on the iPod.  Or you can use existing playlists.  Back on the iPod's Music screen in iTunes, select those playlists under Playlists.
    When you click Apply, iTunes syncs the songs in your selection(s) to the iPod (replacing its existing content).  Going forward, to update the iPod, you can just update those playlists in your iTunes library (add/remove songs).  If you have new songs, add them to a playlist that is synced to the iPod.  The iPod does not need to be connected.  The next time you connect the iPod (or click Sync if already connected), iTunes automatically updates your iPod with the same changes.

  • How do I turn off Sync without iTunes deleting all the songs on my iPod!

    Well that's basically my question. I want to keep all the songs that are already there, but from this point on just add new ones manually. When I unchecked the Sync box it wiped out my iPod. Thanks in advance for any help.
    Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    You need to turn off automatic sync before you delete all your tracks from iTunes. If you don't, then you need to prevent the iPod from synching when you connect:
    While connecting the iPod to the computer, hold down the Command and Option keys on a Mac. This should stop the iPod from auto synching with iTunes and the iPod will appear in the source list. Wait until you are sure the iPod has mounted, and that it will not auto sync and then you can let the keys go. This may take between 3 and 25 seconds depending on your computer. Then you can set iTunes to manual synchronization.
    Of course, this won't help if your iPod has already had the tracks removed. But you'll know what to do next time.

  • HT4859 Do I need to turn backup on to allow iCloud to store data?  Can I turn it off again so iPad will sync with iTunes?

    Do I need to turn on iCloud Backup to,store data?  Can I turn it off again so it is not on automatic and will resume syncing with iTunes?

    You don't have to turn on iCloud backup to sync data with iCloud, but you do if you want to back up to iCloud.  (You sync data with iCloud by going to Settings>iCloud and turning the data you want to sync with your iCloud account to On, and choosing Merge to upload your data.)
    Also, backing up to iCloud does not prevent you from sycing with iTunes.  All it does is cause your iPad to be automatically backed up to iCloud instead of automatically backing up to your computer each time you sync.  And even if you are automatically backing up to iCloud, you can always manually back up to your computer using iTunes at any time by connecting your iPad to your computer, clicking on the name of your iPad in iTunes, going to the Summary tab of your iTunes sycn settings, and clicking on Back Up Now.
    You can, of course change back to automatically backing up to your computer using iTunes at any time as well.

  • New iMac 27, my iPhone WILL sync with iTunes, but does not backup......

    I have synced 4 times now, and my phone has not backed up yet in iTunes. I have a new iMac 27", and I use a 3Gs phone. On my windows computer, iTunes performs a backup almost every time I sync it. I have authorized my new iMac. It just wont backup....

    Possibly because you have automatic syncing turned on for the Windows computer?
    From http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1766 iPhone and iPod touch: About backups
    *Creating a Backup*
    +If you have configured your iPhone or iPod touch to automatically sync with iTunes on a specific computer, iTunes will back up the iPhone or iPod touch after you connect it to that computer and sync with iTunes. iTunes will not automatically back up an iPhone or iPod touch that is not configured to sync with that computer. iTunes only makes one backup each time you connect, even if you sync multiple times before disconnecting.+
    Colin R.

  • Mail application (besides Mail.app) that will sync with iTunes?

    HEre's the deal:
    I run a lot of websites. 50 or so are hosted per dedicated server. Lots of websites means... lots of email addresses. Mail.app in it's infinite wisdon of creating somehting like 4 IMAP connections per email address often crashed the IMAP service on the otherwise exteremely relaiabl;e and well-appointed servers. The ONLY reason I'm still using it at this point is because in addition to running 3 Mac's, I also have the bevvy of iPods, iPhones and iPads. The fact that I can sync my mail withe them is a huge deal and a timesaver to me. Take for instance today. I am launching 2 new sites. I just created the standard 5 email addresses for each sites. That's 10 new email addresses and settings I'd have to put into 3 iOS devices.
    So, is there any commercially available Mail application nthat can sync with iTunes? I HAVE to ditch Apple Mail, there's no way aroud that unless they fix the IMAP issue that I've read countless threads of people complaining to Apple about.
    I'd like to just do this once... it's going to be a huge pain in my a$$ so any help minimizing that aspect of the move would be greatly appreciated.

    Outlook will work.

  • Neither my ipad nor iphone will sync with itunes on my pc. it says i need a newer version of itunes but when i download the latest version i get the same message.

    I can't get my iPhone 4s or my iPad 2 to sync with itunes on my pc. My very ancient ipod nano works fine. I get told that the version of itunes is too old. I have tried on 3 occasions to download the update, and while it doesn't say there has been a problem with the download I continue to get the same message. I do get a warning that itunes is not properly installed and that i won't be able to burn cds. I have tried uninstalling itunes completely and reinstalling but that doesn't work either.
    does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

    Have you run windows update?  That could prevent iTunes from properly installing.  Also, try with your antiVirus and firewall disabled.  What version of Windows are you running?
    OS X is the operating system on the Mac.
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  • HT1535 How do I get my album cover's back on my IPad 2?,I sync with iTunes & lost all my album cover's

    Each time my iPad sync with iTunes,I lose my album cover's,sometime's my video cover's
    How can I get them back & stop it from happening in the future?

    does it show up when you start itunes?
    does it show up in my computer as a camera?

  • My first generation ATV no longer will sync with iTunes

    Is syncing with iTunes no longer an option with the newest version?  My ATV appears on the menu but I have no options other than streaming.

    Fixed!  I disconneced streaming then re-connected the iTunes and now it works.

  • Syncing with iTunes deleted mail account on iPhone

    iPhone: 5, iOS 6.1
    Mac: MacOS 10.6.8
    I have a number of accounts defined in my Mac mail and when I set up my iPhone and sync'd with with iTunes, it successfully created those accounts in the Mail app on the iPhone, very nice.
    However, I had to change the server parameters of one of the mail accounts on the Mac and when I sync'd again with the iPhone, the mail account was deleted on the iPhone.  The new mail server parameters had been verified on the Mac before I sync'd with the iPhone.
    How do I get the sync operation to re-create that mail account on my iPhone?  and why was the account deleted on my iPhone?

    Deleting one account in iPhone will result in all the duplicate accounts being erased at the same time.
    The problem is that iTunes shows duplicate accounts in its account list. Syncing again brings back the duplicate accounts to the iPhone. I can't figure out how to reset this list.

  • IPod doesn't sync with iTunes at all...

    I'm having trouble with my iPod is because it does not sync with the computer. I assume the iPod doesn't recognize it somehow. I've tried to manually manage music and videos but when it told me to disconnect, the box was not checked. Awhile back, I deleted some music from the MY MUSIC folder, the folder was too full of music that it deleted all of my music, (including videos). My only concern is that my iPod has stopped syncing to the computer ever since this incident occurred. If you can, please share what needs to be done in order for my iPod to sync properly and gain all the songs and videos I had added after losing EVERYTHING Thank you.

    I think I know the problem and it's solution. The iPod "thinks" it's linked to a different library and therefore does not synchronize. No idea what happens in the background there, but here is what I did:
    First, I went back to the previous update on the iPod (not sure if that's necessary at all, but I just wanted to go to where I started from.
    The UNinstalled iTunes (to be safe I backed up my tunes) and reinstalled it. Then pasted backed up tunes into new iTunes music folder and overwrote newly created iTunes library files.
    Then I connected the iPod, which now told me that I had an old version and needed to update, which I did.
    Then a window popped up and told me that my iPod was connected to a different library and if I want to connect to this one, overwriting everything on the iPod, which I said yes to (it didn't matter anyway, since it was now empty after the RESTORE I had done).
    iPod then downloaded all the songs from my library again and we are as happy together as we've been before
    I think what happened was that after installing the latest update, that window with the "different library connection" had popped up as well and I must have clicked NO because of the "overwrite" comment which scared me. Unfortunately, even with "reset warnings" it then never popped up again and until I reinstalled iTunes.
    Hope this helps!

  • HELPPP! itunes deleted all my stuff?!

    so i opened itunes yesterday and ALL my stuff is gone?!
    if i sync my iphone will it remove everything from it too? or will everything go back on my itunes?

    I have the same problem. you should be able to find back your stuff in  "My music" - " "itune" .
    Pull it back in the itune then you got your stuff back.but you have rearrange the apps position in the iphone. The files in apps like goodreader won't missed.
    I hope it helps.
    But I want to know why it always disappear?

  • Brand new iPod Classic will not sync with iTunes.  All my older devices are fine, but as soon as this is connected, iTunes stops responding when it says it's "determining tracks to sync."

    Also, the iMac I'm connecting it to is brand new as well - replacing a slightly older one.  My complete library got imported during setup and, like I mentioned, my older iPod classic synced fine, as did our iPhones.  Thoughts??

    Is the Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC option ticked from under the iPod's Summary tab in iTunes?  If so disable this feature and then try resyncing the device.

  • HELP!!!! Ipod nano synced with itunes but all purchased music do not play

    I have two iPod nano's and both have the same issue. I can sync all of my music, single song whatever I like without any problems, however any music which I have purchased from Itures just skips on the nano when played back?
    I have done all of the other hints listed, including De-authorizing the PC, reset nano, restored the nano, exported libary/imported libary... you name it... still the misic I've paid for does not work
    I have just upgrade to iTunes 7, which all reports everything to be at the latest versions but still nothing works!
    Maybe a Sony or other MP3 player would have been the beter optoin for my kids at christmas after all!
    Please help!!

    The ipod is not a backup device.  the music sync is one way - computer to ipod.  The only exception is itunes purchases.
    You need to copy everything from your old computer or your backup copy of your old computer to your new one.

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