Workflow step - send email - address of sender

We are using workflow to register travels and leave requests and we are sending emails to the employees about eg. that their document has been rejected/approved. Emails are sent by user WFBATCH. Is it possible to change this user to some other one so that we could change the sender email address?
Thank you!

If you're usng a SendMail step then (if I remember correctly) it's always run in background and therefore always WF-BATCH.
Usually, if I want to do anything unusual with mails from workflow then I create a step which calls a task which calls a new method of my BOR object which calls fm SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1. See if you can specify the sender there.
Please let the forum know how you get on.
Rick Bakker
Hanabi Technology

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    Hi i use iphone 4 with iso 6.1.3!! Am not getting an option to register my phone number in imsg!! Am just getting an option to set my email address for sending and receiving the imsgs!! How do i register my phone number??

    Hello Nikkii,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation
    Troubleshooting telephone-number activation (iPhone only)
    After each step, toggle FaceTime and iMessage off and then on in Settings > Messages and Settings > FaceTime.
    Update to the latest version of iOS.
    Ensure that your iPhone is set to the correct time zone. Tap Settings > General > Date & Time.
    Note: If Set Automatically is on but the incorrect time zone is displayed, turn Set Automatically off and then choose the correct time zone, date, and time. Then turn Set Automatically on again.
    Ensure that FaceTime has not been restricted: Settings > General > Restrictions > FaceTime.
    Verify that you can send SMS messages. You need a valid SMS messaging plan to activate FaceTime.
    Contact your carrier to verify that there are no restrictions or blocks on text messages. Blocks on text messaging will prevent iMessage and FaceTime registration.
    If you are unable to activate iMessage or FaceTime on a device after remote wiping it, wait at least 24 hours and try again.
    If "Waiting for Activation" is displayed, leave FaceTime and iMessage enabled for 24 hours. Toggling FaceTime or iMessage off and on will cause the registration process to start over.
    Best of luck,

  • Why can't I cut and paste email addresses when sending documents?

    Why can't I cut and paste email addresses when sending files? I have to type them in each time...And it doesn't remember them for the future, as SendNow did.
    Also, it seems that the message I type in is not kept, as it was with SendNow?

    Hi drlaura,
    You're correct on both counts--these features work differently Adobe Send than they do in Adobe SendNow.
    If you're sending files from Adobe Reader, you can access your local Address Book, which should make entering email addresses easier. Please see: I’m trying to send a file from Adobe Reader, but I can’t access my computer’s address book to find my contacts. Why not?
    Please let us know how it goes.

  • Webservice needs sender email address to be that of service user -how todo?

    I host a web service. It is used by merchants in their web sites. My web service sends notifications to the merchants customers. Trouble is the sender email address is my web service email address and not that of the merchant. Some merchants do not like this and they want emails to their customers to be seen to come from them.
    What would I (or the merchant) need to do in order to be able to set the sender email address to that of the merchant. Im assuming I can't just go ahead and set the sender to be any old email address! e.g. Im thinking Id have to use the merchants smtp host or something.

    You can set the sender to whatever you want; that's why there's spam.
    Whether your SMTP server will allow you to send with any arbitrary sender is a different story.
    If you run your own SMTP server, you can control this. Otherwise, yes, you would probably need
    to use the merchant's SMTP server and login credentials.

  • Event Invite - Select email address to send from

    OK...this is close to my issue, but not the solution I'm looking for:
    Not to mention it's three years old....we should've progressed by now.
    So, here's my issue.  Basically I use iCal and Mail for both business and personal applications.  I have a business email address and two personal email addresses associated with my ME card and being used in Mail.  I have a number of calendars set up in iCal, but basically am only interested in dealing with my "Work" and my "Home" calendars.  Is there a way for me to select (or set) which email address I send my invites from depending on which calendar I am using?  i.e.:  if I set up a meeting in my work calendar, I want it to come from my work email.  If I set up a meeting in my Home calendar, I want it to come from one of my personal email addresses.
    The closest solution I have found is setting the "send new mail from" field in Mail Preferences to the appropriate email BEFORE sending the invite.  This does work, but is cumbersome, and not something I would readily remember to do every time.  Not to mention that it is 2011....shouldn't the ability to select my send from email address be a basic function of iCal?

    Thanks. That answers my question, but doesn't help my situation. Not much sense in having alias emails, other then with my MAC/MobileMe, if I can't use them from my iPhone. I have to wait until I return home to reply if I don't want to send from my main email.

  • Sender email address verification

    During my recent DNS server outage (caused by XO DSL suddenly turning on filtering of port 53), I noticed something quite interesting with .Mac server and I am wondering if there is a way for Tiger server users to EASILY implement the same feature to reduce the inflow of spam?
    When my DNS stopped, my .Mac account STOPPED accepting email from my work account, essentially saying there was no such account on my work server.
    I obviously do understand that the fact that my DNS was not working and my server could not be verified was the reason for this, but it got me thinking....
    Is there any easy way to put this sort of incoming email verification process on my OWN Tiger server (work)? i.e. Only accept delivery of incoming email AFTER you verify that the sender email address DOES correspond to a valid email account on the senders host?? - which means no bogus email address or hostnames accepted...
    I think this would help cut down on a lot of Spam as these guys often send junkmail via bogus accounts/host names that cannot be replied to.
    Any useful information regarding setting this up would be most appreciated
    Thanks in advance - Rohin

    My question is ... wouldn't it make sense to check whether sender emails are valid before accepting email server connections.
    There's not really any way of doing that, besides, that's not really what you want.
    What you want is to ensure that the email comes from the person that it says it comes from. What you'd get is that the email says it comes from a valid email address. This is not the same thing.
    Even now, 99% of spam emails are sent from valid email addresses - it's trivial to put any email address in the 'from' header.
    Knowing that the From address is valid doesn't actually do anything to say that the person in the From header is the one who actually sent the message in the first place.
    There are several industry-wide attempts and performing validation at the domain level, which is about as good as it's going to get in the near term. For more information check out Sender Policy Framework which defines (via DNS) which IP addresses are permitted to send email for a particular domain, and DomainKeys which uses digital signatures to validate the email.
    Since both models require input from the domain owners, they won't be 100% reliable until all domains opt-in to the schemes. For now it can help validate that an email is from a legitimate domain, but the absence of a SPF or DomainKey doesn't necessarily mean the message is spam.
    The only way to verify that the email comes from a valid user is some kind of confirmation - an email comes into your mail system which doesn't recognize the sender, so it holds the mail and sends a message back to the sender saying 'who are you?" and "if this message is legitimate, follow this link to unblock the message". The message is forwarded only after the sender confirms their identity and that the message is legitimate.
    This has all kinds of issues, though including latency (it takes longer for messages to get to you), delays (what if the sender sends the message right before they leave on a week's vacation?), and not least the complete lack of support for any kind of automated messages, list, etc. that are sent from non-humans.

  • Hotmail - Sender email address is invalid

    Ever since I got my new iPhone 3GS, I have not been able to send emails. I had an izymail subscription for hotmail on my original iPhone and it worked fine. I synced everything over to my new iPhone 3GS and also made a new email account as Hotmail is now free to set up using POP3.
    I turned my izymail account off because I was having problems with it fetching old deleted emails once or twice a week. Everything was working as normal until I tried to send an email and the following message appeared: "Sender email address is invalid"
    I've tried switching my izymail account back on and switching my new Hotmail POP3 account off and my emails will send ok...
    So why are my emails not sending with my newly setup Hotmail POP3 account?

    Sender Address invalid is the error message you get when your SMTP (outgoing email) settings are not working.
    Many times this is because you are trying to use an SMTP server on a WiFi network and the ISP is blocking all SMTP connections that are not going to the ISP servers - this is to stop spammers.
    Also, you will get this message when you try to use your SMTP server on 3G or Edge - the ISP sees a connection to their email server (SMTP) coming from AT&T (or your cell carrier) network not their own network and they think it is spammer so they deny the connection.
    Some things to try - turn on the default SMTP server on the ipHone that corresponds to your carrier - when on 3G/Edge you can use this outgoing email server to connect without problems. Or, look to see if your ISP offers an email server on a different port (mine offers one on port 80 - all web browsers use this so other nets can't block it). Look for settings for authenticated SMTP servers - if your mail provider offers this it may be a way in also.
    The search box (top right) will bring you many threads on this same subject.

  • Change sender email address for payment advice

    I used FIBF to activate BTE 2040 to allow me email Payment Advice. This is working well and takes the 'Sender' email address from the user master data. I don't want to use the user master data so does anyone know how/where to change the sender email in the code?
    I have copied SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040 and can implement 2050 if needed but that seems to only modify the text of the mail - not the sender email?

    accounting Clerks need to be setup

  • HT201441 I don't have owner's phone number, how to get  previous owner's Apple ID(email address) and send him a email let him remove the device from the account.

    I don't have owner's phone number, how to get  previous owner's Apple ID(email address) and send him a email let him remove the device from the account

    There is no way for anyone on this forum to assist you.  Apple will also not assist you.  If you purchased the device thru ebay, file a claim.  If you purchased it some other way, I'm sorry.  there is nothing anyone can do to help you.

  • How do I choose which email address to send a calendar invite from?

    I use iCalendar for business.  I don't want to send company calendar invites with my personal @.mac account.  Years ago I had a Bberry and could choose which email address to send it from while creating a meeting in the calendar.  Is this not possible with Apple Technology?

    Open Mail app. Click where it says mail on the upper left corner of the screen, choose preferences choose accounts tab on the top then select the account you don't want anymore and click the - button at the bottom.

  • Someone has captured my email address and sending emails saying they are from me.

    Someone has captured my email address and sending messages out to people in my address book making it look like they are  from me. It's for an advertisement on a webpage. How do I get it to stop?
    This has not happened to me in over 3 years when I switched to apple products.
    Anyone that can help me clean this up. Most of the recipients that the link above is being sent to are simply deleting because they know if I was the one asking them to check out the link I would tell them first what it was about before they open it. There is NO message in the email JUST the website.  This is frustrating for me...brings me back 3 years to anti-virus protection with Windows.
    Thank you,
    <Link Edited By Host>

    You may have been infected by a Botnet:
    Simply put, a bot – which is short for robot – is an automated computer program that allows outside sources to control computers remotely without the users' knowledge. A botnet is a network of hundreds or thousands of computers infected with botnet malware that communicates covertly with a command-and-control (CnC) server run by a type of cybercriminal called a botmaster. Unbeknownst to the individual users, their computers are linked in a rogue network which the botmaster can utilize for a variety of nefarious purposes.
    Detailed information here: my-computer-is-a-botnet-zombie-.html

  • Does Authenticated SMTP Ensure that the Sender Email Address Matches the Username/password Entered?

    Does Authenticated SMTP ensure that the sender email address
    matches the username/password entered?
    Not by default. However, in netscape.mail.conf, you can set
    RewriteFromUsingAuth and/or RewriteSenderUsingAuth to "Yes"
    which will rewrite the header "From:" and/or "Sender:" to be
    the authenticated sender of the message.
    On NT, the keys are in the registry under
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Netscape\Messaging Server\3.0\Dispatch\Config

    I found the answer.
    Apple has turned on an app-specific password for iPhoto and other Apple apps. It's located in the Apple ID management section under Passwords and Security.
    As soon as I entered that new generated password in iPhoto I was able to send a pic with my email address.
    Now I know where to go. Thanks for your help.

  • BI Ibots sender email address

    does anyone know how to set up BI to send out different ibots with different sender email address? currently it is global. From the EM Core application --> Deployment --> Mail then on the top you set the 'mail address of the sender'. That turns out to be the global sender email address for all the ibots. however, i have a requirement where i need to send ibot reports to show the sender as a different address for different ibots along with the recipient.
    Thanks in advance for any inputs.

    Thanks SriniVEERAVALLI,
    I tried to create a profile in the WLS and granted admin right; after that i tried to run an ibot 'Run as' that profile, however, after trying that it still shows up with the global sender email address as a sender.
    Did you mean something different?
    Thanks again,

  • Changing sender email address via rewriting rules

    My objective is to change my sender email address. For example, suppose my OCS email address is [email protected] and I would to send an email to [email protected]
    John logs into yahoo mail and would see my mail. Upon opening my email, I would like John to see that the sender email address to be [email protected] so that whenever John replies my mail, the replied mail would go to [email protected] and not to [email protected]
    I read the email admin guide and I configure the Sender rewriting rules within SMTP_OUT. I have key in the following within the Sender rewriting rules: $*,$[email protected]
    I restart the SMTP_OUT services and I check the log files in MIDTIER_HOME/oes/log/um_system/SMTP_OUT/12345
    I found out that the rewriting rules have take effect on one of the lines.
    Then I log into OCS as user Andrew with domain and send an email to yahoo.
    I open my yahoo mail, which I receive the email.
    However the sender email address remains unchanged which is [email protected]
    How can I change the sender email domain?

    Your observation is very correct in terms of symptoms, not of behaviour. We have numerous ER's there enabling header rewriting, too. Obviously for you, envelope rewriting works well, without to achieve the target you want to address. Please forward your request to Support Services with an Enhancement Request for native header rewriting.
    Otherwise 3 ways:
    1 Milter C-SDK
    2 Milter general
    3 relay accomplishing this task.
    On 2,3 we have samples ready, for 3 in particular for postfix.

  • Sender email address for Customer Account Statement

    Dear Experts,
    Here's an issue that my colleague and I are currently facing:-
    The Customer Account Statements that are sent via email in the transaction F.27 show that the sender email address is not equals the Accounting Clerk (KNB1-BUSAB) maintained in customer master data (FD03). Instead, the sender email address here is the email address of the person executing the transaction F.27.
    I've looked through some programs (RFKORK00 and RFKORD10), and the variant used (SAPMA). Unfortunately, we still could not determine the root cause for this issue. What should we be looking into, and how can we resolve this issue too?
    Any inputs would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Hi Ajay,
    Thanks for your input. Really appreciate it. Would you please enlighten me further?
    "The accounting clerk’s name is then printed in any correspondence with the customers or vendors."
    The statement above leads me to think that consequently, the accounting clerk's email address should be the sender email address for the mail that is sent to the customer.
    Also, when I hit the 'F1' key on the Accounting Clerk (in transactions F.27 or FD03), the following texts are shown:-
    "Accounting clerk
    Identification code for the accounting clerk.
    The name of the accounting clerk defined by this identification code can be used in the payment program for correspondence and reporting (for example, open item lists)."
    Again, this leads me to think that the sender email address should be the accounting clerk's email.
    The customer is saying that this should not happen, so my colleague and I are just investigating this issue further.

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