WRT54G File sharing problems

Hi - hopefully this is a simple problem. I have a Windows XP computer, and a Windows 7 computer. They are in the same workgroup, and I have gone through all the troubleshooting through windows, but I can not get the computers to share files. I have no trouble connecting to the internet through either computer on my WRT54G router, which has the latest firmware. I tried to ping the Windows 7 computer from the XP computer, and it worked perfectly, but when I pinged the XP computer from the Windows 7 computer, it says that the communication has timed out. So there must be some firewall (I've tried to adjust this, and even turn it off - nothing) stopping the communication. Any help would be great. My goal is to be able to share files. Thanks!

Go into the computer software firewall on each computer, and set it to "trust" the other computers on your network.
If your firewall or PC security program keeps a list of trusted applications (also known as a "trusted zone"), then make sure that your router is in the trusted zone on your firewall...If that does not work then,try to disable all the firewall and antivirus on the computer and then check..!!!

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  • WRT54G file sharing problem

    Ok I have a problem,
    I had a old router before and worked very fine. All my shared forlder on my other computer was in the list of my network.
    I didnt change anything on my computers, bought a linksys and all my shared folders disapeared...
    at the start I thought that it was a router config problem. It semms not.
    I talked with a linksys tech and says that is a computer config problem
    I did all what it needed to, check the file sharing and print sharing. No changes
    they say to make a home networking but it seems to be only with wired thing, not the wireless
    I need a step by step because my english is not perfect
    I have awired computer + a wireless computer
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    Did you try creating new shared folders and veryfing if they can be seen on both computers?

  • File sharing problems and horror story (nearly)

    I use Leopard on a MacBook Pro, a MacBook and a iMac G4 800 MHz (unsupported model).
    I have on the iMac and the MacBook Pro many users (the same ont he two machines) and I always use Fast User Switching.
    I have had very few problems with Leopard until now; I like it even if there are some glitches or some new features which are not my cup of tea (hierarchical menus missing from the dock, stacks useless when there are many items, FireWall impossibilities (?) to open specific ports, Back to my Mac working on a Lan but not from outside until now, problems with a few apps (Parallels networking erratic), ...
    Now about File Sharing.
    Let say my main account is user1 (Administrator), and I have another user2 also administrator, plus user3, user4 standard users.
    On the iMac I activate File Sharing.
    On the MacBookPro, as user1, if I connect to the iMac Server (using afp://IPaddress_of_theiMac/) I do NOT get the dialog
    "Enter your user name and password to access file server YYY
    Connect to server as Guest or as Registered User"
    but I directly get the dialog
    "Select the volumes you want to mount on YYY"
    From this, if I select user1 it mounts with full read/write permissions which is normal. It appears that I am connected with my Apple account user1&mac.com (same as mentionned in the Account panel of System Preferences).
    On the other hand, if I try to connect to the user2 account, I only get limited access although in the File Sharing Preferences, user1/iMac is mentionned with full Read/Write preferences for the Home Folder of user2.
    What is very surprising is that if I log on the MacBook Pro as user2, or user 3 or user4, then connect to the iMac, I first get the dialog to enter a user name and a password. This gives me access with the correct full permissions on user1/iMac or user2/iMac using the corresponding user name/password pair; this is the usual behaviour which is missing when trying to connect from user1/MacBook Pro.
    Now for the Horror Story!
    Trying to understand what was going on with the permissions of the user2/iMac account, I logged in to the iMac as user1, went to the Users folder and from there had a look on the informations about user2 home folder. In the lower part of the pannel, Sharing & Permissions says "You have no access" (which is normal) and this is followed by a table where users and permissions are listed. It seems user1 has Read and Write access in contradiction with the preceding phrase...
    Anyway, I tried to modify these authorizations for user2 by clicking on the lock of the Information pannel and entering name and password of the administrator. Didn't go farther than that. By mistake, I hit Command-Delete and user2 was GONE from the list AND NOT ONLY from the list in the Information window! Using Fast User Switching and going to user2, nothing left on the Desktop and NO Home anymore.
    In the System Preferences/Accounts panel, user2 was still mentionned.
    In the Users folder, no user2 folder anymore.
    Using once again Fast User Switching, I logged as user2 and got by magic an all new Home. Nothing left in Documents, Library or other user1 folders. Standard settings for icons, dock, etc.
    My first move has been to use a very recent backup to restore everything (Thank you Mike Bombich from Copy Cloner!).
    Once everything was back to normal, I had a look at the Trash from user1 and guess what, the Home folder of user2 was there, complete.
    So now I am left with two questions
    why is it I do not have the same dialogs when connecting from all the accounts although as far as I can see, configurations are the same?
    why is it possible, from an Information pannel to delete the account of another user?
    Thank you all for comments!

    For the file sharing problems, answer is found in

  • 10.8 Server file sharing problem

    We have a new Mac mini with 10.8 and OS X Server app. The mini has direct attached storage and will be used mainly for File Sharing. There is a repeatable problem/bug with case sensitive folder names and file sharing. For example a folder named "Editorial" is inacessible via "Connect to Server" from a client on the LAN. The same folder with the same permissions, same everthing, except it is named "editorial" works perfectly. Change the uppercase E to a lowercase e and it works. The drive is formatted with normal HFS+. It is Not HFS+ case-sensitive. I have Xserves running 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 for file sharing and none have this problem.
    Has anyone else experieced this? Is there a fix? Other than making everything lowercase.

    Simon Slavin United Kingdom
    If you have a problem please start a thread of your own.  Don't get us confused between solving two different problems.
    The subject of this thread is dealing with:
    "Server 10.8 file sharing problem"
    Specifically for direct attached storage file sharing permissions issue.
    Client computers having issues with folder permissions
    These are exactly my issues as well. I was hoping to try a solution here or maybe proffer a solution if found elsewhere.  I did not realize each problem should be opened as a separate discussion....
    Sulking back into the shadow...

  • File sharing problems with my Media Player, an A C Ryan

    I have a media player, an A C Ryan, hooked up to my wifi at home and it normally accesses all my hard disks that is plugged and shared on my iMac. I had no problems when the iMac was on Snow Leopard. Under Network/Workgroup in the AC Ryan's menu, I can see and access all the files on the hard disks.
    The moment I upgraded to Lion, all such access was lost. The AC Ryan cannot connect to the hard disks any more via the wifi network. it's as though file sharing has stopped completely. I checked the file sharing settings on the iMac and nothing has changed i.e. the disks were shared as usual. After struggling with many possible solutions and failing (I checked out a lot of forums), I reintalled Snow Leopard and the problems were immediately solved.
    Is there something seriously wrong with Lion's file-sharing? Has this been fixed in 10.7.2? My friend who has a similar setup (his media player is the WD Live) has exactly the same file sharing problem with Lion.
    I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

    I believe that NTFS-3G has issues with Lion.
    I use Paragon NTFS and have had no issues at all. I am pretty sure that NTFS-3G will get updated, but you need to check their site to find out when.

  • Wireless/airdrop/file sharing problems

    Wireless/airdrop/file sharing problems
    I operate an IMac 3.06GHz and an Airbook 1.4 GHz
    I frequently need to transfer files between the two, and in OSX 10.6, did so by setting the iMac to share the wireless connection and using drop box
    This no longer functions in Lion (1.7.1).
    Symptoms are:
    1. Air drop simply does not function. Neither computer recognizes the other, even if they are adjacent.
    2. The Airbook will recognize the wireless connection, and is able to connect with some programs, but not all.
    3. For example, Safari is able to load news sites, but not gmail and a google search freezes, although a Bing search for the succeeds.
    4. Turning both Firewalls off has no effect
    5. Restarting both computers with new settings has no effect
    6. Neither machine shows in the sidebar of finder, therefore I am unable to access one from the other directly.
    Any ideas or back to Snow Leopard?

    Wireless/airdrop/file sharing problems
    I operate an IMac 3.06GHz and an Airbook 1.4 GHz
    I frequently need to transfer files between the two, and in OSX 10.6, did so by setting the iMac to share the wireless connection and using drop box
    This no longer functions in Lion (1.7.1).
    Symptoms are:
    1. Air drop simply does not function. Neither computer recognizes the other, even if they are adjacent.
    2. The Airbook will recognize the wireless connection, and is able to connect with some programs, but not all.
    3. For example, Safari is able to load news sites, but not gmail and a google search freezes, although a Bing search for the succeeds.
    4. Turning both Firewalls off has no effect
    5. Restarting both computers with new settings has no effect
    6. Neither machine shows in the sidebar of finder, therefore I am unable to access one from the other directly.
    Any ideas or back to Snow Leopard?

  • Personal File Sharing problem

    We networked an iMac, iBook and PowerBook G4 through airport. Worked swimmingly until recently. Now the PowerBook is making difficulties. It recognises both other computers but fails to actually connect to them (just continues 'thinking' eternally while trying to connect). The other two computers don't see the PowerBook but still network well together.
    Problem (I think): iMac and iBook in System Preferences> Sharing> Services Personal File Sharing is still selected, but on the PowerBook it was somehow automatically deselected. The PowerBook now refuses to start Personal File Sharing no matter how often I click on it. All other services (Windows Sharing, Personal Web Sharing etc) can still be selected, but that is not much use.
    A known problem?
    iMac PowerBookG4 iBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    It's system wide then. A reinstall of the OS will probably cure it. You can try an Archive and Install (choosing the "Preserve Users and Network Settings" option) but if the problem presists after that, a full reinstall (after backing up user accounts to another drive) may be necessary.
    If you have an external drive, backup your user account Home folders. If you don't have one, backup important documents to CDs/DVDs prior to reinstalling the OS.

  • Help!  Trying to access a share disk with file sharing- problems

    I have limited knowledge of file sharing, keychain access, and Macs in general.
    My school uses the Mac OS 9's for our schoolwide "Accerated Reader" program (a common program for schools accross the US).
    I am unable to get the 4th grade class room's Mac computer to access the share disk "AR Folder," which means that the Accerated Reader program won't work in this particular classroom.
    I go to "Keychain Access." The infor I get for "kind" is "Apple Share password." I go to "Unlock Keychain: AR Computer," and I type in the correct password. I click "unlock". The next window shows "Keychain: "AR COMPUTER" on disk "MACINTOSH HD" 2 items. My choices are "AR Main Lab" and "AR Main Server." When I click on both (one at a time), and on the next window, when I click "go there" the following error message appears:
    :An error has occurred. Unable to go to this item's location. An operating system (-5016) occurred."
    What can I do from here on? WHat could be wrong? Help me troubleshoot!

    Hello sylves,
    First..many people may be hesitant to help answer your posts as it deals with a school and security issues and passwords. It is not too good to mispell "accelerated". This could indicate someone trying to get into an area they don't have permission to access.
    I offer sevreal ideas.
    1. Perhaps you could explain your position in school.
    2. - Ask the tech people at school for assistance. I know this can be had at times. I work in a school with all PC's and only a few Macs so they are not quite up to fixing our mac problems.
    3. - post more info as to if these computers are able to use internet or are they just going to the school server etc.
    I post this as ideas how to get more help and not disrespectfully.....Jim

  • How do I correct File Sharing problems between 2 Lion installs?

    I have having a strange problem with file sharing between 2 mac's that have Lion Installed. One is a MacPro with a clean install of Lion and the other is a MacBook that was upgraded with Lion. Both systems have file sharing enabled (just public folders for now) and I cannot connect from the MacPro to the MacBook. The other direction works fine (MacBook to MacPro).
    The MacBook shows up in the finder of the MacPro, but when I click on it, it says "Connection Failed". It does then even when I "Connect As" and explicitly put in the user and password of a user on the MacBook.
    The only way to connect is to use the "Connnect to Server" optin in the finder window and use the IP address of the MacBook and explicitly use a valid user and password (guest will not connect from this method either)
    I have rebooted both machines and the router and have "repaired permissions" on the MacBook HDD.
    Any ideas?
    (I'm sure I can do a clean Lion install, but this is a real pain to get all of my wife's data backed up properly)

    I get the same thing  -- this post makes me feel a bit better, actually .
    Please see my post here: Idiosyncratic File Sharing Failure with Lion

  • File sharing problems with T500 and T410 and a desktop all running XP Pro SP3

    Others have had similar problems with what appears to be an overriding of Windows file sharing by Access Connections.
    My three computers, printers and internet modem are networked and working fine both wired and wirelessly except that while the desktop computer in network places can "see" shared folders on the Thinkpads, access to them is denied. Access to desktop shared folders from the Thinkpads works fine.
    All the usual sharing settings have been checked and verified by Microsoft support; it does not so far have a solution.
    Could this issue please be addressed more thoroughly and/or suitable documentation referenced? I have read the blurb about Access Connections but can't make a lot of sense of it.

    When you use the Desktop top menu bar Go/Connect to Server and enter
    what happens ?

  • File Sharing Problem

    I have a serious problem with file sharing, someone please help.
    I shared a folder "Accounts". The permissions for this "Accounts" folder is as follows:
    David - read/write
    User 1 - read/write
    User 2 - read/write
    User 3 - read/write
    Everyone - No Access
    I shared another folder "Software". The permissions for this "Software" is as follows
    David - read/write
    User 4 - read/write
    However when I login as User 4, I can access the Software folder AND for the strangest reason, I can ALSO ACCESS Accounts folder!I tested the similar setup on my MackBook Pro, it looks properly. I cannot figure out why this is happening on the iMac box.
    Please help...

    I have done some more testing, and this is what I found. If the Accounts folder does not reside on an external drive, but created instead on the drive that comes with the Mac, User 4 actually does not see the Account drive.
    The Accounts folder resides on an external hard drive with the following info:
    Name : Ext HD
    Type : Volume
    Disk Identifier : disk1s3
    Mount Point : /Volumes/Ext HD
    File System : Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    Connection Bus : USB
    Device Tree : /PCI0/[email protected],7/@2:3
    Writable : Yes
    Universal Unique Identifier : DCCEEEF2-D8F9-3EC0-BCA0-713C8A587583
    Capacity : 698.5 GB (750,022,115,328 Bytes)
    Free Space : 590.8 GB (634,412,806,144 Bytes)
    Used : 107.7 GB (115,609,309,184 Bytes)
    Number of Files : 109,227
    Number of Folders : 15,248
    Owners Enabled : No
    Can Turn Owners Off : Yes
    Can Be Formatted : Yes
    Bootable : Yes
    Supports Journaling : Yes
    Journaled : Yes
    Disk Number : 1
    Partition Number : 3

  • WRT54GX2 file sharing problems

    Ok I have read pages and pages on this with no luck. I have 3 computers. two which are wired and a laptop that is not. The two computers that are wired can see each other in the network neighbourhood and their folders files and printers and access them with no problems. I on the other hand with my laptop cannot even ping them. I see my laptop in the NN but nothing else.
    Ping the router fine
    Ping the two wired computers nada
    there is no AP isolation in the wrt54gx2 so that is out
    i have no firewall on any of the machines
    the firewall on the router is on of course
    all machines can access the internet fine
    tcp/ip on all the machines
    the two wired ones are windows xp pro and the laptop that is wireless is xp home so simple file sharing is on for that one.
    simple file sharing is also on for the two pro machines
    the weird thing is that I cannot even ping the two wired machines. that's why i think it is a router issue but without a setting for AP isolation what do I look for?????????????????
    thanks for any ideas you can think of

    If the two pcs can go online through the router, and pinging the router fine, you should be able to share files with the two of them. If they are not pinging each other, it means there's a firewall blocking it. Turn off the firewalls in each pc.

  • File sharing problems

    My husband's computer is a G5 using 10.4.9. It is connected to our modem/router by ethernet.
    My computer is a macbook pro using Snow Leopard. His computer showed up in my sharing menu (yay!) but then disappeared. I went onto his computer and noticed that file sharing was off (why?) so I unlocked the lock, turned it on, then re-locked it. Then I tried to connect. His computer did come up in the sharing menu on my computer, but when I tried to access it, the spinning wheel went round and round and then gave an error message. Amazingly, sitting right there in front of both screens, I saw the File Sharing permission turn off on his! On the other hand, his computer can see mine with no problem and connect. Also, I tried to connect to his from mine using Share Screen and it works perfectly, although only as a guest having to ask permission (for some reason, neither his name and password nor mine are recognized.
    I am at a total loss. The same thing happened with my earlier laptop, which used 10.3.9.
    Any clues?
    And, just in case, he did not touch any of these settings...i do all the computer maintenance in the family!

    Thanks for all your thoughtful help. I did upgrade to 10.4.11 and fixed permissons. I turned on that thing in the security settings. Those things did not keep it from losing the setting.
    I enabled apple remote desktop and made sure the users both had permissions for everything. i gave a password to vnc in that area (the only place to put a password).
    i enabled remote login and remote apple events.
    It is just crazy. about 1/3 of the time it says that file sharing is starting up and there is a checkmark next to it but the message does not go away. Other times, it actually says that it has started up and then i am able to connect using one of the names, but when I click on any folder, once connected, the wheel spins and I am back in nowhere land, finally disconnecting again. I, also, cannot seem to 'undo' the personal sharing when it is supposedly starting up, to get it out of its loop.
    i have the folowing turned on:
    Personal File Sharing (sort of)
    Windows Sharing
    Remote Login
    FTP Access
    Apple Remote Desktop
    Remote Apple Events
    Printer Sharing
    Once, when I logged in as me instead of him, i did get a drop box, which was empty (that's ok, there really is nothing in it). But it's like I can sort of get on, but the hard drives themselves seem to be disabled past that, and then i get kicked out.
    Any other ideas? Sorry to go on, but this is so silly!

  • Compressor2/FCP6/File Sharing problems

    I recently installed FCS2. After installing, I repaired permissions.
    I am now trying to transcode a simple DVD by exporting from FCP just like you should do.
    After exporting my sequence to Compressor, Compressor launches but tells me that it cannot generate a preview of the movie because FCP is "busy." (why is it busy??)
    When I say "OK," I am able to apply the settings and destination to the video and audio files, then I hit Submit. All seems to be working (Batch Monitor launches and generates a new entry) until the job fails and I get a lengthy error log report (pasted at the end of this post for your reference.)
    In addition to that hurdle, since the install of FCS2, File Sharing cannot be activated. I can't help but think that, although I am not trying to render in a cluster, something about Compressor and/or Qmaster is causing file sharing to be disrupted. At this point, I can't even get File Sharing to start from the System Prefs pane.
    Would love to hear any suggestions.
    Compressor error log:
    <mrk tms="204067753.199" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.199" pid="417" kind="begin" what="service-request" req-id="D8DC9337-3F77-43C6-8F0E-C9CBA012A57D:1" msg="Processing."></mrk>
    <mrk tms="204067753.201" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.201" pid="417" kind="begin" what="CServiceControllerServer::mountClusterStorage"></mrk>
    <log tms="204067753.201" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.201" pid="417" msg="Cluster storage URL = null"/>
    <log tms="204067753.201" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.201" pid="417" msg="Not subscribing, null cluster storage."/>
    <mrk tms="204067753.201" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.201" pid="417" kind="end" what="CServiceControllerServer::mountClusterStorage"></mrk>
    <mrk tms="204067753.201" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.201" pid="417" kind="begin" what="CServiceControllerServer::checkRequiredFiles"></mrk>
    <log tms="204067753.202" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.202" pid="417" msg="Source file mediaserver:///private/var/tmp/folders.501/TemporaryItems/DBBF8783-8EEF-43EE-B7 75-4C.fcp;appSignature=com.apple.FinalCutPro%26itemname=1%26framerate=29.97%26in =0%26out=11437%26nativeCodec=dvc%20%26nativeCodecMfr=appl%26displayName=20323030 3730363139204456442074696D656C696E652D4B2D34313131205363686166666E65722053706F74 73%26width=720%26height=480%26startTC=29.970000%200%20NDF%26fieldDom=3%26channel Layout=6619138%26sampleRate=48000 is directly accessible."/>
    <log tms="204067753.202" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.202" pid="417" msg="Source file can be opened."/>
    <log tms="204067753.202" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.202" pid="417" msg="Source file can be read."/>
    <mrk tms="204067753.202" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.202" pid="417" kind="end" what="CServiceControllerServer::checkRequiredFiles"></mrk>
    <log tms="204067753.262" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.262" pid="417" msg="starting _processRequest for job target: file://localhost/Volumes/QTG%20Restore/K-4111%20Schaffner%209%20spots/MPEG2/%20 20070619%20DVD%20timeline-K-4111%20Schaffner%20Spots.m2v"/>
    <log tms="204067753.263" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.263" pid="417" msg="MPEG-2 Transcode, rendering in YUV 8 bit 444"/>
    <log tms="204067753.266" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.266" pid="417" msg="Done _processRequest for job target: file://localhost/Volumes/QTG%20Restore/K-4111%20Schaffner%209%20spots/MPEG2/%20 20070619%20DVD%20timeline-K-4111%20Schaffner%20Spots.m2v"/>
    <mrk tms="204067753.268" tmt="06/20/2007 16:29:13.268" pid="417" kind="end" what="service-request" req-id="D8DC9337-3F77-43C6-8F0E-C9CBA012A57D:1" msg="Processing service request error (exception=Final Cut Pro.app generated an error or unexpectedly quitUser aborted Media Server)."></mrk>

    Installing OS 10.4.10 seemed to solve all problems above.

  • File Sharing problem between two macs on the same network.

    Have a iMac and a Mac Mini and a MacAir on the network. We have file sharing turned on on all 3. The Mac Mini keeps popping up a error message that states "There is a problem connecting to a Server "iMac". However the Mac Mini is connected to the iMac and is sharing files between the two.

    This has worked for a few...
    Though all of these steps may or may not be needed, I'm including them all.
    Make a New Location, Using network locations in Mac OS X ...
    10.7 & 10.8…
    System Preferences>Network, top of window>Locations>Edit Locations, little plus icon, give it a name.
    10.5.x/10.6.x/10.7.x instructions...
    System Preferences>Network, click on the little gear at the bottom next to the + & - icons, (unlock lock first if locked), choose Set Service Order.
    The interface that connects to the Internet should be dragged to the top of the list.
    10.4 instructions...
    Is that Interface dragged to the top of Network>Show:>Network Port Configurations.
    If using Wifi/Airport...
    Instead of joining your Network from the list, click the WiFi icon at the top, and click join other network. Fill in everything as needed.

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