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I had two main reasons for replacing the head unit in my car; I wanted the RDS data and I wanted bluetooth connectivity for handsfree calling. I've purchased lots of Sony products in the past and I've always been happy with them. My main and secondary TV's are both Sony. I have a Sony DVD player and VCR (yea - I know - 'what's a VCR?') Late last year I bought a Sony digital camera - DSC-HX100V. They all seem well-designed and reliable. I'd read some of the complaints on-line about the XAV-72BT and some of the favorable reviews. I thought - 'how bad could it be? it's a Sony'.
I bought the XAV-72BT and installed it in my car. A lot of the features are well designed and work well. But a number of things have me asking; 'what were they thinking when they came up with that?'
I have a number of questions for the designers/software developers of this unit:
The RDS data is limited to 8 characters at a time. So getting the entire song title and artist can take quite a while. The driver has to keep glancing back at the display to avoid missing a piece of the data. This could certainly be called a distraction to the driver. There's an abundance of screen space; why limit the RDS data to 8
characters? Think about how many words in song titles or artist names are more than 8 characters. The preset display for each band includes space on each preset button for the frequency and 8 characters of RDS data. That data is updated on the currently selected station if it is one of the presets. But not on the other preset buttons. Perhaps this is why the RDS data on the main screen is limited to 8 characters. But what is the point of having
stale 8 character fragments of RDS data on the preset buttons?
The RDS data on the main display is covered by the preset buttons display. I guess this design choice was made because the RDS data for the active station is displayed on the preset button. But it's not as easy to read there as on the main display. Maybe that's why they made it green on the preset button. Green? Really.
The display includes an attenuate button ('ATT') when the preset buttons are displayed. The buttons can be removed from the tuner display by touching the screen at a non-button location and gestures can then be used to change between presets or to tune to the next station on the dial. But the 'ATT' button is also removed. This seems wrong too. It takes a few seconds for the preset buttons and the ATT button to reappear when the screen is tapped. This negates the convenience of the ATT button.
The user can also use a PTY button to tune to another station that broadcasts program material from a list of types. Interestingly, when using this mode the buttons are removed from the screen automatically after a few seconds. Why isn't this kind of option available when using the preset buttons?
There are two available 'visualizer' selections (wow - two!). I thought that visualizers responded to the audio being played. If these two do that I can't detect it.
When an audio CD is being played a cheesy musical note graphic appears on the right side of the screen. I suppose it seemed appropriate to put something there but if several options couldn't be available, the user should at least be able to turn this off.
Several years ago I purchased and installed a Kenwood single DIN unit for a different vehicle. The display was monochrome and of course much smaller. But it had quite a bit of flexibility in selecting what to display and where to display it. It had a simililar motorized panel to provide access to the CD and unfortunately the electro-
mechanical design was poor. It failed on its own (not through abuse or misuse). I had it fixed and not long after it failed again.
The sound from the XAV-72BT is terrific. The audio setup options are very good. My car had an OEM unit from Alpine but I was surprised how much better the Sony sounds. The handsfree functionality via bluetooth is great. I'm satisfied with the setup and usability.
The touchscreen response is a bit inconsistent and can be frustrating. I suppose I may buy the optional remote to avoid some of that (this is kind of a surrender I guess). I don't have an iPod and don't plan to get one so I can't comment on some of the complaints I've read about the slowness of the interface.
I think Sony could do a lot to improve this unit. Shame on them for releasing a product with obvious flaws like these. If the firmware in this unit cannot be upgraded by the user then shame on Sony again for not including this capability.
I'm kind of a minimalist. My vehicle has other LCD driver displays. At the very least I'd like to be able to select the background color to match the other displays (this means NOT from a limited list of colors).
This unit has a large screen. It just seems to me that the designers had no imagination when it came to providing the user with a
lot of flexibility in how that screen space should be used when listening to the tuner.
All in all I'm pretty disappointed with this unit. I'm even more disappointed that there is no indication that Sony has any intention to respond to the user complaints.
Bear Deleware

Thank you for your post and comments - I'm sorry to see you are disappointed with the XAV-72BT, we have forwarded your comments and observations to the relevant Sony team for investigation.

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    Thank you for your post. As some album art is displaying and some isn't it appears that it's likely to be a format issue. I would recommend that you check the album art is baseline JPEG as it appears that many players can't read progressive JPEG files. If you use Photoshop you can open the picture then "Save for Web & Devices" - when you select jpeg you will find that there is a "Progressive" checkbox that needs to be unchecked before you export.

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    hope it helps,

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    Export your Pages 5 files to Pages '09 or Word .docx and trash/archive Pages 5.
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    You can restrict copying while still allowing commenting.

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    Hello All,
           Can we put comments in Adhoc query?
           I have a comment icon in infotype 9903.
           I need to fetch that particular comments and show in a query output. It is not a field.
           Can we do this? If yes, then please let me know how?

    I did it sometime back. A bit complicated process.
    Create an infoobject, manually enter the values "keyfig1" and "keyfig2".
    Include this infoobject in the filters and restrict it using a "ready for input" variable.
    Now create two formula variables.
    Write a customer exit such that when you select "keyfig1", first formula variable's value should be set to 1 and other one's to 0.
    Then in the query create two calculated key figures, multiply both with the formula variable. Also supress column (all active value == 0).
    Then it will show the key figure which you have selected.

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    I am very unaccustomed to this kind of environment and it seems much riskier for me to try and rebuild the objects from scratch when I already have a perfect, tested, ready model.
    They also require extensive documentation where every step is recorded in a document and use that for the deployment.
    I believe their rationale is they don't want to rely on backups but instead want to rely on a document that specifies each step to recreate.
    Please comment on your view of this practice. Thanks!

    Please comment on your view of this practice. Thanks!
    Sounds like the DBAs are using best practices to get the job done. Congratulations to them!
    I have 5 new tables seeded with data that need to be promoted from a development to a production environment.
    Instead of the DBAs just using a tool to migrate the data they are insistent that I save and provide scripts for every single commit, in proper order, necessary to both build the table and insert the data from ground zero.
    The process you describe is what I would expect, and require, in any well-run environment.
    I am very unaccustomed to this kind of environment and it seems much riskier for me to try and rebuild the objects from scratch when I already have a perfect, tested, ready model.
    Nobody cares if if is riskier for you. The production environment is sacred. Any and all risk to it must be reduced to a minimum at all cost. In my opinion a DBA should NEVER move ANYTHING from a development environment directly to a production environment. NEVER.
    Development environments are sandboxes. They are often not backed up. You or anyone else could easily modify tables or data with no controls in place. Anything done in a DEV environment is assumed to be incomplete, unsecure, disposable and unvetted.
    If you are doing development and don't have scripts to rebuild your objects from scratch then you are doing it wrong. You should ALWAYS have your own backup copies of DDL in case anything happens (and it does) to the development environment. By 'have your own' I mean there should be copies in a version control system or central repository where your teammates can get their hands on them if you are not available.
    As for data - I agree with what others have said. Further - ALL data in a dev environment is assumed to be dev data and not production data. In all environments I have worked in ALL production data must be validated and approved by the business. That means every piece of data in lookup tables, fact tables, dimension tables, etc. Only computed data, such as might be in a data warehouse system generated by an ETL process might be exempt; but the process that creates that data is not exempt - that process and ultimately the data - must be signed off on by the business.
    And the business generally has no access to, or control of, a development environment. That means using a TEST or QA environment for the business users to test and validate.
    They also require extensive documentation where every step is recorded in a document and use that for the deployment.
    I believe their rationale is they don't want to rely on backups but instead want to rely on a document that specifies each step to recreate.
    Absolutely! That's how professional deployments are performed. Deployment documents are prepared and submitted for sign off by each of the affected groups. Those groups can include security, dba, business user, IT and even legal. The deployment documents always include recovery steps so that is something goes wrong or the deployment can't procede there is a documented procedure of how to restore the system to a valid working state.
    The deployments themselves that I participate in have representatives from the each of those groups in the room or on a conference call as each step of the deployment is performed. Your 5 tables may be used by stored procedures, views or other code that has to be deployed as part of the same process. Each step of the deployment has to be performed in the correct order. If something goes wrong the responsible party is responsible for assisting in the retry or recovery of their component.
    It is absolutely vital to have a known, secure, repeatable process for deployments. There are no shortcuts. I agree, for a simple 5 new table and small amount of data scenario it may seem like overkill.
    But, despite what you say it simply cannot be that easy for one simple reason. Adding 5 tables with data to a production system has no business impact or utility at all unless there is some code, process or application somewhere that accesses those tables and data. Your post didn't mention the part about what changes are being made to actually USE what you are adding.

Maybe you are looking for