Youtube not working on nokia Xl

 HI All
Pls help i have downloaded lastest apk for youtube but its not supporting the device 
Pls help.... not able to use youtube

irshzinoxl wrote:
 HI All
Pls help i have downloaded lastest apk for youtube but its not supporting the device 
Pls help.... not able to use youtube
For the meantime, you can access Youtube and watch videos using the default browser and by entering on the address bar.
It is recommended to connect through a Wi-Fi connection or a 3G connection for watching HD YouTube videos.

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  • Youtube not working in nokia 2690

    I have been trying to run youtube videos in opera mini browser in my nokia 2690 without any success.
    I do not suspect a problem with connection speed because websites load quite swiftly on the EDGE connection. Could it be that my service provider is not supporting streaming ( i think there is a particular protocol for it, i am not sure though).
    Also, is there any version of bolt browser that runs on this phone ?

    Youtube page which loads on your opera mini shouldn't be pc version(full screen) .
    You should visit mobile version
    Make sure that your default browser works and the access point is correct and it is activated for all applications.
    For bolt browser visit
    Using opera mini links your music player to play youtube videos so there is no need of any streaming settings and it is better than bolt.
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  • Youtube not working on Nokia C3 - WIFI Mode

    Can anybody assist me as how to configure and run youtube in WIFI Mode on Nokia C3. 
    Thanks in Advance.
    Regards, Akber

    A lot of discussion already in this forum around this topic. Have you checked /t5/Cseries/Nokia-C3-YouTube/m-p/746945 if it would cure your issue ?

  • Nokia n95 youtube not works

    i upgrade new software v30.0.015 rm159 so far works fine but youtube not works its open login but not streaming vedio if vedio works but no sound.
    and i go through google search and than youtube vedio its works fine
    but nokia 95 youtube not work plz reply thanks

    Here in New Zealand if you wanna watch youtube you have to be in a 3g area.


    Every time I want to see videos from youtube the video player just says "your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available".
    Please help I have everything possible up to date.

    It appears as if only some videos on YouTube will play using HTML5 and without Flash. For example, this video plays just fine for me and I do not have flash installed:
    So, unfortunately, you will have to install flash or wait for YouTube to fix their website.
    Also, one thing to try: When I had Flash installed and the "ClickToPlugin" Safari extension installed, YouTube would load all the movies in a simple HTML5 format. So no annotations or any other annoying stuff. Might be worth trying. You will have to install flash but, with the "ClickToPlugin" extension, you don't have to use Flash.

  • C1-01 not working after Nokia update

    C1-01 not working after Nokia update.
    Message shows "Updating" then blank screen, any ideas?

    How did you start the update? OTA or using Nokia Suite?
    Try to run the update through Nokia Suite again.
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  • GPS not working on Nokia C7 since Belle Update


    Hi matemale,
    If you are using just Internal GPS, could be that the location information got wiped when you did the update. In this case give the device some time to get the location, this can take relatively long time (the first time), so little patience is needed.
    If you are using AGPS and Network based navigation, then do the following actions and in between them test if the device works.
    Make sure the internet is on in Maps > Options (3 lines) > Settings > General > Connection > Online. Also check that the network destination is correct.
    Make a back up with Nokia Suite. Type in *#7780# = soft reset, no data lost.
    You can also reinstall the phone software. The process is the same as when updating with Nokia Suite, but at the end select "Reinstall".
    If it's still the same, type in *#7370# = hard reset, phone memory will be wiped. Restore back up.
    Hope you get the navigation working again!
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  • Chat not working after nokia C3-01 software update...

    Chat not working after nokia C3-01 software update from 5.65 to nokia 6.00

    when is there's gonna this be fixed it has been more than a month
    satisfaction level is decreasing with the product

  • 46tl963 YouTube not working

    I bought 46TL963 week ago on toshiba places all apps work but YouTube not working, does anyone had this problem? If yes please help me with solution.

    If you can't solve your issue and no one in the community can help, contact support to speak with a tech support agent at (800) 631-3811.
    - Peter

  • Caller ID not working with Nokia 6600?

    I have a T-Mobile (US) Nokia 6600, and I can't seem to get address book to display incoming SMS or the caller ID of incoming calls. I've successfully paired the phone via bluetooth, and I can make address book dial the phone and send an sms. I can sync via iSync, use my phone as a modem, etc. etc.
    But regardless of what settings I tweak, I can't seem to get Address Book to show a bezel of any kind on incoming calls - not even an 'Unknown Caller' message! Am I missing something obvious? Third party apps like BluePhoneElite work just fine, so I'm pretty sure it's something wrong with Address Book...
    15" Aluminum Powerbook 1.5 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    mdcdsc wrote:
    My caller ID does not work with the new ap either.  I don't like the new ap at all.  The old one was beautiful.  Now my email is very hard to see, so much that I will just use the Apple email that comes with my IPOD.  The caller ID was my favorite thing with the old ap.  and now it doesn't work.  I have followed the instructions and turned everything on, but it just does not work.
    The Caller ID issue was due to an outage. It should be resolved anytime soon. Can yu log out and log back in. Go to app settings and in notifications and turn CAller ID off and on.
    On email - what do you mean 'email is very hard to see' ? I would like to pass on this feedback to the team.

  • Nokia 5800XM - Live Mail Not Working in Nokia Mess...

    Hello There,
    It has been a long time since I have been using the Nokia Messaging Email to receive emails from my different email accounts includinga couple of Windows Live Mail accounts to my Nokia 5800XM and it was working like a charm till a couple of weeks age.
    Since last couple of weeks I am not receiving email from my Windows Live Mail accounts, other account POP/IMAP are working fine but Windows Live Mail account are not working at all, none of them. I haven't changed any password or something, I don't know what is wrong but I am unable to receive email from WLM, even if I open mail app and manually do a Send/ Receive, it doesn't update my emails from my WLM accounts. I have even tried resetting the data from Nokia Messaging Email settings but for no avail.
    Can someone help or update me in this regard, what's going on, is it just me or . ...

    Although Internet works, Nokia Mail uses another configuration account. Therefore, please, double-check Nokia » Menu » Configuration » Active. Which network operator do you use, in which country?

  • Voice Search In YouTube Not Working

    I frequently use the voice search in YouTube when looking for video clips.  I would say something and it wouldn't find exactly what I wanted because it found something similar in the history.  I saw I had a lot of search results so I decided to clear it and I did.
    I tried a simple search of "cute kittens playing" and it went through the motions of the microphone activating, showing pulses when I spoke, and when the chime for the end when the microphone turns gray, nothing was in the search results.  I typed it in and I had search results.  I tried another phrase and same result, nothing in search results.
    I tried the Internet Browser and the voice search worked, and I tried the Chrome browser and it worked when I said, "OK Google".
    I tried YouTube search and the voice feature doesn't work.  I only cleared the YouTube history.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I followed the instructions from the link you provided.  It did not work.  I tried the second suggestion.  YouTube does not have an Uninstall button, but it has an Uninstall Updates button.  I chose that option.  It worked and Voice Search worked great.  However, after I installed the latest update, the Voice Search did not work again.  I have two phones and I find it strange that it affects one phone and not the other, yet it's the same model phone, the Galaxy S4.  One is Black Mist and the other is White Frost.  Voice Search works fine on the White Frost phone with the latest version of YouTube, but not the Black Mist phone.
    Here are the YouTube versions on both phones:
    Black Mist ---> 5.1.10   - updates uninstalled
    White Frost ---> 5.5.27
    Thank you for your help, but I hope the next update of YouTube will fix this problem.

  • Mac OS X - deep links in youtube not working, fast forward not working

    Specs: Mac mini 1.66 Intel Core Duo, OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, Flash
    Adding, for example #t1m30s, to the end of a youtube url does nothing, videos always start at the beginning. Yes this is an older computer but deep linked youtube videos work fine in Firefox but not Safari. I have another Mac Mini slightly newer, a Mac mini 1.83 Intel Core 2 Duo with same software specs and deep links work fine on it.
    Also I can't seem to drag the marker anymore. Very frustrating.

    While you might get an answer from someone here (I'm interested in knowing too, I run into the drag problem from time to time) I think you'll have better luck over on YouTube's forums.

  • Internet radio not working on nokia asha 311

    Hi.. I'm using nokia asha 311 from last two years. But internet radio (pre installed) is not working nowadays . After taking too much time to connect , the error reads ''cant connect to a network ''. Plz somebody help... :-(
    Go to Solution.

    @Jagmohan258747 when did that start (time/date), do you remember? Are you searching a radio station (that is broken actually) or just try to listen to one of your favorites?
    The latter should still work, therefore, we have to look into this issue together – but we need the answer to the two questions above.

  • Help Keypad not working on Nokia 5310 MusicExpress

    My keys 789 are not working, I have to repeatly tap it for the keys to work.
    How Do I solve this? Seems like a hardware problem.
    My software is Verson 8.3 I think?

    This is not a hardware problem and water damage would does not create faulty programming. I had the same problem on my 5310 for the row 456, running on fw 7.01. As you say, the keys start working again after you tap them for a while; have you also noticed when they stop working? This seem to be when you leave the phone with the key-lock switched on (if you, for instance leave the phone on the screen that you get by hitting *#0000# you will see that the buttons are still working afterwards. This screen prevents the automatic key-lock functionality.) If you've been a developer for as long as I have it should be quite clear that somebody made a no-no.
    So, your issue should be resolved by updating to firmware version 9.42 using the Nokia Software Updater.
    Nokia have had some problems with their updater recently. They fixed it now, but should you be unable to connect to their servers even though you have all ports open, no firewall in the way and so on, you will need to reinstall the software.
    This is the file i got from support when I talked with them about it.​software/NokiaSoftwareUpdaterSetup_en.exe
    so, uninstall the current version, reboot, install this one.
    Good luck!

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