Is it possible to boot from a shared dvd or disk image remotely

Is it possible to boot from a shared dvd or disk image remotely without using netboot for install or utility?

Error while creating partial bill - msg. class 4 msg no. 011

Hi All, While creating a partial bill through EA27, the log shows the error as "Error in converting a repetition document" Has anyone got this error before and what was the cause for this error, as I am not able to spot the reason why the error is co

F4 help for file path in the Application server

Hi All, i want to provide the F4 help so as to enable us to give the file path in the application server (AL11). I'm in version 4.0 Regards Shekhar

Proper Video Import Format

Currently - I am importing some home movies from VHS using a canopus into iMovie. I have chosen the import format = DV STREAM ... - I will import the movie - do some editing - and then export it to iDVD5... - then I modify the template settings and t

IP Address Changed on my AD - Now Authentication is not Working

I got a new service provider for my home network, and as a result their router provided a new set of IP addresses. My home network is supported by an OD running on Mac OS X Server v 10.4.11. The laptops in the house seem to be OK, but my main machine

Need to logon again in new CIC0 windows

Hi all Within SAP Gui, we run our web applications (which reside on SAP Netweaver 7.00) from CRM's cic0 action box. These application load successfully and we can navigate within the action box window. The problem is, whenever a link is selected whic

How can install face time on my ipad mini?

I bought ipad mini and dont have face time how can i nstall face time apps?

Error 1097 while deploying

Hi, I am having a problem when deploying a model from Veristand (Windows) to a PXI equipment. Let's start from the beggining: I have written a simulink model and compiled it for Veristand 2014 target. This generates a DLL, that I load it in Veristand


HI, my attempt to register my MACBOOK AIR 11" (Late 2010 version ) failed becaiuse I am unable to provide the date of acquisition as I lost the Invoice. How to do ? any solution. Thanks.

How do I pass a table of objects to global classes (creatd in class buildr)

Using local classes where I type everything in SE38, this is done using the following: METHOD some_method     IMPORTING table_of_objects TYPE TABLE OF REF TO z_class However, I don't know how to do this in the class builder. In the PARAMETER subscree

Firefox updated last night and now when I click on an external link I get a message saying "There was a problem sending the command to the program".

I've tried opening a link to a POP3 email account off of a messenger program as well as other site links sent to me through a messenger program. I get the same message, each time. Also links sent to me in Thunderbird do not open in a browser window.

I am stuck again, really tried hard, to no avail

Dear applescript genius, I have had help, came a long way, but got stuck again. I am still facing a lot of problems, but this one is now top 1 prio for me. I am trying to automate creating a new event in facebook. When you click Create Event on your

Add multiple records thorough lov, help of one field?

Hi All: Actually, I have a datablock with two fields, one is id, other one is name. I select no of records in datablock is 3.My requirement is, there is should be one field on the above of this block.on this block should be lov. suppose that field na

Reuse of mappings

Is it possible to combine mappings? For example, suppose you have two tables in a parent child relationship and you create a one-to-many mapping between them. Suppose further, that you have another pair of tables that you map the same way. Obviously,

Export 4k video at 60fps

Is there a way to export 4k video at 60fps?  Currently it seems I have to drop the resolution to keep a 60fps export or drop the framerate to keep the export at 4k.  Timeline settings are 4k and 59.94 fps but Premiere won't let me export a file with

Clone Stamp Tool and Healing Brush not working - why?

As pointed out in the thread subject line, both the clone stamp tool and healing brush are not working for me in Photo Elements 7. When I am attempting to use it, I get the message: "Could not use clone stamp tool because the area to clone has not be

Migrate Adobe Master Collection to Mac

I purchased Adobe Master Collection CS5 a few years ago and use it on my desktop and laptop PCs. I have since misplaced the installation CD/DVDs. I want to purchase a new Mac laptop and use my Master Collection license for the Mac laptop. I would dea

Business Area - Substitution Rule?

Hi Gurus, I need help with creating a substitution rule for a business area. The scenario is as follows- We have multiple company codes in different regions that sell their product system wise to company code XXXX. We are using one business area YYYY

Swapping hard drives clamshell to G3 dual usb

Long story short... I bought an iBook G3 from someone and it's shorted the hard drive. I have an iBook clamshell that has a perfectly working hard drive. I would like to swap them out and use the dual usb iBook. Are there any known incompatibility is

Business Intelligence on iSeries suggestions

Sorry if this is already out here but I guess I'm not forming my queries very well today. Does anyone have any suggestions for Business Intelligence on the iSeries? Our SAP rep has suggested BOBJ Edge but I don't see any iSeries versions of that (Win