I have a 3rd generation iPad running iOS7.0.2, and since updating to iOS7, it will not mirror to an AppleTV.  The devices will connect, but the video monitors show only a blank screen.  The AppleTV's work fine with various other iOS & OSX devices. Ideas?

I have three AppleTV's where I work.  I have two at home.  I have an iPhone 4S running iOS7.0.2 which mirrors smoothly via AirPlay.  I have a 2011 MacBook Pro and a 2011 iMac, both running Mountain Lion, both of which mirror smoothly through AirPlay.

Why does my itunes keep freezing and give me the rainbow wheel of death?

Whenever I am doing stuff on my computer it will randomly freeze up and I am almost positive it only happens when iTunes is open and playing. I have a lot of free space on my hardrive even though I have around 6000 songs and a bunch of movies on ther

Open Project in PE9 takes a long time

Does anyone know why PE9 project files can take 10-15 minutes to load? I have a 4 minute video I'm half way through editing.  Every time i open my project it quickly shows 100% on the open project progress bar, but this can take 10-15 minutes to disa

Mail doesn't send to certain e-mail addresses, receiving seems ok

I am using the latest version of the Apple Mail application under Leopard (with all updates downloaded). About a month ago I e-mailed a friend from my home account and unusually didn’t get a reply. I then e-mailed again a few weeks after, again no re

Mail's Basic Functionality

As a recent Switcher, I have been looking at all the various software packages on offer, trying to figure out which ones will serve my needs best. I used to be an Outlook user on Windows, and have been using Entourage since it is very similar, but am

Mac mini server - Can't access Internet

Hello. Using a Mac mini server as the media server for my house. Not really using any of the Snow Leopard Server services though. Wanted the larger hard drive and didn't need an optical drive so this was perfect for me. At any rate, recently noticed

Purchased export to word etc

1. I purchased export to word etc., paid iTunes - still does not work asks me to pay again., 1. I purchased export to word etc., paid iTunes - still does not work asks me to pay again., 1. I purchased export to word etc., paid iTunes - still does not

Advice on content area layout & subfolders

Hi all! We're just starting to use content areas for real document management, and I was hoping someone could offer some advice on the layout of one or more of these content areas. I'm trying to build a typical corporate "Document Library". Parts of

Airport Extreme USB problems

I am posting this information as part of case number 757-73818. Level 2 support for Airport Extreme has not returned phone calls, despite giving me a specific telephone number to call. I am new to the MAC world and I must say, I am disappointed. I ha

Branding image width problem

Hi, I have developed a customer spesific theme, added it to a dektop and it works. My problem is that in the theme generetor the image looks fine, but when I actully use the theme there is a large gap between the branding area and the masthead funtio

Streaming video and bluetooth stereo

I have the Blackberry Curve with T-Mobile with v4.5.0.81 and the Motorola HT820 stereo bluetooth headset.  I am able to listen to regular music and videos on the microsd card on the HT820, but when I play streaming video online there isn't an option

Here's my experience

So My b210 for some unknown reason has stopped working with my ipad I reset to factory It tells me to log on to eprint I go to log on Hp eprint tells me i ***HAVE*** to combine by existing snapfish account that i never even knew i had let alone used.

Pre Printed Invoice

Hello, We are currently in the analysis phase to the implementation of SAP ECC 6.0 Ehp3 for a society in Ecuador, and I know that this situation happens in Venezuela too. The laws require that the invoices and delivery notes must be pre-printed by a

No authorization for company code in MRBR

Transaction MRBR is currently wide open. Anyone with authorization to this transaction can unblock invoices in any company code. Standard security profiles can only restrict users at universal (*) or purchasing group level. We require control on comp

CCM Image does not appear in Shopping cart

Hi, I loaded a picture "Router.jpg" in a MIME-directory. Via the web I can access the picture using the link below: http://dessrm.entel.cl:8000/sap/bc/bsp/ccm/public/Router.jpg In a Purchasing Catalog I added the following caracteristics to a positio

Input Date display and submit formats

I need to insert Timestamp into the Oracle database table field. My particular EO attribute is of type "Timestamp", so that I can insert the Date with time. Also in the control hints format is "dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss a" The problem is that I just need t

Installing Elements 10 on mac (Lion)

hi i just purchased Elements !0 online and i can not get download to work on my Mac (lion) !  can anyone advise me ?

Insert & update nested table

Hi I have created one nested table with the follwing columns. I have to insert records into the nested table. And also I have to update the nested table. Please find below my table and getting error message. Please advose...!! SQL> create type detail

Simple percentage calculation

Hello, i am new to Numbers...i need to do something i think is very simple, but still can't figure out how to... Basically i need to have a calculation of percentage. Say in cell B2 i have a certain value, i would like to have cell C2 that calculate

COPA assessment cycles for revenue postings

Dear SAP gurus, is it possible to allocate revenues to COPA via assessment cycles (tcode KEU5)? We have service income related revenues that are not linked to COGS therefore they are posted to Cost Centers but they need to be visible in the cOPA repo