The FIRST user exit/badi for VF01

I need to know the first user exit/badi/etc... for VF01 (the pricing procedure).  We need to change field values BEFORE the first pass through the pricing routine (hits the condition types).  We are having an issue where we need to change field value

MacBook Pro (2011) won't display 2560x1440 native resolution on external monitor

I have the new MacBook Pro 15inch with 2.2Ghz quad core and an external NEC PA271W Monitor with a 2560x1440 native resoultion. I have them plugged together via the dual-link DVI-D cable but the MacBook pro will only recognize 1920x1080 as the max res

Creating Datasource in WLS 10.x using ant script

All, We need to create datasource using ant script which uses wlconfig, has anyone done it before? tried the below script, it creates the datasource and connection pool seperately. In WLS 10.x the connection pool entries are part of the datasource it

JSP Form with Formatted Confirmation Page

I have a basic form, and I would like to have a confirmation page pop-up when the user clicks that they are done. The confirmation page needs to have considerable formatting on it, and include the data the user inputted on the form. It also needs to

Evolution opens link in current window not in window Firefox is running in

Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS, Gnome 3.12.2 due to lockups of system I removed the Ubuntu version of Firefox and installed 33.1.1 from the Mozilla site. Since then whenever I click on a link in a message Firefox will open in the same window Evolution is in not

"Hot" USB Ports

I would like to be able to charge my iPhone or iPod while connected to the iBook at night. However I would prefer the charging method to work in "Sleep Mode" or when the computer is shut down. Has anyone had any success with finding an after-market p

Parsys design bar not showing

Hello I'm having a problem in my template, for some reason the parsys design bar is not showing for the last 3 parsys in my template, the first 3 parsys are showing but no the last 3. In edit mode everything looks good, but of course I can't add any

Can connect with AE but fail on connecting with internet

For some reasons I needed to re-conflict my AE and changed the wireless name. 2 of my Mac computer and my iTouch could connect with no problem. But my PC (XP2) could connect with this AE but failed on internet with error message "limited or not conne

Loosing references to objects

I am accessing Lite using Java using the JAC API's: POLConnection, POLClass etc. The program is temporarily and eratically loosing references to objects and then find them again. The program logs on and looks up the objects it needs, checking the ref

Error: "Made on a Mac" button displaying too low when published!

Okay, so in iWeb the Made on a Mac button at the bottom of my page appears to be 50 or so pixels beneath the last bit of content. The page is set to be 700x700. But the last bit of content seemingly ends at 871px and the button is situated at 932px.

Priority in Hunt Pilot

Hi Does anybody knows how to do priority to a hunt pilot agains others? I want to configure a hunt pilot with a pool of users waiting to call and other hunt pilot for vip users. In the test i did in my mock-up in the hunt pilot 196 for users and hunt

How to access survey and poll portal?

hi, i got through the document and that say, this is the out of box facility. how can i make a portal link, by clicking that i can access the survey and poll facility? please give me steps? dhananjay

Problems with DTW

Hi All, I am importing Item Master Data through DTW and getting this error, --  Value must be whole number in property 'OrderIntervals' of 'Item'65170-- I have not defined order interval but even after defining it, error remains same. Please let me h

Ipod not appearing on Itunes, Ipod not appearing on Itunes

Ipod not appearing on Itunes...Please Help

NW2004s EP install error

Install EP scenario on WAS java. My environment is AIX oracle. I run into error during the install. Cannot create the secure store; see output of log file SecureStorageCreate.log: JVMXM008 : error occured while initialising System Class Exception in

Won't start in recovery mode

My wife's MacBook Pro got extreeeeeemely slow all of a sudden (worked fine in the morning - and was unusable a few hours later). You can log in, but it takes minutes, and a long time just for your typing to register in the login-field. Once logged in

Pixelated web uploads

I upload a lot of my images to facebook when I'm done.  I've never had an issue before but recently I've been working a lot with reds and the images look horribly pixelated when uploaded.  I shoot in sRGB RAW on a 7d, edit in 16bit and export an sRGB

I can't find which version of itunes I am using on windows

I can't find which version I am using of itunes on windows.  Everything says go to help and check for update.  I don't have that option.

How to bring the RFC table values to front end

All I want to display a table in front end For that I connect to the RFC .Get into the table . Here pl tell me how to get the values from the table I did the following JCO.Function func = getDefaultJCoConnection().getJCoFunction("Z_TestRFC"); getDefa

Table field:= Sales order is having attachments or not;

Hi All, I appreciate your help on the below please; I need to check the Sales order is having attachments or not; Appreciate if you know the SAP table field for the above check please; Thanks Iver