Execute SSIS Package from JOB which contains Execute Process Task calling a .bat file

Hi All, I have a EXCEL Macro needs to be called from SSIS. We could not use Script task because of some internal reason. So we have taken an approach to call a .BAT file using Execute Process Task. This .BAT file will call a .VBS file which will exec


what is the difference between ws_upload, gui_upload and ws_download and gui_download?

SO_OBJECT_SEND in a loop problem

Hello I have problem with FM SO_OBJECT_SEND. I call it in a loop. After every call I explicitly call COMMIT WORK. Problem is that only first email is sent. Everything looks fine no exception is caught so I cannot event react on such situation. Mybe t

Problem regional formats setting

Hi all, in my Dashboard I am using the SDK KPI Tile to show some values (but this problem occurs in others components too). In the initial view of my datasource I selected scaling factor 1,000. The KPI Tile should display the value 300 000 as 300 T€.

Problem about my VGA graphics

I've upgraded my laptop from Win7 home premium to Win8 pro, everything in good condition but I still have a big problem  with my VGA graphics, my VGA graphics was AMD radeon mobility 5470 and it couldn't recognize the driver, so I try everything to f

How can i wipe out some albums of music from my ipodnano 6 th?

How can i wipe out some albums of music from my ipodnano 6 th? thanks

HT1386 i dont want to lose my music already on my phone and want to sync with my computer

want to kep my music on my phone or at least import to my itunes library. When i want to update my phone it is telling me i will lose all my data and replace it with what i have in my itunes library ?

Hi, I accidentally deleted a project in trash. How do I get it back into final cut pro X. It is still sitting in trash,

Hi, I accidentally deleted a project in trash. How do I get it back into final cut pro X. It is still sitting in trash.

I cant open itunes cause quick time failed to initialize (error - 2096)

i cant open itunes cause quick time failed to initialize (error - 2096)

Usage of Temp tables in SSIS 2012

Hello, We have many SSIS packages (2008 R2) which imports data to a temp table and process it from there.  We are upgrading to SQL server 2012 and facing the issue with temp table as working table and our ssis packages fail in 2012. While investigati

Installed WIndows 7 64 bit, but I cannot use buit-in iSight

I tried to install "BoothCamp64," but some kind of issue occurs and cannot run program... I try to figure out by reading most of related topics, but I still cannot find out to solve my problem. Do anyone know what should I do to use built-in iSight?

Upgrading from 10.2 to 10.2.8

For months now I haven't been able to upgrade from 10.2 to 10.2.8 on one of my older Macs because of an error. Can anybody help me with this? The installer just says "There were errors installing the software... Please try installing again." which I

Hi All Unable to activate the adobe form help me in solving this

Hi All, I very new to adobe forms. I was trying to create a simple adobe form and was unable to activate the form the error which it displays as> Invalid HTTP connection :ADS   Can anyone help me what should be done to  activate it .... Regards, Misb

Identify origin of job with multiple instances running

Hello, I have this scenario. There is a job (JOBA) that has 2 steps.  The first step executes Home ZProg 'A' which will use data that is unique to this run. It will create some TVARV information related to this run. (job name and number) The second s

Having a contract with a cell phone company and after it is has ended

If he phone is yours, You still have to go thru the Back Breaking process to get your phone unlocked.. This is wrong..  If the phone Legally Belongs to you...It should be relased automatically Right after the Contract ends...don't you think? Especial

Please help!  Safari does not start due to a plugin failure. How can I remove librooksbas.dylib. Without being able to open safari. Finder does not find the file.

Please help. iSafari does not start up due to an error caused by plug in librooksbas.dylib. How can I remove this plugin without opening safari. Finder does not find the file, nor any other plugin. Eric

Windows 8.1 Driver Installation Order G510

Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me the proper order in which to install the Drivers for Windows 8.1 Im using Lenovo G510 ( i5 4200M, Switchable Graphics Intel HD 4600 & AMD Radeon HD 8570M) My current order is: 1. Intel Chipset 2. Intel Rap

Oracle with SSL

Hello, I'm trying to set up a testing environment to use Oracle with SSL. I would like to connect to the database using SSL (local naming with SSL), and create a globally identified user. I'm a beginner in this matter, so I am looking for some clues

How do I make synchronous data calls

Hi for making synchronous call with java method from as file i got example from http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/flexfaq.html link 31Q. But i am not able to set with mxml file(how to). Can anybody send me the sample example code for this. Th

X200 Standby - Hibernate

Hello, I have the following problem: If my X200 is in Standby Mode, the change to Hibernate won´t work. (Without power plug) Standby and Hibernate in manuell way works. Bios 3.18 Power Management Driver 1.62 Power Manager 3.59 Solved! Go to Solution.