I just updated my iPhone 4s to iOS7. I had an old iCloud account on it that I have closed. How do i delete the account on the iPhone and update it to my new account?

I just updated my iPhone 4s to iOS7. I had an old iCloud account on it that I have closed. How do i delete the account on the iPhone and update it to my new account?

Facebook feed not showing on iPad

Hi, I have a Facebook & Twitter feed in a tabbed panel on a client's website. Both work perfectly on a desktop computer but only the Twitter feed is working consistently on iPad. The Facebook feed sometimes shows up, but seems to be doing so randomly

2.5" external USB hard drive not recognized by my iMac

I have a small 2.5" external USB hard drive that my intel iMac will not mount or see. My 12" G4 Powerbook sees it fine and it is formatted in Mac OS Extended. My iMac is bootcamped and XP on my iMac sees the drive but not OS X Tiger on the iMac, (wie

Windows 8.1 Driver For MSI 760GM-P21

My Motherboard is MSI 760GM-P21. My Motherboard has build in ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics Adapter. I Want Windows 8.1 Driver For ATI Radeon 3000. Is It possible To Get The Windows 8.1 Driver For ATI Radeon 3000 ?....

Displaying multiple images after uploading

Hi I am trying to create a site where I can upload multiple photos at once and have them be displayed on the master detail page I have been following the tutorial on creating an image gallery and it is good....... I have also found out about using th

How to display LOV on web in ENTER-QUERY mode with form or block query only.

Hello all How can I display lov automatic on the web in from enter-query mode in form or block query only mode. thankx

Unable to read WSDL from URL

This is my first web service. I thought I read that the service registers itself when first run, but it's just not jumping for me. I'd try registering it, but I'm not sure how to fill in all the blanks in the CF Administrator's Register Web Service f

IPhoto book stopped in middle of loading

I had to close my computer before my iPhoto book was finished loading. (I was on a plane) I believe I was already charged for my 4 copies. How can I find out whether the charge went through? I assume I need to begin the purchase again. Thank you!

I am switching from a DAQcard 500 to a DAQcard

6062E. I use a Thinkpad with windows XP. The DAQcard 500 works great. The DAQcard 6062E does not. It is seen by Meas and Automation but when I launch my Labview 6 Application, I get the meassage that the device is not a Nat'l Instrument device. Any I

Photo icons and the inbox- Mountain Lion

Hi I just upgraded to Mountain Lion and am liking  some of these features a lot.  One thing I am wondering about: do I have to attach a photo/icon to an actual contact to be able to get the associated photo with incoming mail?  In other words, do I h

How to restrict data that is displayed  in adf query

Hi all, i have a VO with query criteria, which i have added to the jsf page as adf query panel with table. There may be particular queires that return large number of records. Suppose i want to restrict the number of records being displayed to 10,000

INCENTIVE FOR Pompt Payment by Customer

Hi Gurus, Here I have one Issue Related to DM VS FICA(IS –U). Our Client used to give Incentive for Prompt payment. Subject to some Condition. Condition No1. Business Partner has to consume more than 75% on Demand. No 2. He has to make Payment before

Weblogic 6.1 sp5 core dump by OCI driver

I have encountered a core dump problem on weblogic server 6.1 SP5 the error message as below, I am using weblogic oci driver for oracle "libweblogicoci37.so" , anyone can help? An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.

Creating index on a single partition

Is there any way in Oracle 10g to create an index on only a single partition of a large partitioned table?

Appearance of NYT Homepage on Safar

The home page for the New York Times is wrong in Safari. The content in the text boxes are way off to the right. It's been like this for a few months now. I'm not sure what to do about it. In other Mac browsers like Camino, Flock and Firefox, it look

Reg reboot issue - console message- svc:/network/iscsi/target:default: Method or service exit timed out

Hi, When I reboot the system I am seeing this message on the console and system is not getting rebooted. svc.startd[10]: svc:/network/iscsi/target:default: Method or service exit timed out. Killing contract 131. can someone help me to solve this?

Preference Duty rates

Hi, We have to upload the preference duty rates specific to NAFTA,ALADI, EUR manually. Please let me know where exactly in the GTS system we maintain these duty rates. Regards Nag

N7K module replacement

Hello all, we had a module go bad in the N7K, I have a new RMA part here and will replace it tonite. I am wondering how to down this device? I havent seen it yet  :)   only remotly from ssh sessions. Does it have power switches? Is there any command

Optimistic Locking - Specifying an alternative User message

Scenario... User A selects a record User B selects the same record User A makes a change and commits/applies it User B makes a change to the same record and ties to commit Result...User B gets the following message... Error in mru internal routine: O

Jukebox Zen--new laptop not reading MP3 pla

I bought a new laptop and it's got all the power I need. I installed the Zen software, and plugged in the MP3 player to the laptop to download the updates from this website, but the MP3 player is not reading the laptop and vice versa. The only thing