Problem with drawing in a scrollpane using clipbounds

Hello Setup is a JFrame containing a splitpane with on the left just some config buttons and on the right a scrollpane. Inside the scrollpane I want to draw big waveforms. This is represented by a long array of 1's and 0's for the Y coordinates. On d

How can I keep My 2 email accounts and all other using HTML? It only lasts temporarily, i.e. for the day...

(1) - when I open Firefox I recently have clicked on the hyperlink for HTML at the bottom of page, it works great for my gmail and yahoo accounts. However, it is not a permanent fix, as it apparently lasts just for the daily session. How can I keep m

Unable to delete request from write-optimized DSO (Error during rollback)

Hi Gurus, I am trying to delete a delta request from a Write-Optimized DSO. This request was uploaded with a DTP from another Write-optimized DSO. The actual overall status of the request is RED and the description of that status is now: 'Error durin

Welcome Wizard Failed or Cancelled

Hello All, I have successfully tested MDT image of Windows 2012 R2 on VMware and Hyper-V. This image is built on MDT server which is on Windows 2012 with ADK 8.1 and MDT is 2013. When I run this image on HP Server BL460c G7 - I receive below error. I

Free space problem in / with oracle-xe-11.2.0-1.0.x86_64

Hi, I'm trying to install Oracle-xe-11g on Red Hat 5.6, but I have the following problem: [[email protected]] rpm -ivhf oracle-xe-11.2.0-1.0.x86_64.rpm Preparing... ########################################### [100%] installing package oracle-xe-11.2.0-1

Photoshop CS3 crashes when importing video frames to layers.

This is perhaps not the correct place to post this, but I am new to the forums, as you can see. I saw that there was a post about this sometime last year, and I tried all the methods offered to fix the problem, but none helped. Each time I make an at

Aassign xsi:nill values from element to BPEL variable - Urgent..Plz..

Hi all,I have a BPEL process which calls a Webservice,and at the end it transforms the output of the Webservice to the Output Variable in my BPEL process,but the thing is this process retuns elements with xsi:nil="true" and I get an error which says

Skype not detecting My Beats audio soundcard?

If anyone can solve the problem of everytime I want to call or join a call, my skype says "Problem with playback device". And the call quality button looks like this -  I'm running Windows 8.1 on an Envy h8-1400z se

My mac do not read mu cd's

Hi all, I have a macbook pro, I'm trying to install vmf usion on my mac but it does not read my cd, it lloks like an empty cd but it is not empty, I cannot see the content of the cd Could you help please

Vmware wsx is it possible to configure language for keyboard like AZERTY ?

vmware wsx seems to be wonderful application for the future but it is possible to configure keyboard for differents countries like French...

LMS 4.2 specific interface utilization report

      Hi, is there a way to create a interface utilization report only for a specific port? Like switch1->interface fa0/10 Right now i can only choose all ports from a device? Thank you. Chris

Provision for capacity alerts for Exchange 2010 servers on SCOM

Hi All, This is one urgent requirement, please help.  We have around 25 exchange servers in our environment, we need to configure alerts to limit the threshold to 80-90% of mailbox. My requirement is to configure SCOM alerts for mailboxes hosted on d

Business objects data services

Hi, We are doing some feaibility study to implement the reports distribution by splitting the file according to vendors and sending the mail accordingly.  As part of this i would like to know can we split the file as mentioned above and send email to

Partition External Drive

Hi, I am looking to create a duplicate of my iMac drive onto my external drive. My question is: Is it necessary to partition the drive using Disk Utility or can I use a program like Disk Studio or iPartition to partition the drive without having to w

Delete command sometimes error in CS6

Sometimes in CS6 the delete command just acts as a non-optional "clear" command, and does not show a menu providing the content aware option. Sometimes this cures itself by closing and reopening the program. Sometimes not. How do I get rid of this de

App download help

So for the last few days I can't download new apps from iTunes i can update old ones but when I try to download new ones it says the terms an agreements have changed and click here to view I click it but I alwYs says unable to load page. And o can't

Format and install

Hi, I am using MAC OSX 10.4.8 I want to full format and install my macbook. but the OSX installation dosent show me the upgrade/erase and install options. It directly goes to installation. please tell me a way to full format and install my macbook.

Resize image to and object in the image

Hi, I thought this must be on the forum somewhere, but I can't find it despite trying loads of search terms. I have taken photos of some objects for scientific research and I have included rulers in the image (both vertical and horizontal) to give a

Kernel module management

I'm having some trouble visualizing/understanding how modules interface with the kernel. Along the lines of my previous thread, *when* does a kernel recompile require that a module be recompiled? The repository-provided kernel and nvidia drivers, I p

I can't get the reset homepage procedure to work on Firefox 26; Help!

I followed directions EXACTLY on how to set a new homepage... hasn't worked and I've checked and rechecked that I'm doing it right. I type in the url for the page I want and when it loads, I click on the icon at the immediate LEFT of the nav bar and