Time Machine - External Hard Drive Read only error

Just recently got a Iomega 1TB MiniMax FireWire 800 USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive and used Time Machine to backup my computer. This was my first time using Time Machine and it successfully backed up 350 GBs. It continued to do backups every hour. When I

Note copied and pasted itself from Iphone 5 to Mac Book Pro

Hi there, OK, I have the most strangest event to report am really freaking out as Im not too sure of how it was possible but I am sure that there is someone out there who may! I will outline below exactly the circumstances in which this bizarre occur

After the last update is no longer contact to the internet or to whatsapp? What can I do with my iphone 5?

After the last update is no longer contact to the internet or to whatsapp? What can I do with my iphone 5?

Ipod works with USB 1.1, but not USB 2.0 (30GIG)

Has anyone had this issue? I plug my 30GIG iPod into a USB 2.0, and it says updating, do not disconnect for what seems like an eternity. Eventually, it pops up saying the ipod appears to be corrupted, restore to factory settings? I respond ok, and th

How to create sequence 0.1,0.2....0.6 1,1.1,1.2...1.6,2

hi to all, i tried to do above type sequence which similar circket over sequence , i tried to do but increament and start with are allowing only integer value.. if anny one know the answer please share with us .... thnaks in advance ....

What is the best system for editing HD in Adobe Premiere CS4?

I'm a Portuguese video enthusiast since the linear editing times. I've been reading this forum from some days with special interest, cause I want to build a new HD workstation. My video productions are with AVCHD material and Adobe CS4 Master Collect

Pooling data from an XML file to another XML file using File Adapter

Hi, I am trying to Pool data from an XML file to another XML file using File Adapter. I have added "Target Namespace" in both the XML and XSD.The problem is "At the destination given in the FileAdapter" only a blank XML file is created and it doesnot

My ipad mini won't get off the frozen lock screen

My ipad is on the frozen lock screen and I've restarted it 50 times

Robohelp 10 - Javahelp aborts while generating

I just upgraded a project from Robohelp 7 to Robohelp 10, both HTML. This project works with two different outputs: Microsoft HTML Help and JavaHelp. I was able to successfully generate the HTML Help output without issue, however, the JavaHelp consis

Weird Artifacts Surrounding Menu Items & during movie playback

My Apple TV's picture was rock solid for the first month or so, but now when I watch movies I've synced to it--which were just fine before--I get loads of blocky artifacts, plus these horizontal lines of blue static. At first glance, the interface im

Determining file system size/free amount programatically

I have to write a system activity reporting program that will report how much space is assigned to each file system, and how much is in use. I CAN'T shell a system command and parse the output. Because of security issues this program must either use

Images page in different language

The language on my images pages is different, Czech, I think. How do I reset to English. Only page effected and is not an issue when using IE.

When would i get iphone 5s if i order today and when is 5s available at the store

When would i get iphone 5s if i order today and when is 5s available at the store

Arg - .txt from Mac please!

Hi All. I need to be able to edit AND SAVE txt files for some 3d modeling software that I am using. I have tried Pages, TextWrangler and TextEdit and none seem to save out as txt. Is there something which will allow me to open and save txt files? Als

How to get users, who can use special T-code?

Hi. I want to know users, who has authorization for FBV0. How can I get this information? Thank you in advance..

Add a `distfiles' option for makepkg

Inspired by Gentoo distfiles in Gentoo mirrors, I've added a `distfiles' option in makepkg, so that makepkg can download source files from Gentoo mirrors if possible. This is good for some users who have limitations in their network to help them down

Using bridge patterns

Hello all, I need suggestions from you all regarding the usage of bridge pattern in my problem. My xml file contains an element which when read gives the datatype like varchar , longint. etc..... for each of these i want to give them java types. Like

Really Weird Font Issues...

I'm not sure what happened, but I keep seeing a certain font on different webpages I visit and in Word documents that I am viewing. This font isn't set in the document or on the webpage at all. Is there some sort of CSS Style Sheet or default font th

Where are the "Itunes security settings"?

To reset my security questions without a rescue email I've read people saying to go to itunes store support, click on Account management then "Itunes store Security" I've visited the page multiple times in search of it but the closest thing I've foun

SUBMIT report RKPEP003 for CJI3

Hi Experts, In my zreport i used submit to get the Indirect and direct Actual line items through cji3 transaction. Syntax:   SUBMIT rkpep003 USING SELECTION-SCREEN '1000'            WITH SELECTION-TABLE li_rspari               EXPORTING LIST TO MEMOR