Hi all I am getting images from gmail contacts and trying to store it in DB using my http code:InputStream is=urlconnection.getInputStream(); i could able to store the inputstream in file using: BufferedImage; FileOutputSt

Ajuda para recuperação de Arquivo.

Tenho um Iphone 4S e comprei um 5S tirei umas 2 mil fotos com 5S, ai resolvi passar as coisas que tinha no 4S para 5S como aplicativo, contatos etc. Conectei 4S no Itunes fiz o backup dele por completo, logo em seguida pegeui o 5S conetei no mesmo It

How many times can I download free trial of Photoshop?

I dowloaded the free trial of Photoshop CS6 in April but wasn't able to try it because I got herniated discs in my neck and a pinched nerve in my arm. Today I downloaded it again but when the screen comes up with the buttons License this Software or

How can i make my HP stream 14 have more memory?.....

- i would like to first apologize for my ignorance on this subject. i am a computer noob, and dont really know anything about it .  I have a HP stream 14 amd quad core laptop (with the beats audio)  2mb cache. and it runs on windows 8. has processor

Creating a form to email

HI guys! I thought I would try to take another look at this again. I don't know PHP and am learning it but on my website, I created a great contact form but am now in the process of having it authenticated. I am having issues with that. The code that

Problem in Portal Content after upgrading EP 6.0 to SP12

Hi SDN, I have upgraded EP 6.0 from SP9 to SP12 but am facing the problem that am not able to view the context window  <b><Open,Preview,Change ID,Copy,Cut,Delete></b> when i right click on any of the folder or contents within that folder under <b>Por

How to change the text in Progress Indicator?

Hi, How do I edit the text for Progress Indicator in Captivate 4? What if wanted to change the font color, or even create this test in Spanish for example? How to edit the word "Questions"? Is there a way to edit the default in Captivate?

Logic pro x what you can expect from installation?

Hi There guys. What exactly is the logic pro x downlaod and install procedure? How soon after you download the 650MB of data from the app store can you use Logic X? Right now I am unable to use logic x, its just busy at the "BASIC CONTENT DOWNLOAD" s

10.5.8 iCal clients can't see additional Wiki Calendars

We just implemented a company wide iCal Server solution on 10.6.3 server (although just updated to 10.6.4 with no difference). Most of our clients are 10.5.8 (iCal 3.0.8 - 1287). We've setup about 4 or 5 wikis, each with calendars and setup each user

PDF (print function)

Hi all I have a question from client "There seems to be confusion around the PDF function within SAP Business One. According to legal requirements, when using the PDF icon to u201Cprintu201D an invoice, it is necessary to have the invoice status chan

Safari 6 stalling DSL connection

Here I am with the exact same issue Safari 5 had when it was released. I installed Safari 6 on my MacBook Pro whilst waiting for my Mountain Lion to download. I like the new changes and the page rendering seems to be super fast. But it keeps stalling

From Iphoto to Aperture? & Backing up Photos/Movies.

I am looking to make the move from just Iphoto to Aperture. Not sure why I haven't - why not? BUT I also need to decide where and how to store/backup all my many photo's and movies. What do most people do? What is the BEST thing to do for longterm? N

SELECT, hierarchical queries and JOIN

Hi everyone, I have a small SELECT statement but I can't find an easy solution. Look at this situation: drop table departments; CREATE TABLE departments   dpt_id NUMBER(10) UNIQUE,   dpt_name VARCHAR2(100),   dpt_parent_id NUMBER(10) TRUNCATE table d

OBIEE queries related to licensing

1 . Is there any restriction on number of users sessions. i.e how many users can simultaneously access application from their browser. http://localhost:7001/analytics/saw.dll?bieehome 2. In enterprise edition is user allowed to do some customization

Non-Leading Ledger and SPL

Hi, <u>Question 1:</u> Can anyone verify that posting to non-leading ledger do not update SPL? <u>Question 2:</u> If this is the case, does anyone know if this is going to change in the near future? Thanking you in advance, Pavlos

IBRD reads expected response unde ICBC but does not in QBASIC

when I use ibwrt with my device, it works OK in all cases (I assume). When I read with ibrd, it reads OK when only one number is in the response, but when there are three numbers, it does not read a bit. I set receiving string variable to " ", so it

How to wrap OWB mappings?

Hi, Can anyone guide me how to wrap the OWB mappings. At the production site, we do not want the client to open the OWB client and see the mappings. Even when we send the upgrades (add mappings to the project), also the client should not open the pro

HT4436 How can I turn off another users iCloud from my profile on a mac

My partner and I share our Mac, he uses icloud and I dont. So since he has installed it my profile reflects his icloud preferences, it brings his contacts and uses hies details for autofill. Please can somone tell me how to sort out?

Calling labview executable from teststand

I have a labview VI that I build into an exe, and I'd like to call it from my teststand sequence in the setup - other test steps need to use its capabilities in the remainder of the sequence (main).  If it were just a VI, then no problem, the inputs

Window size changed

While I was out today my husband decided to 'play' with my iMac. I came home and the size of the windows in Safari have changed totally. The windows used to go across most of my 22inch screen, but now it's not even half the size. How can I change the