Accessing oracle 10g  database with java

Hello every body,
i need to connect oracle 10 g remotely.could u please tell me wheather i need to install oracle 10g client in my local system..?if it is necessary what are steps i need to take url of the connection .
Please help me .am struggling from past three days.

i need to connect oracle 10 g remotely.Can you spell "security hazard"?
could u please
tell me wheather i need to install oracle 10g client
in my local system..?No. Just the JDBC drivers.
Please help me .am struggling from past three days.Ever considered asking a peer right on day one instead of wasting three days?

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  • Connecting to the Oracle 10g Database through Java code

    I have a Oracle 10g database to be connected to.
    Through sql plus, I can connect to it using the following command
    sqlplus "sys@pmi as sysdba"and password is 'password'
    how do I connect to this db through my Java code?
    I tried
    _connection = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@ as sysdba", "sys", "password");but it gave the exception "ExceptionIo exception: Connection refused(DESCRIPTION=(TMP=)(VSNNUM=169869568)(ERR=12505)(ERROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=12505)(EMFI=4))))"
    I also tried
    _connection = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@", "sys", "password");but this gives the exception "ExceptionORA-28009: connection as SYS should be as SYSDBA or SYSOPER"
    Can anyone please help me in writing the line of code

    You need to use the getConnection syntax that requires a Properties object.
    - cafal

  • Accessing Oracle 10g Express with the SqlDbx IDE

    Hi, I downloaded Oracle Express a few weeks back.
    I finally got round to doing something with it.
    I also installed a free IDE called SqlDbx that I was recommended.
    When I start up SqlDbx it prmpts me for DBMS Type - I select Oracle Server from a drop down.
    Then for the Server I select XE.
    There are then 3 boxes for Schema, User, Password.
    I dont remember setting anything up when I installed Oracle XE so leave these blank.
    I then click OK to connect but get an error logon denied.
    Do you know what the default schema, user and password is when you install XE or do you need to do something else to setup them up, if so what?
    Is there a better way/tool(free) I could use instead of SqlDbx to connect to the database server?
    I checked the service was running in the Windows task manager and it is so that proably isnt the problem.

    Do you know what the default schema, user and password is when you install XE or do you need to do something else to setup them up, if so what?Depending on your setup you might want to connect to the "HR" schema containing some demo data. Otherwhise, there are a few administrative/technical accounts you can use to test your connection and for administrative tasks (e.g., creating a new database user). The administrative accounts would be "SYS" or "SYSTEM" using the password you've entered in the installer.
    There is a command line client (sqlplus) to connect these users and create your custom database account, or the database management application that you can access using the "Get Started" link created by the XE installer. Of course, you can also use an IDE.
    Either way, I'd recommend to start with the [url]Getting Started Guide from the XE documentation library. It's pretty straight forward and contains step by step instructions for exactly the topics you seem to be searching for.
    Is there a better way/tool(free) I could use instead of SqlDbx to connect to the database server?There is [url]Oracle SQL Developer, which is available free of charge as well. It is licensed with your database, i.e. you can use it with any properly licensed Oracle Database, including XE.

  • Oracle 10g database with tomcat5

    did oracle database working with tomcat5 because i get error when startup tomcat 5. But with oracle9i database, it works very find with tomcat 5. I've download jdbc driver for both database from oracle website and put thems onto /common/libs. Can anybody help me?????

    Follow the same steps to install Oracle10g in REDHAT 9 with your OS. Red hat 9 is not certified as well.
    Installing Oracle Database 10g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 and 2.1, and on Red Hat 9
    Joel Pèrez

  • How to access Oracle 10g with COBOL

    Hi there,
    I didn't find anywhere better to post this, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place.
    I'm having major problems trying to find out how to access an Oracle 10g database with COBOL because I have no directions. I've never programmed anything that access a database before, and my first time must be in COBOL (wich is a language I started learning yesterday)
    My teacher (who is not a nice person) gave us no directions at all, and when we ask her for it she is rude
    "Do you know something called library? Or maybe, Google?"
    So I am here, desparate, asking for anyone's help, for any diirections.. like
    -How to access?
    -Wich COBOL compiler to use? (free)
    -Do I access the database with commands in COBOL? wich commands?
    -Any tutorial around the web about this?
    I have to deliver the full project in a month.. lol
    Oh well...
    thanks in advance!

    I do understand if she want us to be resourceful, but yes, she was tottaly irresponsible with us... but what is done is done.
    Thanks alot for the information APC
    I gave a quick look on the documentation you gave me and it is perfect, I now know how to connect to the database and somewaht use the commands.
    But I looked for 2 more things and didn't find it, I'm sorry if I missed there
    1) Do I need to instal anything? Something like a Pro*COBOL installer? I'm using Fujitso COBOL compiler, do I need to use other?
    2) I looked at the commands on how to connect to the database but I don't understand something (again, sorry if I missed something)
    DISPLAY " ".
    How does the CONNECT command know where to connect? I mean.. where do I put the adress of my Oracle Database?
    That's all I could think about with this quick look, when I start implementing I will read the guide with all my attention.
    Thanks again for the help

  • Oracle 10g - Database does not respond to the application users

    Hi all,
    I am using ORACLE 10g database with 75 users connections 50 local and 20 remote users using ADSL and dial up modem. Operating system on server is
    Windows 2003.
    All of a sudden users making the entry get disconnected getting the error as
    ORA-12516: TNS:listener could not find available handler with matching protocol stack
    Other case users when using the appliaction get their PC hanged and connection
    to oracle fails again. they cannot login to the application that time, the error is
    ORA-04031: unable to allocate %s bytes of shared memory ("%s","%s","%s","%s")
    Twice a day the users trying to login cannot access the database server.
    Front end application is in VB using exe file. When the users cannot logon
    to the database. I manually stop the ORACLE services(including DB console) and
    then stop the listener.
    This practice is going on since last two months.
    Server Scenario
    After Installing Oracle Standard Edition 10g.
    System tablespace utilization is 98.5% which is 465 MB out of total 470 MB.
    There is only one Rollback Segment named as SYSTEM.
    when we install 9i 4 rollback segments as RO1, RO2, RO3, RO4 are created
    by default.
    Do I need to add the datafile to SYSTEM table space as its current usage is 99.15% and its auto extend is ticked on using auto extent as 10 MB. I tried adding another datafile during weekend downtime. when I resumed on saturday morning I found it did not add any datafile which I had put on thursday eveninig as system02.dbf.
    Do I need to add a new datafile to the SYSTEM tablespace ?
    Do I need to create new rollback segments apart from SYSTEM rollback segment ?
    My current schema size 15360Mb with its usage as 9.32% (1432.25 Mb).
    Please reply !!!

    Hi Paul
    My Server configuration is
    Compaq ML 370
    3.4 Ghz Processor
    3.5 GB RAM
    SQL> show sga
    Total System Global Area 171966464 bytes
    Fixed Size 787988 bytes
    Variable Size 145488364 bytes
    Database Buffers 25165824 bytes
    Redo Buffers 524288 bytes
    SQL> select * from v$sgastat;
    fixed_sga 787988
    buffer_cache 25165824
    log_buffer 524288
    shared pool subheap 55600
    shared pool KQR L SO 218160
    shared pool KQR M PO 1329244
    shared pool KQR M SO 605364
    shared pool KQR S PO 164156
    shared pool KQR S SO 6144
    shared pool KTI-UNDO 1235304
    shared pool sql area 5368208
    shared pool KGLS heap 1597560
    shared pool joxs heap 6004
    shared pool row cache 3707272
    shared pool parameters 17520
    shared pool repository 19396
    shared pool ASH buffers 4194304
    shared pool free memory 16586072
    shared pool PL/SQL DIANA 679456
    shared pool KSPD key heap 4220
    shared pool PL/SQL MPCODE 1167992
    shared pool library cache 11368964
    shared pool miscellaneous 25942980
    shared pool pl/sql source 88
    shared pool PLS non-lib hp 29816
    shared pool XDB Schema Cac 3594144
    shared pool alert threshol 3460
    shared pool joxlod exec hp 355820
    shared pool table definiti 5880
    shared pool temporary tabl 4932
    shared pool trigger defini 12848
    shared pool trigger inform 1892
    shared pool type object de 20256
    shared pool private strands 1198080
    shared pool event statistics per sess 4384640
    shared pool fixed allocation callback 304
    large pool free memory 8388608
    java pool joxs heap 233856
    java pool free memory 44743296
    java pool joxlod exec hp 5354496
    40 rows selected.
    SQL> select segment_name, owner, status
    2 from dba_rollback_segs;
    _SYSSMU1$                      PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU2$                      PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU3$                      PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU4$                      PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU5$                      PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU6$                      PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU7$                      PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU8$                      PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU9$                      PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU10$                     PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU11$                     PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU12$                     PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU13$                     PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU14$                     PUBLIC ONLINE
    _SYSSMU15$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU16$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU17$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU18$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU19$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU20$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU21$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU22$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU23$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU24$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU25$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    _SYSSMU26$                     PUBLIC OFFLINE
    27 rows selected.
    Currently AUTOEXTEND is ticked as on for SYSTEM tablespace and its size is showing as 99.16% (466.06 mb) used which is very much nearing to its full capacity of 470 mb.
    Currently 75 users - 50 Local users and 20 Remote Users are connected to the server. Is there any limit that Server should have limited connections.
    Server has Windows 2003 Standard Edition. Has Windows 2003 anything to do
    with the no. of users getting connected ?

  • Oracle 10g database homepage not working?

    Oracle 10g database homepage not working?
    Hi just i installed oracle database 10g express edition but after the restart the oracle database homepage wont open that link always telling cannot display...
    here i have posted lsnrctl status
    pls help
    thanks in advance
    LSNRCTL> status
    Alias LISTENER
    Version TNSLSNR for 32-bit Windows: Version - Produ
    Start Date 25-SEP-2010 17:52:11
    Uptime 0 days 1 hr. 28 min. 24 sec
    Trace Level off
    Security ON: Local OS Authentication
    Default Service XE
    Listener Parameter File C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\se…
    Listener Log File C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\se…
    Listening Endpoints Summary...
    Services Summary...
    Service "CLRExtProc" has 1 instance(s).
    Instance "CLRExtProc", status UNKNOWN, has 1 handler(s) for this service...
    Service "PLSExtProc" has 1 instance(s).
    Instance "PLSExtProc", status UNKNOWN, has 1 handler(s) for this service...
    The command completed successfully

    I had a problem of accessing Oracle 10g database homepage. After a couple of days of research and discussions with coworker we found a solution.
    Here is the solution:
    1. Find out your default browser.
    2. Configure your default web browser to connect to the Oracle Database XE Database Home Page as stated
    If this does not help de-install Oracle XE and reinstall following the instruction. During re-installation find out your default browser and configure it as instructed.
    I suspect when the default web browser changes the Oracle 10g XE Database Home Page stops working.
    Good luck

  • Installation of oracle 10g database

    Hi all,
    i want ot install both client and server of oracle 10g database with default schema's like sh, hr oe etc..
    can anybody send me docs regarding this..!!!!!!

    i want ot install both client and server of oracle 10g database with default schema's like sh, hr oe etc..You can find all installation guide on below link:
    If you want to have sample schema than during instalation wizard screen click create schema area on screen

  • Oracle 10g Database conflicts with HTMLDB

    Hai all,
    I have encountered a strange conflict when I am trying to work out with Oracle 10g database and the famous HTML DB.
    It is like this:
    I have a 10g DB installed and an ASP application that works on this 10g instance via "Microsoft ODBC driver for oracle" perfectly.
    Now I have downloaded and installed the 10g Companion CD and installed the HTML DB 1.5 along with the mandatory Apache web server. Good!! I could scrawl through the database using the HTML DB, creating applications, forms, items and etc fancy things without any issues.
    The problem that I found was:
    The ASP based application that used to work initially now is erroring out saying that "TNS could not resolve service name".
    I thought that the Listener might be damaged or the ASP site was damaged or the Microsoft ODBC driver files were damaged and several other vauge guessings.
    I have tested the issue in several ways (reinstalled oracle, the DB, the ASP Applicaton, re-configurin listener in a variety of ways) but every time installing BLINDLY the companion CD too. Nothing seem to work.
    Then I recollected that the same issue I have encountered in the past with the installation of Oracle 8i and Developer 2000, where the TNS listener configured by the former damages the one configured by the later and vice-versa.
    Basing on this past reminiscence, I finally stopped installing Companion CD over the Oracle installation and carried out the DB installation and the ASP based app. And everything worked fine.
    CAN anybody tell me what is going wrong with these two oracle products(Oralce 10g DB and the HTML DB+Apache)?
    WHY always the installation of a CLIENT SW (Developer, HTML DB etc) damages the connection with the database via ODBC drivers?
    Many Thanks in advance.

    Dera Mr. Tyler,
    Thanks for your reply...I have implemented the solution that you have given for the TNS Listener conflict and everything works fine...
    Here I have one more thing thats not working as I thought. do kindly help me out.
    My requirement is to show the list of available storage drives (say C:, d:, e: etc on windows) available on the database server. Let me eloborate my problem well....
    i have a Java App that executes a specific SQL script to create a tablespace, a user and the required db objects that my applicaiton needs.
    if the Java App runs on the same machine where the oracle instance is running, the Java app pops up a list of available drives on the machine, creates a directory for the tablespace datafiles on the drive selected from the above list box, then runs the script which creates the tablespace and the rest of the things.
    But if i run the Java app from another machine on the network, then my BLIND java app is popping up the drives of the local machine but NOT those from the oracle server machine and creates the folder on the local machine but not on the Oracle server and obviously the rest of the phases (tablespace creation itself) are failing as the required folder is not found on the oracle server machine.
    the work arounds that i am thinking are:
    a) use java ->
    get the IP of the oracle server machine ->
    use some java api such as, etc ->
    create the required folder on the server machine instead of the local machihe
    ISSUE: Java network programming is too tough for me(excuse me for this..i am not too good!!)
    b) use some oracle sql or pl/sql api s to do the same
    ISSUE: not found one!!!!
    c) create a java stored procedure/function to get the list of drives of the oracle server and return as a string variable. then call this proc from the Java app once connected to the database....
    ISSUE: i have created the SO-CALLEd java func. no compilation or loading errors. but there is no o/p either. but the same code when i run as a java class is showing the desired o/p. here is the code piece...can you please help me out!!!
    -------Java Stored Function------
    public class HDDLister
         public static String listDrives()
              String rootsList = "Available Roots: ";
                   File[]roots = File.listRoots();
                   for (int i=0;i<roots.length;i++)
                        rootsList += roots.toString();
                        rootsList += "#";
              catch(Exception ex)
                   rootsList = ex.toString();
              return rootsList;
    -------Command to publish the Funciton-------
    NAME 'HDDLister.listDrives() return java.lang.String';
    and finally the point of the problem is, once we show the drives available on the server machine to the user and the user selects a drive, how to create a folder on the server machine???
    Thousands of thanks in advance

  • Compatible of Oracle discover 4 with Oracle 10g Database

    Could you please let me know if Oracle Discoverer version 4 is compatible with Oracle 10g database?
    We are migrating Oracle database 8i to 10g but want to if we can still live with the Discoverer 4.

    Interesting question.
    As long as you're not talking about 4i (ie: the 'plus-type' version), then it may well work. Reason is that back in v4.x, you'd just be running a client / server version so not using any of the iAS framework so it may be just like running something like: TOAD wherein you're just accessing the database directly.
    However, as you have to have the EUL in the database, etc. - I would guess that the best thing to do is to simply try it.
    As it's just client / server, you could see if it works as a test case in probably 15 mins. or so. If you do, let us know as useful (albeit, eventually out-dated when 4.x is finally trashed by everyone) information.


    pls tell how to connect oracle 9i or 10g database with oracle developer suite 10g . though the forms are getting connected but not running with error as
    FRM-10142 the HTTP listner is not running on pls start the listner or check your runtime preferences.
    now pls tell how to start listner and how to chage runtime preferences.
    though i have worked with oracle 9i and forms 6i where we used to copy the tnsnames.ora from network/admin of oracle to forms 6i tnsnames.ora.
    thank you, you may be thinking such a long question.....

    By server i mean the computer where oc4j and backend database are running is one one of the client pc not a dedicated server..., these database and 10g dev suite are installed in one of the client machine,
    all the clients are using same internet explorer as browser.
    no message is being displyed on some of the client machine where these forms are not being uploaded on browser instead it displays as done in status bar without actually showing anything at all...
    sir so far as jinitiator or JRE is concered i have seen on the client machine (where my forms are running on internet explorer) a pop up is displyed telling one activex control is required to run this program and click to install it..
    after clicking it download jinitiator from server and after installing jinitiator my forms are loaded and start functioning...
    what i feel is as i said this machine where oc4j and database is running is one of the client machine so some other clients do not have acess to this machine, so this might be the reason why those clints are not able to run the said forms on the internet explorer.... can it be so... kindly tell..
    thank you for your patience for reading the question

  • I am trying to connect oracle develper suit form with oracle 10g database

    i am trying to connect oracle develper suit form with oracle 10g database
    but when i pass username and password
    this message apperars
    ORA-12560:TNS:protocol adapter error
    every time even i try to connect Report or Designer each time same problem
    making no connection .
    can any body help can help me to reslove this prblem
    Arshad khan

    Duplicate thread:
    Re: connection problem

  • How to connect oracle database with JAVA

    how to connect oracle database with JAVA....
    using j2sdk and Jcreator . which connector to use .. what are the code for that ..

    PLEASE .... Ask in an Oracle Java forum.
    And read the documentaiton. There is a whole document devoted to doing that. has examples.
    PLEASE ... do not ask product questions in a forum which clearly has a title saying it is devoted to assisting with download problems.

  • Can we access Oracle 10g R2 database from Oracle 11g Client

    Can any1 tell me can we access Oracle 10g R2 database from Oracle 11g Client ? I m unable to find a Oracle Client 10g R2 for Windows 7 32 bit.
    Below link is for Vista only

    832812 wrote:
    Can any1 tell me can we access Oracle 10g R2 database from Oracle 11g Client ? I m unable to find a Oracle Client 10g R2 for Windows 7 32 bit.
    Below link is for Vista only
    Check this note for client/server compatibility
    Client / Server / Interoperability Support Between Different Oracle Versions [ID 207303.1]

  • Does managing Oracle 10g RAC with ASM require full root access?

    We currently have three entirely separate support areas, Unix, Storage and DBA. We're now considering using Oracle 10g RAC with ASM and as part of the assessment trying to work out if we can still draw similar support boundaries. I know that installing RAC and configuring ASM requires root access but will DBA continue to need root access to manage & support RAC? If so, does anyone know if the commands they need can be RBAC'd or if we just need to share root access going forwards. I've had a look at a number of docs including which is fairly informative but none of them seem to mention the requirement for root access on Solaris. I'm guessing they just assume that it's available, but that's not generally the case in our environment.
    All advice / info welcome!

    I would have thought that the only reason you would need root access once RAC and ASM had been set up would be to add more disks to the ASM configuration. This would be needed to change the ownership on the raw LUNs or to make additions to metasets (SVM/Oban) or diskgroups (VxVM/CVM). Beyond that, I can't imagine needing root access.
    I'm sure others will chime in if they can think of other reasons!
    Edited by: Tim.Read on Jun 3, 2008 2:25 AM

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    Hi! I'm about to upgrade to indesign cs6 but i want to make sure it's possible to open indesign cs4 files in it first. If so how do i prepare the files or do i even need to do anything!? Thanks!!

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    Hi all, In OBIEE is there a way or a workaround to change dynamically the name displayed at logon? this name is provided in productmessages.xml in: <WebMessage name="kmsgProductGeneral">                <TEXT>Oracle Business Intelligence</TEXT>