Adding a new field in QM02 table control

Hi Gurus,
I have the requirement to add a new field in a table control in QM02.I have added the field in the view VIQMMA but I dont know how it can be added in screen.
Is it possible through some SPRO customization?

Hi Rajat,
Welcome to SCN. I am not sure add to table control . Please have a look to add custom fields
1. QQMA0001-incorporate additional data in notification header
2.QQMA0008-additional data on the details screen fro notification item
3.QQMA0010 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Cause
4.QQMA0011 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Task
5.QQMA0012 QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Activit
If you need a custom tab then this is the procedure
1) SPRO,Quality management,Notification,Overview of notification types, Select the notification  and 90 give the customer specific screen area
2) function group XQQM ,create the screen under screens tab number 0090.
Check this if need this and check and post.

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  • How to add new fields  to a table control in a standard transaction JHA3X

    Hi All,
            We have a requirement where we have to add two new fields  to  a table control
            in a standard transaction JHA3X .
           We don't want any changes into our standard code and also we don't have any USER EXIT for that
           Please provide with some solutions for the same .
           Thanks in advance .

    You will need add this to the /var/clientlibs/libs/cq/security/widgets.js and add the field under the ''.  For example, if you wanted to add a field to show the 'Middle Name' under the 'First Name' field, you can try adding the following:
                        "fieldLabel":CQ.I18n.getMessage("First Name"),
                        "fieldLabel":CQ.I18n.getMessage("Middle Name"),
                        "fieldLabel":CQ.I18n.getMessage("Last Name"),
    Hope this helps.

  • Adding a new field to the table

    Hello friends,
    I have a custom table and is in  use from a long time now.
    Now i need to add a new field to that table.
    1 - can i go directly to the change mode and then add it or is their any other way that needs to be followed.
    2 - once added do i need to go to SE14 and do something thr for the changes done to the table.
    This table also has a table Maintenence generator. Do I need to do something thr.

    Check whether the change in ur custom table is going to impact any Custom program or not.
    If its so then adjust ur ABAP code so as to fit with the new table.
    Decide whether this field is going to be aprt of primary key or simple field.
    Is there any data present in ur custom table already?

  • New fields to MM01 Table Control

    Hi All,
    My requirement is to add the LAENG (Length), BREIT(Width) and HOEHE(Height) fields to the table control in AFS Weights and Volumes TabStrip of MM01 Transaction and we need to update these values in /AFS/MARM table. This is an AFS System.
    I have copied the Function Group J3AB to ZJ3AB and modified the sub screen 2501. I am to see my custom sub screen. But when I change the data in the table control the data is not getting saved in the /AFS/MARM table.
    There is an internal table XJ_3AMARM which holds the table control data. This table is declared as the global field in the function group. It is getting populated in the PAI of my custom screen. But when the control goes to SAP standard function group the data is getting refreshed and data is not getting updated.
    Please suggest me in updating the data.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Add a field in the internal table structure of editor program.
    and select the data into it.
    Go to screen painter and go to layout, add your new field by selecting   dictionary field or internal table field. If you select the dictionary field , then you have to assign it to a value in the PBO module.
    module assign.
    in se38
    module assign output.
    dictionary-field = internal table field.

  • Add new field in detail table control MIGO

    Hi Gurus,
    We are able add the new(custom) field in MSEG table and it is able to view at line item lebel in transaction MIGO.
    However the user requirement is he need the field shoud be in detail table control.
    Could you please help me out. Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards
    Tirumula Rao Chinni

    Please go through these links
    How to Add Field to MIGO : Urgent
    MIGO How to add new screen field
    Adding custom fields in the MIGO screen

  • How to add a new field at a table controll screen change for CIN 2007????


    Hi Supratik,
                     you can do it by looping at screen structure and append field
    see help on  'screen' structure.u will get ur requirement.
    Rewards points if helpful.

  • Adding a new field in BCONT table and updating it

    Hi All,
    Is there any BAPI/BADI which will allow to add a new field in standard BCONT table and update its value?
    Your solution will be really helpful.

    Hi Santosh,
    This is required for UCES. We need to add a field in BCONT table (SE11/SE16), which will hold a flag value, i.e Y/N.
    The value will be updated through a custom FM being used in UCES, and also based on the value there is a validation inside UCES.
    This field need not be displayed inside any SAP screen.
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  • New columns in the table control do not appear

    We have a requirement to add two fields(columns) in a table control  for a transaction upon clicking Create button and those two fields should be editable. We have added the two fields in the table control. But, they do not appear in the transaction ( If I delete an existing column, then I am able see the new column).  Have checked everywhere, but not sure if I am missing something here. There is no hide statement used.
    Appreciate help on this.

    Hi Pavan,
    What I understood is you are adding fields to the table control dynamically.\
    For that you have to use field-symbols to add fields to the work area dynamically.
    ( If this is not your actual requirement share your code with me I will try to solve it. )

  • Fields missing in SM30 after adding new fields to the table

    Hi ABAPers,
    I added a new field & marked another field as primary key in the table. Then I generated the table maintenance view for the table in SE55 and adjusted Database utility SE14.
    When i saw the table in SM30. The number of fields in the overview screen of SM30 shows less field then existing in table. i.e in my table i have 10 fields(3 primary). in SM30 it shows only 5 fields(3 primary + 2 normal fields)
    In SE51, the overview screen of the table show less fields in the field list..
    I want all the fields in the Table maintenance overview screen. Please suggest me a way forward friends..
    Note: the system is 4.0B.
    Thanks...Suresh Kumar

    You have to re-generate your dialog for SM30 by table maitenance generator.
    - From Se11 go to table maitenance generator
    - Choose update icon
    - Set flags for NEW FIELD
    - Go to expert
    - Set flag to re-generate dynpro
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  • Adding a new field to a Z table

    We have a Z table on which we have created a datasource. We have created a virtual cube on this datasource and queries are built on this cube. This setup is present on Dev, Quality and Prod environment.
    Now we have added a new field to the Z table in Dev. We will be creating a new Infoobject for this new field and will be adding it in the Virtual Infoprovider and also in the queries.
    1. Do we need to replicate the datasource so that newly added field is visible to the datasource? If no, is there any way?
    2. When I have to transport this to Quality and Prod, do I have to capture all the components and objects (Table,Datasoure,Virtual Cube Queries)? If no, what should I capture in the transport request?

    First, you have to regenerate the datasource in order to add the field:
    1) Log on to source system (where Z table is stored) and go to transaction RSA6.
    2) Select the root node and click Expand (icon with '+' sign).
    3) Search for your datasource (you can use the binoculars icon).
    4) Click on Change.
    5) Verify that the field appears on the list.  Make sure that "Hide field" and "Field only known on client exit" options are not marked for this field.
    6) Click on Save.
    7) Select "Datasource" -> "Generate" (CTRL+S) menu option.
    8) Use RSA3 transaction in order to verify the new field appears on test extractions.
    Then, to replicate the datasource in BI:
    1) Log on to SAP BI and go to RSA1 transaction.
    2) Go to "Modeling" -> "DataSources" section.
    3) Search for your datasource and right click on it.  Select "Replicate metadata" from context menu.
    4) Add the new InfoObject to the VirtualProvider.
    5) Update the transformation which joins the DataSource to the VirtualProvider.
    As far as transport requests are concerned, even though it requires more work, it is a good practice to group objects in different transport requests according to their type:
    In the source System (R3 for instance):
    1) One transport request with the table.
    2) One transport request with the datasource and its structure.
    In BI:
    1) One transport order with the datasource replica.
    2) One transport order with the new InfoObject(s).
    3) One transport order with the modified VirtualProvider.
    4) One transport order with the modified transformations from the datasource towards the VirtualProvider.
    5) One transport order with the Queries and their elements.
    I hope this helps you.

  • Adding Field in standard Table control in crmd_order (standard order)

    Hello All,
            I want to add a Field in standard table control in Crmd_order - standard order general tab. Please Let me know it is Possible to add, if Possible Let me know how to achieve this Functionality.

    If you don't want to access key...then only option is ,you have to search USER Exit or BADi (Try using BADI ME_GUI_PO_CUST) for me22n adding the field.

  • Adding New field in a Table

    Hello Experts,
    I have created a table. I have 3 fields in that table and i hav used that table for 2 months. Now i have added a
    new field( FLAG Field ) values will be 'X' or Blank.  Now when i am using a select query on this table in where condition if i am using Flag = ' ' ,  it is not considering the old records it is fetching values from the day i have added the new field, Kindly provide me a solution
    Thanks & Regards,

    then you forgot to set the INITIALIIZE flag for your new field in SE11.

  • Adding new field in customized table ZPM_QMEL_EXT

    Hi all,
    My requirement is  to add a new field in ZPM_QMEL_EXT table numeric field no of  months due (ZZ_CO_MON_DUE) .
    Its value will be calculated as the # of invoices that were paid vs. what has not been paid and then from there, value of this field will be fetched.It has to be populated during the time of notifcation screen entry (iw51). The logic will be similar to this
                                  WHERE GPART EQ WA_QMEL-KUNUM AND
                                        VKONT EQ WA_QMEL-ZZ_VKONT.
            I_DATUM_BIS = SY-DATUM
            I_DATUM_VON = DUE_DT
            E_MONATE    = NO_MT.
        IF NO_MT IN P_DU_MT.
    Awaiting your kind help .

    There is only one option to include extra field for standard tables that is Append Structure other than we don't have any option.
    For Customizing tables we can use Append structure as well as Include Structure.
    Rules: Append Structure should be in last in Field column but include structure you can insert in any where it means between the fields.
    Delivery class option  and data class will take care automatically while upgrading the sap system one version to Another version.(upgrading).
    For that you should maintain the those properties when data base table creation.
    i hope the above information may helpful to you.
    Best Regards
    Sreenivas Pachva

  • Adding a field to a table control of a standard screen

    I need to add a field to a table control of a standard screen (Transaction CAT2).
    Could anybody please tell me how i could go about doing this?
    Also, what customization would be required to display the field because there are way too many fields and only a few are being displyed as of now.
    I will get the access(SSCR) key to modify the screen.

    Hi Monica,
    Did you name you customer field also "FIELD1_W", because the field should get updated then without any modification as in screen 2100 a "move-corresponding" is performed from CATSDB to these fields.

  • How to read the field value from Table Control

    Hello Experts,
    I am creating my first Table Control Screen. Basically I have to create a screen (102) with a table control which has 2 fields: A_QTY, B_QTY and 2 Buttons: SAVE, EXIT.
    When Clicked on 'SAVE' the data (MATNR) from a previous screen (101)  and the data (A_QTY, B_QTY) from the new screen (102) should be saved into a Z-table.
    Internal table t_data has 3 fields.
    Table Control TC_RACK was declared like this:
    controls tc_rack type tableview using screen 0102.
    I/0 Fields:
    A_QTY type ZQTY.
    B_QTY type ZQTY.
    The screen Flow Logic:
    process before output.
    module status_0102.
      loop at t_data into w_data with control tc_rack.
    process after input.
      module exit_0102 at exit-command.
      loop at tc_rack.
    module user_command_0102.
    module status_0102output.
      set pf-status 'STATUS_102'.
      set titlebar 'TITLE_102'.
      describe table t_rack lines tc_rack-lines.
    endmodule.                 "status_0102 output
    process after input.
    module user_command_0615 input.
    case ok_code.
       when 'SAVE_RK'.
       when others.
    endmodule.                 "user_command_0102 input
    Now for eg, when the users enter values for A_QTY and B_QTY like this:
    A_QTY     B_QTY
    1000         2000
    3000         4000
    How can I read these values and pass them to T_DATA so that I can save it into Z-table?
    I greatly appreciate your help.
    I've gone through some previously posted threads and could not understand because my knowledge in this area is preliminary.
    Thanks a lot.
    Could you please let me know
    Edited by: dev a on Jan 13, 2010 2:46 PM

    Hi dev a
    You should use
      DATA: lv_name(30) TYPE c.
    GET CURSOR FIELD lv_name.   "Get the field name in table control
    check sy-subrc = 0.
    assign  (lv_name) to <QTY>.  "Here you get the value in <QTY>
    check sy-subrc = 0.
    Also use <your table control>-current_line to get the table index uo're currently on.
    Hint: Do not use GET CURSOR LINE if you want to get table index since this gives you the line relative to dialog screen
    Good luck
    Dean Q.
    Edited by: Dean Q on Jan 13, 2010 11:11 PM

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