Adobe 9 attaching pdf to email locks computer

When I try to attach a pdf to an email using adobe 9, it locks up my computer.  I have at least ten end users that are experiencing the same problem.  This is an intermittant problem, sometimes it attaches and emails fine, other times it locks up the computer.  This happens on outlook 2003 and outlook 2010.  The operating system is windows 7, server 2008r2 and windows xp.

Yes Outlook is the default client within adobe.
i have found the fix which is a registry setting change. details below
1. Create registry Key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook(if not there, create)
2. Create String value: Bitness
3. Set the string value for Bitness to: x64
I hope this helps all thos having the same issue. this resolves the error of Outlook is not the default mail client and also allows you to use thw send to email function.
Kind regards

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  • Unable to attach PDF to email (Outlook for Mac 2011)

    We are pushing out software upgrades for CS5 and MS Office 2011 for Mac. We've discoverd that we can't use the Attach to email feature in Acrobat. The spinning rainbow wheel pops up for about a minute, and then Acrobat is non-responsive and we have to force quit. We can still drag and drop an attachment so we have a viable workaround but obviously we'd like to be able to use the automated feature.
    All software is up-to-date.
    In the preferences panel of Outlook, we have selected Outlook to be the default mail application.
    As a sidenote, this feature doesn't work with Acobat X beta either. However, in the beta version of Acrobat X, if we declare Apple's mail application to be the default, it works fine. Unfortunately we use the Office suite as part of our enterprise system, so that's what we need to work with.
    Has anyone else experienced this? I've logged a ticket with Adobe but I haven't heard back from them yet.
    Thanks for any advise.

    Take the bhama way
    figured out how to make it work.  I am using Adobe Acrobat X Pro (mac)
    and MS Outlook for Mac 2011.
    For those who are interested, this is what I did:
    1. Create a folder on desktop to save your pdf¹s files you want to email
    to.  Mine is named, "PDF to Email"
    2. Open Automator, create a "Folder Action"
    3. At the top, "Choose Folder", choose your newly created folder on the
    4. Choose the "Rename Finder Items" action from the action list.  I chose,
    "Don¹t Add" on the add a Copy Finder Items Action menu.
    5. On the "Add Date or Time to Finder Item Names" I chose, "Name Single
    Item" from the first drop down menu.
    6. Click on "Options" at the bottom of that window to select the "Show
    this action when the workflow runs" so you can rename your         file
    something other than the Acrobat default.
    7. Choose the "Create New Outlook Mail Message" from the action list and
    add it below the "Name Single Item in Finder Item Names"
    8. Choose "File>Save As" and give your file a name.  Mine is, "PDF to
    9. Close Automator
    10. Open Acrobat X Pro.
    11. Go to "File>Action Wizard>Create New Action"
    12. Here you choose, "Save to>A Folder on my computer"
    13. Choose the folder on the desktop that we saved earlier
    14. Save the file, with the action name you will remember.
    Now when you are in Acrobat X Pro and you want to send that .pdf file via
    Outlook for Mac 2011, follow the steps below.
    With the file you want to email open, go to "File>Action Wizard>(Action
    you created) Mine is "PDF to Email".  It will take a few seconds, but you
    will get an "Action Completed".  You will get a pop up that allows you to
    name/rename the file. Then it should open your Outlook with your .pdf
    attached and ready for sending.
    You might need to tweak the actions to suit your needs, but this should
    work for you.
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    Asunto:  unable to attach PDF to email (Outlook for Mac
    Re: unable to attach PDF to email (Outlook for Mac 2011)
    created by DaveGrif <>  in Acrobat
    Macintosh - View the full discussion
    It's supposed to work now? I've made sure I'm on latest (check for update)
    and it says I am. Still get an error. It does bring Outlook to the
    forground, but same error when I hide Outlook - An error occurred while
    trying to create a mail document. Suggestions?
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  • Attaching PDF in Email

    After I have converted a file to PDF, how then do I go about attaching that file in an email?

    Hi Joshua,
    I do not have enough information about your workflow so I am writing very general ways to attach your converted PDF files to your email.
    1. After converting your file to PDF using either or Adobe Reader X or XI version, download the PDF file to your computer.
    2. Open your email application and create a new email
    3. Select "Attache File" or "Attachement"(depens on email application) then select your PDF file.
    Please let me know this does not help you.
    Thank you.

  • Trouble attaching pdf to email

    I have a pdf file I want to attach to an email. When I try to attach it I get an out of bounds exception. It emails the file but I get an error and the pdf is actually empty. I'm guessing it's not actually adding the pdf, it's just attaching a blank file. Am I right in that I need to use the ByteArrayInputStream to read the file in for attaching? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or how to fix the dang thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
         MimeBodyPart file_part2 = null;
                        String pdf2Name = "dmtpage2.pdf";
                        String pdf2Dir = "C:\\\\lib";
                        System.out.println("Getting page 2: " + pdf2Name);
                        FileInputStream inFile = new FileInputStream(pdf2Dir + "\\\\" + pdf2Name);
                        System.out.println("set file to stream");     
                        DataInputStream pdfFile = new DataInputStream (inFile);
                        System.out.println("set file to stream");                                             
                        byte[] streamInfo = new byte[pdfFile.available()];
                        ByteArrayInputStream inputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(streamInfo);
                        file_part2 = new MimeBodyPart(new InternetHeaders(), streamInfo);
                        System.out.println("Size of attachment is: " + streamInfo.length);
                        file_part2.setHeader("Content-Transfer-Encoding", contentEncoding);
                        attachmentName = pdf2Name;
                        if (attachmentName != null) {
                             System.out.println("File name is " + attachmentName);
                             System.out.println("Set description");
                             System.out.println("Added page 2");

    Sorry about not formatting the code. I'll re-insert. Thank you so much for replying so quickly :)
    It's not throwing an exception now. No errors. It attaches the file but when you try to open it, adobe says it cannot open the file because "the file has been corrupted (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't properly decoded)".
    Why do I even have to open the file? I don't understand why I cannot just point to the file and attach it. From the output it seems like it is getting the file as the attach size isn't 0.
    Oh, DrClap I get a compile error if I don't put the 4 slashes.
    This is the the server output:
    Getting page 2: dmtpage2.pdf
    set file to stream
    set file to stream
    Size of attachment is: 407835
    File name is dmtpage2.pdf
    Set description
    Added page 2
    here's the code again
                        MimeBodyPart file_part2 = null;
                        String pdf2Name = "dmtpage2.pdf";
                        String pdf2Dir = "C:\\\\usco-dir\\\\lib";
                        System.out.println("Getting page 2: " + pdf2Name);
                        FileInputStream inFile = new FileInputStream(pdf2Dir + "\\\\" + pdf2Name);
                        System.out.println("set file to stream");     
                        DataInputStream pdfFile = new DataInputStream (inFile);
                        System.out.println("set file to stream");                                             
                        byte[] streamInfo = new byte[pdfFile.available()];
                        ByteArrayInputStream inputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(streamInfo);
                        file_part2 = new MimeBodyPart(new InternetHeaders(), streamInfo);
                        System.out.println("Size of attachment is: " + streamInfo.length);
                        file_part2.setHeader("Content-Transfer-Encoding", contentEncoding);
                        attachmentName = pdf2Name;
                        if (attachmentName != null) {
                             System.out.println("File name is " + attachmentName);
                             System.out.println("Set description");
                             System.out.println("Added page 2");

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    When creating a PDF of a MSWord document in File>Print>Save as PDF, the document gets saved correctly, but when added as an attachment to an email the entire document appears, not just the Adobe logo, as was always the case earlier. I've tried testing with earlier docs and a PDF logo appears, but now always the entire document. I use MS Word for Mac 2001 version 11.5.6. Documents attached to emails as docs show just the Word logo, as they should, not the entire document. So the problem is PDFs.

    Note that this only controls how it looks to you... how it looks on the other end is completely up to the recipient's e-mail client and the preferences they have chosen.

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    I need to set up an Automator action to automatically attach PDF files to an email and send.
    I've tried using a Folder Action, but the action is triggered twice and sends two copies of the email.
    I've tried creating a Workflow to be triggered by a Hazel rule, but this time one email is sent with two copies of the PDF attached!
    Any suggestions very welcome!

    Folder Action approach:

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    Trying to download an attached PDF, which was uploaded by a form user, causes my browser to crash EVERY SINGLE TIME. How do I fix this?
    Browser is IE 9.

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble accessing attachments. If possible, could you please provide the following information so that we can investigate the issue?
    1. Operating system and version. For example, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Windows 7 64-bit.
    2. The version of the Flash Player that is being used in IE. You can get that information by following this link:

  • I have a subscription to adobe export pdf; i have changed computers and now i would like the adobe export pdf on the new computer -- how do i download the adobe export pdf?

    i want to know how do you download adobe export pdf on to a new computer?@

    There is nothing to download for ExportPDF. Simply go to, and sign in with your Adobe ID. Once there, you can use ExportPDF.

  • Cannot attach pdf to email or fetch

    I have one pdf that will not attach to my email or upload to fetch. I get this message when I try to attach to email: "Internal Server Error. The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error." And I get this error when I upload to fetch: "Fetch could not put...because the ftp server encountered an error accessing a file or folder." I sent a note to my email provider and they tested and had no problem. I assume the problem is with this specific pdf but I can't figure it out. It is only 128 kb. I exported a new pdf from indesign, but still does not work. Previous pdf versions of this Indesign file also will not attach, though they have before. And other non related pdfs attach just fine. Any ideas?

    Maybe you have some directory damage. If you know how to run fsck in unix single user mode, that is what I would recommend. If not I'd recommend booting from your system dvd and running disk  utility to see if there is a problem with your hard disk.

  • Reader X: Attaching PDF to email in Outlook 2003

    Since installing Reader X, it takes several minutes to attach a PDF to an email when using Outlook 2003 (installed on Windows XP SP3, with Outlook and Windows fully patched, running McAfee VirusScan for AV).
    This occurs with any pdf document, regardless of size (all my tests have been on documents less than 70KB, attached from the local hard drive).  Attaching any other file format is unaffected and only takes a second.
    This problem does not occur for anyone that is using Outlook 2010.
    Can anyone advise what is causing this / how to fix?

    The only solutions I have found are to either downgrade Adobe Reader to 9.3.4 or upgrade Office to at least 2007
    Not really the best solutions - would prefer a proper fix.

  • Attach pdf to email and use text from field in body

    I'm looking to create a fillable form with a 'submit' button at the bottom.  Upon clicking the submit button, I would like an e-mail window to open with a pre-defined recipient, and the pdf attached.  I've found code to accomplish this using this.mailDoc()
    I'm also hoping to get the text from the "Name" field of my form and use it in the body of the e-mail.
    I've found the following code in another post, which appears to work for this:
    var cClientName = this.getField("ClientName").value;
    var cAddress = this.getField("Address").value;
    var cBody = "Client Information:\n\n";
    cBody += "Client Name: " + cClientName + "\n";
    cBody += "Address: " + cAddress + "\n";
    var myURL = "mailto:[email protected]?subject=Client Info&body=";
    myURL += cBody;
    app.launchURL(myURL, true);
    That will open an e-mail window with a body containing the data from AcroForm fields named "ClientName" and "Address".
    The problem is, that this code will not attach the pdf.
    How can I get the best of both worlds?

    You don't need launchURL to achieve that. mailDoc is capable of setting the
    subject line, email body, recipients lists, etc.
    See this tutorial for a detailed explanation:

  • AA XI Standard: No "Share" button to simply attach pdf to email without asking for review and comment?

    In AA X, there was a "Share" button which would allow me to attach a copy of the current pdf to an email to be sent out. The pdf wouldn't be for "review" or "comment." Just a plain, vanilla, "Here's a copy of a document."
    I can't find that capability in XI Standard. I found a way to send for comment and review. How can I just send? (Other than creating an email in my client (Outlook) and then attaching from there, which then requires me to navigate to the desired pdf).
    Many thanks.

    Thanks for your response. However that's not exactly what I'm looking for. Doing that invites the recipient to comment. As my original post said, I'm not looking to invite comments on the document. I just want to send it by email, as I could with Acrobat X.
    Is there no way to do that simply? As my original post said, the only way I can see is to create an email in Outlook and then attach a file, which means I have to navigate to the location where the pdf is stored. A lot of extra steps.

  • Attaching pdf to email

    When I try to attach a pdf document to an email, instead of attaching the document, the text from the document appears in the body of the email.  How do I get it to attach as a pdf?

    I thought it stayed visible as well, but I tested it twice and the recipient only sees the PDF logo and not the full document.  I'm trying to actually keep the full document open so need the opposite to happen.

  • Attaching PDF to Email Issue

    When I attach certain PDF files to an email, sometimes the first page is viewable in the email. How do I eliminate this?

    You can't. That is a preference for the users email.
    You CAN Zip the file first if it's really that much of a concern.

  • Attaching pdf in email msg

    Simple question.  How can i attach a pdf file as an attachment in email--ie, NOT have the pdf file display in its entirety in the body of the email? Thanks.

    Have you tried clicking and dragging your pdf into the body of your message to see if that works? Either way, rest assured that when you email your pdf, it will appear as an attachment to the recipient.

Maybe you are looking for