AfterEffectsCC error messages

At the start of loading the program "AAE CC" three messages are displayed;
After Effects error; internal verification failure, sorry! {Unexpected FunctionBlock5 flags for FunctionBllock4} ( 5027 ::53 )
AEGP Plugin_IO: Could not register file tape. ( 5027 :: 12 )
AEGP Plugin SDK_IO: There was an error registering the plugin. ( 5027 :: 12 )
Therefore, I have two questions; Is it possible to fix the fault? Are these faults and deficiencies to obstruct something?

See this for a bug fix in the Maxon Cinema 4D exchange plug-in for After Effects CC:

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    And my playlists are still on the left side in my iTunes. They do exist.
    let's just doublecheck this. folks get this message if they have "automatically update selected playlists only" selected in their itunes "ipod" preferences tab. so bring up that tab ("edit > preferences", click "ipod" while the ipod is showing up in the source list), and do a playlist by playlist crosscheck of the playlists selected in that tab, and the playlists showing up in the itunes sourcelist.
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    Hi Mike thank you for replying,
    I am not able to start the computer in safe mode, safe mode with networking, last good known configuration etc, Each time it quickly blue screens and restarts about two secs into the process.
    I was unable to try a clean OS install from the disk as it gave the blue screen error shown in the original post. The same thing happened when I tried to use the repair option on the XP home disc. So i can't get into the computer at all to start diagnosing the fault, the only clue I have is the error message, and after searching the internet I haven't found much enlightenment from that yet.
    If you can help me out or suggest where to search it would be much appreciated.

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    Okay I went thru that entire list and here's what I got...
    (1) My OS is XP and is running fine.
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    For some reason my older iPod Touch without a camera on it will not sync any more and I am getting an error message saying this iPod cannot be synced. Now I had it set up to sync over Wi-Fi and I would occasionally hook up to the computer with the cable and got error messages on both. Now I read something about removing the SC Info Folder. If I do that will that mess things up with syncing my iPhone? 

    What is the exact wording of the error message?

  • Error Message: Need to purge Cache in Adobe Bridge CC (on PC)

    I tried purging using Adobe Bridge by going to Edit/Preferences/Cache then purging, but it becomes non responsive.  The error message said the problem files were at Users/(my user name)/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/BridgeCC/Cache.   There are 4 files in there that are taking up 124 GB!  Can I simply delete these files or will it corrupt my regular files?  I tried doing as some other forums suggested and hold the ALT key down when opening Bridge before purging, but no luck.

    Yes, you can delete the cache files manually,  Just be advised that Bridge will become very, very slow until it finishes rebuilding its caches.  Depending on your files, that can take a few minutes or several hours.
    A good way of doing it is at night, so you can do it before going to bed and let Bridge rebuild caches overnight.
    If you can, save the cache files before deleting them to an external drive, so that you'll have them as backup if something goes wrong.

  • Error message when installing Photoshop CS2 in Windows 8

    I just upgraded to a computer with Windows 8.  I use Photoshop CS2.  I am getting the error message below when starting photoshop after installation.  I changed program folders, but that did not work.  Please advise. 
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  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 Error messages after update to mac os 10.4.6

    After updated to mac os 10.4.6 everytime I use Photoshop CS2 I receive an error message "Could not complete your request because of a program error"
    I did all the workarounds that were described in document 331627 from Adobe's website and nothing worked.
    I also subscribe to support and someone suggested removing the legal.localized/Tien...file from the photoshop cs2/legal directory, but everytime I tried to select the directory "legal" from within the finder view, it disappeared and closed the finder window.

    Did you upgrade from a previous version of OS X like 10.3.x or 10.2.x or from a prior version of 10.4.x? If the former, there are probably some files in your previous system folder that need to be restored.
    Otherwise, double click Photoshop when it's closed, and then IMMEDIATELY hold Command + Option + Shift. You'll get a box for resetting the settings. Select Yes and maybe that will help.

  • Upload Error message: HTTPS protocol is not supported

       Whenever I do a quick par upload i'm getting an 'Operation failed' message to check sap-plugin.log.
       Log says
    Upload Error message: HTTPS protocol is not supported, please ensure this server is not using HTTPS. My webdynpro applications are getting deployed without any issues.
         How to resolve this?

    Hi Sumathi,
    As there are often problems with the Quick PAR Upload reported, I would suggest to use the "normal" PAR upload from the icon tray (you have to activate the portal icons in the icon tray). That is almost that "quick" (one or two clicks more needed, we don't talk about more than a second) and - it works (it least it should, and at least it works in most cases even if the Quick PAR Upload fails).
    Hope it helps

  • Custom error message in SAP application log

    Is there a way to add a custom error message to the SAP application log without passing the message variables MSGV1, MSGV2, MSGV3, MSGV4 and the Message class and number. 
    We want to pass a custom message from the BAPIRET2-MESSAGE without giving it a Message class and number.  The reason for this is that  we are using class based exceptions instead of the traditional message class with errors.  When we catch the class based exception, we take the error text of the exception and put in in the BAPIRET2-message and set the BAPIRET2-TYPE as 'E'.  Now we want to add this to the SAP application log.
    The call to 'BAL_LOG_MSG_ADD' takes a structure BAL_S_MSG which is just like BAPIRET2.  However this function builds the entry to the application log use the message variables MSGV1, MSGV2, MSGV3, MSGV4.  There is no provision to pass in the BAPIRET2 message.
    Add message to application log
         i_log_handle              = app_log_handle
         i_s_msg                   = log_message

    Hi Jay,
    Did you see <b>BAL_LOG_EXCEPTION_ADD</b>?
    This FM is represented by the structure <b>BAL_S_EXC</b>. This can have various versions as described below:
    <b>Data of BAL_S_EXC Structure  /     Use</b>
    <b>EXCEPTION</b>  /                              Exception class from which an exception text 
                                                       is added to the log. This field must be filled.
    <b>MSGTY</b>  /                                     Message type (MSGTY) of a T100 message.
                                                       This field must also be filled for exceptions.
    ALSORT, TIME_STMP</b>  /                Message or exception attributes, such as
                                                        problem class (PROBCLASS, for
                                                        example, "very important"), level of detail
                                                        (DETLEVEL, from 1 to 9), sort criterion
                                                        (ALSORT, unrestricted) and timestamp
                                                        (TIME_STMP). These fields can be displayed
                                                        in the log (except TIME_STMP).
    <b>MSG_COUNT</b>   /                            This attribute is not used for exceptions.
    Follow the link below for more details:
    <a href="">SAP Help DOc</a>
    Hope this helps.

  • Dynamic mandatory field error message is not getting displayed in webui

    In Appointment if the importance is HIGH i made Location as mandatory.For this i enhanced BT126H_APPT/ApptDetails. In the get_p_location() method of BTACTIVITYYH i have written the code.
    Now the problem is Error message for this dynamic mandatory field is not getting displayed in webui.
    I debugged in DO_FINISH_INPUT error message is getting generated but it is not getting displayed in ui.
    Can anybody tell where the problem is?

    Hi Hari,
    Really sorry do not know how to convert this nug file to text
    How ever quick solution for your problem would be just keep your validation in 'DO_VALIDATE_INPUT' method of the view controller.
    Means even if the User clicks on SAVE , Since it fails here , it would not allow you to go further.
    Rajesh P

  • Error message is not getting displayed in customized subscreen

    Hi Experts,
    I have created customized sub screen for transaction BP. There are two fields namely CPS applicable and PPS applicable.
    I am validating both fields against value if user enters same value as Y and Y . Then Error message should display
    saying that 'It should not be same and please change the entry'. Its working fine when press enter on the sub screen.
    But its not working where  if users try to save the entries without entering enter button.
    Please help me anyone regarding this issue.
    Ramesh Manoharan

    Hi ,
    you can do validations at Save Using BADI or Events ( please ref DEZ_'s Posting), in my case im using BADI to do validation , reason is...user was able to save witout going to the custom tab , thats y im using BADI and Screen(Custom) Validations.

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