Any recommendations on external hard drive for making bootable backup?

I wish to make a bootable backup of my MBP before upgrading to Mavericks.
Are there any external hard drives that are better suited for making bootable backups? I use a WD for making Time Machine backups but I have read that WD is not ideal for making a bootable back up - is this correct...?

your WD will of course, fine as a boot clone
Quality 1TB drives are $50 per TB on 3.5" or  $65 per TB on 2.5"
1TB for $68 1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379452568&sr=8-1&keywords=1tb+toshiba
best for cost:
2.5" USB portable High quality BEST FOR THE COST, Toshiba "tiny giant" 2TB drive (have several of them, LOT of storage in a SMALL package) $100 /ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1379182740&sr=1-4&keywords=2tb+toshiba
*This one is the BEST portable external HD available that money can buy:
HGST Touro Mobile 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive _1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383238934&sr=8-1&keywords=HGST+Touro+Mobile+Pro+1TB+USB+3.0+7 2 00+RPM

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    The couple of external hard drives I used for time machine etc. are firewire based. (The alternatives for making them usb friendly do not work with the Air.) Any recommendations on a good, self powered external, about 500gb? Thanks.

    I only buy 2.5" internal drives and place them in Macally enclosures. I've had store bought all-in-one externals and they have not been reliable, and many are installing all kinds of software on them, via firmware, and you can't do much about it. I've never had one problem over the years going this route, and drives are so cheap now, you can get the enclosure plus a 500GB drive for just over $100.00 at
    The Macally's have FW/USB interfaces. I have the new MBA, and use USB.

  • Do I need to partition my external hard drive for a bootable backup

    Hi - First, I apologize for asking a question that's already been discussed so much.  I did try to read everything I could, but I remain confused.  Here is my precise situation:
    I have an iMac, and I purchased a year's worth of Carbonite's online backup and breathed a sigh of relief.  Then I read some people have problems with Carbonite, and the best advice was to buy an external hard drive, which I did.  It just arrived, I plugged it in, and Time Machine backed up my computer on I breathed another sigh of relief. 
    Then I read that my wonderful new 2T external hard drive isn't good enough, that I should partition it so as to have one backup, and one "bootable backup."  Is this really necessary?  And what is the difference between a backup, and a bootable backup?  If it is necessary, how do I do it?  Is it a problem that I've already used it to create a backup on Time Machine?
    I use my computer for things like email, Facebook, pictures, eBay, stuff like that.  I have no unusual needs.  My computer is an iMac OS X 10.6.8.
    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

    I prefer a clone/bootable backup ovver Time Machine myself.
    For TM you need a running OS, then time to restore, with a clone you can boot from that & keep working while doing the other when time is better. And you can test a clone before you need it.
    Get carbon copy cloner to make an exact copy of your old HD to the New one...
    Or SuperDuper...
    You would need to Partition your drive though.
    How to format your disks...
    (To Install OSX on an IntelMac the Drive it needs the GUID Partitioning scheme mentioned at the bottom.)
    Thanks to Pondini, Formatting,  Partitioning, Verifying,  and  Repairing  Disks...

  • HT201250 new external hard drive for Time Machine backup suggestions?

    Ok, I have 3 external hard drives; unfortunately I've used them on my PC and they are read only on my iMac.  So, I need to buy a new external hard drive for Time Machine backup.  I'm a little confused; can I buy any EHD and them format it so Mac can use it or are there special EHD's I need to purchase?
    Anyone have a particular EHD that is working well for you?  Thanks, Blue

    Bluehowler wrote:
    Ok, I have 3 external hard drives; unfortunately I've used them on my PC and they are read only on my iMac.  So, I need to buy a new external hard drive for Time Machine backup.  I'm a little confused; can I buy any EHD and them format it so Mac can use it or are there special EHD's I need to purchase?
    Anyone have a particular EHD that is working well for you?  Thanks, Blue
    Unless you need all three external drives for your PC, you can reformat in one of them in Mac OS Extended (Journaled)  for use with Time Machine. However, since Time Machine backs up hourly, you'd need the external drive to be running constantly. That means ventilation of the drive becomes an issue since some, such as Seagate, can get very hot in their sealed enclosures. Some drive manufacturers try to get around this by spinning down the drive when not in use, but I've read complaints that that doesn't play well with a Mac. So whether you reuse one of your current externals or get a new one, it's a good idea to keep the drive's ventilation in mind.

  • Is it possible to use an external hard drive for time machine backup and also as a regular hard drive?

    Is it possible to use an external hard drive for time machine backup and also as a regular hard drive?

    I am using an external drive in the exact way that you described. You just keep it plugged in to the computer when you want to access the movies and files. In order to put files on it, just go to finder open up the drive under devices and drag and drop files onto the drive. It is just like using a usb drive with a terabyte of space.

  • Is it possible to use more than one external hard drive for Time Machine backups?

    I want to use two hard drives for Time Machine backups.
    Bigger one keep at home and be sure it is safe.
    Second one (very small pocket size) keep with me for travels.
    I want to backup to both drives to be sure I can restore everywhere and to be sure if something bad happened with my small travel disk I can restore from home backup.
    Is there any problem with listed schema? Is it normal for Time Machine to handle backups for different drivers and keep everything consistent and smooth?

    I really need some help!  I have been using an Iomega NAS 1TB HD for the past year.  And I received an error message.  I believe I have ran out of memory on this drive.
    Then recently in the last couple of months I got a ReadyNAS Duo 2TB with 2TB RAID.  Should I switch my back ups to this one and delete the other back up file or keep the old back up image file on the Iomega?
    Can I transfer the old image back up to this new ReadyNAS? How do I do this?
    I appreciate any help.

  • Using an external hard drive for both TM backups

    I would like to use an external hard drive for both TM and as the main hard drive storage for my Macbook which is now approaching being do I do this ??? or should I have 2 separate devices....want to free up space on Macbook

    Now that I've partitioned my I Terabyte external drive to two partitions using the disk utility with one partition for Time Machine and one partition as my new "hard drive" internal drive on the MacBook almost filled....I wanted to move...pix, movies, music..etc to the new drive and have all future storage pointed to that drive not the internal drive....need to have space available on the original drive on the MacBook....How do I move existing stored data and point ongoining saved music..files...etc to the new drive...???
    Thank you...Bob

  • Recommend an external hard drive for a backup for me?

    For the first time since I've owned any computer PC or Mac, I need to purchase a external hard drive so I can back up my computer. Over the years I have never backed anything up and have lost some things which at the time wasn't too important. But now with this computer I have lots of music and some very important pictures to me and videos of my grandson I do not want to lose, internet bookmarks etc. etc. I have a program called Time Machine on this computer which I assume is to back up my computer contents. I know nothing about external drives for the purpose of backups. Can someone recommend a reasonably priced one for a beginner and where do I purchase it? Online? Through Apple?

    I have two LaCie drives - you can check them out here:
    Depending on which brand you decide to purchase, you may have to format them for a Mac, which is very easily accomplished by using Disk Utility (Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility). At that same time, you may also want to partition it which will create 2 or more partitions on the same drive - each one will act as though it is a separate hard drive. I have mine partitioned and use one just to drag and drop (copy) an extra copy of important pictures or files on it. I use another partition to create a bootable clone using either SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner (simple version is free). A bootable clone means that if there is a major problem with your internal hard drive and you can't start up with it, you can start up with the bootable clone because it is an exact and complete copy of your entire system. Then there is the option to use Time Machine; personally I don't use it, so someone else will need to chime in with it. It copies a lot of things and does it automatically every hour or so I believe, but you cannot boot up your computer with it (that is why I've decided not to use it).
    Again, depending on the brand you buy, you should not have to install any software that comes with it. An external hard drive should simply show up as an icon on your desktop once you attach it; after that, open up Disk Utility and make sure it is formatted correctly and partition it if desired.
    Also, as far as speed is concerned, an external hard drive with Firewire is faster than with USB connections, so keep that in mind. Mine is both Firewire 400 and 800 as well as USB, so I am covered no matter how/where it want to plug it in.

  • Can you recommend an external hard drive for me?

    I have a white macbook- nothing special. the cd burner is broken for the zillionth time so apple will be mailing it away for repairs. they suggested i back everything up before turning it over to them. there isnt much on it except my itunes library, some pictures, and a few word/excel docs. here are my questions:
    1- what size external hard drive do i need?
    2- is there a cheaper/easier way to do this?
    3- is there a recommended brand for macs? i heard western digital was good, but several mac users gave it terrible reviews.
    thanks so much!!

    If you aren't sure how big your computer's drive is, select the hard drive icon on the desktop and Get Info from the File menu. At the top of the Get Info window you'll see the icon and below that some disclosure triangles - the second one pointing to General. If the triangle isn't pointing down, click on it and you'll see information about your drive. Look for Capacity and that is the formatted capacity.
    You'll want a drive that is at least as big as your computer's drive so you can back up everything. Some people only back up their data but that, in my opinion, is silly. Look for a drive that is slightly larger that your drive's capacity. For example, you might see your capacity is 78.7 GB so get at least an 80GB drive. I say at least since you might want to consider using this new external drive with TimeMachine so you can always have an up to date backup. With TimeMachine you should get a drive that is at least twice as large as the data you are backing up.
    The cheapest way to do it is to run down to your local discount store and pick up whatever they are selling. That's the cheapest but not necessarily the best. I strongly recommend that you buy a drive that includes FireWire - getting one with FireWire and USB ports will provide a good deal of flexibility. I also strongly recommend that you buy a drive with an external power supply. I recommend drives that derive their power from the computer only when the drive needs to be portable too. A backup drive isn't usually portable.
    Name brands such as Seagate, Iomega, and Western Digital are all easy to find and okay. I think everyone has been burned by one brand or another so just about every manufacturer will get slammed with a particular horror story.

  • Can you use the same external hard drive for Time Machine backups and as an additional storage drive?

    I have an external HD that I've been using exclusively for Time Machine backups. I need to clear space on my hard drive, so I was thinking to move music & photos to an external drive.  Wondering if I can use the same one I have (which I'll aslo keep using for Time Machine) or if I need to get another drive. 

    Hi Jossydtaylor,
    Time Machine can use either an entire external disk or a partition of that disk:
    OS X Mountain Lion: Disks you can use with Time Machine
    You can use Time Machine with a Time Capsule, and with USB, FireWire, and Thunderbolt disks. The backup disk can be directly connected to your computer or be on a network. If the backup disk has been divided into partitions, you can use one of the partitions.
    If the disk is partitioned using the Master Boot Record (MBR) partition type, some partitions may not be available for use with Time Machine. The GUID Partition Table (GPT) partition type is recommended.
    For more info on partitioning, see this article:
    Disk Utility 12.x: Partition a disk
    - Ari

  • Using external hard drives for Time Machine backups

    I would like to let everyone know about an important issue regarding what type of media to use, or better said not to use for Time Machine backups.
    I tried to use a RAID 0 array disks ( FIY: RAID is a storage technology that combines multiple disk drive components into a logical unit for the purposes of data redundancy and performance improvement.), but after a few minutes the backup suddenly stopped giving me a message of failing to write to the disk.
    I tried to back up several more times, but the result was the same.  I called Apple Customer Support, they said there was nohing wrong using a RAID 0 array disk combination.
    I checked the RAID disks with disk utility, the disks were okay, but it did not solve the problem.
    I reformatted the RAID disks, but that did no help either.
    Then I used a different disk not part of any RAID array, and the Time Machine backup was able to successfull finish he task.
    I called Apple to tell them about this issue, and they finall confirmed I was right:
    Conclusion: backing up to a RAID 0 array disks using Time Machine does not work 

    Is there anything else on the drive?  If not, just erase it with Disk Utility.
    If there is, have you emptied the trash?  That will take a very long time, and may present problems wtih locked files, permissions, etc.  If so, see #E6 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting.

  • Can I use my 2TB Time Capsule ONLY as an external hard drive for Time Machine backups?

    Hi...wondering if somebody could help me out there.
    I currently have an older Apple 2TB Time Capsule (previous generation) which I'm using as both my WiFi access point, as well as my Time Machine backup location for both my iMac and my MacBook Pro.
    We've been having slow WiFi issues in our home, and seeing as how this Time Capsule is a number of years old, were thinking of upgrading to the faster WiFi routers with 802.11ac capability.  I'll be honest when I say we were considering other options, beyond the newest Time Capsule.
    My question is, can we somehow use the 2TB of storage on our current Time Capsule for the purpose of backing up our computers with Time Machine, but NOT use the WiFi functionality of the Time Capsule itself? 
    I'm assuming if I manually plugged either my iMac or MacBook Pro (wired ethernet) into the Time Capsule, I could likely get that computer to recognize and use it for Time Machine purposes, but I'd like to use it to backup both computers, ideally wirelessly on the MacBook Pro.
    Any help would be great. 
    Right now I'm running a DSL line into a DSL modem, which then runs ethernet into my Time Capsule.  From there, I have a 4 port switch connected for wired devices (we wired our home with ethernet jacks in almost every room).  We also have an Airport Express to extend the range of the network.

    You can bridge the TC and plug it into whatever wireless router you buy.
    There is no need to turn off the wireless in the TC.. but you can set it up as a secondary wireless network. That is totally up to you. I find the Gen4 TC very fast on 5ghz.. but you need it to be close to the computers.. in your case that should be dead easy.. simply plug it in by ethernet in the same room as the iMac say.. and set it up with bridge and the imac plugged into it by ethernet.. one computer then can access the internet and backup via ethernet with huge speed improvements.. the laptop can then use whatever your new router wireless network.. or the TC one if it is close enough..
    So there are plenty of variations and your setup is easy to handle with the large amount of ethernet you have.
    Just post again if you need specifics.. but I need specifics to give them!!

  • Recommended external hard drive for R&R?

    I just got my new T420 and I want to get an external hard drive for Rescue & Recovery backups. I used R&R to back up and recover all the time with my old T60, but it's too small. I'm looking at a couple of Seagate hard drives. Does anyone know if I need to re-format the external hard drive to get rid of any software on it before using R&R? Or does it even matter? Any experience with Seagate for R&R backups?

    Just get a large enough drive. I recommend a drive or drive enclosure that supports eSATA for fast backup speeds.
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  • How can I use one external hard drive for both Time Machine and iPhoto Library?

    I have been using a 1 TG LaCie external hard drive for Time Machine backups.  My (older) Mac has 160 GB and is almost full.  I would like to move my iPhoto Library to the external hard drive, but I've heard Time Machine doesn't share one space well.  Should I
    1.  create another partition (but will this erase what I've already saved) with Disk Utility?  *I am running Snow Leopard*
    2.  create another volume to use for iPhoto, and if so, should the two volumes be of equal size?
    3.  leave it with one partition and move the iPhoto Library to the same partition with Time Machine back ups?
    I know I don't need the entire 1 TG for back up of 160 GBs.  Please advise the best path to take.  Thank you!

    You are getting incorrect information from your ASP. If you look at drive specifications the heat generated is no different for high vs low capacity drives.
    I have upgraded the internal drive in my iMac 2007 with a 3TB Hitachi drive without any heat issues or other problems.
    Larger hard drives have higher density platters so to access any given amount data the drives travel a shorter distance. Higher capacity drives should therefore run cooler than lower density drives because the drive spends less time spinning to access data.

  • Trying to use a new, larger external hard drive for my Time Machine backup.  However, every time I start the backup, it gets started then fails.  And, I can't delete the few files that did save on the external.  Sort of a catch 22.  Any ideas?

    Trying to use a new, larger external hard drive for my Time Machine backup.  However, every time I start the backup, it gets started then fails.  And, I can't delete the few files that did save on the external.  Sort of a catch 22.  Any ideas?

    Is it a USB hard drive?  USB hard drives have the problem of not giving full speed if they are hooked up on the same bus as keyboards and mice.  Double check your profiler to make sure that is not a problem.  If it is Firewire, make sure there aren't other firewire devices in use at the same time.  I recommend not only keeping a Time Machine backup, but also a clone, and if you do use Time Machine, to make sure the Time Machine drive or partition is at least twice the size of the original drive.

Maybe you are looking for

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