Apple Training Certification: Distance Learning?

Hello, I´d like to be certified in Snow Leopard, by training center are too far away from my town, so is there any ATC by distance learning?

I do not see anything about on-line training. This does not appear to be an option.
Hope this helps

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  • Apple training ??? Final Cut Pro ???

    Okay I looked at the Apple training site ( very vague ) then eventually discovered that to do self training I need to get some books from "Peach pit".
    So far so good but I can not find any info as to what to study in terms of "I want to do an intense course of self study and I know zero about Final Cut Pro" Or who/where is the test's done , what the cost of the test's is and how frequently.
    Also what time frame is involved in the study to test to certificate ? min time ? Do I need to wait for the next full moon to do a test or study , next day test , 3 days to get test score , then 3 days to certificate , and is the certificate acceptable in any other country or just the USA ?
    If not acceptable in another country is it then not better to do it in that country or can an add on be done to be use full in Europe ?
    It would have been so easy to go to the Apple training page and see there is the course , click a link for additional info. On this new page see this is the options for the course and this is what you need and how long it will take and if it will be accepted all around the world.

    AZ for now.
    Believe me I hate a piece of paper saying I have completed someone's idea about a product and is now familiar with their theory.
    Problem is 12 years after leaving school having retired and reached successes that will only be bettered in 50 years according to my former lecturers I now need a piece of paper to make traveling easier as the noncreative community still believes a piece of paper give's you access to places or status and likely that is why the noncreative community barely makes enough money to buy a roll of toilet paper or $15k per month.
    Q? about is the certificate useful outside America.
    USA certificates mean nothing in any other country as to a believe about the schooling standards.
    IE: USA University = several persons tired of reading some company's business card and paying $20k and spending 2 years having to hear the lecturers reading the business card to them went to Heidelberg Germany to go and do a real computer course.
    They arrived there and was informed that the 12 years they have spend at school was completely wasted ??? They where informed they have to first go and learn English (reading and writing), math etc. and then come back and after then completing the entry test see if they will be able to keep up.
    They then had to go to special classes to learn how to learn.
    3 years later they where admitted to Heidelberg University and learned in 10 secs. what they learned at Devry in 2 years and their course + accom. + all expenses = $10k per year.
    So solution is try some new direction get some certification as it does open doors and yes it is no testimony of one's skill.

  • Looking for Apple training....

    I'm an Apple Certified Mac Technician and love my job. Unfortunately I'm only one person running repair and the retail side of the store. I know there has to be some training courses that teach about the best ways to use GSX, updated repair tips and tricks, or just some sort of conference for Apple repair. I'm looking to learn/train to increase my overall knowledge and provide better support to my customers.
    Anyone have or know any good training/courses/workshops/conferences for repair guys?

    You mean like this?
    Apple Training |

  • Apple training center

    Bonjour à tous,
    Peut être ne le savez vous pas encore, mais il existe un centre de formation "Apple Training center" à Saint Raphael. Presque les pieds dans l'eau.
    Non seulement les formations sont données par des formateurs certifiés, c'est d'ailleur ceux que l'on retrouve à l'Apple Expo ou au SATIS, mais en plus c'est dans une villa top chouette. Hébergement gratos et machine dispo toute la journée. c'est un peut comme un micro campus. Si il y a un endroit ou suivre une formation c'est bien là. voici le lien du site: http// et bonne chance à tous

    As according to bablefish:
    Hello with all, Can be do not know it not yet, but there is a center of formation "APPLE Training center" in Saint Raphael. Almost feet in water. Not only the formations are given by certified trainers, it is of aillor those which one finds in APPLE Expo or the SATIS, but in more it is in a villa signal owl. Lodging gratos and machine dispo all the day it is one can like a micro campus. If there is a place or to follow a formation it is well there here the bond of the site: http// and good luck with all

  • Reference book? Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Support Essentials

    Can anybody comment on this book by Peachpit press?
    Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Support Essentials, 2nd Edition
    I am looking to get a decent reference book for the workings of 10.5. I'm not looking to get Apple certified, but would like to be able to troubleshoot and learn about the OS.
    Are there any other books I should be considering?
    Thanks in advance.

    I spent some time at Borders last night and ended up buying Apple Training Series: Mac OS X Support Essentials, 2nd Edition.
    The Missing Manual looked like a great book, but I wanted something that had more depth of what is going on behind the scenes. Most of what is covered in the missing manual are front-end stuff like all of the apps, finder, dock, etc. There is one small section on unix which barely scratches the surface.
    I liked the support essentials book because it goes in to details on administration including troubleshooting, start-up sequences, networking, etc.
    Thank you for the recommendation.

  • Profile manager w/o Apple Push Certification

    Hello all.
    Is it possible to use Profile manager without using Apple Push Certification?
    The Mac Pro running Lion Server has no Internet access but i want to use it to manage network accounts for the lab (all iMac and Mac Mini systems).
    Can this be done or do I need to use Workgroup Manager?

    No.  You can still create and distribute profiles but not through a push solution.  Look at MCX in WGM or even Apple Configurator and manually distribute.
    If this is a lab with no internet, how much change management do you need?

  • SAP SD + CRM training & certifications

    Dear all,
    I am new to this forum & i am interested in getting through SAP SD and SAP CRM certifications, i am a little confused about the timeline for the courses, i will break my doubts into points:
    1) Is SAP SD training/certification necessary in order to go through CRM training?
    2) What kind of functional experience is necessary for both the certifications? How does inside sales profile (with exposure to CRM system) stand as far as domain experience is concerned?
    3) Should i go for Back to back training's of SD & CRM or should i work in SD profile for some time & then opt for CRM? How will the back to back training affect, both positively as well as negatively?
    4)  Also, instead of SDCRM, will SDMM or SD+PP certification path be better? (i only have sales & marketing exp, no MM or PP exp)
    5) I noticed that CRM course is Instructor based & it is for 15 days, other functional courses such as SD,MM,FI etc are 25 days, what might be the difference?
    6) The CRM course is quite expensive, INR 3,30,000 ($7000+), is it worth to invest in an authorized CRM program?
    7) Apart from the authorized training programs, where else can i get additional knowledge on SD & CRM? Also, i believe that its difficult to know all the business processes in your respective domain, how can i enhance my knowledge on this?
    8) What is the difference between CRM 7 & CRM 2007 certifications?
    i know i have asked a lot of questions under one post, but i would really appreciate advice on these questions
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Hi! All very good questions! I suggest you contact your local SAP Education representative -
    Best regards,

  • Distance learning and mpeg video

    I have a customer that is looking for a solution to a distance learning problem. The essential part of the problem is that he has an ATM cloud that has video equipment connected to it that is working just fine. He now wants to be able to expand this to an arbitrary IP endpoints.
    I am thinking that with the deployment of a 354x server to act as the gateway/gatekeeper, that the endpoints can register to the gatekeeper and then have dynamic conferences defined to connect endpoints to.
    I have looked at the documentation and it does not look like the systems will support mpeg1 or mpeg2 streams.
    Anyone know if it does or will support mpeg2?

    Mpeg-1, 2 and 4 are supported as per the following document:

  • Is B.Tech in distance learning has value in SAP?

    Please provide me suggestion asap. Please help me can I go head and do B.Tech in distance learning? Thanks
    Hello Sir,
    I am Venkatesh, completed my B.Sc CS in Bangalore university in 2005 but i have 2 back logs in final year but after my completion the next year they changed the syllabus and i could not completed till now i was working in BPO as network admin. Now i joined in SAP-BASIS course after that i can try in internal job posting for Basis in my company. if i have atleast another 4yrs experience then i can join outside with my degree. now i am planning to do distance education in B.Tech (IT) in KSOU or any other university or please suggest me any valuable university or else For B.Sc or BCA please suggest any Distance Learning university which has more valuable. If i do IT in Distance whether it has value or not.
    Also please confirm if i complete my degree in distance learning or correspondence is that degree has value or worth.
    My dream is settle in SAP. I am fearing whether i will not get in SAP due to my age. Now my age is 29yrs. In SAP domain is there any age restriction for job.
    Kindly advice some valuable universities in India or South India (KA, TN, AP)
    Please Please please help me out to chase my dream!!!
    Thanks- Venkatesh

    Hi Nishant,
    Welcome to SCN.
    Questions like these have been asked many times in these forums. I suggest you search for relevant information and if you are not satisfied, then post a specific question.
    Also, spend some time reading the The SCN Rules of Engagement

  • Hi, I got iMac and I can not open file "doc" when I have downloaded from distance learning internet page. I have office program, but when I try to open file it shows: u1-assesment.doc uses a file type that is  blocked from opening in this version.?

    Hi, I got iMac and I can not open file "doc" when I have downloaded from distance learning internet page. I have office program, but when I try to open file it shows: u1-assesment.doc uses a file type that is  blocked from opening in this version.?
    I have tryed to change just extension from doc to docx, but it doesn't work. I am new user, please help

    Consider the Mcrosoft Office:Mac forums as well:
    Office for Mac forums
    Here is an MS page that deals with that error message: s-a-file-type-that-is-blocked-from/548ce159-8157-419e-9552-1789594fafe9

  • Apple Training for Image Deployment

    Has anyone here attended one of the Apple Training seminars on Mac OS X Deployment v10.4 (listed as MacOS 310 on the training units site)? I'm trying to find out if the training covers multicast ASR.

    Thanks. You were right, and it was a great class.

  • Apple Training Series, iWork '06

    I'm new to the Mac, and haven't used iWork before. I'm awaiting delivery of iWork '06, and wondered if it'd be worth my while getting the relevant Apple Training Series book to go with it - has anyone got any opinions on it? Thanks.

    Hullo NicePark:
    Try your software first. If you're used to other things to do the same, then first of all forget them. Take iWork on its own terms. Explore the menu options, inspectors, and extensive help and online support at leisure. Read the PDF manuals and Apple links via help etc. as you feel the need, but don't feel obliged to remember everything at once.
    Start afresh with something fairly straightforward if you can. The iWork suite is far more intuitive than people conditioned to other apps give it credit for. If you find yourself stumped after all the above and thinking about it, then use these forums for specific questions. It's what they're here for.
    You'll understand other training materials better, and be more discerning as to what you need, if you've had a go yourself first. Chances are you'll find most of the basics easy as pie straight out of the box, and be looking for something more advanced if you want to take things further. By which time you could even find that you can work out those things too!
    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

  • Apple Training??

    i am beginner in mac but am an IT Professional.I know apple training is providing by apple authorized training center.But i want to know can i attend the course through(Mac OS X Support Essentials v10.6 Exam) online.If yes how can i register . i am from UAE(United arab eirates).
    me go through this link but didn't get much more idea .Please help me...

    These forums are user supported.
    Use this link to contact Apple with training related questions:

  • Training *** certification,which one is best,Seimens or TechEd.Please help

    Hello all,
    Please advise me, which is the best institute to take the Training *** certification for SAP Basis administration.Is it Siemens(Chennai) or TechEd in Banglore. Please advise me the best, Course fee is not a matter.
    Thanking you all,

    It was very helpfull answer.Thank you so much.

  • Complete lessons iMovie 09 in Apple Training Series Book Before upgrading?

    Normally I do upgrade as new versions SW come out. However, now I have a good book (1) with CD lessons that explains ILife ’09, including iMovie. So far I have not started the lessons on iMovie where a book is most helpful. If I upgrade to iLife 11, will the book and lessons become outmoded?
    Anyone have knowledge and advice on this? Thank you.
    (1) Cohen, Wohl, Harrington, and Plummer. Apple Training Series: iLife 09, Peachpit Press, 2009

    You can do a little more with iMovie 11, but the functionality of iMovie 09 is still there. For the stuff you use 90% of the time it is the same.

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    Hi folks, I shot some video on my Olympus PEN EP3 & they play back fine on the camera, so I know they are there. When I put the memory card into my MacBook Pro (Retina, late 2013) running OSX 10.9.5, the videos just show up as one AVCHD file. I found

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    How does the Iphone go offline so often?

  • My podcast wont download to IPOD

    My podcast are gone after upgrading. Same thing happened to my music but I was able to find the fix to restore. Now I'm re-subscribing but the podcast wont download to my IPOD. Has anyone else had this issue

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