Arbitrary data param not importing from Premiere Pro project into After Effects.

I have an AE SDK plugin effect that works in Premiere Pro and After Effects... the effect has a bunch of standard parameters and one Arbitrary Data parameter.
I believe that the Arbitrary data parameter is implemented correctly, and I have implemented all of the cases for PF_Cmd_ARBITRARY_CALLBACK...
The only issue I have found, is that when importing a Premiere Pro project into After Effects with the "Import -> Adobe Premiere Pro Project" option, the value in the Arbitrary Data
parameter is always the default. There is no problem saving or re-opening projects within AE or PP... and there are no problems with cutting and pasting instances of the effect.
Importing a Premiere Pro project into After Effects using the Dynamic Link works correctly... the Arbitrary data is imported.

Some kind of answer would be awesome... there are Adobe staff members on here right?

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    When I import a Premiere Pro project into After Effects, it splits every shot onto a new track, ending up with a couple of hundred tracks at the end.
    Is there a way to avoid this ?
    Particularly, since I'd want to keep the option of bringing the project file back in Premiere for further editing.
    My colorist suggested that I nest reels of my timeline and split it that way so that when he imports it he has nests on one timeline and the multiple tracks in each of those nests. Still, this feel very clunky.

    An editor at work was using our Avid to do a grade on a short promo and I
    wanted to see what I could do in After Effects. So when he was out of the
    office I exported the timeline as an AAF and copied the OMFI media. When I
    brought the project into After Effects I ended up with a massive number of
    layers and freaked at first at the idea of doing anything with it.
    However I thought about it again and decided to precompose all the layers,
    as this gave me just one layer to work with. I then added a couple of
    Adjustment Layers above it; one with a Levels effect added and the other
    with HSL. I also added Masks to the Adjustment Layers so I could vignette
    any effect.
    The key to working like this was to use Hold Keyframes at the beginning of
    each new shot for each effect, Mask Shape and Feather. I could then adjust
    that shot, scrub to the next shot add new Hold Keyframes adjust that shot
    and so on. When I wanted to repeat any effect settings on a shot, I just cut
    and pasted the relevant keyframes. Mixes across shots can be tricky but you
    can always go back to work with the original shots on their separate layers
    if you need to.
    I ended up with a quick grade that stood up nicely against the one done on
    the Avid and I only had work with 3 layers on my timeline!

  • How do I import a Premiere Pro file into After Effects

    So I'm an editor, I cut trailers and TV spots. I enjoy making my title cards on After Effects because it gives me a lot of options but I'm having difficulty. How do I import / edit a Premiere Pro file into After Effects? I imported the project file but the whole thing was a mess and nothing made sense. Can anyone explain this process to me?
    By the way I used CS5.5 versions of the software.

    It actually works better if you go the other way... link an AE comp into your Premiere project.
    Create and link to After Effects compositions with Dynamic Link

  • Bringing Premiere Pro project into After Effects

    I tried importing Premiere Pro projects to After Effects, but I only got the various files, not the timeline. I just watched a tutorial about Dynamic Link, but when I clicked Adobe Dynamic Link/New After Effects composition in Premiere, I got a layer that was all black, with no sound. I have CS3 Production Premium and Windows XP Media Center SP2.
    Right now, I just want to keep what I edited in Premiere, but I get better quality video if I export it to H.264 MOV in After Effects than anything I've found in Premiere. I can't understand why that's so, but until I find something just as good in Premiere, I want to save everything in After Effects.

    Create a project and a comp. Copy the timeline from Premiere Pro and paste it into the timeline of After Effects.

  • Importing from premiere pro cs5 to after effects cs5

    hi, can anyone help me with this problem?
    im editing some stuff in premiere pro cs5 and when i import it into after effects cs5 for colour correction and other effects all the transitions that i had from premiere will disappear. if someone can guide me step by step to this process it will be very helpful
    Randolph Azzopardi

    As Mylenium suggests, there are many ways to move information between Premiere Pro and After Effects.They are all outlined on this page: "Working with After Effects and Premiere Pro"
    You didn't specify, but I'll assume as he did that you are exporting a Premiere Pro project from After Effects. That works by converting things from native After Effects to their equivalents in Premiere Pro; sometimes there isn't a good equivalent, so the conversion isn't perfect. The same conversion is done as is done for copying and pasting between After Effects and Premiere Pro. There's a set of tables that describe the conversions here.
    The way to get perfect fidelity is to either use Dynamic Link (as Mylenium suggested) or render and export a movie from After Effects and import that into Premiere Pro.

  • Importing a Premiere Pro Sequence into After Effects Crashes After Effects

    I'm on a Quad Core Mac, 2.8GHZ with 6GB of Ram.
    I have a Premeire Pro project with varying MOV and MP4 files; from a DSLR and from a Sony EX-1 camera.  This project has lots of media, over 3 TBs, and each and every time I try to import it into After Effects-After Effects crashes and does not respond.
    Please help.

    Don't try and do a whole movie in AE. After Effects is for making shots or short sequences. Break up the projects. Organize. 3TB of source materials into AE's Project folder means linking, analyzing, interpreting, and generating previews for enough material to shoot a feature film. Bring in the shots you're working on, not the entire movie. If you need to do an entire movie, break that up to Scenes and make each scene a separate project.
    Terabytes of data would also choke Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Avid, or any other NLE if it was dumped in all at once. The only reason that a NLE can handle that much data is that there were some caches created when the footage was imported.

  • Problems Importing Premiere Pro Project into After Effects

    I've got my first Pemiere Pro CS6 project completed. Now i want to import it into After Effects CS6 to add titles.
    The PR file includes two segments, two still photos and two AE compositions. I am trying to import the PR project into AE two different ways: 
    1. File>Import> Adobe Dynamic Link>Adobe Premier Project. When I do this, the project looks great in the Footage tab of the RAM preview window on the right. But when I make a new sequence to get it on the Timeline so that I can begin to add titles, I get only  blackness in the Comp tab of the ram preview window whether I am playing a RAM preview or a spacebar preview.
    2. File>Import> Adobe Premier Project. When I do this, the two AE segments are missing.
    I am on an iMac with OSX.7.4.
    Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to do this?
    --Carol Gunn 
    Gunn Graphics
    Austin, TX

    You will need to render out those two AE compositions to video before you can bring them back into AE through dynamic link.  If you are concerned with making changes, you can always replace footage in Premiere with a new render.
    Dynamic Link is just not designed with your workflow -- AE doesn't open multiple projects at one time, and your workflow ends up with AE trying to open 3.
    You can bring those two compositions into AE as imports.  They won't be linked together (so any changes in original project will not reflect in imported version) but you would have all 4 elements in one AE project.

  • Dynamic Link not available from Premiere Pro CC to After Effects CC

    Hey, I cant click on the Dynamic Link in Premiere pro CC and in after effects i can. how i can fix it?

    Please go to the following location and drag the Adobe Folder to the desktop,
    And please Rename Adobe folder to OldAdobe in Documents.
    Hope that helps
    Thank you,
    Mohd Naseem

  • How can I go from Premiere Pro CS5 to After Effects CS6? (Problem)

    I am trying to send my clip from Premiere Pro CS5 to After Effects CS6, but when I right click on the clip, I can't even select the option to send it to After Effects. I can see the option to send it to After Effects, but I just cant select it. Any ideas?

    You can do what you want... only going the other way!
    You can import a CS5 Premiere Project (in its entirety
    or a selected sequence) into CS6 Ae.
    In CS6 Ae:
    File>Import>Adobe Premiere Pro Project...
    Navigate to your CS5 Premiere project, double-click
    and select 'All Sequences', or your preferred sequence.
    As Jim points out, Dynamic Linking will only work
    between matching versions of Pr and Ae.

  • Warp Stabilization not working on Premiere Pro CS6 or After Effects CS6

    I've imported a 30 second clip both on Premiere Pro and After Effects. I am using CS6. I used a Canon 600D and my footage is 23.976 and 24fps. I've tried both frames to see if it made a difference. All what happens is that it says step 1 out of 2. It finishes and tells me to analyze again. It doesn't actually make it to step 2 so my footage doesn't change and its getting frustrating. No idea what im doing wrong. HELP PLEASE?

    As Rick says, it looks like you didn't update all of your software.
    What version of Premiere did you have before?
    What version of AE did you have before?
    What version of Premiere do you have now?
    What version of AE do you have now?
    Exact version numbers down to the last decimal, please.
    In the future, I'd suggest NOT updating in the middle of important projects.

  • White borders on objects I import from photoshop and illustrator into after effects?

    No matter what format or what program I use to create elements for my After Effects project they import in with a frustrating white border around it.  I don't remember this happening in earlier version on AE, right now I'm working on AE cs5.5.  Anybody have any clue what's going on?  Thank you very much for your time!
    Here's an example of what im talking about:

    Check the alpha channel interpretation in the Interpret Footage dialog box. See these pages:" a.html a.html

  • Problem importing adobe premiere project into After effects CS6

    I've been working in Adobe's premiere and after effects for quite a few years now and this problem is new to me.
    I'm working on a project in After Effects CS6 and want to import a premiere pro project into After Effects. I go -> File -> import -> adobe premiere project
    Select project
    Select sequence
    Now After Effects CS6 imports all files from the premiere pro project like before in CS5, but now also imports the videofiles as sequences at the root in my project panel and messes everything up. Before it usually imported nice and tidy with the same folder structure as the premiere pro project would have.
    But that isn't the main problem. When i open the sequence i wanted to import and work on, some clips have been shortened down to 1 FRAME LONG  at the end. These clips have a 500% speed  in premiere pro, but this has never been a problem before, after effects has always before been able to translate the speed variations in clips from premiere -> after effects.
    The adobe premiere project that was imported is a 60 sec promo with various clips in various formats (Gopro h264, dv pal quicktime etc). Footage not exceeding the fair amount that after effects should handle. 15-20 videfiles at 30 sec each.
    I've never had this problem before with premiere <-> after effects.

    I just found the solution!
    In my adobe premiere project that i was trying to import, some of the clips were "right clicked" and applied "Scale to frame size"
    Every videoclip that had "scale to frame size" in my adobe premiere pro sequence would import as its own composition in After Effects rather than just a videofile, and some of the clips would be trimmed down to be invisible.
    So if you have any problem with a clip not importing correctly into a sequence in after effects, check to make sure "scale to frame size" is not applied to the clip in premiere pro.
    I removed the scale to frame size in the premiere project and now everything imports fine into after effects.
    Sorry for the post.

  • Importing Premiere Project into After Effects

    When I import a Premiere Pro project into After Effects, it splits every shot onto a new track, ending up with a couple of hundred tracks at the end.
    Is there a way to avoid this ?
    Particularly, since I'd want to keep the option of bringing the project file back in Premiere for further editing.
    My colorist suggested that I nest reels of my timeline and split it that way so that when he imports it he has nests on one timeline and the multiple tracks in each of those nests. Still, this feel very clunky.

    Since my colorsit doesn't have CS4, I nested sequences in another timeline so that when I imported project in AE my colorist could see the one clip nest and click it to see other timeline to see all clips detail.
    Thank you.

  • Adobe Dynamic Link will not work - Premiere Pro CS4 to After Effects CS4

       I am edited a video with a deadline, I'm importing a sequence from Premiere Pro CS4 to After Effects and making edits in After Effects. I'm able to import the Premiere Pro sequence into After Effects using Dynamic Link, but  I go back to Premiere Pro and nothing has changed. Then I have to export the 21 minute long video in After Effects and that takes about 12 hours, that I can't afford. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, before I imported the timeline into AE, while I was in Premiere Pro I right clicked it and selected -Edit original. It took me to the .mov that I imported- since it's a redo. I learned how to use Dynamic Link from this tutorial-
    At first when Dynamic link didn't work I thought it was because I was cutting the imported Sequence from Premiere Pro in After Effects becasue I was motion tracking. When you import a Premier Pro sequence can you cut it into individual layers in After Effects? 

    I'm importing a sequence from Premiere Pro CS4 to After Effects
    That doesn't create the type of Link you want here.  In this case, changes made to PP would show up in AE.  You want the reverse.  (And you can only go one way, not both.)

  • How do I Import footage from Premier Pro CS3 to After Effects?

    As the subject says, how do I import footage from premier pro cs3 into after effects. I'm getting rather frustrated trying to figure this out.
    Via copy & paste I can copy into after effects but this copys the whole of the track on the timeline, where as I just want 10 seconds copied. The 10 seconds I want to copy is a segment & was highlighted when I clicked copy.
    Also when the full track gets copied, all my edits aren't copied & I get the raw track copied???
    I've googled this, tried the "Add Dynamic Link" but all I want is to copy 10 seconds of footage from premier into after effects, add my effect & then copy it back, and I can't figure out how to do this simple thing
    Any help

    I am still not getting this.
    I highlight the selection I want to copy into after effects. I copy & paste it & it pastes my entire footage without any off the edits I have made.
    Having searched loads for this I can find no other answer than copy & paste.
    Please please could you guy be more specific with your answers as I just can't figure this one?

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