Audio mixes not correct when inserting nested sequence.

Ah, yet another anomalous behavior issue...
I commonly edit packages for a program I regularly work on, then drop the nested sequences into the show's easier that way, and the EP likes it that way. However, I occasionally come across an issue where the nested audio sequence doesn't "remember" the mix levels of the component parts. For instance, I just made an audio adjustment to the open of the show, and dropped the nested open into the show timeline...where it promptly "forgot" the music rampdown I'd just done.
The workaround? I slipped the audio track, blowing out the render files...then dragged the clip back into sync, re-rendered again...and then the mix stuck.
Probably I should do this sort of stuff in Soundtrack, eh?

FCS has lots of quirks (I hesitate to call them bugs because they are not always repeatable). Still, people need to keep in mind that the FCS suite is built upon an ancient (in computer years) core technology (and code). While everyone is holding their breath for 64bit thinking it will be faster, I'm cringing because I know what a massive bit of code this suite represents and the thought that a complete rewrite will get everything correct is simply unimaginable.
[/rant on] My simple hope is they do not keep chasing after these consumer formats (including BR) and simply focus on making the core of the program function exactly as it should - especially media management. The whole 32bit/64bit nonsense is a distraction. Stuff that is stable and works the same every time - even if a little quirky- is MUCH more valuable in the professional environment than dumping in loads of new stuff. [/rant off]
Have fun.

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    adobe42135678 wrote:
    the audio does not play when hosted on a website...
    When viewing in what browser?

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    Generally I would not use Facebook for sharing any photos, it compresses the photos substantially, and when you have shadows and dark colours you get visible "bands" where there should be subtle gradients, ie at sunsets and sunrises.
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    See how you go.

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    If your country's iTunes Store allows you to redownload purchased tracks, I'd delete your current copy of the track and try redownloading a fresh one. See the following document for instructions:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    Otherwise, I'd report the problem to the iTunes Store.
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    Hi Everyone,
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    Mike Diaz

    in sony vegas it would be a matter of placing all the same angle shots on one video track, then using the track fx to have one effect be applied to all the clips on that track. similar to how its done with audio in a daw. premiere doesn't have that feature and tries to make up for it with adjustment layers and nesting but its not the same. adjustment layer is easy unless the footage is mixed on the timeline, then you would have to try nesting footage on a separate track. nesting makes it messy to go back and edit, unlike the track based fx in sony vegas, so might do this as one of the last steps of the project.

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    Dear Community members and Lenovo...
    After uggrading my Lenovo N100 0768 54A from Windows Vista Home premium to Windows 7 Home premium, As some of our friends put up here, audio is not functioning. The mixer shows balancing in sound, the device driver shows, working, but the audio problem is still not resolved even after 3 weeks. I am really fedup with the audio driver installation over three weeks. The drivers tried, are both from lenovo site and realtek site. Still I could not solve the problem.
    When upgarded from Win-XP to Windows Vista, realtek was not functioning, through our forum some of our friends suggested to install soundmax driver which was working well then. Now, Audio is the only problem. could Lenovo solve my problem. Some more community members could please help me out.
    thanking you,
    sakthivelu V M
    Chennai - India

    While trying to help you, I was looking along the same lines as you were (I assume).
    I did a search by the IDT 92HD73E audio codec and all I could find were drivers for system boards with Intel processors such as the driver you tried unsuccessfully.
    I have finally found a W8.1 driver for that codec from a desktop PC with an AMD processor and chipset.
    See if this one works...

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    Sometimes when I make volume changes to a clip in a sequence the change does not carry over to the master sequence that the original is nested in. What am I doing wrong? I am double clicking on the nested sequence in the master sequence to open it before I make the change to it.
      Mac OS X (10.3.8)  

    I'm not sure it applies to your case, but I had similar problems with video rendering: changes to the nested sequence sometimes didn't appear in the nesting sequence, and attempt to render didn't work because ... there was nothing to render according to FCE.
    Then I forced FCE to render: I first selected the nested sequence (in the main sequence), then I first applied "Disable Clip" (contextual menu) and then "Enable Clip", and finally the render bar changed to red (or orange), meaning it needed rendering. I rendered, and all changes in the nested sequence appeared in the nesting sequence as well.
    Maybe it works also with volumes in your case...

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    I made a recording with Presenter 9
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    When I export my presentation, Presenter export 1 audio file per cut that I have made.
    For example, on slide 2, I have 1 minute of audio
    I made 2 cuts...(to remove 5 sec of silence two times) so now the file is 50 seconds long
    In the audio editor, I have a 50 seconds audio clips that play correctly
    When I export my presentation, I have 3 audios overlaping each other and the duration of the slide is like 30 seconds (the duration of the longest audio part)
    That issue was not in previous version of Adobe Presenter...
    How to correct that ???

    Can you please share me the presentation as Adobe Presenter Package and also the published output
    Please send it to [email protected]
    Also is it possible to give the scenario in which you faced the issue
    We will try to see what the issue is and resolve it for you.

  • Audio jack not working when cover closed and hdmi connected

    Pavillion Sleekbook 14 (14-b017cl)
    Windows 8
    I have an external monitor connected via the hdmi port.  My external monitor does not have built in speakers.  I connect an external speaker via the headphone jack.  I can play audio fine if the notebook cover is open.  As soon as I close the notebook cover, the audio stops.  How can I get the audio to still be sent to my external speakers with the cover closed?
    I have my power settings set to "Do Nothing" when lid is closed.  I don't know what else to try?
    Thanks for your help.

    What is the status of the TV when the lid is closed? Does the image remain as it should?
    Try installing this audio driver as it was released after the launch of Windows 8.
    What program is playing the audio? For example, a music player or movie program? Is there no audio in any program when this happens?
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    I can render a single sequence without any trouble.. but as soon as there is a nested sequence, it crashes.
    Is there something I'm doing wrong?
    My specs:
    iMac 27inch Late 2013
    Quad Core
    32GB RAM
    GTX 780
    3.5GHz Processor
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    The Unknown Error is the bane of the PP editor, simply because the cause is unknown, and without that, there's no way to suggest a definitive fix.
    You'll have to experiment with different things, see what works and what doesn't.

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    As a test, try putting an empty JSP in front of it that triggers the session to be created, and then redirects (with a HTTP meta refresh for example) to the frameset jsp to see if that fixes anything.
    If that fixes it, then I guess the pages load too quickly.

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    I will be out of the office starting  22/10/2009 and will not return until
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    alternatively I will respond to your query on my return.

  • AutoPlay does not run when inserting disk

    System: dv7-1285dx
    Vista Home Premium 64 bit SP1
    When inserting a disk into the dvd drive AutoPlay does not run.
    The information on the disk can be accessed through windows explorer by right clicking on the drive letter and choosing
    open.  The contents of the disk are displayed and can be accessed but windows does not recognise whether the disk
    is video or data.
    AutoPlay does not run from Windows Explorer.
    In control panel > autoplay the "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices" is checked, all media have options other than
    "take no action".
    The driver for the DVD player has been unistalled and reinstalled with no effect.
    Disks burned with the drive behave normally on other computers.
    AutoPlay runs properly for any device plugged into a USB port.
    Any ideas of what to try next?

    Please check the following steps:​roubleshoot-AutoPlay-problems
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  • Audio/Video Not Synchro when capturing

    I'm having an audio/video synchronization problem when capturing HDV material onto IMovie. There is probably a 1/2 sec delay. How can I resolve this problem?
    First thing iMOVIE says: Cpsturing HD at 3/4 SPEED. Should I worry about this?
    I have updated my Imovie and camcorder settings according to my sony camcorder instructions. Camcorder: SONY HVR A1E.
    Your thoughts?

    First, make sure your camera is exporting with 16 bit sound and not 12 bit.
    Something here might also help:
    iMovie: Improving audio and video synchronization

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