Automatic Email When Scheduled Report Fails?

Is there a way to configure XI to automatically send an email if a scheduled report fails to run successfully?

This is actually configured at the report level from the CMC and not via auditing. For each report that you want notification(s)to be set for, switch to the Schedule tab --> Notification in the CMC. Enable email notifications as required. ie. "A job has failed to run. "

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  • How to mail to users when a report fail when scheduled in Infoview-BO XIR2

    We need to send a mail notification to the mail recipients when a report fail. Is this possible in Infoview.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks in advance.

    it is not possible in infoview. but it can be done using CMC. if you go schedule a reports in CMC, goto notifications and add email notification and add email addresses.

  • Schedule reports fail - CrystalEnterprise.Smtp

    We have scheduled a report to run for all corporate employees.  When the schedule runs, here is what happens.
    - Report run and is marked in the running state
    - Report moves to pending state in history but the email is sent to recip.
    - Report moves back to running state
    - Report moves to pending state and again the email is sent
    - Report moves to running state
    - Report moves to failed but again the email is sent
    In all, each recip gets three copies of the report and finally the report is marked failed.
    The same report can be scheduled to addresses not hosted on our domain and only one copy is sent and the report instance is marked successful.
    When the report fails, I get the following error : recipient error. []: [CrystalEnterprise.Smtp]
    Any help would be appreciated,

    Hi John,
    I have the SMTP address with the ports and we have our mail server.
    As per admin guide, what would be the user for the destination ?
    User Name
    Provide the Job Server with a user name that has permission to send email
    and attachments through the SMTP server.
    Provide the Job Server with the password for the SMTP server.
    Can i just leave the user name and password so that the users email will be taken ?
    Please refer to SAP Note 455140 to configure the SMTP plug-in to send emails. However there is no section in SAPconnect to enable you to add a user and password as a means of authentication. You will have to enter the IP address of your sending SAP application server to your mail server as a means of authentication to enable emails to be correctly relayed to your mail server.
    Hope this helps

  • Automatic email when an alert occurs (RZ20) from SAP R/3 4.0B

    Hi SAP Experts.
    How do I configure the Automatic email when an alert occurs (RZ20) in the system SAP R/3 version 4.0B (AIX +Oracle) ?
    Best regards.
    Luis Gòmez

    Hi Luiz
    check this out
    Note 429265 - CCMS monitor architecture: Central auto-reaction
    Note 176492 - Automatic email when an alert occurs (RZ20)
    SAP Note 939616 - CCMS auto-reactions: Help with Troubleshooting
    Check SAP Note 617547 - RZ20: Sending alerts as mail and SMS [original link is broken]
    Setting Up your Central Monitoring [original link is broken]
    Read SAP Note 522878 - iSeries: Availability of CCMS Agents

  • Need a way to Hide the Destinations (FTP, Email...) when scheduling reports

    We do not have destinations set up for FTP, email and unmanaged disk in our environment due to our stringent security requirements.  Even after being told these are not available, our users continue to try to schedule the report to go to these destinations and they are causing the reports to fail and utilize database resources for a report that will not complete successfully.
    Does anyone know if there is a way to hide the destinations from users when they schedule reports?  I know this was an option a couple of versions back but I cannot find it in BOE XI3.1 SP3.  The only option we want our users to see is Inbox and their personal folders.
    Our environment is:
    Windows Server 2003 SP2
    Tomcat 5.5.30
    Java 1.6
    BOE XI 3.1 SP3 FP3.2

    We can control distinations by configuring them on Respective Servers, which should be protected from business users.
    Assuming that you wish to configure only email as destination for Crystal Reports,  then
    Step 1 : Access properties of Server-> CrystalReportsJobServer
    Step 2 : Choose only valid Desitnations that you wish to provide, In our case it is only eMail
    Always go for cloning existing server if you are customization. Which is good practice than directly working on default server.
    B Ravi Shankar

  • Need to send Automatic mails when the report successful or Fail.

    Hello Experts,
    Created one report for reconciliation to check BW and R/3 figures.
    There are exceptions designed using reporting Agent settings on the same report.
    (When the values from R/3 to BW are matching it shows Green color and if the values are not matching report shows red color in the columns.)
    There are some mandatory variables for Company code, Period and Currency Type.
    Selections for  Company code and Period are fixed but We have three currency types (00,10,30)
    Reports needs to be executed for three currency types.
    Requirement is that
    when the report is executed for One currency type  (Ex u2013 00)
    If the key figure column shows Green color , Immediately mail has to be sent to necessary mail IDs saying the status successful.
    If the key figure column shows Red color , Immediately mail has to be sent to necessary mail IDs saying the status Failed.
    Like this the same report has to be executed for other two currency types and send the the same status as above phenomenon.
    Sending mails can be taken care by BASIS people with SMTP configuration.
    I want to know the development needs to be done from BW side.
    Are there are any settings in BW to send the message as Successful  when the report shows green color and message as failed when red color appears in the report.

    As i understand you need to set up an alert framework.
    Please check :
    This can also be achieved using BEx broadcaster
    Please check :
    Hope this helps.

  • Email to users when scheduled report are finished

    We run BO 6.5 and have a lot of reports in BCA that run on both indicator and time. Sometimes the reports are delayed due to late indicator and therefore we have some users that would like to have an e-mail each time theese reports are finished. Is that possible to set up in either Desktop or BCA?
    Regards, Marianne

    That is possible. In our situation we send e-mails to users (and even a number of our customers) when a report has been refreshed by the BCA.
    What we have done is added a piece of VBA code to each of the documents which need to send an e-mail after refresh. In our situation the VBA saves the report as a pdf or excel file and sends that as an attachment to the recipient. But you could also just send a standard message to the users.
    In our situation the VBA (very simplified) looks as follows:
    Private Sub Document_AfterRefresh()
        Dim FileN As String
        FileN = "Path and Filename of document.rep/pdf"
        On Error Resume Next
        doc.SaveAs (FileN)
        'Mail the report to the user(s)
        On Error Resume Next
        Shell "cscript.exe pathname+filename.vbs", vbHide
    End Sub
    After the refresh the document is saved as a pdf or xls file and a cscript is executed which actually performs the sending of the e-mail.
    Below an example of one of our cscript files (adjusted)
    'Sending SMTP mail via port 25 using CDOSYS
    'This ASP page uses CDOSYS to send SMTP mail using port 25 of the SMTP server that is set. 
    'The e-mail delivery is handled by the SMTP server that is set in the configuration object.
    'send by connecting to port 25 of the SMTP server
    Dim iMsg
    Dim iConf
    Dim Flds
    Dim strHTML
    Dim strSmartHost
    Dim SendList
    Const cdoSendUsingPort = 2
    StrSmartHost = "NAME OF HOST"
    set iMsg = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
    set iConf = CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")
    Set Flds = iConf.Fields
    ' set the CDOSYS configuration fields to use port 25 on the SMTP server
    With Flds
    .Item("") = cdoSendUsingPort
    .Item("") = strSmartHost
    .Item("") = 10
    End With
    ' build HTML for message body
    strHTML = "<HTML>"
    strHTML = strHTML & "<HEAD>"
    strHTML = strHTML & "<BODY>"
    strHTML = strHTML & "<b> This is the test HTML message body</b></br>"
    strHTML = strHTML & "</BODY>"
    strHTML = strHTML & "</HTML>"
    SendList = "e-mail addresses seperated by ;"
    ' apply the settings to the message
    With iMsg
    Set .Configuration = iConf
    .To = SendList
    .From = "anything"
    .Subject = "Your subject description"
    .HTMLBody = strHTML
    .AddAttachment "Any attachments"
    End With
    ' cleanup of variables
    Set iMsg = Nothing
    Set iConf = Nothing
    Set Flds = Nothing
    Hope this will get you started.

  • Alerts to email when Bex Broadcaster Failed

    Hi Experts,
    Currently we are broadcasting Business KPI reports to the users from SAP BI at a scheduled time.
    These broadcast settings are based on webtemplate. Some times the broadcast setting which is scheduled will fail due to the most frequest errors like " Error while generating HTML" etc.
    The issue is only temporary basis, next time the same error will not come and the issue is not reproducable.So is there a way we can configure the alerts to emails when the bex broadcast setting is failed.
    Transaction to see logs of broadcast settings is RSRD_LOG.
    Thanks & best regards,

    3 possible solutions that come to mind:
    1. Write custom ABAP program that checks RSR_PREC_SETT table and sends email when report failed entry is made, and schedule program to run periodically
    2. Create process chain that kick off Broadcaster report and would also notify if report has failed.
    3. You can also schedule RSR_PREC_SETTINGS_RESTART with Current date variant to run periodically and this job will restart any failed broadcaster reports from that day (stored in table RSR_PREC_SETT)
    Check out this article for additional information:
    Hope it helps. Thank you.

  • Intermittent "Invalid specified printer" when scheduling reports to printer

    Hi All,
    looking for pointers to resolve this issue .
    Every now and again (about once a week) a print schedule will fail with the error message "Invalid specified printer".
    - Issue is intermittent, and dozens of other print jobs run successfully.
    - No specific pattern has been found (no specific document, time, server, user). Documents scheduled are Crystal Reports
    - there are several printers installed on the machine, but only one used for those schedules (HP 4350 PCL6) set as default.
    - nothing specific appears in the event viewer when the issue occurs
    - at the time of the traced issue there were only 4 print jobs going on (low volume).
    - scheduled documents are small, and schedules run automatically (based on events)
    - using "No printer' parameter in the CR templates (early recommendation) seems to have reduced the number of occurence of the issue, but it still happens every other week
    - using XI3.1 SP2 clustered windows environment.
    Already tried the following steps with no success:
    - Running the CR Job server on a Domian Account
    - Re-installing printer drivers
    - Updating to the latest Printer drivers
    -  rights on all machines/servers have been checked
    - In CR report properties for the 'Print Settings' tried with both the options - 'Default Printer' and 'Specify the Printer'
    excerpt from traces (JobServerChild_<pid>_crpe_functions.log):
    PESelectPrinterN ~ce24e866c818dcfc2.rpt  0 printJob:3,driverName:,printerName:\\sinfp03p\RM43-062A,portName: IN tdrcws 0 <==
    PESelectPrinterExW ~ce24e866c818dcfc2.rpt  0 printJob:3,printerInfoW:<driverName:>, <printerName:\\sinfp03p\RM43-062A>, <portName:>, <StructSize:4272652726> IN tdrcws 0 <==
    PESelectPrinterExW ~ce24e866c818dcfc2.rpt  *513* OUT printJob:3,printerInfoW:<driverName:>, <printerName:\\sinfp03p\RM43-062A>, <portName:>, <StructSize:4272652730> tdrcws 0 <==
    PESelectPrinterN ~ce24e866c818dcfc2.rpt  *513* OUT printJob:3,driverName:,printerName:\\sinfp03p\RM43-062A,portName: tdrcws 0 <==
    The traces above look exactly similar in successful occurrences, except the 513 returned is 0 instead. They continue below (error case only)
    PEGetErrorCodeAndSubstituteStrings     ~ce24e866c818dcfc2.rpt          0     printJob:3,errorInfo:<lastErrorCode:0><StructSize:26><nSubstitutionHandle:0>     IN     tdrcws     0     <==
    PEGetErrorCodeAndSubstituteStrings     ~ce24e866c818dcfc2.rpt          0     OUT     printJob:3,errorInfo:<lastErrorCode:513><StructSize:26><nSubstitutionHandle:1>     tdrcws     0     <==
    PEGetErrorTextEx     ~ce24e866c818dcfc2.rpt          0     printJob:3,textHandle:0,textLength:0,lcid:4294967295     IN     tdrcws     0     <==
    PEGetErrorTextEx     ~ce24e866c818dcfc2.rpt          0     OUT     printJob:3,textHandle:1c8002c,textLength:100,lcid:3081     tdrcws     0     <==
    PEGetHandleStringExN               0     textHandle:1c8002c,text:*Invalid printer specified*.
    Any idea what to look for?
    Thanks for your help
    Edited by: Antoine Desmarets on Feb 18, 2011 6:52 AM

    A print server is indeed used.
    It is actually the company print server, but only one printer is used for this particular app.
    Unfortunately nothing canbe changed / tested regarding the printer / print server settings.
    Regarding error logs, it seems that the print requests don't even show on the print server at all.
    For example, 18 CR reports were scheduled to print and 17 were successful, 1 failed with the "Invalid printer specified" error.
    The print server only had signs of the 17 successful jobs, but nothing (no error, no pending, nothing) about the missing report.

  • Sending an email when the report is being refreshed

    Hi All,
    Is it possible, in Answers, to send an email automatically when a report is being refreshed ?
    Thanks in advance,

    You can do this multiple ways, As you mentioned using conditional ibot also. You should have flag or indicator in your database saying that ETL load was done. Then based on conditional request run a ibot. But the trick is after completing this ibot you need to turn of the flag.
    Other easiest way is Create a report which runs ibot, Make sure you checked Oracle BI Server Cache feed check box, save the ibot. At the end of ETL execute a command which runs the ibot job for you. There is a command mode application available in Oracle BI called SASchInvoke.exe. This application will run the ibot for you.
    here is the blog which explains more about it.
    - Madan

  • Scheduled Report Failing - Don't Know Why

    I'm trying to re-create a scheduled report on CMC that had gotten deleted. It ran before (sometimes multiple times...) but at least it ran. I'm duplicating all the settings for this report based on how they were before, but every time I try to get the report to run, it fails.
    I don't know enough about this to be able to embed any kind of error messages in the e-mail notifications we get. All I know is that no matter what I change/tweak/adjust, we get an email saying "This report has failed to run."
    What kinds of things should I be looking at to troubleshoot? I know the report itself is fine, as users can view it normally (as in, through other viewers). There's definitely something specific to the scheduling process that is not correct, but I don't know what to look at.
    Here is how the scheduling is currently configured:
    Schedule > Main Tab
    -Run Weekly, Tues - Sat
    -Start Date: 10/01/08, 8:30 AM (I originally set this up yesterday, so today at 8:30 should have been the first time it ran, but instead it failed)
    -End Date: 10/01/18, 12:00 AM
    -Number of retries allowed: 0
    -Retry interval in seconds: 1800
    Schedule > Notification
    -Email notification based on: a job has failed to run
    -Message: Report failed to run. Scheduled Report: %SI_NAME% - %SI_STARTTIME% What other codes can we put in this message, BTW? I've been trying to look for something to return error codes, but %SI_OUTCOME%, %SI_STATUSINFO%, and %SI_ALERT_MESSAGE% don't display anything, they just print on the email
    Schedule > Destination
    -Destination: Email (SMTP)
    -Clean up instance after scheduling is checked
    -We have "Set the values to be used at schedule time here:" populated with our list of email addresses for recipients
    -Attach object instance to email message is checked
    -Specified file name: %SI_NAME%%SI_STARTTIME%.%EXT%
    -Add extension is checked
    Schedule > Format
    -Format: Microsoft Excel (Still fails if we choose Excel Data Only or Adobe Acrobat)
    -Use options saved with report is checked (Still fails if we deselect this)
    Schedule > Schedule For
    -Schedule only for myself.
    Could really use some help here, as I don't know what in the world could be causing this to fail. Thanks in advance.

    First thing is to forget all the complex configs and just try to schedule the report to run once now, no alerts, no notifications, no nothing.
    Does that work?
    Then you can build up the schedule, to see where the problem is coming from.
    Ted Ueda

  • Scheduled report failed after 10 mins

    Hi Everyone,
    We are using Business Object XI 3.1 and Crystal Report 2008.
    We have a few reports which uses Java Beans Connectivity. They all run fine using Crystal Report 2008 Designer.
    After I publish the reports to the server and schedule it to run from InfoView, the reports fail if it runs over 10 mins and returns error ( See below). If I rerun the report and it completes within 10 mins, it will be fine.
    Title: Test Report
    Document Type: Microsoft Excel
    Status Failed
    External Destination: None
    Owner: SLuo
    Server Used: BOETEST.CrystalReportsJobServer
    PID: 14496
    Folder Path: Reporting
    Remote Instance: No
    Creation Time: 6/27/2014 10:21 AM
    Expiry: 6/27/2024 10:21 AM
    Start Time: 6/27/2014 10:22 AM
    End Time: 6/27/2014 10:32 AM
    Printer: None
    Formats: Microsoft Excel
    Parameters: 1/6/14; 1/6/14
    Error Message: Error in File ~tmp38a08076f722e00.rpt: Failed to retrieve data from the database.
    I added -crpetrace 7 - trace to the command line params to view the details of the log, however not much luck in getting a meaningful message.
    The log from Crystal Job Server:
    2014/06/30 14:03:50.063|==| | | 3900|4308|
    CRPE FAILED: GetLastPEErrorInfo(1) returns crpe error code [723] with
    extended error string [Failed to retrieve data from the database.
    Failed to retrieve data from the database.
    Error in File ~tmpf3c80895162f60.rpt:
    I have looked the configuration of Crystal Job Server, Reports Cache Server and Processing Server, nothing obvious that has limited the connection to 10 mins. I have extended the time in CRConfig.xml still no luck.
    There are other reports on the server using direct db connection and run fine for 2 hours+.
    Anyone has experienced this before and aware of any configuration that might cause the report to fail in 10 mins?
    Many thanks,

    Hi Shan,
    You can refer to the following SAP KBA for the issue:
    1204347 - Error: "Failed to retrieve data from the database" when using Javabeans as a datasource
    The SAP Note is for BO XI R2; however, you can try the same resolution for BO XI 3.1.
    Hope this helps.

  • Easiest way to email a scheduled report

    I have a client that wants to create a scheduled report and have it do the following, Run the report and automatically extract it into Excel using custom templates and have it emailed to their customers.
    Is this possible and what is the best way to do it?

    Hi Kris
    Thanks for the question. I’m afraid this isn’t possible out of the box or with the automated scheduling that I outline in a paper on my website. Even though my paper was written in 2007 it is still valid today for anyone wishing to use third party scheduling and Discoverer.
    To do what you ask is more difficult and I think you will have to look at interfacing Discoverer with BI Publisher. Either that or use the mechanism I outlined but then use a macro within another Excel workbook to go get the data out of the one you export. Come to think of it this latter method might just be the best way.
    Does this help?
    Best wishes

  • Scheduled report failing with "Incorrect log on parameters"

    I am having trouble with a report scheduled on our Crystal Enterprise Server.  I didn't design this report but am responsible for supporting the server, so I am trying to determine if this is a server issue or not. 
    The user who designs these reports has designed many others without issue.  She uses Crystal Reports XI and publishes them to the server. There is a group of similar reports that she has setup to run on a schedule and all run fine except for one.  This one gives the error:
    Error Message: Error in File C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Data\procSched\REPORTS.reportjobserver\~tmpee06be03474eb18.rpt: Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. Details: [Database Vendor Code: 18456 ]
    Within CR XI, we have double and triple checked the username, password and database connection info.  The report is using OLE DB to connect to a SQL 2005 server.  I know the credentials are correct because several other reports use the same credentials and work fine. 
    One other interesting note, if I log into the Central Management Console, I can run the same report manually without errors. It only throws this error when it runs as scheduled. 
    Hope someone can offer some suggestions.  I'm no Crystal expert so please ask if I didn't provide enough information.

    Moved to BOE Admin Forums.
    In the Properties of the report in the CMC you can set the log on info as well as any parameters when scheduled.
    Check the Admin guide on how to

  • Cascading Parameters prompting twice when scheduling report on CMC

    Hi all,
    I am having some difficulty with the Central Management Console (CMC) when scheduling a report I created.
    The report contains one sub-report with a stored procedure to generate the data. This stored procedure has 5 parameters including region and city. In the main report I implemented cascading parameters for region and city and passed their values to the parameters of the stored procedure for the sub-report. All of this works fine within Crystal Reports when I run the report and even when I use the "View" option in CMC. However when I use the "Schedule" option in CMC to schedule the report and I am setting the parameters for the report, there is some odd behavior. The first parameter shows two values, one for region and one for city (this is fine). The next parameter is a string variable. When I try to set this parameter, I am prompted again with the cascading parameters for the region and city. This messes up all the parameters and if I continue to set the other parameters, I am prompted to give a value for the previous parameter.
    Why am I being prompted twice to enter a value for the cascading parameters? How can I fix this?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    P.S. I thought about using the cascading parameters as filters in the Crystal Report itself but this causes the report to be slow as a lot of data is brought back from the stored procedure before filtering.
    P.P.S. I am using Crystal Reports 2008

    Hi Jevon,
    What version of BO (Service Pack, Patch) are you using?
    Try upgrading the version to a higher Service Pack/Patch on a Test environment to see if that resolves the issue.

Maybe you are looking for

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