Avoid Save As dialog when Signing a document in Acrobat?

I'm working on a web application that allows users to download a PDF, sign it, and then upload it back to the server. I'm trying to minimize the number of steps required of the user, so I would like to by-pass the Save As dialog that is presented when a user signs a document in Acrobat.  Is there a way to do this?
Basically, I would like the signed document to be saved *automatically* in one of the following ways:
1. Automatically overwrite the original document
2. Save to the same location as the original document, but with a different name (e.g., [original_name]_Signed.pdf)
3. Save to a subdirectory of the original document's location (e.g., in a "Signed" folder)
Is this possible using JavaScript or a custom plug-in? Or in a simpler way?

Okay, let's say I chose to do an HTTP POST of the signed PDF content from the Acrobat browser plug-in to the server -- how would I accomplish that?  Would it require JavaScript in the PDF to make it happen?  Or is there a way to instruct the Acrobat browser plug-in to do it without any custom coding?
Thanks for your replies, Irosenth.

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  • How to Avoid Save As dialog when Saving

    We recently upgraded Adobe Reader X to XI.  One difference between the two is the behavior of the Save function the first time it is performed.  In Reader X, when Save was selected, the file would simply save the current file, overwriting the original file.  In Reader XI, when Save is selected, the Save As dialog box appears, and if the user does not change the file name or path, a warning pops up asking whether the existing file should be overwritten. I understand that this behavior is a result of Protected Mode being enabled.  Is there a way to keep PM enabled, but always allow files to be overwritten as was the case in Reader X? 

    Yes, it does.  (as long as the pdf has been opened via a COM interface)

  • When signing a document with Acrobat X...

    How do I get rid of the "Standard Text" option on the Appearance drop down menu?
    I just want to have 1 (one, uno, ein) signature in the drop down menu.
    I have searched thousands of entries and still I'm unable to ELIMINATE the standard text that seems to come back every time I open the program!!!!!
    Help me , please.......

    "Standard Text" is the default appearance that Acrobat uses; it is not shown in the list of custom appearances but it is always available in the "Sign" dialog. When the "Sign"dialog is launched, it always shows the appearance that was used when the last signature was signed. Once a signature is created, its appearance becomes a part of the signature and cannot be changed.
    When you click on the "Appearance" field in the "Sign" dialog you get the drop-down list with all your appearances (including the "Standard Text"). You can select the one you want (e.g. your appearance) and it will be used for this signature. The next time you "Sign" the "Appearance" filed will show you the name of the appearance (your appearance) which you used in the previous signing.

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    I want to display a save as dialog when the user downloads a file.
    Now I get a dialog where the user can choose to open or save it.
    I set these headers:
    res.setHeader("Content-disposition", "attachment; filename=" + filnamn);
    res.addHeader("Content-Type", "application/force-download");Thanks!

    When the user downloads a file I want to open a dialog where the user
    can write a filename and then click Save to save the file.
    Today I get a dialog where the user first have to choose if he wants to open or save the file.
    When he clicks save then the dialog appears that I would want to be displayed.
    I hope this clearifies my question.

  • Recieving error when signing a document

    When signing a document, users are receiving >>Timestamp signature property generation error: Unsupported transport protocol
    Time Stamp Server is configued as Server URL:  IP Address of Time Server
    Any ideas on how to resolve this error?

    The problem is probably the URL for the timestamp server is an SSL address (i.e. https://) and the certificate that the OS needs to validate the SSL connection is not available. One thing to try is to copy the address for the timestamp server and paste it into a browser. This may give you the option of installing the SSL certificate.

  • Asking for password when signing a document

    In Acrobat 9 standard, when signing a document with a Windows Digital Signature, how do you set it to ask for a password?

    The product acts for a password when it can't identify and verify the signer is supposed to have access to the signing certificate's private key. You can't control what happens on the signer's end in all cases. If you want to set restrictions on specific fields, look up "seed values" in the Dig Sig Guide.

  • How to avoid the "Save As" dialog when using "Close Button"

    Hello All,
    I am facing a problem while closing a pdf file.
    I am using the following code to Open a pdf file.
    CAcroApp objAcroApp = new AcroAppClass();
    CAcroAVDoc objAVDoc = new AcroAVDoc();
    After opening the document I am **** some changes (adding markup) in the file.
    Then I am closing the file using the Close Button and in YES for the save confirmation dialog.
    Here is the problem.
    After giving YES, I am getting a Save As dialog with "Sample.pdf" in the FileName box.
    I am getting this only in Acrobat 9.0.
    When I tried the same in Acrobat 8.0 I didnt get Save As dialog. It saved with out "Save As" dialog in "C:\\new.pdf".
    I need to give the same behavior in both Acrobat 9.0 and 8.0.
    Please help me out to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.
    Mohd Mustafa SK

    In what you have posted, there is no reason it shouldn't work the same way in Acrobat 9. I would recommend that you submit your complete application to developer support.

  • Programaticly changing the (suggested only) file name in the save prompt when signing a document?

    When you sign a document in Adobe X (or XI), the system says it needs to save the file first.   Is there some way to change the (suggested only) file name to a different value for that save?
    Right now, people open a blank form - lets call it formX.pdf.   They fill it in and sign it.  The suggested file name for the save is FormX.pdf.   I can generate a unique file name which i'd like to put in place of the suggested default...

    AFAIK, you can't do it with code. Your best option might be to use a form field to show a message to the user when they sign the document with that information.

  • Always prompted with Save As Dialog when viewing dashboard

    Post Author: jgagarin
    CA Forum: Performance Management and Dashboards
      We are having problem viewing dashboard which contains Xcelsius document. In our development server we were able to view all dashboards with embedded Xcelsius document but when we move it to our production server it shows different output. Everytime we try to view the dashboard it keeps on prompting a "Save As Dialog" instead of showing the Xcelcius file. I really have no idea on what to do next, please help.

    Post Author: amr_foci
    CA Forum: Performance Management and Dashboards
    its an issue of macromedia flash player, if you already installed it on ur machine, remove it and reinstall the last version from the macromedia website thenrestart your mcahine.
    good luck

  • Print to PDF is very slow showing "save as" dialog when printing from Outlook 2013

    I'm having a problem with one of my users.  The problem is intermittent.  At first when I was looking at the issue, here is what I saw:
    In Outlook 2013, I opened an e-mail.  I then selected Print, selected the Adobe PDF printer, and hit the print button.  There was over a 1 minute delay before the "save as" dialog appeared to ask me where to save the document and what to name it.  I did this for several different e-mails with and without attachments and the problem was consistent.  I saved the e-mail to a local e-mail file and the problem was the same.  This process was over 30 or 40 minutes.  I was pulled away for another issue and now the "save as" dialog pops up within seconds.  The user is complaining that this happens regularly.  I tried a repair, cleared temp files, and was going to try printing from other apps, but then it started temporarily behaving itself, so I can't tell you if the same delay existed in other apps.  I didn't see anything obvious in the event viewer logs.
    Has anyone else seen this?  Anyone have an idea on how to troubleshoot this?
    Jeffery Smith

    Thank for your help Bill, but changing settings in the distiller did not seem to work. As my application prints directly to the default application without using anything specific to Acrobat, I was hoping there was a simple way forward. A colleague suggested copying registry entries from the account I logged on as to the S-1-5-18 entry, then rebooting. This had no effect as the prompt still comes up.
    Aandi, I don't have the Acrobat SDK or any experience of it.
    Also I'm not sure where any code/script would sit since the application is stable and so I would rather not change it.
    If it amounts to a few lines of javascript sitting outside the application then that would be of interest.

  • How to suppress Save As dialog when using the Close button on an editable pdf

    Environment: Windows 7, SDK 9, Adobe Acrobat Pro X, Visual Studio 2010 Professional
    Summary: when a document is opened for editing using automation, edited, then closed using the "Close" button, the confirmation dialog appears, "yes" is selected and then the "Save As" dialog appears.  It should save without the "Save As" dialog in the same way it does were the document opened from Adobe Acrobat directly.  My question is, is there any flag to set which governs whether the "Save As" dialog appears as part of the close document process.  It is behaving as if the document is read-only upon close. (it isn't)
    This is how the document is opened from C++:
    if(SUCCEEDED(hr = ::CoCreateInstance(__uuidof(Adobe9::Acrobat::CAcroAVDoc), 0, CLSCTX_ALL, IID_IUnknown, (void**)&pUnk))){
    hr = OleRun(pUnk);
    if (SUCCEEDED(hr)){
    if (SUCCEEDED(hr = pUnk->QueryInterface(&pAVDoc))){
    hr = pAVDoc->Open((BSTR)CComBSTR(strPath), strDocName, &bRet);
    Even when the plugin is removed from the plug_ins\AcrobatSDK directory, the behaviour is the same.
    Another reproduction is running the BasicIacVC sample, commenting out all lines from gAcroPdDoc->Close(); in InitInstance() and returning TRUE.  If an editable document is opened using the sample, edited then closed using the "X" button, the confirmation dialog is followed by a "Save As" dialog as if it were a read-only document which it is not.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Yes, it does.  (as long as the pdf has been opened via a COM interface)

  • I get the Save As dialog when trying to Save, whether using Command-S or File menu

    When trying to Save a document, I am presented with the Save As dialog. The file name has a serial number added  to the old file name and the default destination is the Documents file. This happens whether I have tried to save using Command-S or using the Save option in the File menu. This started after I upgraded to Mavericks.

    I checked and the files are not stationery pads, Permissions show me as having read and write authority.
    But, when I  opened the files from the finder, the problem disappears and they saved normally. I then removed the files from the Dock and re-placed them in the Dock via drag and drop. The problem re-appears and changes will not save normally. Not being able to use the Dock is inconvenient but at least there is a workaround. Thanks for your help! Before declaring victory, I'd like to watch it for a while for other quirks.

  • Acrobat Crashes when signing a document

    I have Acrobat 8.1.7 professional and all of a sudden I am unable to digitally sign documents. When I attempt to sign a document, the "sign document" dialog box opens, freezes and the acrobat closes down. Can someone assist me with this issue? Windows XP SP3.

    The only  plug-ins installed are the default ones that came installed with Acrobat.  All of these are developed by Adobe, so i'm assuming your are not referring to these as "3rd party".  All custom plug-ins have been uninstalled with the exception of the Stamper sample to test this theory.  Quite literally this can be reproduced by adding  the following code to the "ToolActivate" method in StamperUI.cpp.  This is the method that is wired into both the MenuItem and Button click events by default in this sample.  When this code is executed by a MenuItem event, no issue at all.  When this code is executed by a button click event, an exception is thrown from Acrobat.exe.  Note that the exception is not thrown from the ToolActivate method, it is thrown at some point after this method completes.
    AVDoc avDoc = AVAppGetActiveDoc();
    if (avDoc != NULL)
    AVDocClose(avDoc, true);
    As you can see, no objects are being acquired in this code.  If AVDocClose is not executed, no issues at all.  Although that goes against what i am attempting to do (as a result of a Button click, i need to be able to close the AVDoc).
    Any thoughts as to root cause of this issue?
    Karl, i really appriciate your assistance!  Thanks.

  • Filename in Save As dialog when saving PDF file

    I have a web site serving up PDF files. Without going into details, the URLs of the PDFs are not just your basic URL but look simething like this:
    http://www.domain.com/WorkFlowApp/Clients/demo1/secure/Promo%20Cover%20Cool-MedH i.pdf?userId=55b64ad5-28a2-490e-b3d6-4944099a390f#[email protected]://ww w.domain.com/ICCollab/IC_Service.asmx?WSDL
    In this case the actual filename is "Promo Cover Cool-MedHi.pdf"
    While viewing in Safari (OS X), if the user saves the PDF to their local machine, the Save As dialog comes up and the filename field is automatically populated. The problem is, instead of using just the filename, the field contains this:
    http---www.domain.com-WorkFlowApp-Clients-demo1-secure-Promo%20Cover%20Cool-MedH i.pdf?userId=55b64ad5-28a2-490e-b3d6-4944099a390f#collab=CollabSe[email protected] w.domain.com-ICCollab-IC_Service.asmx?WSDL
    I know when performing the same action on Windows using Internet Explorer, the Save As dialog box filename field is populated correctly with just the filename (although it shows up URL encoded as Promo%20Cover%20Cool-MedHi.pdf, which is OK).
    I'd like to be able to force Safari to use just the filename in the Save As dialog box. Has anyone come accross this problem and figured out a solution?

    Hello Ebnul.nao
    I am having this same problemwith trying to work this out.
    Did you succeed in the end?
    I will really appreciate your help if you did
    Kind regards

  • Acrobat X Pro crashes when signing a document

    Acrobat crashes on any attempt to sign a document.  Error is as follows:
    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name:          APPCRASH
      Application Name:          Acrobat.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp:          4ded1a14
      Fault Module Name:          AcroForm.api
      Fault Module Version:
      Fault Module Timestamp:          4ded283d
      Exception Code:          c0000005
      Exception Offset:          000dc6ad
      OS Version:          6.1.7601.
      Locale ID:          1033
      Additional Information 1:          0a9e
      Additional Information 2:          0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
      Additional Information 3:          0a9e
      Additional Information 4:          0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Tried updating to current version and Acrobat crashed completely.  Restored to 10.0.1.

    Yes it is up to date.
    I can use the stamp tool and flatten it after with no problems, but the typewriter tool crashes it upon attempting to flatten.

Maybe you are looking for

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