Calling more than one action at a time in fault policy file

can any one tell me how to refer two actions at a time in faultpoicies.xml file . To make it clear to you i want to call both rethrow action and human intervention action after retry . please refer below faultpolicy file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
<faultPolicies xmlns="">
<faultPolicy version="2.0.1" id="BpelFaultMechanism"
<faultName xmlns:bpelx=""
<action ref="retry-action"/>
<Action id="retry-action">
<retryFailureAction ref="rethrow-action"/>
<Action id="human-intervention-action">
<Action id="rethrow-action">
please reply asap

Hi FRNzzz!! wrote:
hi i am using oracle 10g database.
can it be possible ?
in if condition we can have more than one variable in one condition
if a=100 then
end if; how it will be in case statement ? i have searched lot on internet but didnt get
when a=100 then 200, 300 ... ???
thanksnot sure if I got your question correctly, is this what you are looking for?
SQL> ed
Wrote file afiedt.buf
  1  declare
  2      a number := 100;
  3      b number;
  4      c number;
  5  begin
  6      case
  7        when a = 100 then
  8          b := 200;
  9          c := 300;
10        when a = 0 then
11          b := 300;
12          c := 400;
13        else
14          b := 0;
15          c := 0;
16      end case;
17  dbms_output.put_line('a :'||a||' b :'||b||' c :'||c);
18* end;
SQL> /
a :100 b :200 c :300
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

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    Skigilboa wrote:
    I'm trying to view two different sheets at the same time from one file. This was possible in excel by opening a "new" window. Does anyone know how to do this in numbers?
    You know what: Happily, _*Numbers is definitively not a clone of Excel*_ !
    It's not forced to duplicate every features of this program !
    We may see every tables of a given sheet
    but we can't see tables of two sheets simultaneously.
    This feature is very important because it's linked to
    the one which allow us to have different orientation for different sheets.
    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) dimanche 13 septembre 2009 15:04:06

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    TeslasBB wrote:
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    You can only pair one device at a time to your 8330, or any other phone for that matter.  The "pairings" are saved to the phone, you can use one or the other and you won't have to pair it again.  Once you turn your bluetooth device on and the phone is on, they will find each other again.
    Hope this helps,
    Stevie Ray! 1954-1990
    ** Don't forget to resolve your post with the accepted solution.

  • Can we open more than one  "folder" at a time in Bridge?

    When I click on a folder icon, the images appear in the Bridge workspace. Then when I click on another, different, folder icon, the previously displayed images are gone, and only the second folder's images appear. A priori, this seems to be an unnecessary limitation on functionality, and therefore I presume that I just do not know how to do what is called for: To use the functionality of Bridge for more than the contents of only one folder at a time.
    Yes, I know that I could, using, say, Windows Explorer, create a sort of "megafolder" into which I copied the contents of several folders, but this seems to be a kludge which should not be necessary.
    Did the designers of Bridge not contemplate that users would want to operate on the contents of more than one folder at a time? I presume that I am just ignorant of how to achieve what should be a normal functionality; seeing more than the contents of just one folder at a time.
    Please alleviate my ignorance.

    Quick way: Press Ctrl+N (Cmd-N mac) to open a new Bridge window. Open the second folder there.
    Not so quick way: Select menu File => New Window. Open the second folder there.
    If you MUST view all of the files in one window, all of your files MUST be in folders nested within the same parent folder. In that case:
    1) View the parent folder in bridge.
    2) Open the Filter palette.
    3) Click the microscopic button in the top left corner of the Filter palette, which looks like a folder with a "No" symbol on it. The tooltip label for that button is, "Click to view all items...".

  • I'm using an iPhone 4. I used to be able to send more than one picture at a time to another iPhone. Now I get messages that it cannot be delivered.  What's going on?

    While on vacation in Canada in July I started having trouble sending more than one pix at a time to other users. I don't recall having this problem before. Is there a limit on the number of pictures you can send via text? I wonder if I messed up some settings while I was in Canada. I had things set so that I could not receive phone calls so I wouldn't get charged.  Could I have messed up text / multimedia settings as well?

        We want your phone working just as well now as it did before your trip, sngbrd9. Are you trying to send the pictures to other Apple users using iMessage or are they being sent through MMS/picture messaging? Are you able to send pictures one at a time to those same contacts without an error? Did you change any settings in your camera to have HDR now instead of a slightly lower resolution with a smaller file size? 
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  • Way to acquire more than one sample at a time into Labview from cFP?

    In reading data from my cFP into Labview I see that I can use the FP but it only grabs one sample per call (loop iteration).  In other devices, I could just use the AI Acquire to grab multiple samples per call.  Can I use this for cFP?  Is there another way to grab more than one sample per call from my cFP?  I'm just running it from a host computer, not using RT.
    My specific problem is that I have two things I want to do with the same signal, one slow (PID control loop) and one fast (data logging).  If I put the FP in the same loop as the PID control, I can only get one sample in the time it takes the PID loop to run which is too slow.  I'm trying to think of ways around this problem.

    Hello Hosehead,
    With FieldPoint there is no way to acquire more than one same at a time like
    you can with NI-DAQ.  With the FieldPoint read and write VIs
    you can only read or write a single point at a time.
    Please see the Sampling
    Speed of FieldPoint Modules document for more information on cFP
    acquisition rates.  This document explains how channels are updated, how
    often the data is updated, and what happens if you miss samples.  Please
    note that you will be able to acquire more samples if you are running your
    application on the RT controller and not on your host computer.
    If this does not answer your question, can you please post more data about the rate
    you want your PID loop and your data logging loop to run at.
    Jesse O.
    Applications Engineering
    National Instruments
    Jesse O. | National Instruments R&D

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    Is it possible to copy more than one clip at a time from iPhoto to iMovie? I can't find a way to select/copy more than one.

    OK you can leave them in iPhoto and access them from the iMovie Event for iPhoto.
    If you prefer to move them to a regular iMovie Event, you can do the following.
    1) right-click on one of the iPhoto clips and select "Reveal in Finder". This will open a finder window showing the clips in the iPhoto Library.
    2) In a different Finder window, create a folder to hold your event in iMovie. If you are using an internal drive, create a folder using your desired Event Name under the Movies/iMovie Events Folder.
    Note: If you are using an external drive, create a Folder called iMovie Events at the top level of the external drive. Then create the (Event Name) folder under this. The external drive must be formatted as MacOS Extended (journaled) for this to work.
    3) Select all the clips in the iPhoto finder window that are part of this event and Move them to the Movies/iMovie Event/(Event Name) folder.
    4) After you have done this for all the Events, open iMovie and let it generate thumbnails. This may take a while.

  • HT5622 Can Face Time be used to connect with more than one person at a time?

    Can I connect with more than one person at a time when using Face Time?

    You mean like a conference call?  No, unfortunately.

  • Viewing More than one report at a time

    Hi guys, i have an application developed with 6i forms, when i call reports, it shows up fine but users cannot open more than one report at a time. All opened reports are cued up.
    Is there any parameter i can set so that many reports can be viewed at the same time. Am using run_report_object to call reports.

    Hi Darwin
    Yes best tool is FinalCut Pro and it's MultiCamera function.
    But one can do it in a fairly easy way in FinalCut Express
    • Drop Camera one clip into video track 1
    • Camera two => V-track 2
    • Camera three => V-track 3
    Double click on the clip in track 1.
    Now You see it in Viewer
    Turn on Image + Wireframe (above the picture in viewer window)
    Now shrink it to take up a Quater and move it up to the left hand corner
    Repeat with track 2 and three but move them into a free corner
    Now when You play TimeLine You see all three videos playing in concordance.
    Now You have to move them so that they sync. I use a photo flash during recording
    to get one white frame on all cameras
    Then to the edit.
    Turn on Toggle Clips Overlays [alt+W] - this turns on the transparicy line in each
    videoclip and audio level on those
    I use the transparicy line and the Pen tool to increase transparacy to 100% on the
    part of a clip I want visibly and drag down the other two to 0%
    When I've done this trough out the full TimeLine
    • I go into each Video track and restore size to 100% and that they fill window
    Now playback and see if You are satisfied.
    Still - You now have to figure out on which Audio that works best.
    Good Luck
    BUT in FinalCut Pro this is very much more better and most of all time saving.
    Yours Bengt W

  • Failed to upgrade more than one table at same time

    In Deployment Manager, I failed to upgrade more than one table at same time.
    I tried to hightlight 4 tables and set the default action as Upgrade, and click File/Generate Deploy. It passed the code generation step then I click Deploy, they are all failed with no error message.
    But they are all successful when I upgrade them one by one. Any one has any idea about this?
    For the known reason, we have no choice to do the deployment with action of 'upgrade' through OMBPlus, instead, can only do that interactively through OWB Client. I can't imagine to ask our Production side DBA to upgrade 80 tables one by one. Or I have to use the generated scripts to do the upgrade, which will resulted in 'no deploy status updated' in OWB. Any help will be very appricated.
    The version I'm using is OWB 10g.

    First of all, Patrick's solution doesn't work for me. I didn't do cloning and there is no problem when check the WB tables.
    Second, I think your solution is only good for the developing environment just to get tables upgrade via deployment manager. In most cases, when you do a new release on PROD environment you just exp/imp the MDL file from DEV to PROD and any developing is not recommended on PROD. But your approach is trying to manually the DB, and then EDIT the mapping to do the Reconcile and then deploy. Surely you can do that if you have full control on your PROD side. However, in my situation, I have no access to the PROD for the security reason and an DBA Operator of the Client is responsible to implement my Migration process on PROD by himself.

  • ITunes 8.1 Can't Seem to do More Than One Thing at a Time

    I upgraded to 8.1 and now, rather than a "faster" iTunes experience as was advertised on Apple's website, iTunes can't seem to do more than one thing at a time without locking up the application completely. For instance, when trying to download podcasts if I choose to hit more than one "Get" button at a time iTunes will freeze up until the first podcast has completely downloaded. During this time I cannot access any other screen in iTunes at all.
    This freezing of iTunes also occurred while I was trying to sync my iPhone 3G. I received the Calendar sync error that a few other people have mentioned on the forum and wanted to turn off Calendar sync (since I don't use it and don't understand why iTunes turned it on by default, apparently, after the upgrade) but I had to wait for my iPhone 3G to completely sync before I could gain access to any of the tabs in the iPhone sync window.
    So, basically it seems like the new version of iTunes (8.1) really doesn't like to be bothered while it is trying to copy data from one place to another.
    Any ideas?

    I'm using Vista Ultimate 64-bit and iTunes 8.1 installed OK, but required a restart of the entire OS after upgrading. It takes forever to launch, clicking on certain items (like applications) causes itunes to freeze for about 15-30 seconds before it continues (this is actually something that's been there since the introduction of the app store), I've had to switch my library view to LIST and avoid any sort of album art. Using album art to view my library causes iTunes to be extremely, obnoxiously unresponsive.
    The best part - plugging in my iPhone to sync it... iTunes simply sits there dumbly - doesn't even recognize that I've plugged my iPhone in. So now I can't even sync. QUALITY product, quality. So the app I'm FORCED to use to manage my phone doesn't even work after upgrading. Outstanding.
    I'm terrified of uninstalling and reinstalling... the last time I did that with iTunes it jacked my library up... it "lost" all of my music... basically it disassociated all of the music (even the stuff purchased through the itunes store) with the index file so I had to re-import EVERY song and delete the duplicate entry.
    I searched a ton of forums looking for any clues as to how I could improve performance... All I run into is apple fan boys flaming any and all forums to the point of PC *****, no Apple *****, and so forth. Extremely unhelpful.
    The fact is this - if I wasn't forced to use iTunes to manage my non-jailbroken iPhone 3G, then I'd dump it completely. It is a horrible app. Why punish the customers that haven't gone the route of "jail breaking" their iPhones?
    One individual on one of the forums suggested that blue screens, and all the other random errors, including slow performance were due to a lack of RAM. I have 4GB of RAM on my machine I can run a virtual Fedora core 9 machine and a virtual WinXP machine on my Vista x64 box and still not have any performance issues with those two virtuals in the background sucking up system resources, yet with nothing open and less than 50% of my 4GB of RAM in use iTunes performance is abysmal. I have not run into any other application on my Vista machine that performs as badly as iTunes.
    And Apple is touting a "64-bit" version of iTunes - it isn't. The applications the 64-bit installer installs are all 32-bit.
    So, I'm searching as the two of you are for an answer to horrible performance of iTunes.
    Even exiting out of iTunes takes a day and a half... "saving itunes library".... And my "library" isn't that big.

  • App that can send more than one attachment at a time....

    Does anyone know of a app that I can send more than one attachment at a time like resumes + cover letters. Not having any luck with gmail or pages for the Ipad.
    Please help

    The MPEG Streamclip app can batch process videos. It can even convert up to  4 videos at the same time.
    It's free...
    Just drop as many videos as you like into the batch window.

  • How can I highlight more than one pic at a time?

    First of all, THANKS for anyone that may answer since APPLE obviously has no desire to get off their ***** and help their customers.
    About ten days ago I was prompted to install apples new operating system. So of course I clicked OK, idiot that I am!
    Now I'm stuck with this new piece of **** operating system that I wish I could uninstall.
    I upload a lot of pix for stuff I sell on EBay, sometimes 3-400 at a time. When I delete photos it's usually 1,000 at a time, and I assure you I'm not exaggerating. Up until now I was able to touch the END pic and swipe the whole horizontal row with two fingertips and the whole row of 7 would get checked. With the new ios7 I am unable to do it anymore (yet ANOTHER reason I don't want this 'improved' OS).
    Does ANYONE know of a way to highlight more than one pic at a time?? Remember the old windows system where you could click one pic, then hit SHIFT and click a lower one and it would highlight them all, in between, for a quick delete?
    There MUST be a way to delete, or rather highlight (or CHECK) more than one pic at a time? Anyone?
    THANKS, Rich

    Yes, I know the photos stored on the device... But which app are you accessing the photos with? Which app do you want to be able to highlight more than one pic at a time in?
    There are literally thosands of apps that access the iOS Photo Library - which one(s) are you using?

  • How can I buy more than one item at a time?

    How can I buy more than one item at a time i iPhote fx a book and a calander? It would be nice to place one order and only pay for the shipping once!

    You can't.

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