Can't connect to internet through Airport Express anymore

Suddenly, my PowerBook can't connect to the internet through Airport Express. Monday late afternoon--everything was fine. Put it in sleep, come back a few hours later, can't connect.
Thing is, Airport/wireless is working. Can stream audio to my home stereo.
And the DSL/modem are working. If I connect the machine via ethernet directly, I'm online.
Saw that some other users began having problems with USB/printer connections Monday. Could my problem be related?
What gives?
Any ideas?

Hello mnkyby. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
It sounds like your AirPort Express Base Station (AX) in not getting a proper IP address from your modem.
Try this ...
o Connect to the AX's wireless network, and then, run the AirPort Admin Utility.
o Go to the Internet tab.
o Note the value for IP address. (Note: Do not list it here on the forum, just note what it is.)
o Is the IP address what you would expect from your ISP or is it something like: 196.254.x.x?
If the latter, try the following ...
Modem/Router Power Recycling - Quick
o Power-off the DSL/Cable modem, AX, & computer(s); Wait at least 5 minutes.
o Power-on the DSL/Cable modem; Wait at least 5 minutes.
o Power-on the AX; Wait at least 5 minutes.
o Power-on the computer(s)
If this fails to get the modem to "recognize" the Internet router, then try the "Full" version.
Modem/Router Power ReCycling - Full
o Power-off the DSL/Cable modem, AX, & computer(s). (Wait at least 30 minutes. If possible, leave the modem off overnight.)
o Power-on the DSL/Cable modem; Wait at least 15 minutes.
o Power-on the AX; Wait at least 5 minutes.
o Power-on the computer(s)

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  • Can't connect (wireless) to my Airport Express anymore with iBook, iPad or iPhone.

    Can't connect (wireless) to my Airport Express anymore with iBook, iPad or iPhone. It still recognizes the printer on the iBook (bonjour), but not on my Windows notebook (work). The only device that still connects via wireless is the PlayStation 3.

    The latest firmupdate solved the issue.

  • Mac connected but PC can't connect to internet through Airport Extreme

    When I was using a dial-up connection everything worked fine on both computers but since I changed to a PPPoE / Ethernet connection my PC using Windows XP can't connect to the internet although is connected to the Airport with excellent signal.
    In System Preferences>Network I have Connect using PPPoE option checked so I can't see my airport in the Airport Admin Utility. Apple Talk is Inactive.
    In System Preferences>Sharing>Internet: Internet sharing is Off and there's a text that it can't be turned on "because there are no ports available over which to share your connection"

    I understand, but for some reason, that I'm trying to
    figure out, when I uncheck the PPPoE option on my
    computer and my base station appears in the Admin
    utility, I loose my internet connection on the
    macintosh although the Network Status says that I'm
    connected to the internet via Airport...
    You will need to configure the Airport to connect via PPPoE.

  • Can't connect to internet through airport extreme but have full signal

    I've seen a lot of posts but I still can't connect wirelessly via airport extreme.
    Using a Powerbook running 10.6.4, I have updated the airport extreme's firmware and have a full signal strength, but I can't connect to the internet.
    I get an error message that it can't find the server.
    I can get online if I connect the internet cable directly to my computer.
    Airport is working
    Internet is working
    Wireless is not working

    Robin Berman wrote:
    I still can't connect wirelessly via airport extreme.
    Using a Powerbook running 10.6.4
    That's not possible. Do you mean "MacBook"?
    I ... have a full signal strength, but I can't connect to the internet.
    First try resetting your connection settings using the steps listed in this message:
    They're not guaranteed to solve the problem, but they'll only take a minute or so to try.
    If that doesn't help, connect to your wireless network, then open the Network panel of System Preferences. Select the AirPort connection item, click on the "Advanced" button, then on the "TCP/IP" tab. What do you see for the three values below "Configure IPv4"? Now click on the "DNS" tab. What do you see for "DNS Servers"?
    Finally, type this URL in the address bar of your browser:
    and press "return". Does that take you to Google? If so, there's something wrong with the way your computer or router is handling DNS lookups.

  • Using airtunes without connecting to internet through airport express

    I am currently using cablevision and a modem, wirelessly, working fine.
    have extensive music library, want to play it through home stereo wirelessly.
    acquired airport express. computer finds it fine, but cannot skip using A Express as wireless connection

    you should be able to launch Airport Utility and setup your Express from scratch. The process is fairly self explanatory for me however, I found this tutorial that is pretty good and should get you through this ok, it's got screen shots to use as reference and covers the setup you are attempting to achieve.

  • Can't connect to internet through Airport network

    Previously - worked
    Internet: DSL
    Network: via Airport Extreme
    Computers: 3 (G4 Tower, PowerBook G4, Xbox360)
    Setup: I ran the ethernet cable out of the modem into the Aiport Extreme. Then I ran another ethernet cable into a router which then split the signal into two lines -- one going to the tower and one going to the Xbox. The laptop connected wirelessly. This worked using DHCP assigning multiple IP addresses to all on the network and indeed the two computers surfed the net with ease and I had no problems connecting or staying on Xbox Live.
    Currently - doesn't work
    Internet: Cable (Charter)
    Network: same
    Computers: same
    Problem: I recently switched from DSL to Cable internet for faster speed. Here is what i found: When i connect the ethernet cable directly into the tower from the modem i can access the internet. If i connect the ethernet cable directly into the PowerBook G4 i get nothing. If i try to connect the ethernet cable to the Airport from the modem i get nothing as well. At first all i thought i had to do was change the account settings from that of the DSL to that of the Cable internet -- only there are no account settings for the Cable internet. I literally just plugged in the cable and was ready to go. I have tried resetting my airport to get rid of my previous [DSL] settings and redoing the Airport Setup Assistant to no avail.
    G4 Tower, PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    ok so i unplugged my modem for a few minutes and then plugged the ethernet into the airport and turned the modem back on. now i can get internet on both my laptop and my tower. that works, thanks!
    an odd aside tho is that before, when i was connecting through PPPoE, the laptop would automatically connect to my network (regardless of how many networks the airport card was picking up). now that i have the airport set to just connect via ethernet i have to manually log onto my network every time. is there a setting i'm forgetting about that enables automatic log in or is this just the case with connecting via ethernet?
    here is the next problem, though. i bought a wireless adapter for my 360 and it cannot detect my network. it detects two other different networks that are in my complex but not mine. i have no idea if this is an airport issue or a 360 issue as powerbooks just automatically detect an airport base station. i have tried testing it in the same room as the airport with no luck. the only way i have connected to Xbox Live so far was to hard line an ethernet cable to the 360, shut the modem off, turn it back on and connect that way. if anyone knows anything about the 360 or has had similar problems trying to get their 360 up and running wirelessly through an airport please let me know
    Mac OS X (10.3.9)
    Mac OS X (10.3.9)

  • Can I connect an A1084 model Airport Express using current version of Airport Utility

    Can I connect an A1084 model Airport Express using current version of Airport Utility?

    You will need an older 5.x version of AirPort Utility to be able to administer the older AirPort Express.  That would mean that you need to have....or be able to borrow for 10-15 minutes......a Mac running Leopard (10.5.x), Snow Leopard (10.6.x), or a PC with AirPort Utility installed on the device.

  • Not connected to internet through airport xtreme (connection is ok) after upgrading iOS6

    after upgrading to iOS6 none of my mobile devices (running iOS6) can go online on internet through my airport extreme. My MAC is using the same without problem.

    Look at iOS Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    iPad: Issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks
    iOS: Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points
    Additional things to try.
    Try this first. Turn Off your iPad. Then turn Off (disconnect power cord) the wireless router & then back On. Now boot your iPad. Hopefully it will see the WiFi.
    Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and turn Off. Then while at Settings>Wi-Fi, turn back On and chose a Network.
    Change the channel on your wireless router. Instructions at ork.html
    Another thing to try - Go into your router security settings and change from WEP to WPA with AES.
    How to Quickly Fix iPad 3 Wi-Fi Reception Problems
    If none of the above suggestions work, look at this link.
    iPad Wi-Fi Problems: Comprehensive List of Fixes
    Fix iPad Wifi Connection and Signal Issues
    Unable to Connect After iOS Update - saw this solution on another post.
    Note - When troubleshooting wifi connection problems, don't hold your iPad by hand. There have been a few reports that holding the iPad by hand, seems to attenuate the wifi signal.
    If any of the above solutions work, please post back what solved your problem. It will help others with the same problem.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Can't connect to router through airport (problem with encryption)

    We have a small office network with several computers connected to a wireless router. A while back all the macs using airport suddenly were no longer able to connect to the internet (email still worked fine) while the windows computers on wireless and macs on lan still work fine.
    The router is using WPA personal encryption, and when using this the macs can connect to the wireless network no problems, but then they aren't able to use the internet. as i said though email still works without any problems. We spoke to the tech support at our ISP but macs aren't very common in south africa, so they just suggest we change the encryption from WPA to WEP encryption. I tried both 64 bit and 128 bit but every time i get an error saying: There was an error joining airport network. If I turn off encryption though everything works fine and the macs are able to access the internet without any problems. Anybody have any ideas what might be wrong?

    I am having the same problems since 3 days ago (Imac core 2 duo 20" 2,16). I think it was after the 10.4.10 upgrade.
    I haven't tested if I can connect an open network (without encryption).
    I can't connect to internet using the wifi network... sometimes, i can't even locate the SSID's network.
    Even using windows xp with bootcamp i can't use the network, so it's really strange. This can only be firmware/hardware... cause XP on my mac was able to connect and now it can't too. I tried with other computers (notebook) and i can connect without problems.
    Have you solved this issue ?
    Anyone can help?
    Joao Oliveira

  • Can't connect to an extended Airport Express?

    My network is set up in the following way (see photo) 1 Time Capsule + 2 Airport Express to extend the network.
    No computers or devices can connect to the Airport Express named "AE02"? They all ONLY connect to the middle Airport Express called "AE01" even though they are like 20 cm from AE02??
    What am I doing wrong? Anyone else has this problem?

    Thanks, Huge bummer... How come the Airport Expresses connect that way if not allowed?! 
    I found the answer just like 'Tesserax' pointed out.

  • Can't connect to Internet via Airport

    I have a PPPOE ISP account. Before upgrade to Lepoard, just fine. Now I can only connect to internet using cable via my router moderm. I cannot connect my wireless router.
    The wireless router will appear to be connected but it said self assigned IP. If I hardcode an IP eg. to it. The Airport status will become connected but still cannot dial into my PPPOE account. An message no PPPOE service will appear. But if I plug in the LAN cable, everything work fine. Why this happen? My wireless router work fine with my Window XP and my Mac (before upgrade to Lepoard) What configuration should I change? I am an idot to networking. I have download all patch and has tried boot to safe mode etc.
    Anyone can help?

    By power downs do you mean Sleep?
    One thing that might work is to set the IP to Static in Network>Configure IPv4>DHCP with Manual Address.

  • Can I use time machine through airport express and an external hard drive?

    I want to be able to use time machine remotely. I own a WD 1TB passport external hard drive. If I connect it to an airport express, will it backup my macbook pro?

    Not sure what you mean by "remotely".  Remotely on your network, or remotely over the Internet?
    In either case, the AirPort Express does not support a hard drive.  You would need an AirPort Extreme for that.
    Trying to use Time Machine over the Internet is incredibly slow and unreliable. Remember, you are uploading. Upload speeds are often 10 times slower than download speeds with most Internet Service Providers.

  • Can't connect imac to internet through Airport Express

    I am trying to connect my new imac (2.4Ghz,OS X 10.5) to the internet through my Airport Express (v6.3) but have encountered some problems.
    The set up goes like this:
    Cable Internet <wired> TP-LINK Router <wired> AE <wireless> imac
    The internet is coming from my landlord on the bottom floor of my apartment so I can't change the router.
    The router is assigning a static IP to my AE (
    I am using WEP 128 bit security.
    I have set the AE through Airport Utility to act as a Bridge.
    On the imac I set the Network preferences to manually select an IP address ( which is out of the range of the Router (
    The AE connects and lights up green and the imac recognises the AE but I still cannot access the internet...
    I have also tried to wirelessly connect my PC laptop to the AE using other static addresses but I still can't connect to the internet.
    Can anyone please help??

    Hello Starwolfgang. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    The router is assigning a static IP to my AE (
    Are you sure that this provided IP address is static? If so, you also need to note the provided DNS server(s) IPs as well.
    On the imac I set the Network preferences to manually select an IP address ( which is out of the range of the Router (
    Since you configured your AX in bridge mode, your computer will be dependent on the NAT (& possibly DHCP) services provided by your apartment's router. Assuming that your landlord doesn't filter out any IP addresses and that the IP address you set is valid, you need to compare your iMac AirPort's DNS server address settings with that provided by your apartment's router to be sure they match.
    Finally, assuming that your apartment provides you with an Ethernet jack, if you connect your iMac directly (via Ethernet) can it access the Internet?

  • Mac Book pro can't connect to Internet through Apple airport extreme base station

    I had problems connecting to the internet in the past with my macbook pro.  One day it suddenly started working again but then I bought a second apple TV I lost connectivity.  I have tried changing the IP address manually and while it shows me connected to the wifi I am still with out internet.  When I hooked up the new Apple TV that I bought it booted my computer from it's ip address.  The apple TV though wouldn't work and now nor would my computer.  I ended up setting the Apple TV's ip address manually and now it works fine. My computer on the other hand does not no matter if I set it manually or not.  Even if I plug in the ethernet cable from the base station it doesn't work.  It show that it has a self assigned IP address.  After I set it manually it shows that I am connected both via wifi and the ethernet cable but I can't connect to the internet.  If I plug the modem directly into the computer bypassing the base station I get internet and it is using the IP address that worked originally.
    It has something to do with the connection from the base station to my computer but this is odd considering every other device I have: iPhone 4, apple tv, apple tv, apple mini with retina display all work perfectly via wifi (newest apple tv had to be set manually as I stated above but now works fine).  When I check the ip of the base station itself it seems to be different from the ip of the computer when the computer was connected directly to the router.  I don't understand why my computer now can't connect to the internet via the base station whether it be wifi or by ethernet.  Can you please help me trouble shoot this?
    I have an AirPort Extreme base station which allows up to 50 users and a 30 meg connection speed.
    I have a MacBook Pro (17-inch Early 2009), OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)

    It has something to do with the connection from the base station to my computer
    I don't think so..
    I just posted a reply which totally vanished.. strange strange website now.
    Please post some screenshots of your AE setup from the airport utility.. I want to see the summary page, then the network and internet tab.
    Please tell us what modem you use.. is it a router??
    If you have satellite or 3G wimax etc service they often are limited to 5 IP addresses... the AE takes one and then 4 more devices can join .. no more.
    You need to also give us the screenshot of the IP you are getting in a computer that works.
    Sorry this is half double post.. the previous page refused to display.. now it has returned..

  • Trouble getting internet through Airport Express

    I am trying to set up the most basic wireless network with a cable modem, Airport Express and G4 Powerbook running 10.4.6. I have went through all the steps of setting up the modem then the Airport Express and configuring it with Airport Admin. and all that. I get perfect signal from the express but when I open Safari it doesn't do anything. It doesn't come up with the network diagnostic "Not Connected to the Internet" screen or anything. When I plug my modem directly into the Powerbook through ethernet it works fine.
    It seems as though I am just missing a step or an option or something like that.
    I have also tried to use my roomates old Motorola WA480G wireless router with similar results. I can get Wi-Fi signal through the Airport card but Safari brings up the network diagnostic screen.
    G4 Powerbook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
    G4 Powerbook    

    I am having this exact same problem, only using a Dell laptop with Windows XP instead of a Mac. I had my Airport Express set up on a LAN at work a couple of months ago and it worked perfectly. It's been in storage for a couple of months, and now that I am trying to set it up at home with my cable modem, I can't get it to connect to the internet.
    When I plug the modem in with an ethernet cable everything works perfectly. But when I plug it into the airport (after doing the power down/power up process) the LED goes solid green, but nothing will load in my browser. I can use other wireless networks without problem.
    I also can't get it to print anymore. When I plug the printer directly into my computer it prints just fine. But when I plug it into the airport, it won't print. I've set the printer up using Bonjour, and the Airport Admin utility detects the printer. But when I print I get an error message saying that the printer failed to print the document.
    Any ideas?

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