Can two people use the same computer with two different ipods?

I was just wondering if me and my mother can use the same computer with our ipods?

Glad you asked. Before you get rid of the old one move its iTunes Library to the new one:
iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
"Deauthorize" the old computer too. Go to the iTunes Store menu and select "Deauthorize This Computer..."
I hope you get a Mac this time

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    I have two iphones using the same computer and I can only find a backup for my iphone and not my girlfriends.  She uses itunes a lot more often then I do but cant find it.  Really need some help.  Shouldnt her apps and details be saved online in the itunes store?  Even her apps wont appear

    If you create an Apple ID for your daughter, signing out of the existing Apple ID with the iTunes & App Store on her iPhone will not change anything on your iPhone.
    All apps include DRM protection which is tied to the Apple ID that was used to download the apps.
    If she starts using her Apple ID to download apps, when there is an app update for an app on her iPhone that was downloaded with the current shared Apple ID, she will need to use that Apple ID and password to download the app updates.

  • HT1495 Can two people use the same itunes account?

    Can two people use the same iTunes account? On different computers and different devices?

    Yes, READ the article from which the question was posted as it explains how to do so in detail.

  • HT204053 Can multiple people use the same Apple ID for their own devices?

    Can multiple people use the same Apple ID for their own devices? I just set up my IPhone 4S (first time user) using the same Apple ID as my daughters and now we receive each others texts, do I need to set up my own Apple ID account?

    Yes, you can.  In fact it's recommended that you use different IDs for iMessage, FaceTime and iCloud.  You can still share the same ID for iTunes without any issues.
    You are getting each other's text messages because you're using the same ID for iMessage.  To fix this, one of you should go to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive, tap the ID, sign out, then sign in with a different ID.  To avoid getting each other's FaceTime calls, do the same thing in Settings>FaceTime.

  • TS2972 I have multiple libraries on the "same computer" with two different desktops, can't I share between two libraries on the same computer?

    I'm trying to use home sharing to share content between libraries so some of the combined content in a given library, can be synced to an ipad.   Instad of having mulitple computers, i have multiple libraries on the same computer using two desktops.  How do I share within the same computer?

    iTunes must be running for home sharing to work.  There is no way to have home sharing running simultaniously for two users on the same computer.
    Simply add the media files using File > Add File/Folder option in iTunes.

  • The same itunes Library and playlists on the same computer with two systems

    I want to have the same itunes library and playlists on the same computer with the two different Os 10.3.9 and 10.4.9 each one on the different disk. without copy this in the itunes folder (because my library its 30Gb)
    I have the same user name on the Os. I use the same version of itunes in both systems
    I use my ipod to play the library but its not the best solution (i lost my library in ipod twice because I confused from what os was synchronized)

    Hello and Welcome to Apple Discussions. 
    Amalgamate the two iTunes libraries. Then load iTunes and hold down the Option/Alt ⌥ key and then choose "Choose Library" and then point both copies of iTunes to use the combined iTunes library.

  • HT1694 Is there a way to have emails sent to both your ipad and desktop and then be able to delete them off of your ipad while having them stay on the computer? Two people use the same email account.

    My parents use the same email address and both want to access all the emails that come in. My mom uses the ipad and my dad using the desktop. Recently the ipad started deleting emails off of the desktop when you deleted them off the ipad. Is there a way to get the messages deleted from the ipad to stay in the inbox on the desktop? Thanks!

    Yes, that would require a POP type email account. What you describe now is the proper functioning of an IMAP type email account.
    Contact your email provider to see if they can help.

  • TS3988 Can 2 people use the same icloud?

    Need help badly, such a mess! My son is under my Itunes acct-I have an Iphone 4s, he has an Iphone 4. Somehow his phone is on the ICloud with our Apple ID (which is my gmail address) & pw. He also has an up by me trying to seperate our phones (mistake now I know!) Our ICloud Backup Storage is a mess-we use 1 laptop for Itunes and now ICloud--his phone updated & all my contacts went to his phone-he erased my people off his phone b/4 checking with my phone-now ALL my contacts are lost, only his remain on both our phones! Even worse now I cannot text him--I "think" his phone is seeing my phone as his now, if that makes any sense at all! HELP!

    Thank you so much for your answer! Yes, this is my 1st time to the community too, again thank you! Okay, here's the sequence that 'may' help explain; 1st- My son got an Iphone 4 & wanted to buy songs, etc., so I added his phone to my Itunes acct..--he consequently signs on under my email address (my Apple ID) & my PW. No problem then, it had/has listed ex. Mom's Iphone & Son's Iphone (mine is a 4s, don't think that makes a difference- except in telling u that Siri doesn't work properly now either & refers to my son's name now instead of mine!) As far as I can tell, the real problems began with the ICloud settings on our Iphones--meaning the settings on 'where' to back our phone's- ICloud or to the Laptop (both phones back up to the same laptop.) It's so complicated I can hardly explain it, so sorry if I'm bouncing around! I did not mean to or rather it was not an intentional decision to use the same ICloud, however since we share the same comp. and Itunes account, and basically passwords--it somehow happened. I don't know how to undo this mess! Last night I went to & was able to sign on with my son's user ID & our Itunes PW (aka-Apple ID.) It really didn't do anything except show me Iphone features, ex. Contacts, Ibook, etc.. I did 'not' see a place where I could change any settings, like to possibly change his Apple ID, or pw...that's all I can think of to change? And even with that I'm not sure how to do that...he's 14, a minor--so he has to be under my settings to a degree. Don't mind at all having seperate ID's, but we do share "some" music and app's for example. Is any of this making sense or even partially explaining my problems? Thank you in advance!

  • Can 2 people use the same I pad for the same apps?

    Can 2 people sharing an I Pad 2 use the same apps like games for instance?  Can each person log in when using the I Pad? Can you register the I Pad in 2 names so you can each individually use if for your own apps?

    One user only on the iPad, no way to create multiple user accounts in iOS.

  • I am trying to set up my internet connection with my iphone 5 and the hotspot. I had no problem using the same computer with iphone 4. i am unable to do it and get an IP address conflict

    I have a new iphone 5 with a personal hotspot. Am trying to establish wifi connection and get this message on my laptop. Network error, another computer is using the same IP address.

    A free app called Fing will tell you what devices are connected to your network and what IP addresses they are using. Rebooting/resetting each of your devices will probably resolve things.

  • Best way to go about having two people use the same form?

    Hi guys,
    Relativly new to livecycle and I need some help.
    I've been asked to make a form that 2 different people will have access too, what I need to do is as followed:
    Person 1
    Only has access to the first 5 pages and is able to fill out the form
    Person 2
    Has access to the WHOLE document and can see what PERSON 1 has entered.
    Can this be done with two different versions of the document, or will it have to be all as one?

    Well I have done it before by using a button which the second person clicks and this brings up a messagebox which asks for a password. If the password is entered correctly the rest of the form (which is originally set to hidden) will become visible. The code in the click event of the button is something like (in formcalc):
    var correctpassword ="Password:","For office use only","",1)
    if (correctpassword == "whateverYouWantYourPasswordToBe") then
        restOfForm.presence = "visible"
        $.presence = "hidden"
    else"You have entered the wrong password","For office use only",1)

  • IChat between two people using the same .mac account

    I am in Singapore. My wife is in NY. We are both using our family .mac account. She is using the account from the computer I left in NY, and I am using it on the computer I have brought here. We both have cameras hooked up to the respective computers. Is there some way that we can video chat with each other using the I chat and our single .mac account. We are both running ichat 4.03

    No. Use a trial/expired .Mac account or free AIM account with iChat on the other computer.

  • Can two people use the same Nike plus and Nano?

    Or will we each need our own. My husband purchased one and I would also like to use it. We work out at different times and it would be nice not to have to purchase different units, but will it upload both or our workout information or does anyone know if we can pick which workouts to upload. Thanks!!

    All the workout data would get uploaded to the Nike+ website into a single-user's data.
    However, if you really don't want to buy two units, the Nike+ website does offer you the ability to "name" your workouts. So, each time you work out, the two of you could give your workouts a name that would allow to differentiate whose is whose. For instance, "His Workout #1" and "Her Workout #1," etc. The combined totals would represent both "His" and "Her" workout totals, but you could at least tell the difference between individual workouts.
    Hope this helps!

  • How can I sync two ipods on the same computer with two seperate accounts

    My girlfriend and I have seperate itunes accounts but would like to combine our libraries / it possible?

    Refer to this article:
    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • Two people using the same Mac for tutorials.

    I went through a tutorial with the writer of a program and he was walking me through the program while he was in his home city and state. I believe this 'sharing' was set up in our .Mac accounts.
    I do remember him telling me to get ready to accept a request to use my computer from him. Once he was somehow connected with my computer the on line tutorial was on.
    Could anyone help with what this feature is and a "real good article or tutorial" on how to use it.
    Help is sometimes not too much Help.
    Thanks in advance for any input you may have to offer.

    It's kind of a rough time to learn about .Mac because it's being changed to another service called MobleMe, pretty much at this moment. But there are some pages on Apple's web site that have some information, such as

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    hello,I don't know how to solve this problem. I'm sure that the DNS server works correctly and the browser support. There are some questions when dealing with you request! please try again later`````` Thanks!!

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    I have cs4, an XH-A1s and an HV30....and a MacPro from 2008. I have recently narrowed down my issues with a bad firewire port on my xha1s. Can or Cannot I use my HV30 to captureHD footage in Premiere Pro CS4? It simply says capture device offline. If

  • OSX 10.8.2 dashboard dictionary does not work

    I am trying to use the dictionary widget on the dashboard for mac 10.8.2. when i search for word and hit enter, a small little grey shape comes up below the widget, instead of revealing the info i am after. I have remove the widget from the dashboard