Case Cracks White MacBook (2006)

I have observed cracks on my white macbook (Late 2006 model) case (both insde & out side). Everytime I take an appointment with the Genius, they say that they are so busy to replace the case and they might need at least 3-5 business days. Since I did not have an alternate computer, I have delayed a bit. Now that I recently got a iMac, I would like to turn in my macbook for repair. Not sure if apple has spares to repair the cracked outer shells. Any idea how long and how much it costs to get it fixed ? Or can I return my laptop to get some store credit and buy a new Macbook ??

sparu wrote:
Not sure if apple has spares to repair the cracked outer shells. Any idea how long and how much it costs to get it fixed ? Or can I return my laptop to get some store credit and buy a new Macbook ??
Only Apple would know that.  Also, ask Apple.  Not going to happen.  You can't return a 6 year old mac and expect to get a store credit.  Since the repair volume of the store seems to be high, get an estimate and leave it there for repair if you find the price of repair to be acceptable.

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  • Please i have ordered for Bottom Case of white macbook for over 2 months now and the repair status is still processing. is dat normal

    please i have ordered for Bottom Case of white macbook (late 2009)for over 2 months now and the repair status is still processing. is dat normal? i really need the bottom case asap, how can i get it

    Call Apple.  Contact Apple for support and service
    This is a user to user forum, we don't work for Apple.

  • Macbook mid 2010 top case for white macbook 4,1

    Can i replace the whole topcase assembly (keyboard plus trackpad) of my white MacBook 4,1 early 2008 with a topcase assembly (keyboard plus multitouch trackpad ) from a mid-2010 macbook?? my topcase is cracked and i want to replace it..

    No, the connectors on the logic board are different for the multi touch model 7,1 top case.

  • White Macbook 2006 random shutdown solved removed cpu heatsink and more

    I picked up a cheap macbook from a secondhand retailer for $300 and it regularly shutdown, froze, restarted as well as the grey kernel panic screen completely random no real pattern. I set about trying to solve the problem swapping ram and hard drive with my identical 2006 macbook (which I had similar problems with last year, fixed that one with a new battery connector cable). The ram and hard drive made no difference so I downloaded istat menus to see if any combination of cpu voltage, current and temperature were causing the random shutdowns. It seemed when the temperature reached certain values the computer would shutdown or freeze(around 30 to 50 degrees). I'd read on other forums about faulty cpu temperature diodes so I reapplied heatsink compound to the cpu heatsink and checked all the wiring for shorts but nothing seemed to solve the problem. I was ready to retire the computer and use it for spares for my other macbook when needed but I pulled the keyboard off one more time and tried something completely radical. This fix requires some forward planning and software installation but it has completely solved my Random shutdowns completely.
    for instructions see my next post *Fix for random shutdowns white macbook*

    Ok this is not for the non technical person but it is quite a simple process with the right instructions.
    This first step is very important install the software coolbook($10) and fan control (Free)( not smc fan control). Set up coolbook to operate the cpu at the lowest speed and voltage for both power adapter and battery(1002MHz and .95Volts). Remove the keyboard to access the computer logic board (instructions can be found at iFixit). Remove the four screws and two connectors holding the heatsink to the logicboard and gently lift the heatsink out (very important that you leave the fan screwed in and connected). Close the computer back up if you wish to test just gently connect the keyboard and loosly sit the keyboard back in. Restart and reset the pram immediately. Let the computer boot up and then open system preferences and configure Fan Control to your liking. So far no random shutdowns for over a week (was getting many a day previously.

  • Advise on fixing/glueing Top Case cracks on Macbook White Unibody 2009 A1342

    Hi Folks!
    I have a white unibody 2009 that has a crack on the top case by the ethernet port.
    This is probably a stress related crack from picking up the case from the palm rest and the polucarbonate case just couldn't hold the pressure and cracked that area.
    It is way out of warranty, but still wanted to check with you all if Apple might be willing to either fix it for free themselves or give me the part (the top case) to replace myself. This looks more like a design or material flaw, since this macbook has been handled just like any other laptop would. Normal use!
    If not, I could take it apart and attempt to fix it by glueing it from inside.
    Has anyone tried this and what glue would be the strongest fix for this poly material? Any brand you recommend? Something stronger than superglue or gorilla?
    Also, not sure yet if there is any space between the ethernet port and the case to maybe add some kind of rigid plastic to the bottom of the case under the crack in order to add support and keep it toghether.
    If so, what would you recommend I use as support? It would have to be a very thin plastic, not sure what though.
    I'd appreciate "constructive" advise. Thanks a lot!

    You’ve run into the main problem with user forums. Since we aren’t trained Mac mechanics and no one from Apple reads or posts to these forums except as users, you’ve got to hope that someone reads your post who has had the exact same problem as yours and has found a solution for the problem.

  • Split in case on white macbook 13"

    I have had my MacBook for four years now. I love it, but I've had a lot of problems. My case has split three times now. The first two times, it was in the front, to the right and left of trackpad. This time is it on the upper left next to the firewire port. I've had it repaired twice under Apple care, the second time being just a month ago. Now, Apple care has expired and it's busted again. I am a frequent user. I live on my MacBook-- writing, talking to friends across the country, researching random things online, etc. Still, I take care of it. My MacBook is one of my prized possessions. I don't slam down the lid or anything like that. So I don't understand why this keeps happening, and it really bums me out. I suppose my question is, will the Apple store do anything without it being covered by Apple care, when they fixed it just over a month ago, or am I out of luck?

    Have you tried contacting a Mac Genius to see what they would do for you?
    In my case they only seem to be willing to fix it out of warranty if it is the bezel cover as in your first two times.

  • Ram compatibility for White Macbook 2006

    Want to upgrade RAM and note Apple specs say
    RAM Type: PC2-5300 SO-DIMM
    200 pin
    Someone local to me is selling the following
    2007 Two x 1 GB PC2-5300 S)-CIMM/CL5 laptop ram
    # Memory Type: DDR2 667 SDRAM (MicroDIMM)
    # Capacity: 1GB
    # Bus Speed: 667MHz
    # Access Time: 3ns (min.) / 8ns (max.)
    # CAS Latency: CL5
    # Form Factor: 200-Pin ECC Registered DIMM
    Should the RAM be compatible?

    My opinion and many others here is to go with a company that offers Lifetime Guaranty on their RAM.
    Some like NewEgg or OWC also have "foolproof" ways to make sure you purchase the correct RAM. Try this link...
    Good Luck.

  • White Macbook (2006?) won't find available networks?

    So my macbook (got it sometime in '06) had suddenly stopped functioning in any wi-fi capacity.  It says it is searching for networks but doesn't find anything.  I've tried cycling it on and off and have all so rebooted the whole machine.  The network is working perfectly on the other 2 computers, 3 iphones and ipad in the house so I don't think it's on that end.  Haven't had to do much troubleshooting on this front before. 
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    I had this same problem with a Dell Laptop, before I moved to the Mac line... Your problem is treatable, but not free. Your Wi-Fi receiver has died... One option you have for reparing it is to take to and Apple Retail store or Best Buy and have them perform diagnostics and replace the Wi-Fi reader. A cheaper option would be to buy a USB Wi-Fi reader... However I don't recomend this, because they are cheaply made and don't always work... Hope this answers your question!

  • White MacBook takes too much time to boot up

    Hi there.
    I got the topcase(keyboard) of my MacBook repaired. (White MacBook 2006) and after that it takes nearly 7 up to 10 seconds after pressing the power button that I first see apple logo and it boots up.
    I'm not sure but seems like that detecting the hardwares take too much time .
    any solution?
    PS: I'm running Snow Leopard(10.6.2)

    macbig wrote:
    OK, 32 seconds is not good. I don't think it has anything to do with a keyboard repair. You need to try a little maintenance: Reset Pram -
    Repair Permissions -
    Run Disk Utility >applications>utilities>disk utilities>verify disk
    How much free space do you have on your HD: Right click on HD icon and select "get info" in the drop down menu (if you don't have right click capabilities, highlight your HD icon, go file in the Apple menu, and select "get info" in the drop down menu. Let us know your results.
    Yes PRAM was the the problem, I've already tried it from this thread
    by the way thank you .

  • Random crashes MacBook 2006

    Hi everybody, I have a white MacBook 2006 with 10.7.5 installed.
    I have replaced the battery, replaced the thermal paste on the CPUs and run Apple Hardware Test. Everything works as it should but if I pull the power cord off it crashes after a while without warning. If I have the power cable on the computer makes a sound after a while, I think it is the DVD burner but is keeps running.
    I would be very grateful if anyone has any suggestions on what it might be causing this.

    >makes a sound after a while, I think it is the DVD burner <
    Well since you seem comfortable going into the computer, go back inside and pull the connector to the DVD burner. That burner shouldn't be running unless there's a fault or a disk is stuck.
    Also remove all third party hardware attached to the computer.
    Also there was a shutdown issue with this model and Apple released a SMC update. Check that your SMC has been updated to version 1.1 or later.
    Reseat your RAM
    Is your computer in the serial number range  xx617xxxxxx - xx635xxxxxx? If so there was a shutdown issue with this model.
    Did some research:
    So that could have been the problem that caused the recall. A piece of kapton tape might solve your problem. There's always some floating around inside a Mac.
    Also here:
    Important: Apple says new heatsink fixes Random Shutdown
    Report back.

  • White macbook: upper case cracked at edges. Is replacement possible?

    My Macbook has cracked casing edges at the front and sides. There is also some cracking at the top edges of the screen that I'm less worried about as it is not leaving anything exposed. It's well out of warranty with no Applecare, but I read on a US site (I'm in the UK) that Apple considered this a manufacturing defect and were offering a free replacement. I never received any notification of such a program. Can anyone clarify whether this was indeed the case, and if it was a time limited offer. If not, what are my options?

    Hi Fatjim,
    It's been over a year since your post, so I hope you receive this query.
    My daughter's white plastic MacBook -- about the same vintage as yours or a bit newer: Aug 2009 -- developed those well-known top case cracks about 2-1/2 years ago, within the 1-year warranty (I didn't even know about defects covered beyond that point). Was directed to a very good, nice, decent Apple support and repair store in NYC (which is a miracle, believe me!!!). No computer sales, just support. Very specialized and very personal. Completely different from other "authorized Apple" support stores in NYC. They replaced that one top piece quickly and for free. But perhaps a year later the top plate started developing new chips all over the place. I e-mailed Manny -- a terrific guy -- the person there who'd helped me before with both her Mac and mine, to ask about it, but got no reply. Maybe he missed it. E-mail is fallible. With a high schooler who "depends" on her Mac (social stuff as well), getting it out of her hands for any length of time is not easy, so I didn't pursue it further.
    Now, it's 3-1/2 years old, but still functions perfectly well for all her needs and seems likely to for at least another year or more. (I know my MacBook Pro of the same vintage shows no sign of becoming "old" in any ways whatsoever.) But now her cracks, as with some other in this discussion, have extended further, and the entire frame around the screen -- directly around the screen and the entire top frame that holds the screen -- have cracks and breaks that really worry me functionally. (I have to press it down in the back after she closes it to get the top shell and bezel that hold the screen to snap back together at one, point, but there are holes, and yet new cracks forming!) I'm finally getting the courage to upgrade her machine from the Leopard OS it came with to the Snow Leopard disk that arrived with it, which I should have done immediately, but fear it will be for a machine that can't hold together. does seem like a true manufacturing defect in all places. She's really a very careful kid.
    Here in friendly NYC you'd be hard pressed to find any store that says "Apple" on it to actually do what they're supposed to do -- it's time spent on paperwork they could spend on something more profitable. Except, I hope, the one I used before, who has all our information, but has not seen me since 2010 or 2011.
    My wife works for a well-heeled school that replaces all their harware every two years whether it needs it or not. To them, 2 years = out of date. But she gets her stuff for free. My daughter and I do not, and we really cannot afford to just replace the machine -- especially if it's working just fine, even with all the cracks and holes. (The economic recovery has not reached us, big surprise.)
    YOUR success story caught my attention for this very reason, as did someone else's, here in the US, who mentioned a five-year period for cracked plastic on these things. So I want to clarify what you or anyone else has done.
    You say you contacted Applecare. Is that right? What/who exactly is that? Who/what number do you call or what web site do you go to to find folks there who are truly helpful?
    Do you need a special Applecare contract that we would have had to buy at the time the Mac was bought?
    It really sounds like calling someone at the right # at Apple (esp. with their current Congressional tax problems!) might give me a "number" of some sort that I could just bring to Manny, or whoever is there, when my kid goes to camp and say:  "Here, they said to replace all this crappy plastic. Apple will pay."
    Any advice or solid info from anyone would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry this was so lengthy -- putting it off so long just made it grow and grow.
    - Dave

  • Case Cracks on white MacBooks

    Hi all,
    Can anyone out there tell me if the early 2008 (the latest white 2.4GHz MacBooks) have been subject to the case cracks as the earlier whites were?
    Are there any other problems that seem specific to the newer white models?
    Thanks for any comments on this subject they are appreciated.

    I took mine in to get fixed, and it took 3 days. My sistr went and picked it up and they did a horrible job on it. the top was replaced but towards the left side of it there is a huge gap from the plastic under it to the piece of plastic that is the place my hand rests(i can't think of the name of it), but on the other sides it is nice and in place.
    The longer is use it when I rest my arm it seems like it is being pushed into place. I tried to physically push it down, but it wont budge. should I go get them to fix it again, or just wait(i know it's going to crack again), and have it replaced when it is cracked?

  • White MacBook case cracked

    I have a white macbook in the newest shape. i have a couple of cracks and is quiet dirty from travelling also the apple logo on the back of the screen has come away is the any way of getting the full case replaced

    No, your mac should not crack with only 10 months of use as long as you have been careful with it and it was not caused by user carelessness.  2 months left on warranty.  Bring it to Apple or an AASP and see what they say.

  • 2006 White Macbook Issues?

    I have a late 2006 white macbook with a 2.0 ghz core 2 duo (Lion), and I also have a mid 2006 white macbook with a 1.83ghz core duo processor (Snow Leopard). I recently bought a 3rd party battery for the late 06 version. The battery had good reviews but once I installed it into the macbook the battery indicator icon said "service battery" and battery life went rapidly downwards. Out of curiosity I put the defective battery in the 1.83ghz macbook and everything appeared fine. I got 4.5-5 hrs of battery life with no "service battery" message. What could be causing that?
    Also The 2.0ghz one has been having heat issues since I bought it (~1.5 months ago). Not overheating issues, just very loud fans and a very warm case. I don't do very intensive things on either laptop either. Just a single tab of web browsing. The 1.83ghz Macbook runs whisper quiet and is considerably cooler on the outer case. I cleaned both of dust recently and I re-applied thermal paste on both also. Could the 2 issues be correlated somehow? How can i fix them?

    Well first try what Mike suggests:
    "Try resetting the SMC Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)"
    If that doesn't work refer to my post about cleaning the fans above your post. Any decent service tech will be able to do that.
    Apple store for sure.
    This article addresses most of the issues I've seen: en-under-normal-load
    "get the fan serviced before I decide to ditch it."
    Oh no! Please don't ditch it. I repair Macs and donate them. If it comes to that email me first.

  • What are my options for having my case for my Early 2008 white macbook repaired?

    I own an early 2008 white macbook and as most people know they were notorious for ending up with cracks in the plastic body. Well, mine has it's fair share of cracks and the little nob on the bottom used for securing the battery in place has also broken off. The computer still runs great and does everything I need, but the keyboard and trackpad are glitchy, the battery won't stay in place, and it just kind of looks bad with the cracks. How can I go about getting these things fixed? I read that apple was fixing the cases for free for a while if it was within 5 years of purchase but I was NEVER told about this even when I took the laptop into the apple store several times for general questions and I am now beyond 5 years since purchase. I've seen plenty of third party sites to buy new cases on, but is there any chance the apple store would be willing to replace it for me still a this point? Also, since the plastic casing is so prone to cracking is it possible to replace my keyboard with one of the keyboards from the late 2008 aluminum body to avoid future chipping or would this not fit my model?

    dts2012 wrote:
    is there any chance the apple store would be willing to replace it for me still a this point?
    Call an Apple store and ask.
    dts2012 wrote:
    is it possible to replace my keyboard with one of the keyboards from the late 2008 aluminum body to avoid future chipping or would this not fit my model?

Maybe you are looking for

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