Case Recommendations for iPad 2

I just received my iPad 2, and I'm trying to decide which case to get that will work along with the Smart Cover. I'm trying to decide between these cases:
1. X Gear Smart Cover Enhancer
2. AviiQ Smart Case
3. Enki Genius Case
Is anyone using any of these cases? All suggestions, recommendations and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

I did A TON of reasearch and I've narrowed down this choice to two options that work perfectly for home, travel and professional use.  I rotate between the two. 
(1) Smart Cover Set Up:  II love my smart cover, but I only had to see a friend drop his iPad once to know the back needed protection.  I didn't want to loose the slim esthetics of the device, so this thin, clear back cover has been perfect.  I've had at least 5 friends buy the same one. _m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=19KPN33XRQBWBZ9HCQPP&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd _p=470938631&pf_rd_i=507846
(2) CrownCase Black Leather:  It is really faux leather, but it works for me.  It is the highest rated case on Amazon and it's as good as advertised.  This case fits perfectly, allows access to all controls, and doesn't impete the speaker.  Love it! 1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1325547501&sr=1-1

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  • Do cases/covers for iPad mini 1 fit iPad mini 2 with it being 2mm thicker in depth?

    Just wondering do cases/covers for iPad mini 1 fit iPad mini 2? Only some people say they do, some say they don't what with it being 2mm thicker in depth & having an extra microphone?
    Thanks in advance

    To be sure stop by the Apple Store, tell them you're thinking about getting a mini and you'd like to see if it would fit  in your case. Don't try it without first asking.

  • Is the Midnight Blue Smart Case ONLY for iPad Air 2 ?

    Is the Apple iPad Air Midnight Blue Smart Case ONLY for iPad Air 2nd generation ?
    There is no mention on the box and as this is a gift I received, the sticker on the back which identify the model + price was removed.
    I wanted to know whether if the midnight blue color was only for iPad Air 2 or existed also for iPad Air 1 ?
    Best regards,

    The Midnight Blue is a new color, specifically for the iPad Air 2
    Compatibility is stated for iPad Air 2 only

  • Flip case recommendations for 5S?

    Hi all,
    We are in the process of getting a couple of iPhone 5s' and am looking for some recommendations for flip style cases. Any favorites out there?

    I have both iphones and the biggest problem I had with the older one and now the new one is the cases. There are too many bulky cases that defeat the purpose of having a smart phone. The best hard case I found after buying seven of them is the Agent18 Shield. I have had it for all my ipods and have yet to get a scratch on my phone or ipod when dropped. The best part is it does not fall apart when you do drop it like many other bulky cases. The bad part about the Agent18 Shield is that there is no clip or holster for it to snap into it. You will have to carry it in your pocket. It is pretty slim though and less bulkier.

  • IPad case recommendation for UK

    I am looking for an iPad case for a xmas pressie and was looking at a dodo, portenzo style etc, but was wondering if anybody has anything similar in the UK? The shipping costs are so high to get these from the states.
    I did a bit of research and found one that looks very similar
    Has anybody got one of these or heard anything about them? I can't find much on the Internet but they seem to sell on Etsy too and have good feedback. Works out quite a bit cheaper when you take shipping into account, but want to make the right decision!
    Thanks for your help

    If you find anything suitable and post your findings that'd be great. I am pretty much at a dead end now
    I have just had a helpful chat with a rep from Squirrel Sollutions:
    me: We're looking for a POS till system that uses android tablets as the till interface, can you provide the hardware for this? Minus the actual tablet,
    Just a moment...
    Aaron: yes, thats how it works
    me: great, at the moment we have been led to other providers that can supply, till drawers, printers etc for till systems that use tablets as the workhorse.
    Aaron: if you like i can forward your info to our local reseller in the UK
    me: specifically we're opening a bar and would need three tills (so three iPads or Androids) and the accompanying hardware.
    that'd be great!
    we already have the tablets,
    Aaron: ok we would be glad to provide a quotation and a demo if necessary
    what is your contact info?
    me: well we're based in the UK and are in the planning/construction stage of the venture. Do you have a brochure etc?
    details of the british reseller would be great!
    Aaron: yes i do, i can email to you right away
    me: brilliant, the email address is at the top of this box, but its [email protected]*****.com
    Aaron: the reseller will contact you as soon as possible. what is your name?
    me: Phil
    in the meantime could you email me a brochure across?
    Aaron: ok Phil, i will send the brochure right away
    me: great stuff! Thanks a lot.
    Thanks for your help!
    When the info comes through i'll update the thread here. Just to clarify they offer iPad solutions not just Android.
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  • Case recommendations for Mbp 13"?

    I am loving my new MBP 13" and I am totally lost on what type of case to protect it to buy! I have read pros and cons about the hard icase as well as the satin case! I really want something that isn't as bulky but I don't want my mBp to get damaged either! Do these cases really protect it or is it more of a fashion statement? What is the actual necessity of having one?

    I have a Speck Hardshell case (in clear). In my opinion, it adds no bulk and minimal weight (by like, maybe a few ounces). It's protected my computer from scratches, and I love it. It's a nice way to keep the unibody pristine while still showing off the aluminum or having a different color (I almost went with blue). I also have the Paul Frank monkey 13 inch sleeve for my MBP. With the Speck case on, it still fits in the sleeve perfectly and it's great for traveling and extra protection in my bookbag from spills, dirt, etc.
    Edit: I also have the Moxi palmguard/trackpad cover to prevent it from getting dirty/worn down. It works wonderful and, despite the reviews, the trackpad still responds the same with the tap-click/regular click/gestures with no extra effort for me. I recommend getting the iKlear cleaning solution to clean your MPB as well for regular use as well as putting on the case (trapped dirt can scratch the MPB), and the iKlear works wonders cleaning the body, screen, and other electronics.
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  • Case Recommendations For 30G Video Ipod

    I will b e getting the above Ipod within a couple of weeks. Should I just get a v-sheild or just a case or both. Also, could you recommend a case. Thanks so much.

    I really like the hard plastic, transparent case
    SeeThru Hard Case for iPod Video 30GB, 3 Pack
    Manufacturer: Speck Products
    Mfg Part #: IV30-3PK-SEE
    Available from CompUSA and a bunch of others. $30 for a three pack in three colors (clear, smoke grey, and red).
    Easy on the pocket, can see video through screen, prevents scratches, etc. One trick, though. A standard 1/8" mini stereo plug won't fit through the case. Shave a little off your soft plastic mini-plugs with a craft knife and it works like a charm.

  • Need leather case recommendation for 1st gen Nano

    Hi all,
    I am looking for a recommendation of a leather flip type case for my Nano. I have one for my 5G iPod but am having difficulty locating one for the Nano.
    Thanks for any info.

    Try Target. I just bought an incase wallet type case for my nano and one for my mom's video. Both were clearanced 1/2 price. Nothing fancy, but nice.

  • Case recommendations for iPHONE

    Is there a thread with suggestions for best cases? if not, what are you iPhoners loving?

    I have both iphones and the biggest problem I had with the older one and now the new one is the cases. There are too many bulky cases that defeat the purpose of having a smart phone. The best hard case I found after buying seven of them is the Agent18 Shield. I have had it for all my ipods and have yet to get a scratch on my phone or ipod when dropped. The best part is it does not fall apart when you do drop it like many other bulky cases. The bad part about the Agent18 Shield is that there is no clip or holster for it to snap into it. You will have to carry it in your pocket. It is pretty slim though and less bulkier.

  • Case Recommendation for K7N2 Delta-ILSR

    I'm looking for a mid size ATX case that that has the front usb etc. ports prewired as to work easily with a K7N2 Delta-ILSR mb.  By that I mean I don't have to plug each wire individually (with names that don't match) just a plug that goes on the mb.  My eyesight isn't as sharp so hooking up those one wire at a time is tediuous.  Not to mention the lack of starndards   Does anyone know if this is address on the next rev of mb's (with pcix etc).

    I have yet to see a case that has all the USB wires together, they are all 1 pin at a time. You will find the Antec line of cases very good. (You can always use a magnifying glass to see the pins.) The pin names on the Antec cases are standardized and easy to figure out.
    If you want a good case at a cheap price, then go with the SLK3700AMB:
    If you want a good high end case, then go with the Sonata:
    If weight is an issue, then go with the Super Lanboy:
    Take Care,

  • Please kind recommend me for iPad got stolen

    Dear Apple Manager,
    My name is Ms. Nannapas Pothiyannon , from Thailand. I'm 30 years old and my own business is texture distributor at talingchan district, Bangkok. I write this letter to request your kind assistant to recommend me from my lost of iPad. Since it was stolen from my home office by a thief since 4 July 2012 I also have the evident from the Royal Thai Police that reported official of my lost iPad for this case either.
    The reason that I decided to write an email to you is I am unsure in case of if iPad get lost, would it be possible to find it by using my lost iPad's information such as IMEI no. (*************) , or Serial No.(DL*******VGL) to search for it? As your office is the headquarter where should have all technology materials ready to support the customer from several claims. Besides, right now, I still have to pay for my lost iPad by credit card from Siam Commercial Bank and it still need to continue monthly payment for next 6 months to complete which means, I have to paid with no chance to use the Apple Product since the day I brought it on 16 May 2012 from Istudio Powerbuy at Centralpinklow until now.
    Therefore, it would be your kindness, if you could recommend me for the other alternative to search for my lost iPad to be the another way to assist the Thai Polish to find it, as it seems hopeless for waiting and seems no any bright way to find it. 
    Lastly, I would confirm with all my whole honest that all the above message in every single word are true for 100 per cent as I am a direct victim from this pilfer accident. 
    Looks forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you very much
    Ms. Nannapas
    <Personal Information Edited by Host>

    This is an iPad user to user forum. Apple doesn't read, nor does Apple assist in finding lost or stolen iDevices.
    These links may be helpful.
    How to Track and Report Stolen iPad
    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product
    Report Stolen iPad Tips and iPad Theft Prevention
    How to recover a lost or stolen iPad
    How to Find a Stolen iPad
    Apple Product Lost or Stolen olen
    Oops! iForgot My New iPad On the Plane; Now What?
    If you don't know your lost/stolen iPad's serial number, use the instructions below. The S/N is also on the iPad's box.
    How to Find Your iPad Serial Number
     Cheers, Tom

  • Looking for a case recommendation - special requirements

    I just moved up to an i4 from an i3G, and I'm looking for a decent case to protect the entire phone. I really need something for a rugged environment, and it has to have a belt clip. I have a very active job so this isn't going to be a pocket phone or sitting in the center console of a Rolls Royce. I have a Speck Tough Case on my 3G, and besides the extreme shock protection, it completely covers everything on the face except for the display. Spec makes a "Tough Skin" for the i4 but it doesn't cover the upper area of the faceplate like their Tough Case did for the 3G.
    Any recommendations?

    You should take a look at Fatpaint ( - Free online graphic design and photo editing application, specialised in giving you the tools you need for creating designs and illustrations for iphone cases, ipad cases. The bcase brand is Speck, and is of great quality.
    It is possible to paint, draw make pages and see your pictures on products and buy them, such as: iPhone case, iPad cases, t-shirts, sneakers and much more. Checkout the tutorial videos, it is quite interesting ...
    Fatpaint's facebook page:
    What you guys think of it? I have spent 5 years developing this app. I would appreciate any feedback.

  • Strongest Case for iPad Air 2

    I need a very strong mil grade case for the iPad Air 2.  The OtterBox Defender Series for iPad Air 2 is has not been released yet.  What can you recommend?  I need the case that has holes on the upper left and right corners of the frame since that is where the ambient light sensor is located on the iPad Air 2 as opposed to near the FaceTime camera.

    If you are looking for an excellent case that is truly rugged and protective check out the reviews on the New Trent Gladius case.

  • I want to add a solar charger for iPhone 5 and iPad to my emergency kit. Are there recommendations for compatible solar products?

    I want to add a solar charger for iPhone 5 and iPad to my emergency kit. Are there recommendations for compatible solar products?

    If you are seldom in a Wi-Fi Network Area, then you can turn off Wi-Fi until you knowingly are in such a Network Area.  You can go through your Applications where you don't really need to know the instant an Update is available and turn off the push update notifications.  You can turn down the screen brightness.  You can set the sleep cycle to 1-min.  You could set your email to check for new messages every 30-min. rather than less than 1 min.  Just some of many steps available.

  • Recommendations for creating dvd case inserts?

    Hello! As far as I can tell, iDVD 6 has no feature for creating dvd case covers/inserts.
    I'd appreciate recommendations for inexpensive or free software for making such covers.

    You're welcome, David. I'm not familiar with all the Sharpie product line, but the common one that marks anywhere uses a fairly harsh solvent, and in theory could eat through to the reflective coating of the DVD. I found a Memorex product at Fry's Electronics named, "CD Marker." It is labeled non-toxic, water-based.
    Personally, I've not had any problems with the sticky labels (I've used Memorex and CD Stomper labels for a few years) but there are some strong feelings opposed to their use (and I can imagine a problem could come up in 10-15 years). You can do a search in these forums; an alternative is printing directly onto the DVD if you have the right printer and disks.

Maybe you are looking for