Change column width for print table to report

Hi, want to make the first column in my table to be printed to report wider than the rest, for it contains the part numbers of about 16 chars and the other columns are the data of 4 each. Don't want to make all equally wide for I want to fit as many column as possible over the page. How can I do this?? Thanks for any help. Is there maybe another way to print in a table format?? Madri

Hi Madri,
Assuming you are using the Standard Report type with the Report Generation VIs, you can check out this KnowledgeBase entry that discusses how to customize the VI to generate a report with different column widths:
Hope this helps,
Darren Nattinger, CLA
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  • How to set initial column widths for a table

    What I'd like to do is to control the initial column widths for a table.
    I'm building the table by using a class which extends AbstractTableModel. This class takes care of setting the headers and reading the data for the table.
    If I do the following:
    VarTableModel vtm = new VarTableModel(vi);
    JTable jt = new JTable(vtm);
    JScrollPane jsp = new JScrollPane(jt);
    I will see a table in my window. The widths of the columns are equal and are a function of the horizontal dimension of the window.
    I have tried to set the width of a column by doing the following:
    TableColumn aColumn;
    aColumn = jt.getColumn(vtm.getColumnName(0));
    But this has no effect on what gets displayed. I can force the widths that I want by using 'setMaxWidth' but this has the unfortunate side effect of not allowing the user to make the column wider if they want.
    What I'd like is a way to specify the widths of the columns when initially displayed and then let the user adjust to their liking.
    I'm sure that there is a way to do this, but I don't seem to understand where to intervene in the process to produce the effect that I want.
    Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

    add this line and try ur codeThanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to do the trick. Here is an abbreviated segment of my code:
    vtm = new VarTableModel(vi);
    JTable jt = new JTable(vtm);
    // we want a horizontal scrollbar, so turn resizing off
    // and we want to control column widths
    aColumn = jt.getColumn(vtm.getColumnName(0));
    . // same kind of thing for each column
    aColumn = jt.getColumn(vtm.getColumnName(4));
    JScrollPane jsp = new JScrollPane(jt);
    If I do the above, the table gets displayed with each of the five columns the exact same width. So, the sizing of the columns is happening somewhere else despite turning auto resizing off.
    Where is that occurring and how can I intervene so that I can control the widths of the columns on initial display and still allow the user to adjust the widths if they so choose?

  • How do I set column width for a table?

    I want to set the same width for all the columns in a particular table. Is there anyway of doing this without having to actually manually adjust each individual column?

    Select the column headers and drag across (A,B,C for example) then select between one of the columns (your pointer will change shape). Select and drag to the new width. All selected columns will change.

  • How to change border width for a table in pages app

    I am using latest version of the Pages app on an iPad air (iOS . How do you change/adjust border width for all the cells in a table created in this app?
    I found the option add or remove borders for all/ individual cells in a table.
    I can't find any option in style/format dialogue screens for changing colour or line thickness for table cells.
    How do you change/adjust border width for all the cells in a table I can't find any option to adjust colour or default w
    The built in help doesn't explains

    Unfortunately, once you make the copy, the only way to remap the items that it references is to do it manually.
    However, in the extended copy wizard, you do get a chance to keep this from happening at the time the copy is made. By default, as you've learned, the new copy wants to continue to reference the items that the old copy referenced.
    But there are two other options, which are selectable for each of the referenced items. The checkmark will be on "Leave" - i.e. leave the references as is. You can check "Copy", which will make a copy of the referenced item and point the reference at the copy. Or you can check "Remap", which will re-map the reference to a different existing item. Remap will lead you to another screen, where you can choose what existing item each remapped item will now reference.

  • Unable to change column width dynamically in cross tab report.

    We have developed cross tab layout using template builder v. in EBS.I am trying to increase column width dynamically and the width is coming xml.
    i looked at document and found one command <?split-column-width:name?> for the same.i tried but it is not increasing the size of one column.
    column1 column2 column3 .......
    Row text1 10 20 30
    Row text2 40 50 60
    I want to inrease the size of column for row text1 and row text2.
    Need help in this.

    Is the field that holds your width value called "name"?
    Can you send me the xml and RTF template to [email protected] and I can take a look.

  • The finder window for an external USB hard disk suddenly started separating files by time (today, yesterday, etc.) and stopped allowing me to change column width, order, etc. Also the header bar shifted to flat white from gray.

    The finder window for an external USB hard disk suddenly started separating files by time (today, yesterday, etc.) and stopped allowing me to change column width, order, etc. Also the header bar shifted to flat white from gray.
    All was normal until the icon for the disk stopped showing up on the desktop when I would plug it in. I rebooted the computer, and the disk icon now shows up but this new look to the finder window started as a result. The hard disk does not have this problem when I use it on another Mac running Snow leopard. Also, two other external hard disks that I use on this computer running lion 7.4 still have the normal header bars with columns that can be reordered, etc.
    I have tried looking in preferences and other places but have not seen this discussed. 

    Well duh - I finally figured out that somehow in the View options for the hard drive, the "arrange by" option had been changed to "by date" from "none". Not sure how that happened, I had never used the "view options" menu tem before. Changing "arrange by" back to "none" gets the gray column headers and the collapsible folder icons back. 

  • Column width issue in SharePoint 2010 Reports using SSRS webpart

    Dear sir,
    We need to adjust column width for output of reports. We are using SSRS webpart to generate reports. It is taking unexpected column width.
    We show that dynamically we cannot set the column width but we are passing the query statically is there any way or chances to mange column width.
    Please help.

    If it's important, I'd suggest ringing Microsoft Premier Support and logging a call.  The working world is probably just getting back to their offices.
    For both columns, you can think about some JQuery to isolate the appropriate selectors and just reside them in the page rendering.  You'll need JavaScript enabled in your browser for this but this code within a CEWP should do the trick. 
    <script src=""
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $("'Status description')").css("width", "150px");
    $("'Type of Work')").css("width", "150px");
    You'll need to link to a JQuery instance of course and change the capture text for your columns.
    Credit to the code to Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi from his
    blog post.
    Steven Andrews
    SharePoint Business Analyst: LiveNation Entertainment
    Twitter: Follow @backpackerd00d
    My Wiki Articles:
    CodePlex Corner Series
    Please remember to mark your question as "answered" if this solves (or helps) your problem.

  • [kde - Homerun kicker] How change columns width

    I found a new Kde launcher a few months ago, I find great (of course this is only my opinion).
    It is the smaller version (not full screen) Homerun , which is available in Aur at the following address : … s-homerun/ , which can be seen in the following link : , although the current version is slightly advanced.
    This launcher version not full screen, works like Lancelot , but is more simply and more faster.
    Moreover, it displays the recently used applications and the recently used documents .
    However, I have a slight regret about this launcher : the column width is fixed and can not be changed.
    Does anyone know how to change the columns width ?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Last edited by Pafrapé (2014-05-02 21:37:58)

    @Julie – you can change column width by alt + shift + dragging left or right cell sides without changing the overall size of the table.
    For other table goodies see:
    Hope that helps!

  • How to set displayed column width for a search help

    I have created an elementary search help for a custom field with a value table behind it.
    The search help functions correctly, but when displayed the column widths are all 10 characters. The user has to adjust the column to view the descriptive text.
    Can anyone tell me how to set default column widths for the help?

    Please  open you Elementary search  help  and see the Column  width   behind the Fields of your ...there  increase the width of the fields
    "Activate it  and refresh
    reward  points if it is usefull .....

  • Changed column order not applied to interactive report

    I've changed column order for interactive report.
    But it is not applied.
    How can I solve this issue?

    Hi Guy
    It depends on where you have changed the column order. If you change the column order using the 'Select Columns' function when you click on the 'Wheel of Magic', then it should work.
    If you are changing the column order from the Interactive Reports Attributes page then this will only affect the column order for non displayed items and the single row view.
    I hope that helps

  • Changing the order for printing portfolio files in adobe acrobat 9 pro

    Does anyone know how to change the order for printing pdf files that are part of a portfolio in adobe acrobat 9 pro?  The documentation seems to say that it prints files alphabetically by filename rather than by the internal sort order.  This won't work for me. Any ideas? Thanks.

    Question1: No.
    Question2: No.

  • How to change the width for adf shuttle without modify the skin file

    Dear Professionals
    I haven an ADF Shuttle component in my jsp screen , How can i change the width for the two boxes without modify the skin files.(I know i can do that by skin but what i want to change one shuttle just in one screen not change all shuttles on other screens).

    Okay, I didnt try with the trinidad selectmanyshuttle, but this worked for me on the af:selectmanyshuttle..
            <af:selectManyShuttle label="Label 1" styleClass="mycustcss">
              <af:selectItem label="Label1" value="value1"/>
              <af:selectItem label="Label2" value="value2"/>
            <af:selectManyShuttle label="Label 1">
              <af:selectItem label="Label1" value="value1"/>
              <af:selectItem label="Label2" value="value2"/>
            </af:selectManyShuttle>        And in my css file, I have
    af|selectManyShuttle.mycustcss::content { width: 800.0px;}
    The first selectManyShuttle came up very wide and the second one came up in the default width..

  • How to change the width for af:selectManyShuttle by skins

    i need to change the width for selectManyShuttle by skin i can do that by change the width for .AFFieldText but this method change the all select* and textfiled width,so i just want to change the width for selectManyShuttle component.
    and i hope to know how to change the header color for selectManyShuttle ,the default color for it is green.

    Thanks ,It is working
    Could you please tell me how to change the header text color for af:selectManyShuttle

  • Changing column positions of a table

    Please lemme know how do we change column postions in a table
    Table A ( x number ,
    y varchar2(10),
    z number)
    How do i make it
    A (x number ,
    z number ,
    y varchar2(10))

    In general, you don't because the order of columns in a table is irrelevent.
    If you want to present columns in a particular order, you can create a view on top of the table and make that view available to end users.
    If you're really determined, you could do an online table redefinition (depending on the Oracle version and edition, neither of which you mentioned). Or do a
    RENAME TABLE a TO a_old;
    SELECT x, z, y
      FROM a_old;
    <<Create appropriate indexes, constraints, etc>>
    DROP TABLE a_oldThis is basically what online table redefinition is doing. Obviously, if you have a lot of data, this is going to be slow and expensive.

  • Change column width

    How do you change column width in Numbers on an iPad?

    In numbers, open the sheet you want to work on.  Tap the grey bar across the top., over the column you want to make bigger.   The colum should now be surrounded by a blue box.   At the top,right of the blue box you will see ".   Touch it and slide to make the column wider or narrower.  

Maybe you are looking for