Change Request demanded while creating a Sales Order

Dear All,
I am creating a Sales Order. The solution is using user exits to communicate between SD and TEM.
Whenever we create a Sales Order its corresponding sales order and line item is updated in TEM table HRVPAD25.
While saving the Sales Order, its asking for a Change Request which is by default the Customizing Request created for functional configuration of that particular solution.
Sales orders however are created successfully.
Can anyone throw some light on the issue?


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  • Error while creating the sales order with billing reference

    hi alll
    i am getting error while creating the sales order with billing reference.The line items are coming in grey.I am not able to change the items as well as the quantity field.Can u guide me

    Dear SAP SD 007
    I can confidently tell that an enhancement or an user exit has been applied in your scenario
    You have to check that
    Normally when creating a sales order with respect or referring billing documents the qty will be in editable mode and it is standard problem
    Your people has solved the standard problem by enhancement
    Usually OR--LF-PGI----F2 (SAY THE QTY IS 25 UNITS)
    Now you are creating returns order with reference to F2 in the return order type Re there is a standard issue that user can edit the qty to 30 from the original 25
    To solve this only your people have used userexit
    Line items and qty greyed out means definately there is some enhancement or user exit applied
    You have to check that

  • Material Listing Error while creating the sales order

    Hi Guru's
    I have mantained a material in the lisitng for A002 combiantion for SO/DC/Pric. ref. material
    While creating the sales order is throwing an error as material is not listed so the transaction is not possible.
    I have done the basic invetingation on the folowing aspects
    1)checking the material in the listing
    2)Validity periods
    3)Material not blcoked
    4)Mateial is extened for the respective sales org
    Kindly help ASAP.
    Thanks & Regards

    Dear SAP SD 007
    I can confidently tell that an enhancement or an user exit has been applied in your scenario
    You have to check that
    Normally when creating a sales order with respect or referring billing documents the qty will be in editable mode and it is standard problem
    Your people has solved the standard problem by enhancement
    Usually OR--LF-PGI----F2 (SAY THE QTY IS 25 UNITS)
    Now you are creating returns order with reference to F2 in the return order type Re there is a standard issue that user can edit the qty to 30 from the original 25
    To solve this only your people have used userexit
    Line items and qty greyed out means definately there is some enhancement or user exit applied
    You have to check that

  • Do not change the payment term created a Sales Order with reference

    Hi Gurus,
    Do not change the payment term created a Sales Order with reference to a contract where the payer of the change in Sales Order.

    Hello ,
    As per my understanding , you do not want the payment terms to be changed even if the payer partner function is changed ,
    as standard sap redetermines the payment terms with change in partner function, you may use the exit
    in this you could write a small code which will not change the payment terms when payer is redetermined
    hope this helps

  • Mapping datas from idoc while creating a sales order.

    Hi Friends,
    From the idoc i want to fill the field 'YOUR REFERNCE' in the tag ORDER DATA at header level while creating a sales order. From which segment i can find the datas for that field.
    Your answers will be valuable.
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    You can find the Your Reference field in the segment E1EDKA1 and the field name is IHREZ.  This Your reference field is at the Partner level. This is a standard field.
    If you can let me know at which place you want this field to be populated then we can find another suitable field in the IDOC.

  • How to change the currency of the order  while creating the sales order??

    Hi all,
    I am new to this field.I have to create a Sales Order with reference to another
    SO but with different sold to party.Here i also have to change the currency of
    order from dollar to GBP.
    Please assist me to do this.

    Goto VA01 and try to create the order with reference to the Old order
    and after that order details are copied to the New order then, change the Sold to party and the currency in the Sales order Header and see? whether it allows you to change it or gives some error? then based on that you have to check and do further processing.
    Try and see
    If it won't allows you to change
    then create a New SO with the new sold to and currency and just take the old orders data from VBAK and VBAP tables and enter into the new order fields and save it will be created.
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    When creating the sales order i am entering "mode of transport"in TSW details and while trying to save it im getting a message saying "Express document "update was terminated"" recieved from the author "Rahul". If i dont enter the TSW detail while creating i am able to save the order and later in change mode i can enter the mode of transport.
    When i check the inbox, it says "definately cannot transfer message to node SMTP due to connection error".
    This is hapenning for only one user.
    What could be the problem?

    Hi Rahul,
    I think you need to enter the mode of transport in external details where it will take for further processing. TSW is different process.

  • Line item data is not saving while creating a Sales order using Interactive

    Hi all,
    I am creating a sales order Using Interactive forms. In the form i am having Header data and line item data.I had created two structures one for Header data and one for Line item data. For entering  the LINE ITEM DATA i had created a Dynamic table with Buttons ADD ROW and DELETE ROW.
    User will Add the Row or Delete the Row based on the requirement.
    My issue is When ever the user clicks the SUBMIT button after entering the header data and 3 line items data , Sales order has been created with only first line item and the remaining two line items are not created.
    My Interactive form is like below
                             ITEM_NO      MATERIAL          PLANT          QTY        COND_TYPE            COND_VALUE
    My  code for the method ONACTIONCLICK is like below
    method ONACTIONCLICK .
          Node_Adobe       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Node,
          Node_Zsaleheader       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Node,
          Elem_Zsaleheader       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Element,
          Stru_Zsaleheader       type If_Main=>Element_Zsaleheader,
          Node_Zsaleitem       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Node,
          Elem_Zsaleitem       type ref to If_Wd_Context_Element,
          Stru_Zsaleitem       type If_Main=>Element_Zsaleitem.
      data: header_data type BAPISDHEAD.
      data: item_wa type BAPIITEMIN.
      data: item_data type table of BAPIITEMIN.
      data: partner_wa type BAPIPARTNR.
      data: partner_data type table of BAPIPARTNR.
      data: sales_order type BAPIVBELN-VBELN.
      data: Errorlog type BAPIRETURN1.
    navigate from <CONTEXT> to <ADOBE> via lead selection
      Node_Adobe = wd_Context->get_Child_Node( Name = IF_MAIN=>wdctx_Adobe ).
    navigate from <ADOBE> to <Zsaleheader> via lead selection
      Node_Zsaleheader = Node_Adobe->get_Child_Node( Name = IF_MAIN=>wdctx_Zsaleheader ).
      Node_Zsaleitem = Node_Adobe->get_Child_Node( Name = IF_MAIN=>wdctx_Zsaleitem ).
    get element via lead selection
      Elem_Zsaleheader = Node_Zsaleheader->get_Element(  ).
      Elem_Zsaleitem = Node_Zsaleitem->get_Element(  ).
    get all declared attributes
          Static_Attributes = Stru_Zsaleheader ).
      header_data-DOC_TYPE = Stru_Zsaleheader-DOC_TYPE.
      header_data-SALES_ORG = Stru_Zsaleheader-SALES_ORG.
      header_data-DISTR_CHAN   = Stru_Zsaleheader-DISTR_CHAN.
      header_data-DIVISION = Stru_Zsaleheader-DIVISION.
      header_data-PURCH_NO = Stru_Zsaleheader-PURCH_NO.
      partner_wa-PARTN_ROLE   = Stru_Zsaleheader-PARTN_ROLE.
      partner_wa-PARTN_NUMB = Stru_Zsaleheader-PARTN_NUMB.
       append partner_wa to partner_data.
          Static_Attributes = Stru_Zsaleitem ).
      item_wa-ITM_NUMBER = Stru_Zsaleitem-ITM_NUMBER.
      item_wa-MATERIAL   = Stru_Zsaleitem-MATERIAL.
      item_wa-PLANT = Stru_Zsaleitem-PLANT.
      item_wa-REQ_QTY = Stru_Zsaleitem-REQ_QTY.
      item_wa-COND_TYPE   = Stru_Zsaleitem-COND_TYPE.
      item_wa-COND_VALUE = Stru_Zsaleitem-COND_VALUE.
      append item_wa to item_data.
        ORDER_HEADER_IN           = header_data
      WITHOUT_COMMIT            = ' '
      CONVERT_PARVW_AUART       = ' '
       SALESDOCUMENT             = sales_order
      SOLD_TO_PARTY             =
      SHIP_TO_PARTY             =
      BILLING_PARTY             =
       RETURN                    = errorlog
        ORDER_ITEMS_IN            = item_data
        ORDER_PARTNERS            = partner_data
      ORDER_ITEMS_OUT           =
      ORDER_CFGS_REF            =
      ORDER_CFGS_INST           =
      ORDER_CFGS_PART_OF        =
      ORDER_CFGS_VALUE          =
      ORDER_CCARD               =
      ORDER_CFGS_BLOB           =
      ORDER_SCHEDULE_EX         =
    Thanks in advance

    The item data is not read because, the dynamically added rows should also reflect back to the Web Dynpro context. When the user clicks on Add Row, use the Onsubmit event to add a empty line to internal table and then bind it to the context. And if the user removes a row, remove a row from internal table and bind it back to the context.
    You may refer this article.

  • Product allocation error while creating a sales order

    Hi Gurus,
    My client is using the availability check against  product allocation functionality in sales order.while I am creating the sales order and entering the material system is throwing the error message product allocation XXX is invalid,after pressing the enter button system has thrown another error "incorrect index structure for table XMVERF_POS/000010" and unable to save the order.
    I have checked the material master and the product allocation is assigned in basic data 1 view,I have also checked the IMG settings it has maintained and assigned to infostructure.Please let me know is there any config settings are missing related to product allocation.
    hari challa.

    Please check if storage location is populated for the material. Also may be this material is a non-stock material and not relevant for storage location check.. If you have any non-stock items in your order and if you are populating the storage location in the order automatically, then this happens. Please check your code and bypass the check for non stock items.
    Hope this helps

  • Run time error while creating a sales order by va01

    hi ,
         while  i am creating a sales order a runtime error occurs as i fill entry for sole to party and then material and quantity and as i press enter. the run time error is:
    error in current abap program "saplv61z"  had to be terminated because it has come across the statement that unfortunately can not be executed.
    kindly solve my problem.

    Hi Agrawal
    As you are getting run-time error after entering the sold to party and material and the error is in SAPLV61Z ,
    close the session for sometime and open again and then create sales order and then enter sold to party and material and then check wheather you are getting or not. If you are still facing the problem then take the help of the ABAP & BASIS consultant's.

  • Error while creating a sales order BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2

    Hi All,
    I am using the BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 to create a sales order.
    I am passing all the required fields and also the rejection code at the item level.
    Also I am using a variant configuration material and hence ai am filling the VC config tables.
    When I execute this BAPI it is giving me the error 'Item 000010's configuration can no longer be changed' although configuration is maintained for this material.
    When I try the same case with no rejection code and with VC configuration, the sales order is created.
    When I try the same case again with rejection code and NO VC configuration, the sales order is created.
    When I maintain both the rejection code and VC configuration I am getting the error.
    Does anyone have any idea what is causing this error or I am supposed to populate any flag in ORDER_ITEMS_INX to get this correctly.
    Any answers will be greatly apppreciated!

    There are a few SAP Notes that you should investigate, some of which you may have already seen.  First, I'd suggest you look at [Note 481102|] and its three related Notes: [774346|], [550431|], [366265|].
    If these Notes do not help then check if [Note 1099414|] has been applied in your system.  If it has been applied, then [Note 1116144|] might solve your issue.  If neither of these two notes are applied, then it could be that they both need to be applied.  However, if both notes are already applied, then you may want to consider opening a customer message with SAP.  Since these two SAP Notes are relatively new, it makes me think that you might have discovered a related error that has not been reported to SAP yet.
    Best Regards,

  • How to resolve the issue of route while creating a sales order using IDOC

    When I am creating a sales order mannualy the the route is correct and matching  also but while using IDOC try to create a sales order then the route is showing wrong.
    I tried to debug the program SAPMV45A but I am not getting anything.
    Could any body help me on this.
    Waiting for quick response.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Bansidhar,
                 You need to debug the Function Module thats assigned to your Process code.
                 In standard config for Sales Order, Process Code ORDE is assigned to FM IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS. And this FM uses Call Transaction Method to create Sales Orders. SO you can  debug this FM.
               Hope this helps you solving the problem.
    Srikanth  M

  • Error while creating a Sales Order

    Hi ,
    I have created a material master for a material Y-350 in my system.I have defined it for the Plant 1100 (Berlin), Sales Org 1020 , Distribution channel 22.When i try to create a sales order for a customer in Dusseldorf,Germanyy , i get an error saying "Material Y-350 is not defined for sales org 1020,distr.chann 22,language DE".It means that a short text with the appropriate language exists(a short text must be available in the language of either the customer or the sales organization).I had it maintained in English.From where do i go and maintain it in German ?Kindly let me know.Thanks.

    First check what's the sales area assigned to your customer in Dusseldorf,Germany. It has to be Sales Org 1020 , Distribution channel 22.
    To check that go to XD02 & enter customer number there and press "Customer Sales Areas" button. There you can view all sales areas available for your customer. Check whether Sales Org 1020 , Distribution channel 22. exists there. If not, from XD01, you have to extend your customer for that sales area again.
    If that's there, then check the language in Material Master.
    What you have to do is, go to MM02, give the Material number and go in by selecting Basic Data view.
    Once go in, select "Additional Data" button option from the top.
    Under "Descriptions" tab, maintain language "DE", since customer is from Germany.
    Now try & see.
    Best regards,

  • How to pass delivery date through BAPI while creating a sale order

    Dear frndz,
    to create a sale order .
        I don't have any problem..
        But I have to pass schedule line delivery date through this bapi .
       I used REQ_DATE in structure BAPISCHDL.
       But I can' t get it.
       Through which parameter can i meet this..
       The sale order should be created line item wise along with my delivery date..
      Any suggestions...

    Dear frnd,
        Danq for your response..I can't use DLV_DATE for this requirement..
        But I used REQ_DATE in the structure BAPISCHEDULE .
       I came to know that the problem i faced previously  was only
    internal data conversion.
        Now am able to pass my delivery date..
        so I am closing the thread..

  • Error while Creating a Sales Order for a Configurable Material

    Dear Members,
                            When I am creating a Sales Order for a Material. After Entering the Sold to Party and Material(Variant Configuration) I am getting an error in popup that Derivatiion Rule not defined for the Country IN. Please can you help me out regarding the settings for this.

    It seems your issue relates to some non assignment in COPA settings.  Hence,  check this help link and I hope this will be helpful to you
    [Source and Target Fields |]
    G. Lakshmipathi

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