Changes in LR4RC are not transferred to CS5

When I update photo's to current process in LR 4.1RC, and then edit them in Photoshop, I don't see the changes I've made in LR (Exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks) in CS5.
If I don't update them, all changes are perfectly transferred to CS5.

Have you installed ACR 6.7 RC?  You'll have to do that in order to get Photoshop to see changes made with the 2012 process.

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  • Changes to order are not transferred

    our PPDS users are facing an issue in Product Planning Table ( transaction /sapapo/ppt1).
    When we create a planned order and convert to production orders, the system converts with out any issues.
    After some time when we drag the production order to a new time ( in DS board), fix the order, then when we save, we get the message " Changes to order 100065265 are not transferred" and the order moves back to where it was... The  # 100065265 is our production order in created status.
    Looking at the error details, I thought there are some changes to the order being done in R/3, but there were no changes to that order in R/3 at that point and the same change, if done after some time goes through...
    This is happening almost for every order and it's annoying to keep click ok on this order, wait and then reprocess again...some time we get the error multiple time before the system accepts the changes...
    Any idea on what might be happening?
    More details about the error,
    Changes to order 100065265 are not transferred
    Message no. /sapapo/cdpssimulati015
    The changes made to the order 100065265 in SAP APO can not be transferred as the order has already been changed by the linked R/3 system
    System Response:
    If you have made minor changes to an order in SAP APO and changes to this order are simultaneously being transferred from the R/3 system, only the changes from the R/3 system are adopted. The changes you made to the order manually in SAP APO are lost
    In technical information, I see the application area as /SAPAPO/SIMULATI, MESSAGE # 015 and main program SAPLSHL2.

    It seems the production order details are getting updated in ECC with order related settings you maintained at ECC, like settlement profile, etc., During that time, if you try to change the production order in APO, since the ECC update for the order is not yet completed, it gives the error. Thats why after sometime, when you change the production order, it allows you to change.
    Please try this, once you convert the order in APO, go to ECC and try to open the order in CO02 or CO03, it will give you an error the order is already being processed by XXXX. If so, then it is the time taking to update the production order in ECC.
    Also, try this, once you convert the order, immediately save and after sometime you change the time.
    Please check and revert.
    Manimaran M.

  • SRM PO Changes are not transferred to Back end

    Hi All,
    I have a problem in PO changes.
    We are using extended classic scenario. User create PO in the portal and the PO will be transferred to the back end R/3 via RFC. Earlier in 4.7 we the PO's are updated with the changes.
    Recently we have upgraded to ECC 6.0. Now the changes are not transferable.
    Could any one help me to fix this issue and please give the steps that i need to check for fixing it.
    Pratap J

    Hi Thaigo,
    Thanks for your input. please go through the below.
    These are the table entries in BBP_BACKEND_DEST
    Client Logical system Destination                        System type RFC possible Local FI validation
    500    EP1CLNT500     EP1CLNT500                         EBP_5.0                  X      0
    500    RP1CLN500D     RP1CLNT500DIAG                     R/3_4.70    X                   0
    500    RP1CLNT500     RP1CLNT500                         R/3_4.70    X                   0
    In the table, it was still 4.70. So it needs to changed to ERP_4.0 ?
    Pratap J

  • Free of charge items, ie price = u00A30.00 are not transferred to backend.

    Free of charge items, ie price = £0.00 are not transferred to backend. PO created with held status, but the SRM PO item IR flag is selected. If we manually amend the SRM PO item to remove the 'invoice receipt' flag, then save the PO, the PO does get to the backend with a price of zero, the IR flag de-selected and the 'free' item flag selected.
    How do we manage to get the PO with free items to the backend without having to manually change the held PO in SRM? We are on SRM 5.0 using extended classic.

    <b>We have done this type of requirment.. several times.. This is easily possible ..</b>
    <u>You need to Implement the BADI - BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK using SE18 Transaction.</u>
    <b>Either you can do this sample code inside BAPI (Make changes accordingly) or inside the BADI - BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK / BBP_CREATE_PO_BACK_NEW depending on your requirement.</b>
      LOOP AT po_items INTO ls_po_items WHERE net_price IS INITIAL.
    * Reset the IR Indicator for Items with Zero net price
        ls_po_items_add_data-po_item = ls_po_items-po_item.
        ls_po_items_add_data-ir_ind  = space.
        ls_po_items_add_data-gr_ind  = 'X'.
        ls_po_items_add_data-gr_non_val = 'X'.
        APPEND ls_po_items_add_data TO po_items_add_data.
    <b>Related link -></b>
    Re: Final Entry/ Final Invoice Indicator to be checked Auotmatically
    <u>Do let me know.</u>
    - Atul

  • TS3989 Some of my pictuers on iPhone are not transferring to my ipad

    Some of my pictuers on iPhone are not transferring to my ipad

    UM Go Blue wrote:
    Until today, all of my music was on both my Mac and iPad 2.  I too just sync'd my iPad 2 with my Mac.  Originally, none of the music from the Mac showed up on iPad.  Tried again, and now some albums are showing up, but only a few.  Have plenty of capacity/space.  Also noticed the "iPod" icon is now a "Music" icon on the iPad.  Any ideas?
    Sounds like you just updated your IOS.  Check the iTunes settings and confirm that nothing was changed:

  • Added iCal item on iPhone 5 that are not transferring to MacBook

    Hello All, I have an iPhone 5 - I have added calendar items on my phone that, when I plug into my MacBook Pro to sync, are not transferring over. I have read the forums and tried the resetting my sync history - still nothing has changed. I do not use iCloud and do not want to. Any help is appreciate. Thanks in advacne

    Does this involve iPhoto for the Mac in any way?  Or should it be in the iPhoto for IOS forum? or the iCloud forum?

  • HT204053 I have a problem. I bought Pages and Numbers for my iMac and so far everything was OK.  Suddenly i have a problem with connection to iCloud. Dokuments created on iMac in Pages or Numbers are not transfered to iCloud. Not uploaded in iCloud.

    I have a problem.
    I bought Pages and Numbers for my iMac and so far everything was OK.
    Suddenly i have a problem with connection to iCloud.
    Dokuments created on iMac in Pages or Numbers are not transfered to iCloud. Not uploaded to iCloud. There is a sign  (small shape of iCloud), that they are waiting to be uploaded to iCloud.
    I think the iCloud is OK.
    i can see and manage documents in iCloud. i can create them on iPad and  see them and delete them in iCloud.
    But not on iMac.
    i dont know what has happened and I am not abble to find the solution. It was OK till some days ago….

    I have a similar problem! Everything stopped working after upgrading to Mac OS 10.8.4 through the App Store. Help!

  • When I take photos with my ipad 3 the photos do not go to photostream anymore...they just go to the camera roll so they are not transferring to my pc

    When I take photos now with my ipad 3 the photos do not go to the photostream folder...they go to the camera roll so they are not transferring to my pc although they were up till today. How can I fix this?

    I went there and the problem might be because of low battery power..I am charging my ipad now and will let you know if that has helped...Thanks for the link..

  • Call on PRI Line are not transfered to IP-AA on CCM

    Having an issue with H.323 Voice gateway. Incoming calls are not transferred to Auto-Attendant. This happens randomly but I have noticed that the frequency is higher when there are no incoming call no PRI lines.
    (Check the attachments for debugs)
    The calls seems to be answered by gateway but ISDN-Connect message is never displayed. I tried to call from my IP Phone to but no ISDN-Connect message for this call, however, the call is landed on gateway. Running CCM 4.2(3), IPCC Express 4.0(4),IOS version 12.4(8) Advance IP Services, tried IOS 12.4(5a) Advance Enterprise Services as well but in vain.
    Another questions is that: we can run both MGCP and H.323 on voice gateway but how will it register with CallManager. I guess we can use some loopback technique for this purpose. Need suggestions/comments!!!
    Please find the attachments of Q921 and Q931 debugs. Took debugs for 2-scenarios
    1- Called from and outside number to PRI line
    2- Called from IP-phone to PRI line
    Syed Khalid Ali

    You can refer this guide for more information on configuring loopback for PRI interface:

  • Files Are Not Transferring Correctly from Captivate 4 to 5

    My files from Captivate 4 are not transferring correctly into Captivate 5.  The images and quiz questions are not in the same place. Help!

    This is a bug.
    We all have it.
    Keep CP4 for the old courses, and develop new ones in CP5. That is what I am doing.
    Alternative is to manually adjust everything (don't even get me started on rollovers...)

  • When I close CS6 changes in settings are not saved.  Reverts to default settings on reopen.  Why?

    When I close CS6 changes in settings are not saved.  Reverts to default settings on reopen.  Why?

    Sorry Photoshop --  Problems solved -- I read the details -- turns out you need to make changes with no files open for the preferences to apply to all files.
    Thanks,  Al

  • Changes to subtasks are not reflected in the summary task

    I use Project Professional 2013.
    Changes to subtasks are not reflected in the summary tasks. This includes both work and actual work as well as % complete. The tasks are all auto scheduled. Is there a setting that I need to change?

    The only way I know to make that happen is if calculate project after every edit is disabled (See Options, Schedule tab).
    Does this happen in all project files, for other PCs near you and do you have SP1 installed for Project 2013?
    Rod Gill
    Author of the one and only Project VBA Book

  • Table changes in database are not captured in ODI model level

    Hi All,
    Can any one help me how to fix the bug in ODI.
    Table changes in database are not captured in ODI model level.
    Thanks in advance

    I created the interface which is running successfully.
    Now i did some changes in target table(data base level).
    I reversed the updated table in model section. Till here its ok
    The table which is updated in the model section is not automatically updated in the interface.
    I have to drop the existed datastore in the interface and and re do the entire process of bringing the updated datastore, mapping,etc..
    Please tell the any alternate way.

  • Why bookmarks are not transferring when i sync

    I followed the instructions for setting up my sync account but my bookmarks are not transferring from my desktop to my laptop.

    Try using a third party alternative.
    Syncios :

  • SOLUTION MANAGER - VAR Scenario - Attributes are not transfered

    Hi Solman Gurus
    I have an issue regarding connection between Customer and VAR solman.
    IThe connection is established following document How To Setup ServiceDesk 2 ServiceDesk Connection Nov 09.pdf.
    The problem is in VAR Solman.
    When message is transfered from Customer solman to VAR solman the following attributes are not transfered:
    Sold-to party, Reported by, Support Team, Message Processor.
    The Ibase is configured in both systems. When message is posted from satelite to Customer Solman all this attributes
    are transfered. In the next steep, when message is transfered from Customer solman to VAR solman this attributes remain
    empty in VAR Solman.
    What confugration is missing in VAR Solman?
    Thank you in advance

    Hello Marko,
    How did you define the value mapping? Automatically or manually?
    Have you checked that Incoming and outgoing value mapping has been created in both systems?
    Are you copying the values or taking an other action?
    Could there be a rule that is setting the value to space?
    I'd take a closer look at your value mapping and make sure incomming and outgoing have been defined properly on each system and make sure the rule is correct, and its not taking some unexpected action like set the value to blank when you wanted to copy it.

Maybe you are looking for

  • No drives found during Windows 7 reinstallation on HP 4530s

    I have ubuntu installed on my brand new HP 4530s, and Im trying to reinstall windows 7 64-bit (actually dual boot).  Windows 7 does seem to see any hard drives present.   I have tried loading the appropriate driver, Intel(R) Mobile Express Chipset SA

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    Hello, The scenario is sometimes payment is to be made on proforma invoice issued by supplier, against letter of credit. how it will happen in sap. urgent

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    Hi, I have a report that was originally developed in CR XI. It worked perfectly fine in CRS XI also. We upgraded the server to CRS2008. But my report does not run on the server now. It gives the error "Invalid field name". However, the report runs fi