Sorry to break in on this thread but as PaddyB (moderator) is the author of this closed thread I feel he (or she?) should have a look at this thread . I can't see any other way of contacting a moderator direct.
Don't be misled by the thread title.  This thread describes the complete shambles that has been caused by BT's decision to shut down the BT Yahoo email services.  The contributors have been crying out for some moderator to clarify matters but to no avail. If somebody doesn't step in to sort out this mess then BT will be sleep-walking into a public relations nightmare.
It's not so much the decision that has been taken (although that is legally debatable regarding customers) but the absolute mess that's been made of the communications and support for this change.  Try finding anything about it on the front page of the site - you won't!  Come September 17th you will have a lot of very angry customers and some very awkward questions to answer.
As an ex BT manager I am appalled at the lack of senior managerial oversite of this change.

Yes, don't be misled in any way by the big green "SOLVED" badge that appears on the "Phishing email" thread. This issue is most definitely not solved. It's wide open.
I've spent a couple of hours on hold over the last couple of days and have had a less than satisfactory response to my questions - see
If the responses from BT customer services were at least consistent then that would be a start but it's clear that most of the call centre staff don't know what the issue is (I was told yesterday that I didn't need to do anything!!).

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  • How do I go back a page on the Ipad mini? I do not see any arrows anywhere. Also when I go to my yahoo email account and open an email I can not find how to go back and log out. This is our first Ipad and it is very different frm android. Thanks

    We just purchased our first Ipad. It is a mini with retina display 16 GB. How do I go back a page? I see no arrows to page back. Also when I log into  a yahoo email account and open an email I see now way to log out? Thank you for any help

    In Safari, (the web browser), there are specific arrows to go back and forward through website pages.
    In other Apps, it will depend on how the App is built.
    As to Yahoo Mai it depends on where you are viewing the email.  If you are using the Mail App, then you don't log out.     The Mail accounts in the Mail App are always there.
    If you are using the Yahoo App, You can Tap on the folder at the top, then on your account/name, and then on Sign Out.

  • My facebook profile photo shows up on an email to a friend who has a yahoo email address, but is not my Facebook friend. All my FB privacy settings are at the max. Is this a Yahoo privacy issue? I don't want my photo to go to other than FB friends.

    I recently sent an email to a friend, who is NOT a Facebook friend, who has a yahoo email account, and my Facebook profile picture appeared next to the email. My privacy settings on FB only allow FB friends to see my photo. Why is another yahoo account that is not a FB friend seeing my profile photo and is there a Yahoo privacy setting that will eliminate this from happening? Thank you.
    == This happened ==
    Just once or twice
    == this week

    Did you check that your Facebook settings haven't changed?
    Facebook may have changed them as part of a software update.
    Is there a link in that email (signature) with a link to that picture?
    Try to send an email to yourself.

  • In my yahoo email, attachments disappear, and i can only open the inbox, not delete or move anything- help!

    for the past week, my yahoo email will not work in mozilla, my regular browser of choice. the entire list of folders on the left column will not open, the menu options on the top will not open, the setting wheel included. the yahoo account now works fine on my cell, and on any other computer, and now also fine in in IE, after i clicked "compatibility view."
    is there a comparable quick fix in mozilla??

    Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache. In order to try to fix these problems, the first step is to clear both cookies and the cache.
    Note: ''This will temporarily log you out of all sites you're logged in to.''
    To clear cache and cookies do the following:
    #Go to Firefox > History > Clear recent history or (if no Firefox button is shown) go to Tools > Clear recent history.
    #Under "Time range to clear", select "Everything".
    #Now, click the arrow next to Details to toggle the Details list active.
    #From the details list, check ''Cache'' and ''Cookies'' and uncheck everything else.
    #Now click the ''Clear now'' button.
    Further information can be found in the [[Clear your cache, history and other personal information in Firefox]] article.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!
    Thank you.

  • Cannot send mail from yahoo email account.

    I recently developed a problem with sending messages through the ipad mail app. The primary server is Yahoo! SMTP Server with the SSL use on and port 465 open. However the hostname isn't specific. Just says "Yahoo! SMTP Server". I can't access it to change it so I made a second one below it as because on AT&T website they changed the smtp settings. The outgoing mail port # is still the same...465 and I read online to change to 25 if the account is a business yahoo email but mine isn't and the ipad froze on me while attempt to verify. Can someone help me sort this out? I only have this issue when I'm on the actual data plan and I'm on the go.

    Not sure about yahoo, but for gmail, I done the following:
    Set up using Exchange on iPhone, it'll keep prompting for password.  On PC use captcha option, log in to gmail account from PC after completingg captcha option, enter password on iPhone.
    See how that goes for gmail, let us know.
    Hopefully someone will have fix for yahoo.

  • Cannot send emails from Mail- using yahoo email - please help!!

    I'm having major problems with my yahoo email in Mail. No matter what settings i seem to use, any emails i send take hours and hours to arrive. I seem to be receiving email, but cannot send- sometimes i get an error message, other times they go into sent box but take hours or days to arrive. i'm using a brand new imac version 10.5.2

    Hello Fred.
    If you’re sure your settings are exactly the same as on the computers where it works, here a couple of things that you may want to look at.
    Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network, choose Network Port Configurations from the Show popup menu, and make sure that the configuration used to connect to Internet appears at the top of the list.
    Also, try using a different method to connect to Internet, if possible, or connecting the computer to Internet as directly as possible, i.e. bypassing any routers that might be present, using an ethernet cable instead of wireless, etc., and see whether that makes a difference.
    Mail keeps information about outgoing servers in a separate list, independently of any specific mail account. The account settings just associate one of the available outgoing servers with each account. Orphaned or dangling outgoing server entries (i.e. not associated with any account) sometimes cause weird sending problems.
    Go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Account Information > Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), choose Edit Server List from the popup menu, and delete any servers that shouldn’t be there. The Edit Server List panel shows the account each outgoing server is associated with.

  • I cannot send Yahoo eMail from iPad or iPhone, but I can receive

    I cannot send Yahoo eMail from iPad or iPhone, but I can receive.

    iOS: Unable to send or receive email
    Can’t Send Emails on iPad – Troubleshooting Steps
    iPad Mail
     Cheers, Tom

  • I have put my pictures in a file in my yahoo email. How can I move them to my photo gallery?

      I  Have a ipad. I want to move my pictures that are in a folder in my yahoo email to my photo gallrry. How can I do it?

    For Yahoo mail under Android, normally you save those attachments (in this case photos/pictures) and then you can move around. By default, those will be in your libraries.
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  • IPhone 5 no longer receive emails, but can still send emails with yahoo email account. Any ideas to fix?

    iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1.2 stopped receiving mail yesterday. Have yahoo email account. Can still send emails. Have turned device off/on. Have done the dual off/on thing using top button and menu button.   Issue seems to be only with main inbox, as sub folders are receiving mail. Other Apple device is not having issues like this, just on iPhone.

    LAMfromA2 wrote:
    iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1.2 stopped receiving mail yesterday. Have yahoo email account. Can still send emails. Have turned device off/on. Have done the dual off/on thing using top button and menu button.   Issue seems to be only with main inbox, as sub folders are receiving mail. Other Apple device is not having issues like this, just on iPhone.
    Your issue is with the Yahoo email account which is notoriously bad.
    you can try deleting and reinstalling the email account.
    If that doesn't fix it try the yahoo email app.

  • My Apple store ID password is not working, so I tried to send a message to my Yahoo email (ID) the new password, so when it said that a massage was send to my email, but when I login to my yahoo email, I didn't receive any email from apple

    My  other apple store ID ([email protected]) password is not working, so I tried to send a message to my Yahoo email (ID) the new password, so when it said that a massage was send to my email, but when I login to my yahoo email, I didn’t receive any email from apple

    You can send over WiFi, but it sounds as if you need to setup your Gmail account, or did you do this already?

  • TS2446 Fuc!!!!!!!!  Yahoo disabled my Yahoo email address as there had been a breach is security. So I could no longer buy apps or update. I created a whole new Apple ID. But my iPhone still comes up with the old email address and I can't seem to get rid

    I'm ready to stop using itunes the ID change of email address is killing me! Help

    Well, your first mistake was making a new Apple ID. You only needed to go into Manage your Apple ID and change the Apple ID from the Yahoo email to your new email. Then, all the purchases you made with that old Apple ID would still be tied to your updated Apple ID.
    As it is, you now have a totally new Apple ID, but the purchases you made with that old Apple ID are still (and will forever be) tied to it.
    Your best bet is to log into Manage your Apple ID with the old ID (regardless of what Yahoo did with it, it is still a functional Apple ID, unless you had that disable for security reasons). Once you have logged into it, change the password on it to match the password on your new ID. Then when you are asked for a password to update an app, it won't matter which of the two Apple IDs is displaying. You will just type in the same password and your app will be updated.

  • All of a sudden my yahoo email wont display correctly (shows some links for inbox etc but they arnt clickable and no emails are displayed) and the links on facebook (notifications, home etc) dont display but facebook content does.

    Yahoo home page and yahoo email is not displaying correctly. It had been working fine until Saturday 9/10. When i load yahoo home page it will display content but some is not clickable and is not displayed correctly. In my email it will show the content on the left side (inbox, drafts etc and along the top (contacts, inbox etc) nothing can be clicked and no emails load or are shown. Facebook will load news feed content but will not display the icons at the left top (notifications, messages etc) they are clickable and work but the images just aren't there. Also not able to play games in facebook. The game loads up to 100% but never finishes. I dont go to many other website but i did check a few and they seem to be fine. May this be a website issue or firefox issue? i am able to use internet explorer to correctly see my email and facebook so assuming its a firefox thing.

    Welcome, glad you got some benefit from the threads, it all so easy once you've done it a few times, aint it.
    Glad your going well, now you can help others  
    you could also join the folding team and help medical research.

  • I downloaded Office for Mac 2011, and almost immediately my Yahoo email stopped working, most images were disabled throughout my internet sites, and my bank site reported that I was using a "new computer," which is not true. How can I get my email to work

    I have an iMac version 10.6.8/2.66 GHz Intel Processor and 4 GB memory, with Safari 5.1.10. I had used Office for Mac 2008 but had to upgrade for work. The download (from Amazon) went swiftly, but when I started Word, it did not function too well. Then about an hour later I noticed that my Yahoo email site stopped working, it lost all images and the text just jumbled up on the left side of the screen. No amount of emptying caches or resets/quits/restarts did anything. I called the Internet support, and they just said it was my iMac that had the problem. I have been reduced to using MacMail as my email, but this is tenuous, as my Yahoo account keeps holding things up and constantly asking me for my password (and sometimes it does not accept it). How can I get my computer back?

    The path may be long and tedious, grasshopper.
    Actually, the download of Office 2011 for Mac probably was not legal and may have contained bugs or other things meant to make it unstable, or invite a host of issues. The usual path would be Office 2011 for Mac on DVD so you could reinstall it and add the extras from the disc as needed; or fix the installation later on. The updates for security were downloads from Microsoft servers. You'd need a legitmate version with pass code.
    Options for Mac and office-like application suites include Libre Office, NeoOffice, and these run free. The latter supports up to Mavericks. 10.9.1 now. They have a word, excel, and other parts a lot like the real office.
    If you have a working clone of the system prior to installing the Office 2011 for Mac download and any subsequent and perhaps unseen extras, you could revert to it simply by restarting the computer from the clone, where it resides in externally enclosed self-powered hard disk drive, of a type known to support OS X clones... With ports to help work with most modern Macs. FireWire + USB. Then, clone it back w/ carbon copy cloner.
    Short of that, perhaps someone will see your post and offer some indepth method of hunting down bugs via use of Console logs; and maybe booting into Terminal utility to use unix code. It can be rather involved. Maybe Linc Davis will offer some detailed reply that will invite you to read carefully and try it.
    I've given up using computers long ago.
    A pet raven has been taught to write this.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • Yahoo emails not working in iphone 5

    Hi, I have just changed to Iphone 5 and I noticed that my yahoo emails are not working. I cannot save the yahoo password when I set up my yahoo email accounts in Iphone 5.
    The error message says "Yahoo Server unvailable". Please try again later.
    I tried to delete the yahoo account and add in again but still not working.
    Please advise urgently.

    It's not your phone... Yahoo is having issues right now with many of their users.  I'm getting the same errors logging in from my PC.

  • I'm unable to access my yahoo email account using updated firefox browser, i keep getting error page when I use the mail link on yahoo pages

    Since updating Firefox browser, i am unable to gain access to my yahoo email account. I can access the email with Interent Explorer with no trouble. Whenever I click on a mail link on the yahoo sites to check my mail, I get rerouted to an error page ..... "Sorry, we can't find "". Please check the spelling of the web address." is what is said at top of page whenever I click on any mail links.

    This is how I fixed it on my new iPhone 5S. Using the standard yahoo setting on my phone.
    You will have to access  "managing your app passwords" on your account profile for yahoo. Generate password for your app. For example: "My iPhone 5S'
    Go to your Iphone and set up your yahoo mail account on your phone the normal way and you have to use the generated password.  instead of the yahoo account password.
    I hope this helps,

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  • Video made with Keynote don't work with QuickTime

    I have made 10 seconds animation with Keynote and exported it as a video with the highest resolution (.MOV). The Keynote file includes three slides. All the slides plays with Quicktime 7.6.9 (1680.8) in my old Mac G5 (sys. 10.5.8.) and throughout the


    Hello, i have made a budget pc for a friend with the following config: MSI H77MA-G43 INTEL I5 2400 MSI GTX 550 TI I have installed all the drivers but i can´t get any audio or ethernet. I've read about this and i come to a conclusion that might be so

  • Table component grid color option

    hello, i'm curious what this option is suppose to do. i have the show grid option checked, and change the color on the grid color option. when i view the grid, i don't see any difference, so i don't know what this option is suppose to change. any hel

  • Billing Due list data is not appearing

    We have created Service Contract. After releasing this Service Contract, Billing data is not appearing in Billing due list. Please provide info on how to make it appear.

  • How not to be prompted to install products that I don't use

    I use icloud for apple, but I don't want to use it for Windows.  During my last update, it kept asking me to install icloud for Windows.  I don't want to be asked because I may accidentally install it.  Thus, I would like an option to notify me, but