Create Custom Skins for Mobile Apps | ADC Presents | Adobe TV

Developer Evangelist Piotr Walczyszyn walks you through how to create a custom SkinnableContainer Component for mobile applications using Flex and Flash Builder.

Piotr, are you Polish? It is a pity that you did not show how to create a background. Can I get the source somewhere? Great movie.

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    Hi,To do the same but in a "Action Script" aplication not Flex.
    How can i do it?

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    Looks like the source is available on github

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    How would the app zoom to a point

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  • How to create and use Data Vault with HTML/JavaScript (SAPUI5) for Mobile Apps?

    I am creating a demo Enterprise Mobile App, for cross platform and I want to use the Data Vault.
    I am not able to figure out how to implement the Data Vault with HTML/JavaScript i.e. SAPUI5 for cross platform mobile apps I have a tutorial, but it is for Android based apps. Where as I want it for iOS as well. I guess, in this case, implementing the Data Vault using SAPUI5 over HTML and JavaScript would be  better.
    If anyone has any links or sample code to implement Data vault in HTML/JavaScript (SAPUI5) or specific for iOS apps, it would be great.
    Thank you.

    This is the "SAP Mobile Documents" community, so this seems to be the wrong place for asking your question related to Data Vault / SAPUI5.
    Maybe you should post your question here:
    best regards,

  • Is it possible to create custom buttons for quizzes in Adobe Presenter?

    My company is not happy with the quiz buttons in Adobe Presenter and I was wondering if it is possibe to create custom buttons for quizzes and use them as defaults. Like you can do in Captivate.  I'm using Adobe Presenter 8 in Windows 7. 

    Do you want to change the appearance and position of buttons ?
    Do you want to change the action when the button is pressed ?
    Alpi Agarwal

  • Accordion navigation pane for mobile apps

           Is there a way to create an accordion pane in a android mobile app using Flash Builder? I know you could do it flash web pages. But, for mobile app, I am not sure. I apologize if this is a stupid or redundant question.
    Any direction is greatly appreciated.

    I was thinking about this, for no reason other than I was meant to be doing something else.
    My initial idea was that you could probably achieve something that would give you reasonable flexibility in an accordion like control by creating a custom item renderer for an s:List. EG: Override public function set selected(b:Boolean):void; in the item renderer to add the display clip when selected and remove it when deselected. You could then supply your item elements as an IList with an Array of IVisualElement as its source. I knocked up a quick test and bar resizing the renderer (which I would need to think about a bit) it worked pretty effectively.
    Then, although it is a bit less elegant, it occurred to me you could use a simple s:VGroup swapping the relevant child elements in and out of the display list based on clicks on the label buttons.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:View xmlns:fx=""
                        xmlns:s="library://" title="HomeView" xmlns:accordion="accordion.*">
                                  import mx.core.IVisualElement;
                                  protected function setClipIndex(selectThis:int):void
                                            for(var i:int=0;i<listOfClips.length;i++) {
                                                      var ive:IVisualElement = listOfClips.getItemAt(i) as IVisualElement;
                                                      if(i==selectThis) {
                                                                if(!accordionVG.containsElement(ive)) {
                                                                          // Add at item position plus one to allow for the button
                                                      } else {
                                                                if(accordionVG.containsElement(ive)) accordionVG.removeElement(ive);
                        <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->
                        <s:ArrayCollection id="listOfClips">
                                            <s:Scroller width="100%" height="100%" toolTip="A group..." id="defaultGroup" >
                                                      <s:VGroup >
                                                                <s:Button /><s:Label text="Some text in some buttons..." /><s:Button />
                                                                <s:Button /><s:Label text="Some text in some buttons..." /><s:Button />
                                                                <s:Button /><s:Label text="Some text in some buttons..." /><s:Button />
                                                                <s:Button /><s:Label text="Some text in some buttons..." /><s:Button />
                                            <s:Scroller width="100%" height="100%" toolTip="A different group..." >
                                                      <s:VGroup width="{width}">
                                                                <s:Button />
                                                                <s:Label text="Different text in some other buttons..." />
                                                                <s:Button />
                                            <s:Scroller width="100%" height="100%" toolTip="Yet another group..." >
                                                      <s:VGroup width="{width}">
                                                                <s:Button />
                                                                <s:Label text="Some other stuff..." />
                                                                <s:Button />
              <s:VGroup id="accordionVG" top="0" left="0" right="0" bottom="0" creationComplete="setClipIndex(0)">
                        <s:Button width="100%" label="{listOfClips.getItemAt(0).toolTip}" click="setClipIndex(0)" />
                        <s:Button width="100%" label="{listOfClips.getItemAt(1).toolTip}" click="setClipIndex(1)" />
                        <s:Button width="100%" label="{listOfClips.getItemAt(2).toolTip}" click="setClipIndex(2)" />

  • Custom skin for FLVPlayback

    Hi ..
    I am trying to create a custom skin for the FLVPlayback componenet... I was wondering if someone could point me in a direction of a comprehensive tutorial..
    Thanks a bunch!!

    I have been attempting to use this code with the FLVPlayback
    component - when tested, the component and placeholder image both
    load, but once the user hits the play button I get an error code:
    ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must
    be a child of the caller.
    at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/removeChild()
    at video_fla::MainTimeline/removePF()
    The video still plays, but the placeholder image doesn't get
    This is the actionscript I'm using:
    var pfContainer:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
    myPlayer.addChildAt(pfContainer, 1);
    var pf:Loader = new Loader();
    pf.load(new URLRequest('slatepf.png'));
    pfContainer.x = 0;
    pfContainer.y = 0;
    function removePF(e:Event):void{
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Help me in embedding a map for mobile app

    I have built a basic simple iphone app in flash cs5.Now I want to create a new scene in flash cs5 to show this map fully funtional along with markers in a small resolution for mobile app.(iphone)
    link of the map: 965c7dd91&t=p&om=0&ll=12.340002,77.409668&spn=4.989012,7.404785&source=embed
    Pls help me out in sorting this problem out

    You need to sign up for google maps API here :, get your API key. You need this otherwise it will not work. Thendownload the SDK, from here: its on the right, on step 2, "SDK"
    the set up flash with the SDK, and then in your components inspector there will be a new folder saying google.
    Drag that component onto the stage. Then add this code: information  will need to be changed to suit your location and API KEY
    package {
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.geom.Point;
    public class googlemap extends Sprite {
    var map:Map = new Map();
    public function googlemap() {
    map.key = "ABQIAAAAF5GHwa7hgxz5etSP-jJVwhSK_rP-_Usta8fEpiVtC50gLzF69hQ6_VK0zgpArekpmdsRCJK2Vnp60A";
    map.setSize(new Point(stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight));
    map.addEventListener(MapEvent.MAP_READY, onMapReady);
    function onMapReady(event:Event):void {
    map.setCenter(new LatLng(45.436319770227,12.33638048172), 13, MapType.SATELLITE_MAP_TYPE);

  • How to create custom infotype for training and event management

    hai freinds can any one tell me how to create custom infotype for training and event managment with following fields
    PS No – PA0000-> PERNR
    Name   - PA0001 -> ENAME
    IS PS.No. – PA0001-> PS no. of Immediate Superior
    IS name PA0001 -> ENAME
    thanx in advance

    Your question is not clear for me. Since it is a TEM infotype, it could be a PD infotype.
    If you wish to create a PD infotype, use transaction PPCI to create the infotype.
    But before that you need to create a structure HRInnnn (where nnnn is the infotype number) with all the fields relevant for the infotype.
    If you wish to create a PA infotype, use transaction PM01 to create the infotype.
    But before that you may be required to create a strcuture PSnnnn  (where nnnn is the infotype number) with all the fields relevant for the infotype.

  • How to create custom template for webcenter portal application

    I created webcenter portal application in my jdev using the webcenter portal application template provided by the webcenter framework.
    I tried to create custom template for my application by following steps:
    1. Created new application using webcenter portal application template with all default package structure.
    2. Right click pagetemplates folder under webcontent package and select new option.
    3. New gallery opens up.
    4. Selected JSF under webtier and JSF Page Template under items in the right hand side and clicked Ok button.
    5. New wizard opens up for creating new JSF page template.
    6. Gave template name(file name) and Page Template Name(template def name).
    7. Selected checkbox staing start a Quick Start Layout and selected three column layout and selected Ok.
    8. Selected checkbox for Create Associated ADFm Page Defination(so that page templates can be changes at run time).
    9. Created some Facet Definations (header, footer, content1, content2, LHN, RHN).
    10. Clicked Ok button which will create custom template.
    11. Added some Panel Group Layout component from Component Palette.
    12. Created new page (.jspx) with this template.
    Now when I try to add producer portlets created using Producer Portlet application template and connected to the above application using WSRP2.0, I'm facing problem.
    The prolem is that I'm not able to add more than one portlet in one single page?
    Kindly let me know whether the steps followed by me is wrong some where and needs to corrected and let me know how I can add more than one portlet to page?
    Basically I cant see more than one placeholders in my page to add portlets.

    Thanks Yannick.
    In the step 9 I had mentioned that I created various facet definations (header, footer, content, content1 RHN and LHN).
    Is this is not facet you are talking about or should I drop facet ref from the resource palette?
    Can't I add moer than one portlet to my page at design time itself?
    Annoying since in weblogic portal we do this at design time(.portal).

  • To create custom colors for exception

    Hi experts......
    I need to create custom colors for my report in order to set exceptions. Shades of red,yellow and green is just not enough for my client, they want to see blue as well when certain exception rises. Can someone please give me a hint as to how to implement that it got to do st with the mime repository?
    Thnaks in advance!

    Hi Tina,
    You can do this by formatting in the workbook. Run the query and in the workbook, on the BEx toolbar, there is a button for formatting. Select the exception cell whose color you want to change > in the Format button choos epatterns and select the color you would like. Once you have made the changes, save the workbook. The changes will remain in place the next time the user runs this workbook.
    Take a look at this link for more info:
    Hope this helps...

  • Steps to create Connection pool for Oracle apps Adapter.

    Hi All,
    Could please tel me the steps to create connection pool for Oracle Apps Adapter.

    Steps are given in section "Configuring Connection Information" in Apps Adapter User guide at below link -

  • Creating Custom Theme for Power View Clustered columns chart

    Is it possible to create custom theme for displaying clustered columns chart on Power View?
    Basically I am looking to create chart with specific colors for the bars? For e.g. for High - RED, Medium - Orange and Low - Yellow color. When I look at themes available in Excel 2013 I don't see this combination as such, so I was looking to create one
    I tried to create a theme using video on youtube, but the theme which I created is not showing up in Power View mode in excel 2013.

    Hi Sagar,
    In Power View, it has several default theme colors for us to apply to our workbook. Also, we can change the Font, Text Size and Background of the chart. However, it is not support to design a custom theme color.
    You can refer to the following steps to change the theme colors:
    1. On the POWER VIEW tab, in the Themes group, click Themes.
    2. Under Built-in, click the theme that you want to use.
    Please refer to the following screenshot below:
    Alisa Tang
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click
    Alisa Tang
    TechNet Community Support

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