Creating BADI for datasource enhancement in CRM system

I am working on SAP BI/BW. This is the first time I am working in CRM system with CRM datasources. Facing some problem for datasource enhancement as never done it before in the CRM system. Is there anyone who can help in in creating BADI for datasource enhancement in CRM.
Thanks in advance

Hi Kushal,
You can find the BADI name by,
Go to Transaction SE24
Enter the Object Type CL_EXITHANDLER and click on Display.
Double Click on method "GET_INSTANCE".
Put a Break-point on Call method cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface
Run RSA3 transaction and execute the DataSource.
The execution will stop at the break point.
Check the values of variable 'exit_name', it will give you the BADI name called at that time.

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  • Creating BADI for datasource enhancement in CRM.

    I am working on SAP BI/BW. This is the first time I am working in CRM system with CRM datasources. Facing some problem for datasource enhancement as never done it before in the CRM system. Is there anyone who can help in in creating BADI for datasource enhancement in CRM.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Prasad Reddy,
    This are the available badis and exits for this t.code:
    Enhancement/ Business Add-in            Description
    MGA00001                                Material Master (Industry): Checks and Enhancements
    MGA00002                                Material Master (Industry): Number Assignment
    MGA00003                                Material Master (Industry and Retail): Number Display
    Business Add-in
    MG_MASS_NEWSEG                          User-Specific Fields & Segments in Mass Maintenance
    CDT_CHECK_MATERIAL                      Checks for Existence of a Material in a CDT
    BADI_MAT_F_SPEC_SEL                     BAdI for Material Special Field Selection
    BADI_MATERIAL_REF                       Addition of customer-defined default data for material
    BADI_MATERIAL_CHECK                     Enhanced checks for material master table
    o.of Exits:          3
    o.of BADis:         11
    Find the Exact  exits and badis for ur requirement.
    How to fine the exact badi:
    1) Goto se24 (Display class cl_exithandler)
    2) Double click on the method GET_INSTANCE.
    3) Put a break point at Line no.25 (CASE sy-subrc).
    4) Execute SAP standard transaction
    5) Press the required button for which you need to write an exit logic, the execution will stop at the break point.
    6) Check the values of variable 'exit_name', it will give you the BADI name called at that time.
    7) This way you will find all the BADIs called on click of any button in any
    P.Naganjana Reddy
    if you follow this 7 steps, you will find a suitable BADI.

  • Steps to create a generic datasource from SAP CRM

    Dear Forum,
    Could you please provide me with the steps to create a generic datasource from SAP CRM
    Thanks for you time and efforts

    Initially create a view or identify the table to create generic extractions, remaining process is same in all data bases such as CRM........
    Generic Delta:
    Assign points if these are useful.

  • Create Badi for Virtual Key Figure

    Hi experts,
    i have to create badi for virtual key figure in BIW for dat i m creating Badi in BI development but its asking for Access Key.
    Badi name is RSR_OLAP_BADI
    i want to know while creating classic Badi with Implementation Name do developer need access key or thr any othr way to develop Badi for Virtual Key Figure.
    Tell me for creating virtual key figure in biw we use Badi and for dat we have to create the Badi in BIW Dev. or in R/3 Dev.
    it first time dat i m creating BAdi.
    Edited by: ankit375 on Feb 3, 2011 11:14 AM
    Edited by: ankit375 on Feb 3, 2011 11:14 AM

    To see how to create this BADI see here:
    You you need to be registered as developer (you have to have dev.key) to do the coding.

  • I want to create stock for particular material in r3 system to check different availabilty checks it triggers

    I want to create stock for particular material in r3 system to check different availabilty checks it triggers like one time delivery ,and delivery proposal (partial delivery) please help me to get these .

    you can use MB1C with movement type 501

  • BADI For Inbound Queue in CRM

    Hi All,
    I am replicating Product Listings (VB02 in ECC)  data from ECC to CRM.
    Now I need to Update a Z table in CRM System with the data coming from ECC when the Inbound Queue in CRM System is processed via SMQ2.
    Can Anybody please tell me what BADI will be useful
    I found one CRM_DATAEXCHG_BADI but not sure how it goes.
    I also tried in Debuging the inbound Queue. It will take Long time to find out BTE or BADI in this way.
    So please help me with the BADI or BTE Name.

    Hi Gautham,
    No good, It did not help me Gautham.
    Can you please suggest me some other way of dong it.
    I have 2 badis to use one is address_update and the other is addres_check.
    I implemented address_check which had a address structure as a changing parameter and I update it there, it works absolutely fine.
    But my requirement is to update the structure based on the condition of BUT000. That is the BUT000-type, which means I need to update the structure only for person and not for organization and group.
    so in the badi address_check i need the BUT000 details, which I am not able to trace even from the local memory as I am getting the error saying "Memory is not yet instantiated"
    and If i use the other badi address_update.
    I have the problem the other way round here. I have all the BUT000 details here I can put the condition to update only for person, but I am not able to update the address structure.
    Please help me. This is required very urgent.
    Maximum points will be rewarded.
    Thanks in advance.

  • How can we create Versions for Products in SAP CRM

    Hi All,
    We want use Product Versions in our CRM IC Webclient. We want to be able to select a product and then have a list of versions to pick from. Can anyone tell me if they have configured Versions for Products in their SAP CRM system. If yes, then how did you go about it.
    Ramesh Nallabelli

    Hi Arup and Shanthala,
    Thanks for the prompt responses. Appreciate your help. We want to create Product versions like this: Product: Windows OS Version: 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, etc.
    When I try to create a configurable product, using the Configuration tab, to create or use a product model I see an error message: PME installation with errors The long text is: The environment variable PME_HOME that includes the PME application has to exist locally in order to start the PME from CRM.
    This indicates the configuration of IPC in our CRM system. This is something that we have not undertaken so far.
    When I use the Poduct Variants tab to create a product variant for a configurable product, I can't edit here. This view opens in a display only mode. After reading some more about this, It looks like variant configuration needs to be used in tandem with ERP variant configuration. There might also be a need to recreate this in the Java configuration engine. We are going to create these products in CRM only, so this might not work for us.

  • Unable to create delivery for sustitute delivery in CRM complaint

    I have created a complaint with sales item in CRM system.Now I created return request which is distributed to ECC as sales order.Processed Returns delivery. Everything is updated in CRM complaint.
    Now i created Substitute delivery request in the same CRM complaint for the replacement. This item is updated in the same sales order in ECC. When I try to create a delivery for this sales order system is not allowed.
    Order cannot be delivered (see long text)
    Message no. VL461
    Possible reasons include:
    The copy conditions specified in Specify copy control for deliveries do not allow the order to be delivered.
    The order is blocked for delivery.
    The order document is incomplete.
    My doubt here is when i check the delivery document type, it's LR(returns delivery) for both the cases( for returns and substitute) since the transaction type is same. Now how could I differentiate since first case is returns delivery and second case is substitute delivery which is going out.
    Appreciate your help.
    thanks you

    U can manually input LF delivery type in Vl01N screen and do the delivery.

  • Is it possible to have different CHARM process for R/3 and CRM system

    Hi all,
    I am currentlu workin on CHARM implementation and we have successfully gone live for R/3 System now we need to implement CHARM for CRM system. The Customer is asking to define a new Change request and new Urgent correction for CRM system as there is different approval procedure for CRM when compared to R/3 Now i want to know whether we can have a different CHARM process for CRM system alone, kindly give ur valuable inputs as it is very urgent.
    Thanks in advance

    Once the pricing procedure ia assigned to sales order, it is automatically copied into Invoice through Copy controls. You never assign pricing procedure to billing document. it is automatically copied.

  • How to write the ABAP code for Datasource Enhancment

    Hi Team,
                  Can you please help me how to write the code for the enhancement i have made to the standard datasource
    i have added the fields ZZPayer and ZZPayer_access.
    I just wanted to know how to write the ABAP code to populate the data for these fields.
    Pradeep P.

    From a performance point of view would like to suggest a few changes :
    WHEN '<DS name>'.
      select zzfields from <table> into itab
      for all entries in c_t_data where <condition>.
      If sy_subrc = 0.
    loop at c_t_data assiging f_c_t_data.
    read itab into wa_itab where key = f_c_t_data-key.
    f_c_t_data-zzfield = wa-itab-zzfield.
    refresh itab.

  • How to create infosource for datasource?

    dear all,
    how does 1 go about creating infosource for a particular datasource to update to 2 infoobjects?

    Thanks for your reply
    when i right click to create my infosource i input this datasource name 0EMPLOYEE_USER_ATTR
    and i get this error
    Pos. 1 of the InfoSource must be diff. to one of char.: 0123456789YZ.
    Message no. RSAR150
    any idea?

  • BAdI- Call for DataSource Enhancement! - Where?

    i have a question ... i have implemented a filterbased BAdI to enhance DataSources.  I have implemented BADI Definitions, Implentations etc ...
    But, where is the Position where i should call this BAdI? Should i call it, in the Customerexit RSAP0001?
    I thought, the new BAdI technology replaced the Customerexit RSAP0001.
    I appreciate your help

    check the below paper:

  • Creating BADI for Virtual Key fig: Error: RSR_OLAP_BADI does not exist

    I am following some instructions to test the implementation of virtual key figure and came to the point to create the BADI.
    Intructions on page 5:
    Create Implementation; New BADI; Enhancement Spot:    RSR_OLAP_BADI
    At this point I get an error that RSR_OLAP_BADI does not exist.
    I then chose at random APB_LAUNCHPAD but this works in the sense that it took me to the next screen
    1. What does it mean by RSR_OLAP_BADI not existing?
    2. I know the instructions points to choose RSR_OLAP_BADI, but why that particular program and how does one gets to know that it is the one to use for virtual key figure/char implementation?
    3. When I tested with APB_LAUNCHPAD, I did not get the same screen on page 5 of the link, is it different for BI 7? Or, am I missing a point?

    thanks for the guidance.
    Yes, I tried to implement exactly as in the article.
    Yes, I defined the filter for the Infoprovider, as ZV*
    Are you suggesting that at this point, if in the method  if_ex_rsr_olap_badi~define, I change the value of
    "ZV_ZIPER" to my DSO or Cube, I should now see the virtual key figure in my query?
    Based on this understanding, I modified the method as follows, (my cube name is 2LIS_11_VASCL):
      DATA: l_s_chanm TYPE rrke_s_chanm,
      l_kyfnm TYPE rsd_kyfnm.
      <l_s_chanm> TYPE rrke_s_chanm.
    Insert Code
      CASE i_s_rkb1d-infocube.
    CASE i_s_rkb1d-2LIS_11_VASCL.
          WHEN '2LIS_11_VASCL'.
          l_s_chanm-chanm = 'ZVAR_SHPR'.
          l_s_chanm-mode = rrke_c_mode-read.
          APPEND l_s_chanm TO c_t_chanm.
          l_s_chanm-chanm = 'ZVARDT'.
          l_s_chanm-mode = rrke_c_mode-read.
          APPEND l_s_chanm TO c_t_chanm.
          APPEND 'ZV_20DV' TO c_t_kyfnm.
    endmethod. "if_ex_rsr_olap_badi~define
    After activation, I checked the query and still I am not seeing the virtual key figure in the query for selection.
    Any more ideas?
    Edited by: Amanda Baah on May 24, 2009 8:01 AM

  • Creating view for DataSource from table containing Structures.

    Hello All,
    I need to make a datasource for HR PY master data from a table PA9004(its special for a HR infotype) which needs some fields like PFOBEE(PF-Opening Balance-Ee).
    Field(PFOBEE) is part of a structure(PS0008) which is included in the table PA9004.I tried where-used list for this structure in programs,FuncModules,Tables but got no result of any transparent table.
    To form my Datasource I tried creating the Database view, which had inconsistencies. I tried using the table PA9004, which said "This operation failed, because the template structure quantity fields or currency fields, for example, field PFOBEE refer to a different table."
    Also Projection view cant be used for generic datasources.
    Even Create Infostructure(MC21) does not work for HR: PY-IO.
    All suggestions welcome.Mail me at [email protected]

    Hello All,
    I solved this problem by forming my generic datasource(TCode RSO2) on a Infoset which had the table pa9004. There were some warnings regarding the use of the development class, but finally I had the datasource ready.
    I checked the datasource is working using the RSA3 TCode and the DS is perfectly extracting the data. I replicated this DS in BW server and it appears exactly where I wanted.
    Some colleages had suggested writing a functional module to extract the data, which must be right but I have not tried this option yet.
    Experts may please review my solution and offer tips. I am willing to offer points to anyone offering a more elegant solution.

  • Query on availability of BDC/BADI for following enhancement

    I want to know whether any user exit/BADI/BDC is available for the following Scenario:
    I have a PO having 80 Project materials. The PO will be created with reference to a PR which will have all the Project Materials.  The Client doesn't want to maintain conditions and the Tax code at line item level (conditions cannot be maintained at Header level as these are different for the condition types) for 80 Project materials in a single PO as it is too laborious.  Instead he want's to populate the fields thro' an excel file where he will be maintain the values for the condition type and tax code.
    My question's are:-
    Is this Possible?
    How? using BDC/BADI ?
    Solution to the Problem ?
    Please treat this as urgent and respond.

    Yes it is possible by doing some development work.
    Create a new transaction code which can list down all the PR's for a vendor to be converted into a PO. dispaly all the line items in a ALV Grid format whcoh can be downloaded so that the user can populate the PO price and tax code in differnt columns for the lines and provide an updload functionality which will then update the table. Once updated , you need to provide a selection icon for creating the PO whcih will invoke the BAPI - BAPI_PO_CREATE1 for creating the PO using the fields from the screen.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks & Regards

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