CS4 - Video Preview Codec

I'm a little confused, when creating a video project file, I'm given the choice of a video preview codec, is this just soemthing to allow the video preview to be played back steadily?
Also will this effect my final render? Or will it change if I choose to render with a different codec.
And finally what do you reccomend I select as my video preview codec for working with 720p footage?

Sorry i don't really understand, the video I'm editing is a 720p WMV file, is that right?
I've imported into a poject file with the video preview codec set to 'uncompressed'

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  • Video Preview not Working in CS6

    Before AE CS6, I was using AE CS 5.5 on my MacBook Pro (model 8,3)  and I could always go to AE Preferences:Video Preview and choose my additional monitor for previewing. I was previewing my Stereo 3d comps perfectly on my 3D hdtv through a HDMI to Mini Display Port cable.
    I now have a Mac Pro and AE CS6 and in that preference, the "Output Device" dropdown only lists Firewire and Computer Monitor Only. With my old setup, I could choose my TV and everything was great. But this new setup won't allow me to see or choose my TV.
    Please help! Has anyone else had this problem? Has something in AE CS6 changed for external monitors? I can't tell if it is CS6 or the fact that I have a new Mac Pro and it's video card might be different...

    That's a great lead. I realized that Final Cut Cut Studio 6 was on my laptop before but it is not on my new Mac Pro. FC Studio 6 includes a bunch of codecs as I recall. So I went to install it on my new Mac Pro and I got an error message that said my Mac cant install Power PC architecture (or something like that) and wouldnt let me install it. Any Idea how I can get those codecs without installing FC Pro 6?
    PS: I tried AE CS6 on my TV and it worked like a charm. There were lots more option in the Video Preview Preference.

  • No preview codec, crashing on start up, no audio with black magic, asking for serials

    I have 4 issues with Premiere CC. At work we have a school license of some sort, what I know we got a special design one from the  sales team (I might be wrong).
    The problems we have runned into are:
    1. We students try to open a project they been working on a error screen popps up and says something like "No preview codec could be associated with this sequence...."
    I think this happens when students have merged audio and video toghether.
    2. I got some help from the tech support and they made some changes in the libiry in one of the editing rooms computers and reinstalled premiere Pro CC.
    It seemed as everything was working until I opened premiere CC the day after, and it asks me for a serial key. I tried putting in the serials we got and non of them worked.
    I also tried logging on to the account we have and it still asks me for the serials. And when I try starting in in trail mode I can't playback anything.
    3. In another editing room Premiere was crashing on start up, so I was told by the tech support to uninstall all adobe softwares and update my mac OsX and then reinstall the softwares needed. It worked but if i save projects and try to open them up Premiere CC craches.
    4. On computers using black magic deck link I can't get audio out from premiere pro.
    I would really appreicate if I could get some more support.
    Thank You
    Viking Jonsson

    Hello again,
    So the sound issue is solved, so for other users with the same problem I will write down my way of making it work.
    I read some time ago that someone made it work by starting AE and in AE more choices were avalible in the audio prefrences, but this didn't work for me but it might for some, thats why I write it here.
    I took this a step futher and I opened up Audition CC, and in Audition CC the sound worked just fine and it was automatically set to black magic.
    After I had open Audition CC I was then able  to select Premiere Pro 7.0 as the sound output in the Apple system settings sound prefrences.
    Then the sound worked fine in AE and PP. Should also note that when I did it as said in the manual I didn't get it to work.
    The preview preset issue is some what solved, I reinstalled premiere and upgrade my OSX as written above. First time I installed Creative Cloud I did it from a build from a hardrive I think that some how made it so creative cloud could not reach premiere correctly???
    Although I still have the problem with serial numbers sometimes and I have to be logged on wich is don't work if i try to log on with the account on two or more computers.. Even thou we have a school license, so I still appreciate all help I can get with this.
    I will also add that I heard that strange things can happen if users install apples latest ProApp QuickTime Codec 1.0.4 so watch out for that one at the moment, I sure adobe will fix this soon as well

  • R3D, RED files based project showing no video preview after reinstalling CS6. Solution!

    Hello Friends,
    I just came across with a problem which happened with my RED R3D RAW Files shot on RED EPIC Camera and managed to solve it in a simple click after wasting many hours, so thought why not to share this on adobe forum so others can save time.
    Problem was :-
    I made a project in Primer pro CS6 with RED RAW R3D files and later I had to reinstall CS6. Later when I tried opening my same project which consist of R3D RED RAW files. The project opened successfully but I red files was seen but with no video preview, importing the new RED files where working fine but the old files which was imported when I made the project they where not playing at all.
    You can select all you RED R3D Files and go to source settings, Click Reload from RMD. Problem Solved!!!
    I hope this small write up will be helpful to some of you out their.
    Saurabh Pandey.

    I have verified this problem. After Effects CS6, Premiere Pro CS6, and Adobe Media Encoder CS6 experience problems with RED .r3d files on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
    More specifically, the ImporterREDServer process used by these applications is failing to launch or crashing. You may be able to import and use some .r3d files for a short time, but once the ImporterREDServer process crashes, frames from imported files won't be returned, and importing new files will result in error messages.
    We are investigating the problem.
    This problem does not occur in the CC or CC 2014 versions of After Effects, Premiere Pro, or Adobe Media Encoder on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. If you do not have access to these versions, my suggestion for workarounds are to transcode the .r3d files to a different format (ex., QuickTime with ProRes or other high quality intermediate codec) or roll back to Mac OS X 10.9.

  • CS4 - Render preview image not scaled and position properly

    I'm trying to edit video captured with a GoPro in R4 mode.
    It produces videos int he following format:
    1.0 square pixel
    29.97 fps
    I created a sequence corresponding to these settings. When no effects are added to the clip in the sequence, playback is fine in the sequence preview panel.
    Things starts to get messy when I edit the clip. I get the red bar over the clip telling me I need to render a preview. And it's true, the playback skips and lag.
    Here's some image of the result of the rendered preview:
    when playing:
    Image above shows both clips are at the same frame. No effects applied beside a title.
    When not playing and clicking on the preview image:
    Image is centered, but the ratio changed.
    Investigating this problem showed em that the rendered videos changed resolution (which is logic), but they also changed the ratio of the original video!!
    Original video is 1280 * 960 for a 4:3 ratio, while the preview videos are 720*480 (not 4:3).
    Now, I tried changing the rendered preview settings here:
    I had no success. The only codecs I have found to not change the resolution of the preview are "Uncompressed UYVY 422 8 bits" and "V210 10-bit YUV". These codec produce high quality videos (same resolution, high bit rates) as preview that my computer still have problem to play.
    I'm not more advanced.
    In my choices of settings, the only preview file format I have is microsoft AVI.
    1. Anyone ever had this problem? (and knows how to fix it )
    2  How can I have more choice than AVI for a preview file format.
    3. How can I install more preview codecs to test the different options?
    4. Suggestions, comments?
    Please, keep in mind that I'm still discovering adobe premiere. I started to play with it only 2 days ago. This is pretty much the last problem I have before starting to edit my footage.
    Thank you all.
    Sorry if my english is not perfect, it's not my main langugage.

    @John T Smith:
    already searched for the answers, but withiout success.
    @Ann Benns:
    Thanks for the advice. I will try that tonight.
    In the meantime, I found a post about a guy who had the same issue as me:
    http://goprouser.freeforums.org/changed-question-about-adobe-premiere-resolution-t1492-20. htm
    The post ends in 2010 with: "WOOHOO!!  I finally got it (mysteriously) to work again!"
    I will try to send him an email.
    Thanks for your help. If anyone has more suggestions or ideaas, they are more than welcome!

  • Having trouble disabling video previews

    I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and 1.5.  I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows Vista.  While on Vista I only had 1.5 running on my computer.  Since upgrading to Win7, I noticed that when I upload a video file into the timeline, I am forced to render a video preview file.  I don't remember how to disable this so that I can go back to realtime editing.  I am also having the same issue with Premiere CS4.  Does anyone know how to disable preview renders in both of these versions of Premiere?

    I have been using the proper file formats.  Problem is I didn't have this issue before in which I would get a red line on my timeline that force me to render my project everytime I added a new scene.  Only times I've ever had to render are through the use of transitons and filters.  I'm not doing anything differently than I have before.

  • Encore crashes dury any video preview

    I just bought Encore and to my dismay it crashes during any video preview. This includes previewing the video in the Project panel, using File > Preview, and using the Monitor panel. It even happens when I just use the scrollbar, without even playing it. Is there a fix for this or did I just throw away a lot of money?
    Is it possible my video card needs to be upgraded? I'd think that if the video card was too weak the video would just be choppy, not crashing the program, but I don't know much about video cards! Also, I'm on Vista. Tried running it in Windows XP compatibility mode but that didn't make a difference.

    Thanks for the info! Lots of good stuff on that page! I didn't go through the whole thing, but my tests so far have led me to believe that this is the issue.
    "It takes only one unexpectedly corrupt clip to cause endless problems. Make a list of all of your media clips. Play each one in an external media player and check off each one that is successful."
    Although my AVI clips (they were taken using a RCA Small Wonder - http://www.mysmallwonder.com/) play fine in Windows Media Player, I do NOT get the crash if I use the WMV clips that come with Vista (C:\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos)
    So on the simplest level, converting my AVIs to WMV or maybe just re-encoding should work for me, but I'll check my AVI codecs first with the tools listed on that page.
    I figured listing my hardware was the next step if this wasn't a common problem... listing it here now but will provide everything else later if necessary.
    Dell Dimension DXP061 running Windows Vista Home Premium
    Processor: Intel Core2 CPU (600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz)
    Memory(RAM): 3070MB
    System Type: 32-bit
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE
    Will post the culprit once I verify what it is in case others have this same issue.
    Thanks John!

  • Video preview problem

    Hi. I have a problem with video playback in my premiere cc. In project window I have video file imported, video is on timeline, but I can't see this video preview in program and source windows. I haven't worked a lot in premiere and I don't know where the problem is. I have already reinstalled program, but it didn't solve the problem. Can someone help me? Additionally, when I render this video, everything is fine,...problem is that, I can't see what I render

    More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information
    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4200840
    •What is your exact brand/model graphics adapter (ATI or nVidia or ???)
    •What is your exact graphics adapter driver version?
    •Have you gone to the vendor web site to check for a newer driver?
    •For Windows, do NOT rely on Windows Update to have current driver information
    •-you need to go direct to the vendor web site and check updates for yourself
    •nVidia Driver Downloads http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
    •ATI Driver Autodetect http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/auto-detect-tool
    Exactly what is INSIDE the video you are editing?
    Codec & Format information, with 2 links inside for you to read http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1270588
    Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... A screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing
    https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1070933 for screen shot instructions
    Free programs to get file information for PC/Mac http://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo/Download

  • Mac pro HDMI video preview goes yellow solid and turns off by itself often

    I work with 2 monitors. main monitor is Apple thunderbolt cinema display 27", and second monitor is LG HD tv connected through HDMI of MacPro.
    when I use aftereffect, I use my LG TV as video preview, and it goes yellow solid and turns off itself very often.
    I use Final Cut Pro X and, davinci 10 lite with LG TV also, but it works well in these condition.
    It makes trouble with aftereffects only.
    I hope it can be solved.
    thank you

    thank you, tim.
    English is not my first language. so I'm not sure I fully understand with this.
    I will show you my full hardware setting
    * Does preview on the LG monitor work at all? When does it go yellow? When does it turn off?
    - it works initially. A few minutes after I start making RAM preview, yellow screen appear(the RAM preview keeps going anyway),
    if I stop the video preview(command + /), and restart video preview, it turns on normal,
    but if I don't stop video preview, 10 or 20 seconds later it turns off by itself, and all the options in 'Output Device' disappear except 'Computer Monitor Only', so I should restart After Effects to turn on video preview.
    * When you have the problem, if you open Activity Monitor, is Adobe QT32 Server running?
    - yes, it(it appears red characters, is it normal?) looks running
    * Do you have Premiere Pro installed? Does it have the same problem when previewing to the LG monitor?
    - no, Premiere Pro works well.
    - I tried to remove Blackmagic Codec.component , but it didn't solve my problem
    let me know if you need more information about this.
    thank you again.

  • No more audio or video preview in column view?

    weird one... on my powerbook (g4) i suddenly have no ability to play/preview audio or video file in column view in the finder. works fine on my desktop machine with the same os and such...? highlighting a file just gives its name and dates and such, no ability to preview.
    using 10.4.8 and QT 7.1.3. tried updating prebinding (and other normal quickfixes). think i might need to reinstall quicktime?

    well, yes i tried all the basic quick fixes. (plus diskwarrior and applejack, etc.)
    i thought i might find it in some of the preferences of finder or quicktime but no go.
    the weirder thing is that if you highlight an audio or video file in the column view, while it gives no audio or video preview, if you click on the "get more info" button (or command-i) there will be the audio or video preview.

  • Getting the following message on Final Cut Express "audio only capture selected video preview disabled" how can I get the video capture back?

    I'm getting the following message on screen when attempting to capture video  "audio only capture selected, video preview disabled."  How can I get the view preview back?

    FCE doesn't allow for audio only capture, it's in a twist somewhere.
    Try trashing the FCE preferences.

  • How to tell whether video preview is working?

    An app shows video preview with code essentially the same as in
    the MSDN document:
    async void ShowPreview(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    if (mediaCaptureMgr == null)
    // Using Windows.Media.Capture.MediaCapture APIs
    // to stream from webcam
    mediaCaptureMgr = new MediaCapture();
    await mediaCaptureMgr.InitializeAsync();
    myCaptureElement.Source = mediaCaptureMgr;
    await mediaCaptureMgr.StartPreviewAsync();
    It works most of the time. However, sometimes the video does not show. When this happens, myCaptureElement.ActualWidth and myCaptureElement.ActualHeight still return the correct values. This probably means at least something is working. In this case, how can
    the code tell what my eyes can see - the video is not showing?

    Hi Hong,
    Based on my knowledge, your problem may related to the dispose of the MediaCapture object. Forget to dispose it when app suspends will result in a negative user experience for your app.
    About your question, I’ve not seen such property in MediaCapture class, so it’s recommend to create a Boolean that indicate whether the app is currently previewing video. You need to maintain this object when start or stop preview. You can find more information
    from this page.
    https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/xaml/hh868171.aspx. See Step 5 section.
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place. Click HERE to participate
    the survey.

  • Video previews not working in iTunes

    Hi all,
    I've seen this posted a few different ways without any resolution to the problem so I thought I would give it a shot.
    Video previews are not working properly for me. When in the iTunes Store and I click on a "View Trailer" for a movie or preview for a music video, a pop-up window appears in iTunes with a white background. The audio will kick in but the video never starts. I am using iTunes 9.2 (61).
    Has anyone uncovered a solution to this?

    Just to clean this unresolved issue up, seemingly the problem disappeared after upgrading to iTunes 9.2.1 (5).

  • Camera video preview - Random crashes and green screens

    Hello everyone,
    I am currently working on a Windows Phone 8.1 app and I need to preview video from the phone's back camera. For quite some time I've been struggling with random crashes and green screens. When these green screens appear, all camera apps become affected and
    the device needs to be restarted. Occasionally the phone freezes and only recovers after battery removal. I test the app on my Lumia 620.
    After some web search, I found references to the same problem by many users/developers of different apps. I'm really frustrated as I've tried many possible solutions with no avail.
    Here is part of my code:
    //in App.xaml.cs:
    MediaCaptureInitializationSettings settings;
    public static MediaCapture captureMgr;
    public static bool UnableToInitializeCamera = false;
    public async Task InitializeVideoCapture()
    DeviceInformation backWebcam = await GetCameraDeviceInfoAsync(Windows.Devices.Enumeration.Panel.Back);
    if(captureMgr!=null) captureMgr.Dispose();
    captureMgr = new MediaCapture();
    settings = new MediaCaptureInitializationSettings();
    settings.StreamingCaptureMode = StreamingCaptureMode.Video;
    settings.PhotoCaptureSource = PhotoCaptureSource.VideoPreview;
    settings.AudioDeviceId = "";
    if (backWebcam != null)
    settings.VideoDeviceId = backWebcam.Id;
    var _messageDialog = new MessageDialog("Back panel camera not found");
    _messageDialog.Commands.Add(new UICommand("OK"));
    await captureMgr.InitializeAsync(settings);
    UnableToInitializeCamera = false;
    UnableToInitializeCamera = true;
    Debug.WriteLine("HANDLED EXCEPTION: camera could not be initialized");
    var _messageDialog = new MessageDialog("Unable to initialize camera");
    _messageDialog.Commands.Add(new UICommand("OK"));
    protected override async void OnLaunched(LaunchActivatedEventArgs e)
    //.... other app initialization code
    await InitializeVideoCapture();
    private async void OnResuming(object sender, object e)
    AppIsResuming = true;
    FinishedCameraInitialize = false;
    await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0.5));//this makes crashes less frequent
    await InitializeVideoCapture();
    FinishedCameraInitialize = true;
    WasPreviewingCamera = false; //the following line allows time for SetupPage._captureElement to be assigned before video preview starts while (!SetupPage.CaptureElementSourceAssigned) await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(1));
    SetupPage.CaptureElementSourceAssigned = false;
    Debug.WriteLine("trying to restart video preview");
    await captureMgr.StartPreviewAsync();
    SetupPage.PreviewingCamera = true;
    Debug.WriteLine("HANDLED EXCEPTION: unable to start previewing");
    SetupPage.PreviewingCamera = false;
    AppIsResuming = false;
    private async void OnSuspending(object sender, SuspendingEventArgs e)
    var deferral = e.SuspendingOperation.GetDeferral();
    while (AppIsResuming) await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(1));//prevents crash when app is suspended right after it is resumed
    await CleanupCaptureResources();
    TimeOfLastSuspend = DateTime.Now;
    FinishedCameraInitialize = false;
    public async Task CleanupCaptureResources()
    if (SetupPage.PreviewingCamera)
    await captureMgr.StopPreviewAsync();
    WasPreviewingCamera = true;
    SetupPage.PreviewingCamera = false;
    else WasPreviewingCamera = false;
    if (captureMgr != null) captureMgr.Dispose();
    //in SetupPage.xaml.cs
    void OnSuspending(object sender, Windows.ApplicationModel.SuspendingEventArgs e)
    var deferral = e.SuspendingOperation.GetDeferral();
    _captureElement.Source = null;
    CaptureElementSourceAssigned = false;
    private async void OnResuming(object sender, object e)
    ProgressRing2.Visibility = Visibility.Visible;
    ProgressRing2.IsActive = true;
    while (!App.FinishedCameraInitialize) await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(1));
    App.FinishedCameraInitialize = false;
    captureElement.Source = App.captureMgr;
    CaptureElementSourceAssigned = true;
    ProgressRing2.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;
    ProgressRing2.IsActive = false;
    Any help towards a solution will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    I will also advice that you start by following the
    Windows Store app sample.
    Is this a Windows Phone app?
    The crash/green screen only manifests itself when I suspend my app and switch to the default camera app (could be any other camera app perhaps). It happens roughly 1 out of 8 times. That's why I posted the suspension and resuming handlers, which I wrote
    according to the msdn instructions.
    I found
    this page with a sample that demonstrates the MediaCapture API for Windows Phone. Some developers have reported problems similar as mine. Has Microsoft dealt with this issue?
    I've spent quite a few weeks trying to investigate this problem, without actually knowing if it is my code that needs to be debugged. That's why I'm asking if other developers are facing similar problems.
    Thank you
    Edit: It seems that the crash/green screen can appear when suspending/switching to any app (regardless if it uses the camera or not). Also, all works fine when the app is running on the debugger.

  • Video Preview Error: Error Compiling movie. Unknown error.

    Problem in Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Rendering movie prior to Exporting.
    I have cleared all Temp and Cache files to make sure I have enough space for rendering (126GB free space), but I still get a Video Preview Error message when I try to Render or Export.
    What should I be looking for in my movie settings to clear the "unknown error"?

    05555...did you get this reconciled??? If so, what did you do....I have encountered the same window myself, today.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Purchased app will no longer sync

    To summarize, I had to do a restore and one of the apps I purchased won't sync to the phone any more (unknown error occurred 0xE800002E) and the App Store asks me if I want to buy it (rather than offering it to me to re-download). What should I do?

  • TS1373 my ipod touch 4th gen wont show up in my computer on my windows laptop. it starts to charge but it still wont show up please help

    ill connect my itouch to my computer via usb port and it will begin to charge but it will not show up in "my computer" please help

  • Fake Adobe 24/7 help tech's

    Hi:    This is a warning. I posted an issue here on Friday and was contacted on Saturday via e:mail. The claimed to be with Adobe24/7 help requested to connect on Skype messaging. The icon on the  Skype was Adobe helps.     This tech and one that pho

  • Product cost collectord during period end

    As I am aware that the actual product is the Product cost collector during the month end process.  We always do the reporting in header level. During month end process lets take a scenario here.. Scenario 1: For manufacturing a product for example ta

  • About Posix exception

    when i used weblogic6.0 with sp1 for linux, i found an Exception like this: ####<Apr 27, 2001 12:34:30 PM EDT> <Error> <Posix Performance Pack> <webserver> <myserver> <ExecuteThread: '12' for queue: 'default' <> <> <000000> <Uncaught Throwable in pro