Define form as PDF/A

Hi everyone
I use the LiveCycle Designer to design a from.
This form will be feeded with some data and freezed to a pdf file later.
Now my question: Is it possible to define the compatiblity or file type as "PDF/A" in the designer?
Our intention is to archive the PDF more than 10 years due to legal requirements
Thanks in advance
Best regards

There are some information how to setup a xfa form for pdf/a in the XFA spec 3.1 page 1389.
You may be possible to set up the output for pdf/a with xfa.config.present.pdf.pdfa....
But you will need LiveCycle Forms ES2 to use the properties (see page 1396).

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    I also face the same problem. I make a master type using UDO. But i want to print it.
    In my opinion ( i haven't tried this way ). If we make a UDO ( master or document type ) , we will find the docentry and object field in our UDT. Both of these will connect between SAP form and Crystal report. In crystal report we select the tmsp_doclinetypelayout. It is a store procedure which will connect between SAP form and CR. Before that try to modify this SP by adding the udo object.
    Fyi, if i'm not mistake dockey is connected to docentry SAP form.

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    One round about way to get a pdf screen shot is tick 'print to file' and use a printer which is set up with a postcript driver. This gives a postscript file which can be converted to pdf using 'ghostscript and gsview' (available free from gnu via various sites).

  • Problem opening Form based PDF via Safari browser with Adobe Reader 9.3 on MAC

    I'm mentioning below the problem that we are facing when we open a form based PDF created using a licensed version of Adobe Livecycle Designer ES (Version on a MAC machine through a Safari Browser.
    We tested this PDF form on a windows machine and the PDF opens in an IE browser via the latest Adobe reader 9.3 without any problem. I then received complaints by our clients that they were unable to open the same PDF on their Safari browser on a MAC machine, I tried to resolve the problem by downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader 9.3 for MAC but noticed that the Safari browser window would just keep refreshing the page without displaying the PDF at all. I then uninstalled the Adobe Reader 9.3 version and downloaded and installed an older version i.e., Abobe Reader 8.2 version for MAC and noticed that the PDF document successfully opened in the Safari browser. My question is why does a form based PDF work with an older version of Adobe Reader for MAC and not with the latest version? Our clients are not comfortable with the fact that we are refraining them from upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Reader for MAC and that they would have to downgrade their existing Adobe Reader 9.3 to a lower version Adobe Reader 8.2 in order for the PDF forms to work when it should be the other way around.
    Is there any fix or a patch that is currently being worked on that would resolve this issue in the latest Adobe Reader for MAC? If yes then when would it be ready? This issue is quite critical for our business and would appreciate it if this would be looked into with high priority.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sheikh Huraiz Ahmed.

    That suggestion makes sense and likely works, but only if the user is on a machine that will allow them to use Reader. I'm sending this out to a lot of teachers, who are using machines either at school, or are school-issued machines, and they don't have the admin privileges to install software-- even Reader.
    so my problem is, if they are stuck on a machine without Reader, and without the possibility of having Reader... it's just not going to work because Preview can't handle these functions.
    And, since that is not an acceptable answer with what I'm trying to do... I will find another way to create/submit forms. I think there are some online possibilities I will have to make work.
    very, very disappointing and frustrating.

  • Why can I no longer fill in additional information on my adobe forms on pdf. At time this was an opposition. It will only allow me to type limited information?

    Acrobat Reader
    Why can I no longer fill in additional information on my adobe forms on pdf. At one time you could insert an icon that would allow you to type in additional information. It will only allow me to put in limited information?

    Not a lot of information. Can you post a link to a sample of the form so others can see the how the form does not work.

  • Send Adobe form as PDF via E-mail

    I am doing one interacive adobe form where i need to send that filled form in PDF format via email.
    I tried using below options but unfortunately its not working:
    1.I used "Email Submit Button" but its sending attachment as XML which I dont want.
    when reffred threads on this problem , they suggested to go to XML VIEW of this button and change SUBMIT FORMAT to "pdf" from "xml".... but in this case , that button is not working at all.
    2.I used below solution
    Use a regular form button:   Place a regular form button on your form .  Look on the Object Window for the button.  On the Field tag, towards the bottom will be a set of "Control Type" radio buttons.  Select the "submit" option.  There should now be a "submit" tab in the Object window.  Switch to the tab and on the "Submit As" pulldown select PDF.  But this is also not working.
    Your comments are helpful for me.

    Get your form data in XML format from Interface. There are some standard classes available to convert the XML to PDF and sending mail.
    Revanth Naidu

  • Creation of Smart Forms for PDF

    Hi All,
    I am new to SFP. So, please tell me how to create Smart Forms for PDF.
    I already have an SAP standard form of Customer Invoice in this format (SFP) and I need to change the layout and add some additional fields in it as well.
    Please guide me through the process. Earliest reponse will be highly appreciated.

    I take that you meant PDF Forms in SAP.
    Refer the following help links.
    This PDF link (Has got many Pdf files) [original link is broken]
    Also check this Tech-ed 06 session at Amsterdam.
    Check this download from SDN.
    Is this you are looking for?
    Feel free to revert back.

  • Display SMART form as PDF in WD ABAP

    Hi ,
    To display smart form as PDF  , I am following  the SDN article :
    In my component  , I have created the view VIEW_PDF, for this . I have created Adobe interactive UI element, and bind the property source to the attribute (XSTRING) where I will  get PDF (after OTF conversion).
    First of all I am using the FM SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME and usingf the import parameter fm_name .
    Then using this FM
    CALL FUNCTION lv_fm_name
       OUTPUT_OPTIONS             = lwa_output_options
        GW_VENREQDAT               = lwa_venreqdat
        GW_REQHEADER               = lwa_venreqhdr
       JOB_OUTPUT_INFO            = lv_ssf_output.
    from smart form ZVM_SFM_SUMMARY,I want to get  the data in OTF format using the importing parameter JOB_OUTPUT_INFO of the above FM.
    But I am not able to retrieve the data .Please direct me , where am I missing?
    For converting it to PDF , I am using the FM CONVERT_OTF .

    You may continue like this there after...
    call function w_fmodule
          control_parameters = w_cparam
          output_options     = w_outoptions   ":lv_output_options
          user_settings      = ' '
          job_output_info    = t_otf_from_fm
          formatting_error   = 1
          internal_error     = 2
          send_error         = 3
          user_canceled      = 4
          others             = 5.
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
        message id sy-msgid type sy-msgty number sy-msgno
        with sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
      t_otf[] = t_otf_from_fm-otfdata[].
      call function 'SSFCOMP_PDF_PREVIEW'
          i_otf                    = t_otf
          convert_otf_to_pdf_error = 1
          cntl_error               = 2
          others                   = 3.
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
    *    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
    *    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
      data: l_dummy type standard table of tline,
      pdf_data type xstring,
      pdf_size type i.
      clear: pdf_data, pdf_size.
      call function 'CONVERT_OTF'
          format                = 'PDF'
    *      max_linewidth         = 132
          bin_filesize          = pdf_size
          bin_file              = pdf_data
          otf                   = t_otf[]
          lines                 = l_dummy
          err_max_linewidth     = 1
          err_format            = 2
          err_conv_not_possible = 3
          err_bad_otf           = 4
          others                = 5.
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
    *    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
    *    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
      data lv_source like ls_pdf-source.
    * navigate from <CONTEXT> to <PDF> via lead selection
      lo_nd_pdf = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_pdf ).
    * get element via lead selection
      lo_el_pdf = lo_nd_pdf->get_element(  ).
    * get single attribute
          name =  `SOURCE`
          value = pdf_data ).

  • Problem in converting smart form into PDF

    HI Experts,
                      I am using a Function Module CONVERT_OTF for converting smart form into pdf file for send it to with attachment.
    But i got a error when i am using that FM.
    Runtime Errors         CONVT_NO_NUMBER
    unable to interpret *292 as a no.
    Is that because my file size too large about 13 pages of PDF?
    and when i run it for other smart forms which have 2 or 3 pages of PDF, its working perfectly.
    can anyone tell what is problem with that FM?

    I had the similar issue and after analysis I have that this is the issue by not passing the IMPORTING parameter of the Function Module "BIN_FILESIZE". Please try to pass some variable to this paramter and then this will be completely rectified.
    DATA ; v_filesize     TYPE i.
    *--Convert OTF data to PDF data
          format                = 'PDF'
          max_linewidth         = 132
          bin_filesize          = v_filesize
          otf                   = it_otfdata
          lines                 = it_pdfdata
          err_max_linewidth     = 1
          err_format            = 2
          err_conv_not_possible = 3
          err_bad_otf           = 4
          OTHERS                = 5.
    Please verify whether this reolves the problem for you.

  • How to print form into pdf format using smart forms in abap

    please let me know how to print form into pdf format using smart forms in abap.
    Moderator message: please search for available information/documentation.
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    Hi ,
    refer this link
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  • How to edit a Forms Central form in PDF

    Using Adobe Acrobat XI which i normally use to create forms, I am able to open the Forms Central PDF that I created. However it says it is secured and I can't edit it.  Is there a way to create a PDF from Forms Central that isn't secured?  Any other solution?

    This FAQ explains how to edit it:

  • Why can i not convert a form to PDF when I have an active account and it wants me to sign up for an upgrade?

    Why can i not convert a form to PDF when I have an active account and it wants me to sign up for an upgrade? This just started!!!!!!!!

    Hi EdAAK,
    I've checked your account, and see no issues with your subscription. So, if you're using a web browser, please log out, clear the browser cache, and then log back in to And, if you're using Reader, make sure that you're logged in—you should see your name listed in the upper-right corner. If not, click the Sign In link and then sign in with your user name and password.
    Please let us know how it goes.

  • How do you share a form fillable pdf in adobe connect?

    How do you share a form fillable pdf in adobe connect? ItI used to do it like I would share any other document but now it says "could not process document for viewing." Anyone know what cahnged and how to fix it?

    I hope its not preview.

  • How to use PO message type to output 'Form' as PDF file

    Dear experts,
      I am working for a topic of how to use PO message type to output 'Form' as 'PDF file', and save to external file system automatically.
      Any one familiar to this topic, please kindly give me some guide, thank you!

       Go through the program RSTXPDFT4 (Converting SAPscript (OTF) or ABAP List Spool Job to PDF), you will get some idea.  Using this program you can convert spool into PDF file.

  • Form to PDF form

    Hi ,
         I have cretaed a form ( SAP Script) which I want send through email. So I need to convert that form to PDF format. How can I do that ?

    There are two approaches that can be followed to convert script to PDF.
    First method
    first generate a Spool Request for the required Sapscript
    then goto transaction SP01 and copy the generated Spool Request number
    now execute the SAP report RSTXPDFT4
    here enter the copied Spool request number and the target directory into the parameters
    execute the report
    required pdf file will be generated into the target directory
    i hope it will help you out
    Please refer this simple program:
    Second Method
    converting to OTF and from OTF to PDF
    See the sample code and do accordingly
    REPORT zzz_jaytest .
    Types Declaration
    TYPES : BEGIN OF ty_pa0001,
    pernr TYPE pa0001-pernr,
    bukrs TYPE pa0001-bukrs,
    werks TYPE pa0001-werks,
    END OF ty_pa0001.
    Internal Table Declaration
    DATA : i_pa0001 TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_pa0001, "For pa0001 Details
    i_otf TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF itcoo, "For OTF data
    i_content_txt TYPE soli_tab, "Content
    i_content_bin TYPE solix_tab, "Content
    i_objhead TYPE soli_tab,
    Work Area Declaration
    w_pa0001 TYPE ty_pa0001, "For pa0001 Details
    w_res TYPE itcpp, "SAPscript output
    w_otf TYPE itcoo, "For OTF
    w_pdf TYPE solisti1, "For PDF
    w_transfer_bin TYPE sx_boolean, "Content
    w_options TYPE itcpo, "SAPscript output
    Variable Declaration
    v_len_in TYPE so_obj_len,
    v_size TYPE i.
    Constants Declaration
    CONSTANTS : c_x TYPE c VALUE 'X', "X
    c_locl(4) TYPE c VALUE 'LOCL', "Local Printer
    c_otf TYPE sx_format VALUE 'OTF', "OTF
    c_pdf TYPE sx_format VALUE 'PDF', "PDF
    c_printer TYPE sx_devtype VALUE 'PRINTER', "PRINTER
    c_bin TYPE char10 VALUE 'BIN', "BIN
    c_name TYPE string VALUE 'C:\ZZZ_JAYTEST.PDF',"Downloading
    "File Name
    c_form(11) TYPE c VALUE 'ZZZ_JAYTEST'. "Form Name
    Selecting the records from pa0001
    SELECT pernr bukrs werks FROM pa0001
    INTO TABLE i_pa0001 UP TO 10 ROWS.
    Setting the options
    w_options-tdcopies = 1 ."Number of copies
    w_options-tdnoprev = c_x."No print preview
    w_options-tdgetotf = c_x."Return of OTF table
    w_options-tddest = c_locl."Spool: Output device
    Opening the form
    form = c_form
    device = c_printer
    language = sy-langu
    OPTIONS = w_options
    RESULT = w_res.
    LOOP AT i_pa0001 INTO w_pa0001.
    Writting into the form
    element = 'MAIN'
    window = 'MAIN'.
    Closing the form
    RESULT = w_res
    otfdata = i_otf
    unopened = 1
    bad_pageformat_for_print = 2
    send_error = 3
    spool_error = 4
    codepage = 5
    OTHERS = 6.
    IF sy-subrc 0.
    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    Converting OTF data to single line
    LOOP AT i_otf INTO w_otf.
    CONCATENATE w_otf-tdprintcom w_otf-tdprintpar
    INTO w_pdf.
    APPEND w_pdf TO i_content_txt.
    Converting to PDF Format
    format_src = c_otf
    format_dst = c_pdf
    devtype = c_printer
    transfer_bin = w_transfer_bin
    content_txt = i_content_txt
    content_bin = i_content_bin
    objhead = i_objhead
    len = v_len_in
    err_conv_failed = 1
    OTHERS = 2.
    v_size = v_len_in.
    Downloading the PDF File
    bin_filesize = v_size
    filename = c_name
    filetype = c_bin
    data_tab = i_content_bin.
    If you r using this function module check it once....
    call function 'CONVERT_OTF'
    format = 'PDF'
    max_linewidth = 132
    bin_filesize = v_len_in
    otf = i_otf
    lines = i_tline
    err_max_linewidth = 1
    err_format = 2
    err_conv_not_possible = 3
    others = 4.
    if sy-subrc 0.
    follow this link for sample program.,289483,sid21_gci1121833,00.html

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