Displaying Multi Line Text

I am having issues in displaying multi line text on a Text Item. Basically there is data in the database column DetailText which is stored like this with carriage returns :
If I look at the column in Toad it is formatted with all the carriage returns correctly eg.
When I display this in my StaticStyled Item it displays like "Hello World" in one line. I want to be able to display it as it is with the carriage return on 2 seperate lines.
I have looked in this forum and one search 2 places and one suggestion was to use RawText Item type. I have tried changing the Item Type to Raw Text and FormattedText but it doesn't make any difference. The lines are still displayed horizontally instead of vertically. Another place I saw was to use OAHTMLWebBean but doesn't show how I can do this.
This should be simple enough but I have searched the DevGuide and this forum and couldn't figure out the solution. Any help would be appreciated.

I tried to do it in different way. What i did is I have created a item of type formattted text and set its text like:--
<html>User authentication failed. <br*> Cause: Invalid password.</html> --remove *
So I am able to see the prompt like :-
User authentication failed.
Cause: Invalid password.
Hope this helps you...

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    How does one display multi line text? I would like to display address information on the screen so that the user can select it and copy/paste it into another application (ms word).
    I have the address information as separate columns (address1, address2, city, province, postal code) so I've changed the query on my view object to add it as address1 || chr(10) || address2 || chr(10) || city ....
    If I display it on the page as an output text, it all displays as one line (okay, the chr(10) thing did not work but that's beside the point).
    In general, is there a way to display multi line text? What component is suitable for this, if there is one?

    You can use normal outputText components in a panelGroupLayout (vertical layout) and add each attribute to it. The remove the labels or set the components to simple. You can then mark the data in the browser and use normal copy&paste to transfer the data.
    If you want to output longer text with line breaks you can use an outputText with escape=false and use the br html tag to generate a line break;
    <af:outputText escape="false"
    value="+++++++long<br>test<br> this is a long text in multiple lines" id="ot10" truncateAt="#{viewScope.ToggleBean.truncateLength}"/>Timo

  • New lines created in excel when displaying multi-line text item value

    Hi all,
    I put the value of a multi-line text-item into a csv file :
    file_filter VARCHAR2(256) := 'Export Files (*.csv)/*.csv/All Files (*.*)/*.*/';
    fExp VARCHAR2(256);
    in_file Text_IO.File_Type;
    linebuf VARCHAR2(4000);
    fExp := get_file_name ( directory_name, file_name, file_filter, NULL, SAVE_FILE, TRUE);
    in_file := Text_IO.Fopen( fExp, 'W');
    linebuf := NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.LIBEL_TRAITE,'') || ';' ||
    NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.NUM_ANFR_ID,'') || ';' ||
                             NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.ver_fiche,'') || ';' ||
                             NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.titre,'') || ';' ||
    NVL(to_char(:com_bnc_possibles.date_creat, 'dd/mm/yyyy'),'') || ';' ||
    NVL(to_char(:com_bnc_possibles.date_valide, 'dd/mm/yyyy'),'') || ';' ||
    NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.LIBEL_STATUT,'') || ';' ||
    NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.label_reg,'') || ';' ||
    NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.nom,'') || ';' ||
    NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.prenom,'') || ';' ||
    NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.nom_societe,'') || ';' ||
    NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.comp_bnc,'') || ';' ||
    NVL(:com_bnc_possibles.motifs,'') || ';' ;
    Text_IO.Put_Line( in_file, linebuf);
    Text_IO.Fclose( in_file);
    END IF;
    And when I opened the csv file then the remaining lines , that is from the second line , of the column "motifs" are displayed through the column A of excel. The "motifs" multi-line text-item has 500 as its Maximum Length property value, and has a Char Data Type property value.
    So how to display all the motifs' lines through the same column M without displaying the remaining lines in column A ?
    Or are there tips to remove CHR(13) characters from a multi-line text-item ?
    Thank you very much indeed.
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    I tried to do it in different way. What i did is I have created a item of type formattted text and set its text like:--
    <html>User authentication failed. <br*> Cause: Invalid password.</html> --remove *
    So I am able to see the prompt like :-
    User authentication failed.
    Cause: Invalid password.
    Hope this helps you...

  • How to display multi-lines text correctly (view only mode)

    I have a description field that includes multi-lines format, where the lines are being separated by
    characters: chr(10) and chr(13).
    When I’m using messageStyleText (or rawText) – I’m getting all the data in one line.
    Can you please recommend of an OAF item that will display the text correctly?
    Should I use another character as the line separator?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Rona;
    rawText item supports HTML tags. so you can use br tag.
    Best Regards;
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  • Display multi-line text

    I'm only using AWT. I need a component that's basically an uneditable Textarea (preferably no caret), where each line of text can be a different font and color. I was thinking to just extend a Canvas to draw the text on, and just add that component to a ScrollPane to get the scrollbar. Would this be the way to go? If not, can anyone suggest a better way?
    I'd also think this would be a FAQ, but I can't find anything on it. If someone knows of a component out there that already exists, please let me know where I can check it out.

    You could make a TextArea which is disabled by calling setEnabled(false) (this is a component method). I think that that would be the easiest, however if color lines and changing fonts are what you are after you will need to go with something more elabrate. If you were using Swing you could just throw some HTML into the TextArea, but since you aren't I don't think there's an easy way using components.
    The other way to go is to draw directly onto a Panel or Canvas using the drawString method. The problem I see with this is that drawString will not respect \n (newlines) so you will need to write your own code to implement multiple lines. Also, if you go this way I would take a look at the FontMetrics class which can help you with the dimensions of each line.
    I hope this helps,

  • Displaying a multi-line text block in an ALV grid cell

    Can I display a multi-line text block (i.e. a paragraph of text) in an ALV grid cell?
    If yes, what properties do I set in the Field Catalaog (I tried the style and that didnt seem to work)

    By default ALV Grid merges fields with same values vertically.
    Isn't that only when the column is part of the sort key? You also have to consider the user changing the sort sequence, which can make the text jumbled up. In one of my reports I have made the cell a hotspot and displayed the text in a popup. Of course you cannot print it.

  • Permanently save line spacing in a multi-line text field

    Me: Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro, Windows Vista
    (I think the people who will be using the form have Reader 7 on Windows)
    I work in a doctors' clinic, and we use phone message sheets to document conversations between the patients/us/nurses/doctors, and I scanned the form and made it into a fillable PDF for our secretaries to fill out more quickly. The "message" area has pre-printed lines on it, and the multi-line text field I placed there needs to match up to the lines. I used the Rich Text Formatting options to set it to "Exactly 24 Points," but I can't get it to KEEP the formatting permanently. The only way I could get it to save the formatting in that field was to put a space in it and then save it, and then give that to the 2 phone secretaries. It works perfectly the first time, but instead of just closing/re-opening the file to start a new message, one of the secretaries highlights everything in the "message" field and deletes it... which deletes the line spacing formatting. I've told her
    b numerous
    times to leave that starting space in the field, but she "forgets" so all of her messages look messed up. So is there a way to force that line spacing
    ???? Here's a shrunken screenshot of the field -- I wish I could just erase the lines altogether so the spacing wouldn't matter, but the secretaries type/print the message out, then the nurses/docs write on the page with pen so the lines have to stay. http://img187.imageshack.us/my.php?image=notepreviewph8.jpg

    You can set the font size of the text. Then play with the underlines in the original document to match the needs of the font that is used. Print to a new PDF and then use replace pages to put the new page into the form without changing the form fields. I was able to do this with a word processing document by adding underlining in the document with 12 pt and setting the font to 12 pt in the text field. You can play with the font, the border of the field, and the underlining in the original document to get the desired result. Is this optimal, probably not. However it does the job.

  • Multi Line Text Custom Field

    Multi line text custom field is not coming in ms project Professional

    You cannot access Multiline text fields from Project Professional and in Project Server Views. These fields are for use in Project Details pages and with workflow for demand management in Project Server. Please refer to the article shared in earlier post.
    I would recommend you to create a Excel/SSRS report if you would like to show data available in this fields to end users.
    Hope this helps.
    Thank you,
    Kiran K.
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    I was wondering if there is a way to print out a multi-line field and have all text entered print as well.  Currently, anytime someone enters more information in a multi-line text field on our form than is set to show without scrolling, when a PDF is created for printing from the results page, only the text that fits within the specified size prints.  You can scroll within the PDF and read it all, but I can't seem to figure out how to get all of the text to show and have that field resize accordingly on the printed copy.
    Is there a way?  Thanks.

    Is there an easy way to determine the character count that is visible in a given multi-line text field when designing the form, so if I want to allow 500 characters, the text box I create is large enough for 500 characters?  Obviously I can just do a trial and error process using a cut and paste of 500 characters and testing it, but is there an easier way?

  • How to add multi-line text in comments field of song tags in iTunes 12?

    Recently upgraded to iTunes 12 and can no longer enter multi-line text in the comments field of a song tag.  Used to use option+return (alt+enter) to go to a new line (carriage return).  Can it still be done?  Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

    See my other post for the solution to this problem.

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    Hello All. I am working on a form, but I need to format the leading in a multi-line text-field. The options for the text-field only show a font size option, but no other styling options. Is there a way to format the leading? Thanks!

    Not within ID, and I'm not sure it can be done in Acrobat afterward either.

  • Multi Line Text In javaFx

    How can i create multi Line Text In javaFx.
    There is any Method or something else.
    thanx in advance

    Use a TextArea control? Or does this not meet your needs?

  • Saving an array of multi-line text cells in a format that can be read in later

    I can create an array of multi-line text entries that my program can then pick cells and compile them into a list of text.
    I would like to be able to Save the array as a file, then change my program to read in the file.
    If I use the Save Spreadsheet file vi, the data is corrupted by the carriage returns within the cells and the data read in is messed up.
    Can someone recommend a way to save the array that preserves the carriage returns?

    As far as I know, this cannot be done automatically with the basic VIs from the palletes.  I would convert the [LF] into another group of characters (likely "\n") and then save the text array to a CSV file.  Don't forget to escape any good "\" string with an extra "\.  Regular expressions would work really well:
    Just make sure you parse your entire array of strings with this.
    SaveToCSV_WithMultiLine.vi ‏9 KB

  • Is there a proper way to config multi-line text boxes so they're compatible with all/most browsers?

    I've got forms that use multi-line text-boxes and they work fine with IE and Chrome.  A user just discovered that in Firefox the fields don't wrap (it basically appears to be a large field but acts like a single-line).
    Is there a workaround/fix for this?

    Is the input text just some dummy text line e.g. "aaaaaaaaaaaaa...." without any spaces? Try by adding lorem ipsum sample text i.e. actual words with spaces between. It should wrap.
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    Firefox 37.01 —Here's a screenshot of it not wrapping:
    (each of the above are 2 long paragraphs that are not wrapping and showing as 2 single lines.)
    And here's a screenshot of Text Box Properties (I've tried it with and without autocomplete and spell-check just for kicks).

  • How to display multi line headings in procedural alv report

    Hi experts,
    How to display multi line heading in alv( procedural alv report) report.
    some columns single line and some columns multi line in the same report.
                  solvent consumed          solvent recovered
                   fresh |   recovery             recovery | spent                            batch no                         storage
    I am using procedural alv .pls give me idea.

    Hi Ram,
    Check the sample report [how to display multi line headings in procedural alv report|http://sample-code-abap.blogspot.com/2008/01/printing-multiple-line-header-and.html]

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