DVD not recordable

Satellite P300 Model PSPCCC-0K501C
DVD model GSA-T50N I tried many new blank DVD's. I uninstalled the drive, rebooted and let Windows 7 redetect the drive and install drivers. Device manager shows device is working properly. DVD movies will play but when I try to burn a blank DVD I get a message that says "DVD is not recordable". What should I try next?

Hi my trouble shooter gave me all kinds of good information.
I Love my Satellite L775D-S7222 Laptop. Some days you're the windshield, Some days you're the bug. The Computer world is crazy. If you have answers to computer problems, pass them forward.
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  • CD/DVD Not Recording DVD's

    Hi guys,
    Since some months ago, the CD/DVD unit of the Mac stopped writing DVD's so I have to change it. I just need to know if I can replace the CD/DVD unit with any one in the market (form Mac or Window) or, if the CD/DVD unit MUST be for Mac for some strange reason.
    Thanks so much for the info
    PD: Btw, if you know where I can denounce the Apple Store of Argentina for not selling stuff, please, let me know. I want to upgrade my Mac since long time ago, but they don't know less than me about the Mac World and they have no products at all and that bothers me a lot.
    Thanks in advance for the answers!

    maybe you should think about becoming an authorized retailer in your region, seems like an opportunity to me
    I would! No doubts! But the problem is that just few people have the money to spend on such products which costs around the 70% more expensive in my country! But anyway, I have sold 3 Macs by using the tongue, you know, blabing how good Mac is, and also many Nikon D700
    Anyway... I did an injert with my girlfriend's CD/DVD Unit by using SATA (found the little sata port on the motherboard ) and it now works!!!
    Thanks for the helpful help I was busy with graphics (had to buy a new card), that's why couldn't reply!

  • I have a DVD I recorded from my tv.  I am trying to make copies and when I insert the DVD I get a message saying it is blank even though it is not.  My question are: Why does my computer think it's blank? And how can I copy a DVD?

    I have a DVD I recorded from my tv.  I am trying to make copies and when I insert the DVD, I get a message saying the DVD is blank, which it is not.  My questions are: Why does my computer think it's blank?  And how can I copy the DVD providing my computer recognizes there is content on it?
    Thanks, Sheila

    TV video typically is copyrighted content.  We'd be breaking several rules trying to help you.  Good luck!

  • DVD's from my DVD/VHS Recorder are not sharp/ Why?

    I have a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac that works perfectly. What I want to know is why my DVD-R's made on my DVD/VHS Recorder look grainy with low sound on my iMac but look great on any regular DVD player and television. Does anybody know why this is? Is it possible to change this with my iMac or the DVD/VHS recorder? Thanks

    Your television is not capable of showing video at the high rez level your computer is plus you are sitting closer to the computer. Video coming from a video recorder is analog and medium quality. There's typically some loss of signal quality during translation to the computer. Enjoy them on the TV and stop worrying about it.

  • CD/DVD Drive only reads DVDS Not CD But the computer reads it as a DVD RW Drive!

    CD/DVD Drive only reads DVDS Not CD But the computer reads it as a DVD RW Drive.the drive door say RW DVD+R DL,Compact Disk Rewritable,Ultraspeed,DVD Multi Recorder.I was Wondering if Windows Loaded the wrong Driver?My Laptop S/N IsCNF62612TZ And P/N Is EZ601UA#ABA And The Front Of My Monitor says Hp Pavilion Dv 1000 Entertainment Notebook PC,And The Service Tag Is dv1738od and the Sticker On The Back Of The monitor say Hp Pavilion dv5- 1235dx Entertainment notebook PC.it Cme Factory With Win xp and when i got it the os was corrupted.i tried to reinstall xp but disk said no hard found.so i booted it up with vista ultimate and then downloaded the drivers and stuff from the here.should i had downloaded the 64 bit set as well?

    della wrote:
    My toshiba tecra a2 can only read DVDs. I cant read any type of cd. Ive tried so many things. My laptop is running on xp service pack 3 with a mat**bleep**a DVD RAm UJ 820s. I can burn/run any type of DVD but cant do anything with cds. Ive tried unistalling the drive and that didnt work. Ive uninstalled the IDE drivers and that didnt work. Nothing seams to work. I cant use recovery cds because there CDS. Please Help!!!!!!!!!
    It's probable that the CD 'side' of the combo drive has failed.  That you cannot boot from the recovery CD is pretty much proof of the failure.  

  • Why does th  It is a QuickTime movie from a dvd home recording.

    Why does the audio stop after the movie starts?  It is a QuickTime movie on a dvd home recording.  Also, the video is choppy.

    Why does the audio stop after the movie starts?  It is a QuickTime movie on a dvd home recording.  Also, the video is choppy.
    If you are referring to an MOV file stored on a data DVD for playback in the QT (or similar) media player and not a DVD "authored" for commercial DVD device playback, then it sounds like you encoded it incorrectly. Basically DVD devices have a limited data transfer rate and if this rate is lower than the total playback data rate (combined video + audio data rates), then some of the data is not transfered to your computer fast enough for smooth playback in your media player.
    I would normally recommend compressing your movie content using the H.264/AAC codecs (most efficient Mac standard codecs) and set the "Optimization" pop-up to the "CD/DVD ROM" setting. This option will "package" the encoded content for playback directly from a DVD player that is compatible with data rate limit you impose for the encode. Another option would be to copy the file from your DVD to your computer drive for playback since hard drive data rate transfer is much greater than that of a DVD player.

  • Error code could not record disc

    HELP!!!I've attempted to burn a dvd several times using iMovie to capture video and iDvd to burn it. It takes 5-6 hours to burn then i get a window that says OS stopped responding. If attempt to burn the capture using roxio titanium toast 6 it takes several hours to attempt to burn then i get a message that says "could not record disc becuase of Mac OS error result code= -39. Does anyone have any idea what this means? and i am using a 3rd party DVD burner that's hooked up to the USB port.
    power Mac G4   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Hello Valleyphoto,
    First of all, welcome to the Apple discussions.
    Here is a link that gives you the Apple error codes.
    Apple error codes
    Good luck ...
    Discussions is a ongoing process. Hope to see you around anytime you need us, or can offer help to others.
    Dimaxum <]:~))

  • Files backed up in a DVD not accessible, why?

    I just bought a nice external Iomega DVD burner. Works fine and I was able to back up tons of files. To check that these files were accessible, I also tried to read the DVD on my PC. No problem, files are there, I can open them, perfect.
    Yesterday I tried to check them in my ibook before the major erase/install process I want to do, and I can see the folders and files, BUT when I try to launch any of them, they vanish in the air!!! It seems for a second they will open, but then nothing happens, except they disappear from the Finder. This happens with every single file, .doc, .xls, .jpg, .tiff, .pdf, and so on. Folders remain untouched.
    After some files disappearing, I do Get Info on the specific Folder and it cannot estimate its size. I tried to copy them to my ibook but I can't do it, even if I try to copy an entire folder, it only copies the folder, but there's nothing inside it.
    I tried also to read the DVD in my internal ibook drive and it happens likewise.
    If I get the DVD back to my PC, files are there and I can open them with no problems.
    What is wrong? Any ideas?
    iBook G4 Mac OS X (10.3.9) External Iomega DVD burner
    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Carl, thanks for your reply.
    I can drag the file to the desktop but it does not copy it. I also tried copying a whole folder with files inside it but only the folder is copied, but nothing that was inside it is copied. I also tried to open the files directly from the application required in each case, but it doesn't open them (they're greyed out).
    Yes, I need to erase my HD because an update from 10.3.8 to 10.3.9 caused a series of problems I described in other thread. I tried to do the Archive and Install, but a number of applications were already upgraded to 10.3.9 so they don't run anymore. Anyway, that's another story.
    I finally decided to use Roxio to erase the DVD and burn it again. Result: perfect, flawless process and now I can see everything as I should, documents are there, can be opened, and so on.
    I don't have the explanation for the problems, but what is for sure is that the crappy piece of software that Iomega included with the DVD burner was not working fine. It´s called Discribe by Charismac Engineering. The recording session was done under the "Build a Mac HFS" mode, so I supposed this program prepared automatically the DVD and recorded it as it should, but it turned up that it didn't.
    So I solved the problem by means of another software, a good one, and now I'm ready for the Erase and Install.
    Thanks anyway for your interest.
    P.S. This is the link to my other thread where I explain part of my problems with the graphical interface. Besides that, Word stopped working and I also had problems with Quicktime and iDVD and iMovie.
    Problems Thread

  • True DVD Capacity & Recording Pics in Order. I'm Confused

    I expect everybody and their grandmother knows the answer to this, but not me. I have an album of about 1000 pictures I'd like to burn to DVD. The album size is stated at 2.7GB but when I try to burn, it states "disc full". I've can tell that other people have had this problem but I haven't understood the answer. In very simple terms please tell me either what I'm doing wrong, or why a 4.7GB disc can't record 2.7GB of data.
    A second issue came to mind as I was looking for an answer on the forum. Someone had the problem of burning an album to disc but then finding the photos did not record in order. I haven't burnt pictures to disc (outside of iDisc) for a long time, but I seem to remember a similar problem. The album I wish to burn has pictures displayed chronologically. Will they stay in the order I have placed them when I record them or is there something special I have to do? If the pictures become all jumbled up then they are kind of useless. Old Toad had a solution for the person with this problem but I didn't really understand.
    Please give all answers as if talking to someone who knows how to work the mere basics of iLife, and very little else. I make Fred Flintstone look like Steve Jobs.
    Many Thanks, Thompsonbrook

    Using the sequential feature in the File export window does not pad zeros so that the files will be listed in the correct order when viewed alphanumerically. It gives you Text-1.jpg instead of text-01.jpg.
    To get the correct naming with padded zeros use the Photos->Batch Change->Title to Text option with the checkbox selected to add a sequential number after the text. This will give you one padded zero for exported files from 10 thru 99 and two padded zeros for more than 99.
    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto (iPhoto.Library for iPhoto 5 and earlier) database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
    I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. It's compatible with iPhoto 6 and 7 libraries and Tiger and Leopard. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.

  • Need to copy home movies using Insignia dvd/vhs recorder

    I have been attempting for 4 years now to copy my vhs home movies onto dvd.  I purchased an Insignia dvd/vhs recorder for this purpose.  I finally have been successful in recording the dvd where it will play back on the Insignia machine I copied it on but when I send copies to others or try to test the dvd in another player, it will not play the video.  I have tried several types of DVDs as I was told it matters.  I though the DVD-R was the correct one to use because it reads that it will play back in video players.  At least I can play these back on the recorder but I need them to be able to play for those others I have copied them for and for down the road when we the children no longer have this particular recorder.   The dvds finally play back on the recorder but not on my sons dvd player.  Everything I have read says dvds must be finalized but when I go to menu and then dvd, the menu will not let me arrow up to the finalize part.  What can I do?  This is so frustrating and I feel an urgency to get these home movies onto dvd.

    Your DVDs do need to be finalized in order to be viewable on other players. 
    Suggest you sit down with the manual for your unit and read it.  It should tell you, step by step, how to record and finalize the disc.
    If you find my post useful or informative, please click the icon below with the plus sign and star to give kudos. Thank you!

  • Audio track will not record - picture is fine PE9

    PE9 audio track will not record. Tried in several projects - audio gets through to computer - but the audio is not being recorded. Help please.

    Hi ATR
    Was transferring a client's DVD-R into my Adobe PE9 to do some editing requested by client.
    The audio from the DVD was coming through clearly on my computer speakers but when I finished tranferring I stopped recording and discovered the video track was fine but there was no audio track.
    Tried recording said DVD into some of my other files on PE9 but same thing.
    Since posting my cry for help I uninstalled PE9 and reinstalled it.
    This appears to have fixed the problem as I am now transferring client's DVD-R once again.
    A quick check after a few minutes revealed the audio track is now being recorded with no problems!
    Thanks for your interest.
    Kind regards

  • One step is not recorded during LSMW

    Please kindly help:
    i make a recording in LSMW for VT03N tcode. My steps are:
    F7 (Shipments and deliveries)
    Print preview of view (*)
    Save to local file.
    The problem i face is that Print Preview of view step (*) is not recorded in LSMW and i need to do this step manually.
    Could you pls advise how to resolve this problem, if any possiblity exists.
    Thanks in advance
    Regards, Andrey

    I was just trying to do this very thing with the same HV20 camera.
    Just figured it out.
    Refer to page 42 of the HV20 instruction manual.
    While the firewire cable is NOT connected to the camera follow the instructions to set the PLAYBACK STD to Auto or HDV. Then set the DV OUTPUT setting to DV LOCKED. The camera will do the down conversion and it will appear to the iDVD as a DV cam.
    iDVD one step will then recognize the camera and begin the capture process. I have just kicked off the process so I can't verify that the end state will be a great DVD copy, but at least I can get you started. Hope it helped.

  • DVDs not recognised since updating to 10.6.8

    Since updating to 10.6.8 I get the message format not recognised when inserting DVDs  movies / recordable media etc. Any ideas.

    Just to clarify: DVD movie discs inserted into my iMac come up with the message "the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." Data, software install disks and audio CD's work fine. I have tried repairing the disk and permissions, as well as creating a new user account. I applied the 10.6.8 update to my wife's macbook and no problem reading DVD movie disks. So is this problem specific to the iMac? I have a 2.66 core duo with 4GB of RAM. Any ideas anyone?

  • DVD not burning at 16X

    I just replaced the original CD-R with an LG 16X DVD-R in the G4 800 at work.
    Unfortunately it's not recording at 16X, only at 8X. I don't think it's the media, as it states it can be recorded at 16X, and I burned several ones already. Toast 7 indicates that it can burn at 16X, but as soon as the disk is inserted it goes to "best" and it takes 15min to record a full 4.7GB disc.
    Could the ATA 66 of the drive be holding back the speed ?
    I have a ATA TEMPO 133 PCI card. Would it be recognized by the OS if I connected the disk to it ?
    Thanks in advance

    They burn at 16X (in Theory), they only reach "up to" 16X on certain parts of the disc. It sounds like your drive needs updated firmware to recognize the actual brand of media you're trying to use. My G4 actually burns at the 16X speeds and it's my G5 that lags big time (on certain brands)because of firmware. Todays recorders have a true average of about 12X. It also may be your HDD is not pumping the data fast enough through the pipes or it can be a faulty cable as well. It can be one of several things and I'd start with the cable, check it for any punctures or small tears and make sure it's connected securely on both ends. After that make sure your HDD is in good working order, run some good utilities such as Disk Warrior, Tech Tool or Drive Genius so you can be sure your directories and structures of your disk are OK. Try running Apple's hardware test (shipped with the computer) and see if the Logic Board and everything else passes.
    G5 dual 2.7, Quicksilver 2002, G4 (2001) Digital Audio 933*, TiBook 400 and a G3 B&W Mac OS X (10.4.3) Raptor 74 and many more...

  • In my first iPhone 5, the speaker didn't work and people could not hear me on Speaker phone when I used it. When I used the video recording it did not record sound at all only a hissing/static sound, no voice.

    In my first iPhone 5, the speaker didn't work and people could not hear me on Speaker phone when I used it. When I used the video recording it did not record sound at all only a hissing/static sound, no voice. I wished for a software fix. I did a hard reset, nothing. I did a full restore to factory settings not putting my backup on and the problem persisted.
    i have been provided with this info
    You can find troubleshooting tips, how-to articles, and moderated
    > > discussion forums on our support website:
    > >
    > > www.apple.com/support
    > >
    > > iPhone: Basic troubleshooting
    > > http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1737
    > >
    I did every step in the link that i have been provided with (thank you), but I’m
    still experiencing the same issue. My experience with Apple has been
    excellent and this has been the first time I have experienced something
    like this with an Apple product. I hope we can find a quick solution.
    In order to get the iPhone 5 as soon as it launched (being a major fan of
    Apple products!), I purchased my iPhone 5 from the UK through a friend of
    mine who lives there.
    My question is: can I have the faulty device replaced within Saudi by one
    of the official resellers here (we have 3: STC, Mobily and Zain)? I want to
    avoid the disruption, complication and expense of sending it back to the
    Could you advise whether this is possible or not, and if not how should I
    go about having the device replaced?
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Nice try! Take a hike.

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    Hi guys,             In  DETAILS of the MONITOR screen, i am getting errors in the extraction part.I checked the connection using SM59 Tcode. That part is perfect. In transfer part it is showing some error as 'Request IDoc : Application document not