Elements 10 loss of cursor circle

Just started using Elements 10 ans when trying to use the spot healing brush or the clone stamp, instead of the usual circle for the cursor position all I'm getting is a small cross. What am I doing wrong please?

In Editor, go to Edit>preferences>Display and cursors. Uncheck "show crosshair in brush tip." Check "normal brush tip."
For other cursors check"normal".
Be sure that the caps lock on the keyboard if off.
Now, when using the clone stamp tool, you may have to increase the size of the cursor if the problem persists. The easiest way is to use the bracket keys on the keyboard. ] for larger, [ for smaller.
Let us know how you make out.

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  • Elements 8, Flashing cursor with waiting circle

    I recently had to reinstall my OS (Win 7 64 bit) and after doing the same to my photoshop program, I now get a flashing cursor that changes to a waiting circle. Other post talked about DPI and Java, which I have checked and still have the same problem. I've had the program installed on the same computer without this problem, and the setup is the same with the usual update in drivers. Any help that someone could provide would be greatly appreciated. I tried the online chat but guess the program is no longe supported, because it refered me to the forum section.

    Hi Pete,
    I have good news and bad news. The good is the problem seems to be gone. The bad is I don't know exactly which program was causing it. For anyone else following this thread I'll explain. Turning off the antivirus did nothing, same problem. When I went to the msconfig, I choose the shorter route and checked "Load basic devices and services only". After the reboot I could open the organizer but not the editor. I got an error code saying the license for the product has stopped working. I changed the startup back to normal and rebooted. This time the problem took longer to begin but only lasted 30 sec or so, then stopped. I could have stopped there but I wanted to see if I could figure out which program was causing the problem. My rig is custom with limited startup items. I had only 10, ....printer, steam, audio, adobe etc. I disabled 6 (keeping the microsoft programs at startup) and rebooted. When I opened PS8 there was NO flashing cursor. I enabled all the startup programs again, hoping to have the problem so I could systematically choose each one, to try to ID the program causing the problem. No luck. With all the same initial startup programs starting, the problem did not recure.
    The bottom line is one of the six, and I don't know which one unless it happens again. If it does, I know where to start looking. I would have never have guessed it was one of the programs at startup so THANKS for hanging in there and giving me advice. What must have happen is by turning off and then on whatever program was causing the flashing, the culprit must have fixed itself.
    I really appreciate the help, and thanks again.

  • PhotoShop Elements 5.0 Cursor locks to Hand tool

    I use Photoshop Elements 5.0, and sometimes, my cursor will lock to the hand tool and I can't use any other tools.  I will exit the program and open it back up, and it will still be locked on the hand tool, but later, it will randomly start working again and let me use the other tools.  How can I fix this?

    I'd start by checking the space bar on the keyboard. It might be sticking. When (if) you get stuck in the hand tool, try tapping your space bar.
    Reason: The space bar is the shortcut that calls up the  hand tool.

  • Random loss of cursor

    Occasionally, about twice/day, I lose my cursor... I can only tell where it is by what is "highlighted"... for example, on the tabs of firefox ...  It is not restricted to any particular application.

    Seems that the is lack of free memory and device deletes old messages from the device memory to keep the device running.
    Check the links below. There is information - how to optimize memory on your BB device.
    Maximize memory and battery life
    Optimize BB memory

  • Tablet draws outside of cursor circle...

    You know the little circle that acts as the 'paintbrush tip'? For some reason, every time I draw, I'm not getting accuracy from within that circle, but it's like the paintbrush tip is on the top-left OUTSIDE side of the circle.
    How do I fix thiiiis?
    Using Photoshop CS6 Extended. Genius tablet.
    Also, does anyone know how to edit it so that you don't have to select a specific brush for sensitivity? ALso, is there any way to make the brush sharper and cleaner? It just looks blurry.

    Oh. Ugh. Well, Photoshop CS6 is just a bit too involved for me. I figured out that it was because of the brush I was on (So, I guess essentially a brush preset issue). I guess it was a caligraphic brush? So it was writing as if the pen was held at an angle.
    I just selected a different brush to test that (I thought the caligraphic brush tip was the only one that had pressure sensitivity on it, but just found that it isn't), and it works fine.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Premiere elements loss of quality complete beginner sorry!

    Right, so I edited my video initially in windows movie maker.....quality on export was good with a sharp picture etc. I then imported this video into elements (converting it first into an mpeg) as my elements was having problems with wmv file import showing only half the video. In the view window when editing the video is reduced quality but I thought this would correct itself with rendering.... It didn't. I e tried all sorts of different settings, maximized the quality of export, selected hd settings for export and still the quality when exported is really rubbish and no longer sharp and clear.....any ideas anyone? Thanks! X

    John T. Smith has suggested that you consider the purchase of Premiere Elements 11.
    I would also offer some considerations on that subject....
    1. There has been a major change in the inferface of Premiere Elements 11 as compared to earlier versions of the program. So before any purchase, consider (while it is still available) the free 30 day tryout of Premiere Elements 11 from Adobe to determine if it is compatible with your video editing/exporting needs and computer environment.
    a. When the next version of Premiere Elements is released, the prior version is no longer available as a tryout.
    2. No doubt, if you are going to get a best purchase price for version 11, it is about now since, if history repeats itself, there should be a new version released sometime come September/October 2013. I have no insider information on that, just history of prior new versions that have been popping up on a yearly basis around September of a given year.
    But definitely check you computer purchase agreement to see if your software installation disc rights are defined in the pre-installed program situations.

  • Loss of cursor control

    I have an HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook running Windows 8.
    I have had trouble with cursor control since I took the PC out of the box.  I called HP support and they had me turn my touchpad off.  They also had me reload some drivers.  Nothing has worked.    However, the cursor continued to jump around the screen as I was typing - sometimes putting me at another position in my document and sometimes just going to the desktop and starting up another program.
    It is now much worse.  My cursor is going to the top right corner of the screen - it even shows a small rectangle in the corner.  It is getting very difficult to control the cursor or click on anything on my desktop or in my mail program (Windows Live Mail).  
    Someone Help!  Please!

    Hello again, I do apologize that you are still having issues. I do have another step that we can try. The tool that I would like you to use is called the HP Support Assistant. Please click on the link to get to the download.  http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=cp-110220-1&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en...
    This tool will run a diagnostic on your computer and let you know if any issues are found and how to fix them.
    Thanks again.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" at the bottom of this post to say “Thanks” for helping!
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    W a t e r b o y 71
    I work on behalf of HP

  • Current position of Cursor in TextEdit Element

    I would like to know how can i determine the current position of the cursor in general.
    I would also like to know the current position of the cursor in textedit element.

    I checked the property, but it does not fulfill my requirement.
    What i want is:
    There is a view with several textedit/input elements, say A,B,C....n
    There is a Helper Function Button, But.
    Now when the user clicks on the button, i need to add a text, 'HELLO' in the element where the cursor is currently positioned.
    So in other words, the focused element will be appended by text 'HELLO'...
    So if i can find out the focused element, then i can append the text.
    Now my question is how do i find out the focused element in the view.

  • One element too many on a cursor?

    I'm populating a cursor like this:
    CURSOR c_anunciantes IS
    //some query
    I now the result of the query for sure. However, when I try to access the cursor and print it's elements, it prints the last element twice; I think I'm probable misusing %NOTFOUND (yes, I'm a newbie):
              EXIT WHEN c_anunciantes%NOTFOUND
    FETCH c_anunciantes INTO aux;
         IF (c_anunciantes%ROWCOUNT=0) THEN
                   raise_application_error(-20001,'No results!');
         END IF;
    CLOSE c_anunciantes;
    BTW; is there any way to find out the number of elements on a cursor before using it?
    Thanks in advance :)

    Hello ,
    You have for example 4 records.
    You fetch 4th record, then you print with dbms_output
    ( your if - condition doesn't work, because sql%rowcount returns the total cumulative number of records).
    Then you check EXIT WHEN NOTFOUND.
    It returns false, because it finds anything,
    and then you try to fetch the 5th record, and only here you have
    SQL%NOTFOUND. But you didn't check it here and prints 4th record once more.
    at first FETCH, and then EXIT WHEN.
    You don't need the IF- Block in loop.
    FETCH c_anunciantes INTO aux;
    EXIT WHEN c_anunciantes%NOTFOUND
    CLOSE c_anunciantes;
    It is better to write:
    FOR I IN (//select from your query)
    You don't need:
    - cursor declaration
    - cursor open
    - fetch
    - check for EXIT NOTFOUND.
    - cursor close
    Oracle does it for you :-)
    Dmytro Dekhtyaryuk

  • How do I change the size of the cursor, I-bar pointer?

    I am running Windows 8.1 on a PC. I have updated to the latest InDesign through the creative cloud center. Everything runs perfectly except for the fact that my I-bar cursor/pointer is huge. At least three or four times larger than normal. I have looked under the preferences section>interface and then all the sections under preferences but cannot seem to find this issue addressed anywhere. No other program I use has changed the cursor size or I-bar size. It is only happening in the InDesign program. I also use Photoshop Elements, but the cursor size is unchanged there. InDesign is the only culprit. The I-bar size is stressing me out, especially when typing or editing text. Help!

    This did not help. All my panels and workspace are the correct size, just the cursor is wrong. In Windows 8.1 I have the following choice in font settings: 1. I can change to smaller, medium or larger. There are no percentages. 2. Change just the text size; again there are no percentages, only point sizes here, my choices are Title bars, Menus, Messages boxes, Palette titles, Icons and Tool tips.
    If you are going to direct me to "Set your fonts size to 124% in Windows" PLEASE tell me where that is in the Windows Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>?? Or somewhere else?

  • PSE Elements 9-convert to black and white not working.

    I recently bought my wife a new HP computer with Windows 7 64bit and Photoshop Elements 9 to go with it. She has not had any problems up until today.. It seems when she attempts to convert a picture into black and white, photoshop freezes up. Sometimes it will convert the image but most of the time when you go to Enhance--convert to black and white,  the little photo of what you want to conver that is on the right hand side of the screen just fills up with dots and then nothing appears on the work area.At that point you cannot close the application or anything else with out Ctrl.alt,delete. I have tried to change the programs compatibility to Windows Xp service pack 2 and 3 as well as running as admin but it does not fix this problem. As far as I know this only occurs when she tries to convert photos to black and white. What can we do? Is PSE9 not compatible with Windows 7 64?

    Suggest that you delete preferences:
    Preference settings control how Photoshop Elements displays images, cursors, and transparencies, saves files, uses plug‑ins and scratch disks, and so on. If the application exhibits unexpected behavior, the preferences file may be damaged. You can restore all preferences to their defaults.
    Press and hold Alt+Control+Shift immediately after Photoshop Elements begins launching. Click Yes to delete the Adobe Photoshop Elements settings file. 
    A new preferences file is created the next time you start Photoshop Elements. For information on a specific preference option, search for the preference name in Help.

  • Change Cursor Size with Pen Pressure

    Does anyone know of a way to make the paintbrush cursor size change dynamically according to pen pressure with a tablet?
    I'm coming to Photoshop from GIMP, and in GIMP when you use more or less pressure on the tablet, the cursor icon automatically changes size based on the pressure so you know exactly how large a line the tool will draw.
    In Photoshop it seems you can choose "normal" or "full size" for the cursor circle, or else use crosshairs, but there doesn't seem to be an option for a dynamically shaped cursor. Am I wrong and just missing something? Or does Photoshop really not have this feature?

    When you press and hold Option/Alt  + Control  and Left mouse click and drag nothing happens?
    (the button on your pen is set to left click?)
    The Option/Alt key should always be the second key to the left of the spacebar
    The Control key should always be the third key to the left of the spacebar

  • Problem faced in viewing SVG elements in IE 7 in windows 2003 server machine

    Hi All,
    We are using SVG to use graphics elements in web page for our product. The web page contains HTML+SVG elements.
    If we use an HTML Image element in our web page display and if we draw or configure SVG elements like rectangle or circle over the image element, then on viewing it in browser, the html image element overlaps the SVG elements and they get hidden behind the image.
    Please help us in resolving this issue.
    This scenarios works fine if we use browser IE7 in windows XP machine.
    But on using IE7 in windows 2003 server machine, the problem is faced.
    We have tried all possible and valid IE settings and properties to make the display work. But its helpless. The SVG plugin is also installed properly on systems. But still the display is not as intended.
    I have attached the working scenario screenshot and non working scenario screenshot
    The screenshot here contains an html image which is showing text as Incom tax department and on top of it is SVG element rectangle. This is viewed in Windows XP in IE 7 browser
    This screenshot contains the same page above but when viewed in Windows 2003 IE 7 browser. The SVG rectangle is overlapped by the html image element here
    Kindly please help us in this regard as we are unable to proceed further with this issue. If anyone of you have face this before, then please help us on the resolution. We will be very grateful
    Thanks a lot.

    If you are using Dreamweaver to create your webpage, please post in the Dreamweaver forum. If you are hand-coding you might try posting in the Web Design forum. This forum is for help using the forums not for general tech support.

  • Photoshop Elements 10 becomes non-responsive when using Dust & Scratch filter

    Trying to apply the remove dust & noise filter in PS Elements 10. When the filter is applied, the hand tool becomes locked on and nothing further can be selected.  All menu options become greyed out.  Cannot even close program, have to force quit (running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4).  Have already reset all tool options to try & resolve the hand tool locking.  Have only encountered problem with this filter. 
    I've got a bunch of scanned photos I really need to use the Dust & Scratches filter for.  Any help would be appreciated!

    Restore default preferences
    Preference settings control how Photoshop Elements displays images, cursors, and transparencies, saves files, uses plug‑ins and scratch disks, and so on. If the application exhibits unexpected behavior, the preferences file may be damaged. You can restore all preferences to their defaults.
    Press and hold Alt+Control+Shift immediately after Photoshop Elements begins launching. Click Yes to delete the Adobe Photoshop Elements settings file. 
    A new preferences file is created the next time you start Photoshop Elements.

  • Fetch Ref Cursor Multiple Times

    create or replace
    PROCEDURE refcursor1
    TYPE r_cursor IS REF CURSOR;
    rcv_emp r_cursor;
    TYPE rec_emp IS record
    empno NUMBER,
    ename VARCHAR2(20 CHAR),
    deptno number
    recv_emp rec_emp;
    recv_emp2 rec_emp;
    PROCEDURE printemployeedetails AS
      fetch rcv_emp INTO recv_emp;
      exit WHEN rcv_emp%notfound;
      END loop;
    PROCEDURE printemployeedetails2(p_emp r_cursor) IS
      fetch p_emp INTO recv_emp2;
      exit WHEN p_emp%notfound;
      end loop;
      FOR i IN (SELECT deptno FROM dept order by deptno)
        OPEN rcv_emp FOR SELECT empno,ename,deptno FROM emp WHERE deptno=i.deptno;
        dbms_output.put_line('calling printemployeedetails');
        dbms_output.put_line('                    ');
        dbms_output.put_line('calling printemployeedetails2');
        dbms_output.put_line('                    ');
        CLOSE rcv_emp;
      END loop;
    calling printemployeedetails
    calling printemployeedetails2
    calling printemployeedetails
    calling printemployeedetails2
    calling printemployeedetails
    calling printemployeedetails2
    calling printemployeedetails
    calling printemployeedetails2
    Hello All,
    If i open a cursor once can i fetch the elements of a cursor n times like above? i see only either one of those procedures are printing the details but not both.
    Wonder why as i am passing the same ref cursor to a second procedure.
    It's neither throwing me an error saying the elements of ref cursor are already fetched.
    Thank you.

    If i open a cursor once can i fetch the elements of a cursor n times like above? i see only either one of those procedures are printing the details but not both.
    Wonder why as i am passing the same ref cursor to a second procedure.
    It's neither throwing me an error saying the elements of ref cursor are already fetched.
    You can't see any such thing. That code above won't even compile let alone run.
    The 'ref cursor' you are talking about is defined in a standalone procedure 'refcursor1' which does NOTHING but declare some variables that are then NEVER USED.
    The other procedures try to use variables that DO NOT EXIST since they are not declared in the procedure that is trying to use them. So those procedures won't compile and even if they did compile and run each execution only does ONE fetch so the anonymous block can't possibly produce multiple rows of output.  
    I don't know what you claim to be seeing but it certainly isn't anything produced by the code you posted.

Maybe you are looking for

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