Error in replicating the SAP BI 4.x Environment

Hi All,
I am following the below blog to replicate content of prod in Sandbox.
Replicating the SAP BI 4.x Environment
However while Creating a new SIA node   i am encountering errors as  the new SIA node getting added with out any default servers.
I was able to achieve the above in a different environment where there were no clusters.But in the current scenario i have my prod which has a  cluster environment with windows AD auth where as  sandbox is installed in a single system with enterprise Auth.I have attached the error logs which i got while adding the new node with default servers in CCM.
SAP BI 4.0 sp5
Sql server 2008 R2
Thanks in advance for all your help and guidance
Replicating the SAP BI 4.x Environment

Hi Asma/Satish,
I have added a new node with cms and SIA port 7400 and 7410.But same issue occured.
While trying to add a node to  use "Start a Temporary New CMS" and select "recreate node" the error says port 6400 already in Use.
This is how the Manage server looks after i added a node with node with cms and SIA port as  7400 and 7410
from the log files what i understood is that it is not able to add the default services and writes the below error
FAILED: could not find server with cuid AfRmWmX2jhJOnbtEuIXTmF4. Query returned 0 infoobject(s)
FAILED: could not find server with cuid AS3zRDnsuv9KonM9nLcyROg. Query returned 0 infoobject(s).
Generating DFO files for OutOfBoxOutputFileRepositoryServer...

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    Hi Eric,
    yes we are using Windows 2008 SBS for the SAP EHP4 FOR SAP ERP 6.0/NW7.01 installation.
    we tried to create the key but it says access is denied.
    Actual thing is we got the server with Windows 2008 server 64 bit SBS (standard FE) with Domain Controller (DC) configuration.
    We have removed the DC using dcpromo to convert into Wokgroup and tried the SAP installation.
    I hope you got the idea and please let me know any further suggestions or it is the problem with the license.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Prabhu Reddy.

  • Error after uninstalling the SAP Integration Kit XI 3.0 on Unix

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    Is there some configuration still remaining somewhere that needs to be removed so I get the old login page back ?
    Thanks for ideas, Timo

    Thanks for pointing to the right direction. I changed the tomcat webapps web.xml file parameter and it was enought to start working again.

  • Error while installing the SAP

    i'm having an error poped up everytime i try to install..the error is saying SQL error 942..
    Cannot install anymore wht could be the possible solution to continue witht the installation without making it from the start again.

    D:\usr\sap\DRS\SYS\exe\run/R3load.exe: START OF LOG: 20080228181446
    D:\usr\sap\DRS\SYS\exe\run/R3load.exe: sccsid @(#) $Id: //bas/620/src/R3ld/R3load/R3ldmain.c#5 $ SAP
    D:\usr\sap\DRS\SYS\exe\run/R3load.exe: version R6.20/V1.2
    D:\usr\sap\DRS\SYS\exe\run/R3load.exe -dbcodepage 1100 -i C:\SAPinst ORACLE KERNEL/SAPVIEW.cmd -l C:\SAPinst ORACLE KERNEL/SAPVIEW.log -stop_on_error
    DbSl Trace: Got ORACLE_HOME=C:\oracle\ora81 from environment
    DbSl Trace: Client NLS settings: AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8DEC
    DbSl Trace: Logon as OPS$-user to get SAPDRS's password
    DbSl Trace: Connecting as /@DRS on connection 0 ...
    DbSl Trace: Attaching to DB Server DRS (con_hdl=0,svchp=002BD8A0,svrhp=002BD6AC)
    DbSl Trace: Starting user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=002BD8A0,srvhp=002BD6AC,usrhp=0030570C)
    DbSl Trace: Now I'm connected to ORACLE
    DbSl Trace: ORA-1403 when accessing table SAPUSER
    DbSl Trace: Disconnecting from connection 0 ...
    DbSl Trace: Closing user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=002BD8A0,usrhp=0030570C)
    DbSl Trace: Now I'm disconnected from ORACLE
    DbSl Trace: Try to connect with default password
    DbSl Trace: Connecting as SAPDRS/<pwd>@DRS on connection 0 ...
    DbSl Trace: Starting user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=002BD8A0,srvhp=002BD6AC,usrhp=0030570C)
    DbSl Trace: Now I'm connected to ORACLE
    DbSl Trace: Database NLS settings: AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8DEC
    DbSl Trace: Database instance drs is running on SOMBATHLA with ORACLE version since 20080228
    (DB) INFO: connected to DB
    (DB) ERROR: DDL statement failed
    DbSlExecute: rc = 103
      (SQL error 942)
      error message returned by DbSl:
    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    (IMP) INFO: a failed DROP attempt is not necessarily a problem
    (DB) ERROR: DDL statement failed
    (CREATE VIEW "/SDF/SMODICOMP" ( "OBJ_TYPE" , "SUB_TYPE" , "INT_TYPE" , "OPERATION" , "INACTIVE" , "COMPONENT" , "PS_POSID" , "SUB_NAME" , "INT_NAME" , "PGMID" , "OBJECT" , "OBJ_NAME" , "DEVCLASS" , "FCTR_ID" , "AS4LOCAL"  ) AS SELECT T0001."OBJ_TYPE", T0001."SUB_TYPE", T0001."INT_TYPE", T0001."OPERATION", T0001."INACTIVE",  T0003."COMPONENT", T0004."PS_POSID", T0001."SUB_NAME", T0001."INT_NAME", T0002."PGMID", T0002."OBJECT", T0002."OBJ_NAME", T0003."DEVCLASS", T0004."FCTR_ID", T0004."AS4LOCAL" FROM "SMODILOG" T0001, "TADIR" T0002, "TDEVC" T0003, "DF14L" T0004 WHERE T0001."OBJ_TYPE" = T0002."OBJECT" AND T0001."OBJ_NAME" = T0002."OBJ_NAME" AND T0002."DEVCLASS" = T0003."DEVCLASS" AND T0003."COMPONENT" = T0004."FCTR_ID" AND T0002."PGMID" = 'R3TR' AND T0004."AS4LOCAL" = 'A')
    DbSlExecute: rc = 103
      (SQL error 942)
      error message returned by DbSl:
    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
    DbSl Trace: Disconnecting from connection 0 ...
    DbSl Trace: Closing user session (con_hdl=0,svchp=002BD8A0,usrhp=0030570C)
    DbSl Trace: Detaching from DB Server (con_hdl=0,svchp=002BD8A0,srvhp=002BD6AC)
    DbSl Trace: Now I'm disconnected from ORACLE
    (DB) INFO: disconnected from DB
    D:\usr\sap\DRS\SYS\exe\run/R3load.exe: job finished with 1 error(s)
    D:\usr\sap\DRS\SYS\exe\run/R3load.exe: END OF LOG: 20080228181447

  • Error while Replicating the Data Source in Quality System....

    Dear Expert,
       I have created a generic data source in R/3 Dev system and I replicated the data source to BW DEV system.  Everything is fine in DEV system.
    I have transported the Data Source to R/3 Quality System. And transported the related  objects in BW DEV system to BW QUALITY system.
    Now I am getting the error as follows :
    BW QUA System --> RSA1 --> Source System --> Data source Overview --> Sales & Distribution --> _REPLICATE_
    *DATASOURCE*.( clicked )
    Its moving to another screen (R/3 QUALITY) , but it is coming as a LOGIN screen. Its askong for the USER name and Password. And when I click on BACK button , its givin following pop-up
    RFC connection to source system LOGSYS is damaged  ==> no Metadata upload
    What could be the issue ?? Please suggest.

    Hi saveen,
    Yes I transported in that manner.
    I checked in Source System ( RSA13):
    Its giveng the pop-up  ,
                                    RFC connection check failed. Check connection
    Please suggest, how can I proceed ?

  • Error while initiating the sap in my personal computer

    Dear Pals,
    I have installed sap package in my system, now days, it is giving following error, please help me to over come this problem:
    1. Error: In table TCPDB, there are "0" entries.  showing in syslog.
    2. most of the time disp+work.exe-sapservice R35
    94,816k to 97,100, 93,792K fluctating and taking 99% of CPU's usage.
    Please let me know the exact solution for this problem.
    even with the above problem, I could able to do work on sap on my system.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Madhu Vaddi

    Which function module or transaction are you trying to call?
    It looks like that this update only can happen when logged in to SAP itself.. Because it is trying to call the sap gui..
    Possible solutions you can find in following thread:
    Dump during BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE calling from Portal
    kind regards,

  • Error to install the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial Version

    Can anybody help me?
    I'm try to install the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.02 SP6 32-bit Trial Version... and in the Running phase 11: Create sequence for the ABAP user, I had this error:
    What do have I to do solve this problem?
    ERROR      2014-07-13 14:24:19.395 [iaxxinscbk.cpp:244]
    CJS-00030  Assertion failed:    :    [3336] 14:23:42    ***Warning: Loadavg: Could not add processor time performance counter to query. SAP DBTech JDBC: Cannot connect to jdbc:sapdb://virtuawjms/NSP [Restart required].
    ERROR      2014-07-13 14:24:19.395
    MUT-03025  Caught ESAPinstException in Modulecall: :    [3336]  14:23:42 ***Warning: Loadavg: Could not add processor time performance counter to query. SAP DBTech JDBC: Cannot connect to jdbc:sapdb://virtuawjms/NSP [Restart required].
    ERROR      2014-07-13 14:24:19.495 [sixxcstepexecute.cpp:988]
    FCO-00011  The step SdbCheckExistingSequence with step key |NW_ABAP_OneHost|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|NW_Onehost_System|ind|ind|ind|ind|2|0|NW_CreateDBandLoad|ind|ind|ind|ind|10|0|NW_CreateDB|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|NW_ADA_DB|ind|ind|ind|ind|6|0|Sdb_Schema_Sequence|ind|ind|ind|ind|6|0|SdbCheckExistingSequence was executed with status ERROR ( Last error reported by the step :Assertion failed:    :    [3336] 14:23:42    ***Warning: Loadavg: Could not add processor time performance counter to query. SAP DBTech JDBC: Cannot connect to jdbc:sapdb://virtuawjms/NSP [Restart required].).
    INFO       2014-07-13 14:24:22.669 [synxcpath.cpp:815]
    CSyPath::createFile() lib=syslib module=syslib
    Creating file C:\Arquivos de programas\sapinst_instdir\NW702\AS-ABAP\ADA\CENTRAL\__instana_tmp.xml.
    WARNING    2014-07-13 14:24:24.752 [iaxxejshlp.cpp:150]
    Could not get property IDs of the JavaScript object.
    ERROR      2014-07-13 14:24:24.752 [iaxxejsctl.cpp:492]
    FJS-00010  Could not get value for property .

    Kindly follow SCN thread Sapinst error: No GUI server connected and try to restart the complete system.

  • Getting error when opening the sap console

    Dear Experts,
                         When I opening the SAP console There is a error message like
    Get process list failed:80070424
    The specified service does not exist as an installed service.

    Hi Amit,
    There is another thread with exactly similar error like you.
    SAPMMC tree disappear
    1. Follow what Ashok Dalai mentioned in this thread.
    2. If the above doesn't work, then start sapstartsrv.exe, I've already put the detail instruction how to do it.
    Hope this helps.

  • Error when calling the SAP GUI

    Hello everybody,
    i have installed the NW2004s SneakPreview on my Notebook. Since then i cant call the sap gui anymore (installed the latest version from SAP Service Marketplace).
    Im getting the error:
    'The procedure entry point 'RfcResetTraceDir' could not be located in the dynamic link library 'LIBRFC32.dll' .'

    Please try coping the LIBRFC32.DLL file from....
    Rich Heilman

  • Host did not respond error in connecting the SAP Router from SERVICE PLACE

    Dear Sir,
    We renew the Router Certificate by October 2008.  We are using broadband connection in our office with firewall (ISA) .
    When we try to connect the sap router from SAP Service Market Place, It is connected and after some time, status is changing to Host did not respond due to timeout.
    We checked the SAP Router Tab File also. It is correct.  Guide us to solve this issue
    With Regards

    This type of error occurs maximum,only when there is no proper connection between the systems.So,my suggestion is to check with the connection between the systems with the help of Basis person.

  • Error while running the SAP JCO java program running via command line

        We are facing an issue while using SAP JCO. When i try to run the sample program using RAD 8.0 ( IBM IDE tool For Java Development) its working fine.
    The same sample program if i try to run using command line, Then its giving below exception message.
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Integration
    NOTE: I have configured proper sapjco jar & Dll files path in class path settings in my batch file.

    class loader can't find class definition during runtime but it could find it during compilation. So the problem is with your classpath. Does your classpath point to file with class Integration? Check this [blog|].
    Added reference to blog.

  • Error while adding the server in Redwood CPS

    Hi All,
    Iam getting the following error when addiing the SAP server in Redwood CPS.
    "SAP System XXXXXAn isolated SAP system can't be created in the GLOBAL partition"
    Can any

    As per the installation guide you should create an Isolation group first and then create the SAP system when connected in that Isolation group. See also forum entry [here|Re: Create SAP Sytem in Cronacel]
    Regards Gerben

  • Error while testing the Service Provider

    Hi All,
    I have developed a WebService model for Purchase Requisition scenario and followed all the steps of the Duet Developer Guide up to creating the SCL Business Object.
    While testing the service on SAP side, when I execute the server proxy and in XML editor I passed the inpur values
    Release Group :B1
    Release Code : A1  for bapi    BAPI_REQUISITION_GETITEMSREL,
    Got the errors as below:
    - <n0:StandardMessageFault xmlns:n0="">
    - <standard>
      <faultText>Proxy Class (generated)</faultText>
    - <faultDetail>
      <text>Non-Retriable Exception with message: The SAP system could not process your request. Contact your administrator</text>
    - <faultDetail>
      <text>0 GSI implementations for Object Type 'ZPRGET_ITEMS_REL', Version 'ECC_604', Consumer ''</text>
    - <faultDetail>
      <text>The SAP system could not process your request. Contact your administrator</text>
    And got the status message as
    Call Failed
    I tested the bapi in SAP Backend system, its working fine.
    Can any body look into it where it is going wrong.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi all,
    Issue has been resolved.

  • Error when scheduling the infopackage for loading Master data attributes

    Iam getting the following error message when scheduling this Master data Attributes ZIP_0PLANT_ATTR_FULL..( Flexible update of Master data info objects)..
    In Data load monitor error i got this following error message.
    Error message when processing in the Business Warehouse
    An error occurred in the SAP BW when processing the data. The error is documented in an error message.
    System response
    A caller 01, 02 or equal to or greater than 20 contains an error meesage.
    Further analysis:
    The error message(s) was (were) sent by:
    Update rules

    A caller 01, 02 or equal to or greater than 20 contains an error meesage This is an Idoc error. Please check the Idocs :
    1) SM37 job log (In source system if load is from R/3 or in BW if its a datamart load) (give request name) and it should give you the details about the request. If its active make sure that the job log is getting updated at frequent intervals.
    Also see if there is any 'sysfail' for any datapacket in SM37.
    2) SM66 get the job details (server name PID etc from SM37) and see in SM66 if the job is running or not. (In source system if load is from R/3 or in BW if its a datamart load). See if its accessing/updating some tables or is not doing anything at all.
    3) RSMO see what is available in details tab. It may be in update rules.
    4) ST22 check if any short dump has occured.(In source system if load is from R/3 or in BW if its a datamart load)
    5) Check in SM58 and BD87 for pending tRFCs and IDOCS.
    Once you identify you can rectify the error.
    If all the records are in PSA you can pull it from the PSA to target. Else you may have to pull it again from source infoprovider.
    If its running and if you are able to see it active in SM66 you can wait for some time to let it finish. You can also try SM50 / SM51 to see what is happening in the system level like reading/inserting tables etc.
    If you feel its active and running you can verify by checking if the number of records has increased in the data tables.
    SM21 - System log can also be helpful.

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