Error while doing Txn MIRO

when i post the Invoice thru txn MIRO for the previous financial year i
got the below error
Express Document "Update was Terminated"
when i check it in my inbox i see the following details in SO01
Error Info : M8 185: Invoice document XXXXXXXXX.

Unfortunately the error message does not help much.
M8 185 simply states "Invoice document X X could not be created.
You might get  more information if you get an ABAP programmer to perform a trace.
Terminated updates are not that easy to solve due to the fact that you get very little info on the problem. But a trace gets more.
Steve B

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  • Error while doing MIRO-Overflow for arithmetical operation (type P) in prog

    Hi ,
    I am getting the error while doing the MIRO  as below-
    Runtime Errors         COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW
    Exception              CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW
    Date and Time          20.05.2009 10:07:03
    Short text
         Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program "SAPLMRMC".
    What happened?
         Error in the ABAP Application Program
         The current ABAP program "SAPLMRMC" had to be terminated because it has
         come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    What can you do?
         Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.
         To process the problem further, contact you SAP system
         Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look
         at and manage termination messages, and you can also
         keep them for a long time.
    Error analysis
         An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.
         The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW', was not
          caught in
         procedure "MRM_AMOUNT_QUANTITY_PROPOSE" "(FUNCTION)", nor was it propagated by
          a RAISING clause.
         Since the caller of the procedure could not have anticipated that the
    Please let me know how can this be removed.

    There can be some problem with tolerances set in the customizing.
    In my case, I was getting this error because of delivery date variance. The difference between delivery date maintained in PO and invoice date was huge and hence the multiplication of price of PO and difference  of delivery date was huge and that was the reason for error.
    Similarly in your case also, there will be some tolerance limit problem.
    Please check your tolerance limits set in customizing.
    Mihir Popat

  • Error while doing MIRO

    Hello Everybody,
    I am trying to do MIRO for a Purchase Order.
    But I see the following error while doing that -
    "G/L account  is not defined in chart of accounts 1000".
    Can someone tell me whats going wrong and where do I have to check to set the following conditions right for a MIRO posting to be done?
    Please help. All the help is appreciated.

    Hello Sneha singh
    In addition to Mr.srinath's suggestions please check whether you have maintained Reconsallation account for your vendor in the Vendor masterdata in XK01 in the company code level
    have you maintained properly the OBYC settings (take the help of your MM or FI consultant for this) and also check in OMWD whether the valuation grouping 0001 code is assigned to your plant
    Mostly along with Mr.Srinath's suggestions  Reconsallation account checkings in the Vendor masterdata in XK01 should solve your issue

  • Error while doing ABGL Asset Credit Memo

    Hi Friends,
    I am getting the below error while doing Asset Credit Memo in ABGL. Please help me in fix this issue.
    Balance for transaction type group 10 negative for the area 01
    Note:In Asset Explorer Fiscal year start Asset value is 98,425.45 and Change is 4768.19. So total Asset value as of now is 1,03,193.64.
    Now we are trying to do ABGL with 12,790.23 value (Transaction type is 105). System is giving the above highlighted error.
    If we give the amount 4768.19 in ABGL transaction, system is not giving any error. If we give more that that system is giving error.
    Why system is giving error even the asset has balance of 1,03,193.64? Please help me on this..

    If the asset has been capitalized during earlier years, use ABGF to post credit memo.  ABGL is meant for assets capitalized during the year.
    Best Regards,

  • Error while doing "Visulaize Plan"

    Before i did Visualize plan many times without any problem.Now I am getting error while doing so.
    I was able to run "Explain Plan" successfully.
    I am on HANA revision 60.
    I saved above error log and the log information is given below:
    I can identify invalid XML tag <TablesInvolved><![CDATA[raj/AN_VIZ]]></TablesInvolved> but how to fix this issue?
    I gone through various blogs related to Visulaization Plan but not found related to this issue.
    <Plan xmlns="" ID="ID_0" Type="Estimated">
    FROM "_SYS_BIC"."raj/AN_VIZ"
      <Start Unit="us">1401281467643661</Start>
      <End Unit="us">1401281467658329</End>
    <RootRelation ID="ID_0" TypeName="PROJECT" Status="Finished">
      <ExecutionType>Row Search</ExecutionType>
      <Summary><![CDATA[raj/AN_VIZ.KOKRS, raj/AN_VIZ.BELNR, raj/AN_VIZ.PERIO, SUM(raj/AN_VIZ.MEGBTR)]]></Summary>
       <Exclusive Unit="us">2.12902e+06</Exclusive>
       <Inclusive Unit="us">2.64021e+06</Inclusive>
      <Details><![CDATA[{"Projected Cols":"raj/AN_VIZ.KOKRS, raj/AN_VIZ.BELNR, raj/AN_VIZ.PERIO, SUM(raj/AN_VIZ.MEGBTR)","Project column0":"NString(4, 0)  __trex_field_NVarchar3__() ....... [3]:040:<5/7 (16B)>:
      /1/ void*  \"__rids__\" ....... [0]:NOP:<0/1 (8B)>:
      /2/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 0 ....... [1]:LOAD:<3/4 (4B)>:
      /3/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 0 ....... [2]:LOAD:<4/5 (4B)>:","Project column1":"NString(10, 0)  __trex_field_NVarchar3__() ....... [8]:040:<5/7 (16B)>:
      /1/ void*  \"__rids__\" ....... [5]:NOP:<0/1 (8B)>:
      /2/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 0 ....... [6]:LOAD:<3/4 (4B)>:
      /3/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 1 ....... [7]:LOAD:<4/5 (4B)>:","Project column2":"NString(3, 0)  __trex_field_NVarchar3__() ....... [13]:040:<5/7 (16B)>:
      /1/ void*  \"__rids__\" ....... [10]:NOP:<0/1 (8B)>:
      /2/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 0 ....... [11]:LOAD:<3/4 (4B)>:
      /3/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 2 ....... [12]:LOAD:<4/5 (4B)>:","Project column3":"Decimal(18, 3)  __typecast__() ....... [23]:076:<10/12 (16B)>:
      /1/ Fixed16(18, 3)  __trex_field_Fixed16__() ....... [19]:043:<6/8 (16B)>: 
         /1/ void*  \"__rids__\" ....... [15]:NOP:<0/1 (8B)>:
         /2/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 0 ....... [16]:LOAD:<3/4 (4B)>:
         /3/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 3 ....... [17]:LOAD:<4/5 (4B)>:
         /4/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 3 ....... [18]:LOAD:<5/6 (4B)>: 
      /2/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 18 ....... [21]:LOAD:<8/9 (4B)>:
      /3/ int32_t(10, 0) const := 3 ....... [22]:LOAD:<9/10 (4B)>:"}]]></Details>
      <Child ID="ID_8" >
    <Relation ID="ID_8" TypeName="TREX_SEARCH" Status="Finished">
      <Name>Column Search</Name>
      <ExecutionType>Column Search</ExecutionType>
      <Summary><![CDATA[Aggregation on a single table]]></Summary>
       <Exclusive Unit="us">511194</Exclusive>
       <Inclusive Unit="us">511194</Inclusive>
      <LogicalPlan ID="ID_11" Type="Estimated">
       <RootRelation ID="ID_11" TypeName="PROJECT" Status="Finished">
         <Exclusive Unit="us">0</Exclusive>
         <Inclusive Unit="us">0</Inclusive>
        <Child ID="ID_12" >
       <Relation ID="ID_12" TypeName="GROUP_BY" Status="Finished">
        <Summary><![CDATA[raj/AN_VIZ.KOKRS, raj/AN_VIZ.BELNR, raj/AN_VIZ.PERIO\nSUM(raj/AN_VIZ.MEGBTR)]]></Summary>
         <Exclusive Unit="us">0</Exclusive>
         <Inclusive Unit="us">0</Inclusive>
        <Details><![CDATA[{"Grouping Cols":"raj/AN_VIZ.KOKRS, raj/AN_VIZ.BELNR, raj/AN_VIZ.PERIO","Aggregation Cols":"SUM(raj/AN_VIZ.MEGBTR)"}]]></Details>
        <Child ID="ID_13" >
       <Relation ID="ID_13" TypeName="TABLE" Status="Finished">
        <Name>Column View</Name>
         <Exclusive Unit="us">0</Exclusive>
         <Inclusive Unit="us">0</Inclusive>

    To solve this you must update your studio. In lower studio versions (PlanViz) does not allow "unknown" XML tags sent by higher version servers. A fix for this issue was made so that PlanViz parser can simply skip unknown tags.
    Please go to version 74, if possible.

  • Error while doing EHP4 upgrade in downtime phase

    HI .
    Iam facing the below error while doing the EHP4 upgrade , in downtime phase.
    Checks after phase MAIN_SWITCH/STARTSAP_TRANS were negative!
    Last error code set: RFC call to subst_get_uvers failed with key RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION (open): SAP_CMINIT3 : rc=20 >
    Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect_PM GWHOST=Hydhtc4526D, GWSERV=sapgw04, SYSNR=04  LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode ERROR partner '' not reached TIME Mon Jun 06 18:17:46 2011 RELEASE 720 COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION 40 RC -10 MODULE nixxi.cpp LINE 3286 DETAIL NiPConnect2: SYSTEM CALL connect ERRNO 10061 ERRNO TEXT WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused COUNTER System start failed
    Please help me in resolving this error.

    Upgrade tool is trying to start the system but system is not coming up. Try to start system manually and see if system comes up or not. If not then check logs in work directory for why system is not coming up.

  • Error while doing  GR for scheduling aggrement

    Dear Experts,
    We are facing error while doing GR for scheduling aggrement.
    we have done the following steps.
    1) Scheduling aggreement in ME31L
    2) Released in ME35L
    3) Mainatined Sch.Agmt Schdule in ME38 for todays and date 200 qty and other line is 800 qty.
    When we are trying to do GR in MIGO system is giving the following message.
    Document 5500000152 does not contain any selectable items
    can I know what I have missed in the above steps.
    Please guide me to resolve this.

    Please check Please check if Gr is already done against this document.  Also please check whether you have attached SA in the source list with line items.
    Enter Mat.code & Plant.
    In the next screen the following:
    Valid from - commencement date of the SA
    Valid to - End date of the SA
    Vendor - Vendor on whom the SA is released
    POrg - Your purchase organisation
    PPL - Leave it blank(This is only for interplant)
    OUn - Ordering unit
    Agreement - SA number
    Item - 1
    I hope this will resolve your issue. Thanking you

  • Error  While doing ABT1N transaction

    I am facing the below error while doing ABT1N in Asset Accounting.Please help me in fixing this Issue.
    Error Message -No depreciation area for receiving the revenue
    Message no.AAPO149
    You tried to post a retirement on asset 1000 100007-0.You entered transaction type 300,in which the retirement with revenue indicator is not set
    You tried to transfer asset 1000 100007-0.According to transfer variant 0001,none of the areas on the asset uses a transaction type for retirement with revenue
    In  both of these cases, you are not allowed to enter revenue or make specifications for the determination of revenue.
    Check the transfer variant  and check your entry
    please do the needful

    You will have a check box for the same.
    Double click on transaction type, you will see the check box for revenue.
    Otherwise, tomorrow I will get back to you once I am in front of the system.
    Edited by: Ravi Sankar Venna on May 5, 2009 7:53 PM

  • Error while doing F-90 Asset Acquisation

    I am getting the below error while doing F-90 Asset Acquisation scenario. Please help me to fix this issue.
    Tax code V1 country IN does not exist in procedure TAXINN
    Message no. FF713
    You entered a tax code which is not defined for the country of the company code to be posted to in the tax calculation procedure.
    System Response
    Check and, if necessary, correct the entry.
    Procedure for System Administration
    If it is not an input error, check and possibly change the system settings.
    To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5).
    Check whether the company code is assigned to the correct country and whether the correct tax calculation procedure has been entered for the company code country.
    Create a new tax code if necessary.
    Since it is possible that the tables in question are being updated at a different time on another computer, it can take a certain amount of time for the tax code to be on all local machines in client server architectures after saving the new code.

    you need to maintain Tax Code A0 & V0 in t.code OBCL t.code.
    and also ensure to check whether you have created tax code V1 or not in FTXP t.code. If not, create V1 tax code and assign GL on that in the right Transaction event keys in OB40.
    Try.... if not working let me know....

  • Error while doing AIAB Settlement

    Hi I am facing the below error while doing AIAB during AUC settlement. Please do the needful.
    Data for determination of capitalization not managed in area 01
    Message no. AW507
    You have chosen a depreciation area, which does not carry the depreciation data from table COEPBR.
    Choose a different depreciation area.

    This message could be helpful:
    Error AW507
    Please check the field T082AVIEWB-AUTHORITY. If it is not on 2 this is the reason.
    In this case, you can change the value in T093-VIEW1 using the coding as per SAP note 29706 which you have already discovered. There will be no risk involved in changing this value.
    regards Bernhard

  • Error while doing AUC Settlement in KO88

    I am getting the below error while doing KO88. I have maintained the Allocation structure for FXA and given the cost element group in the Source field & Given FXA in Receiver category and selected By cost element option aginast Receiver category FXA in Settlement Cost Element field. I am getting the below error while settling in KO88.
    Define a settlement cost element for receiver type FXA
    Message no. KD506
    In allocation structure A1 (controlling area BP01), you did not define which cost element should be used when settling costs/revenues of the sender. Nor did you define receiver type FXA.
    Assign a different allocation structure to the settlement sender (-> Master data -> Settlement rule -> Goto -> Settlement parameters), or maintain allocation structure A1.
    Please help me

    Please check your allocation structure , it looks that settlement cost element that you have assigned in the allocation strcuture is not having correct cost element category.

  • Error while doing BAM configuration in JDeveloper

    I tried to create a connection to my local BAM Server in JDev and also in, but I always failed! Error messages:
    "Server is not set up correctly SOA1"
    I'm running on Windows 2003 and installed BAM according to the Installation Guide (version was Bam with Enterprise Link for windows
    I did not get any error while doing the other setups and can access the different BAM tools via the Oracle BAM Start page, but I can't create a connection in JDev. I used the following parameters:
    Host Name: SOA1(system name)
    Port Number: 80
    User Name: Administrator
    Password: <windows domain pwd>
    Domain Name: DOMAINNAME
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    hi Shaily
    It looks like suggesting a different forum is not needed, because you already tried that ...
    Error while doing BAM connection in jdeveloper
    Error while doing BAM connection in jdeveloper
    Error while doing BAM connection in jdeveloper
    I hope you get some answers.
    Jan Vervecken

  • Error while doing BAM connection in jdeveloper

    I tried to create a connection to my local BAM Server in JDev and also in, but I always failed! Error messages:
    "Server is not set up correctly SOA1"
    I'm running on Windows 2003 and installed BAM according to the Installation Guide (version was Bam with Enterprise Link for windows
    I did not get any error while doing the other setups and can access the different BAM tools via the Oracle BAM Start page, but I can't create a connection in JDev. I used the following parameters:
    Host Name: SOA1(system name)
    Port Number: 80
    User Name: Administrator
    Password: <windows domain pwd>
    Domain Name: DOMAINNAME
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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  • Error while doing File to File Scenario

    I am trying a simple file to file scenario - where xi picks up the file from a location and maps the message and dumps it in another location.
    I am Getting the below error while doing the same .........
    Time Stamp Status Description
    2009-03-30 14:30:24 Success Channel Test_send_cc: Send binary file  "d:\input\input.xml". Size 203 with QoS EO
    2009-03-30 14:30:24 Success Application attempting to send an XI message asynchronously using connection AFW.
    2009-03-30 14:30:24 Success Trying to put the message into the send queue.
    2009-03-30 14:30:24 Success Message successfully put into the queue.
    2009-03-30 14:30:24 Success The application sent the message asynchronously using connection AFW. Returning to application.
    2009-03-30 14:30:24 Error Attempt to delete file "d:\input\input.xml" after processing failed. Retry
    2009-03-30 14:30:24 Success The message was successfully retrieved from the send queue.
    2009-03-30 14:30:24 Success The message status set to DLNG.
    *+2009-03-30 14:30:24 Error Transmitting the message to endpoint http://filip:8000/sap/xi/engine?type=entry using connection AFW failed, due to: Received HTTP response code 401 : Unauthorized.*
    2009-03-30 14:30:24 Success The asynchronous message was successfully scheduled to be delivered at Mon Mar 30 14:35:24 GMT+05:30 2009.
    And i cant see the meesages using the SXMB_MONI trasaction
    please help me resolve ths issue
    Edited by: mahesh uma on May 3, 2008 2:12 PM

    Hi Uma,
    Go through this links::
    Hope these links are useful to you..
    Urgent: Message not transmitted from AFW to Integration server
    Error with huge file
    File to JDBC error
    Satya Kumar..

  • Error while doing billing

    Hi every one'
    i got an error while doing billing
    Error :sub transactions in schema Z step 0001 inconsistent,
    this error is comming while using transaction eamabi,
    the schema is worked properly since i updated a line item for additional TAX,
    and we created new sub transactins for additional vat,AND for the sub transactions i have added a new GL account,
    and i have added those Sub transactions in the respective field of the rate,
    I have maintained properly all the fica setting for the sub ek01 and ek02 and table te305 & tfktvo as well. Dont understand where the setting have been missed..Please let me kow if you come acrosee this kind of situation.
    later i have deleted all the line items in tha same schema,and i have given only quanti01  variant
    and does not have any vat related line item maintained at schema even though the same error proposed.

    I think you need to ask FICA person to fix the subs, This is not billing or rate error. There must be some config missing in sub's and main. If you give another try with any other subs it should work. This will help you to double check too.

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