Extraction times of setup tables

hi guys,
is there a way to find the approximate extraction times
to some extent for full updates of pp cubes,
your help will rightly appreciated.

check the table ROOSPRMSC in R/3 .
With rgds,
Anil Kumar Sharma .P

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  • Data loading for Logistics Data Extraction 2LIS_06_INV through setup tables

    Hi Guyz,
    I have LO Datasource 2LIS_06_INV which I am using for extracting Invoice Verification Data.
    I had intialized and loaded invoice data in BI system and was using chais to load daily.
    Now I want to load data again from scratch from source system.
    As of now I know we need to delete and fill up setup tables in source system keeping the users locked so that no new records are created that particular moment.
    But what about the delta queue and extraction queues.
    Do I need to do something over there because as I understand there will be records in both of them so before filling the setup tables I need to delete both the queues and then fill the setup tables so that duplicate records should be avoided.
    Please let me know what exactly should I do in detail.
    Appreciated in advance.

    this entirely depends upon the DS, if the DS delta type supports overwrite mode then you need not lock the users, you can start the setup job without deleting the delta queues as well coz even if the record is extracted twice the values won't mess up as the flow will be in overwrite mode. If delta type of DS is Additive in table ROOSOURCE then you need to lock down the users or run the job over a weekend when no users are logged in.

  • Why we give run name while filling setup tables

    Dear Experts!!!
    In LO Extraction , while performing setup tables filling, why we have to give some run name like zrun/ ztest ?
    cant we do it without giving any run name for filling the setup tables.
    Your help will be appreciated.
    thanks in advance!!!

    Hi Anil,
    The run name is the name under which the determined data is saved.
    If you restart a run that has been terminated, rather than executing a new run, it will use the data that has already been determined, i.e. the next run will be carried out with the data that was selected up to the specified termination date and time.


    I try to load stock data with 2LIS_03_UM.
    When I extract data using setup table and full load I don't get the same records as I get with delta load. Although the key figures values are the same, the documents numbers are different. Most documents from delta load are ML (material ledger) documents while documents from full load (via setup table) are mainly FI documents.
    What can be the reason? How can I fix it?
    Thank you,

    Delta load extracts data from Delta Queue based on your update mode selected in LBWE.
    Full Load or Init load extracts data from Setup tables, here if you are extracting data from setup tables ? did you fill the setup tables now or not after deleting the existing data of the setup tables?
    are you getting same values when compare to R/3 and BW data for some document numbers?

  • How can one find the table name of the Delta Que and setup table?

    Hi !
    Is there any method to find the table name of the delta que and Extraction que ?

    setup table = <extract structure>_setup
    example: setup table for MC11VA0ITM = MC11VA0ITM_SETUP
    Delta Queue is based on following 3 tables:
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  • What is setup table?

             I want to know that what is set up table and how can i load the data from the setup table in to my DSO or infocube.please throw some light on these.

    As said in the previous post its the intermediate table between Logistic tables and Bw. We have some drawbacks in LIS thats y we have replaced Information structure with the Setup tables. When u run the Full or Init load in BW then the data will be extracted from the setup tables. Before this u have to fill setup tables by doing the statistical setup. By using the Tcode OLI*BW star will be replaced with the specific application componant.
    Search in SDN u will get lot of threads

  • Does setup tables shud be deleted every time in delta

    hi gurus
    can u tell me how the setup tables run(work) when delta loading taken place....
    tell me the diffe between following tables and there names.. ex vbak, vbep etc..
    application tables i know vbak,vbap,vbep, vbup etc
    application tables = update tables.?
    statistical tables?

    Setup tables(one time used) holds historical data which is very important for initialization.
    For daily delta run the data will be picked from application tables(say for SD:sales order data , VBAK(header level info),VBAP(item level),VBEP(schedule line) tables )depending on the collection mode to delta Q:
    we have three types of collection mode:
    Direct Delta
    Direct transfer of extraction data to delta queue(use T- code to check RSA7 delta Q)
    Each posting to a document results to a LUW in the delta queue
    Queued Delta
    Extraction data is collected in a so-called extraction queue(LBWQ)
    Collective run transfers data from extraction queue to delta queue(RSA7)
    Unserialized V3 Update
    As for the Unserialized V3 Update, extraction data is stored intermediately in the update queue.
    Collective run transfers data from update queue(SM13) to delta queue without keeping the chronological sequence of the data.
    Once data reaches delta Que,from here the data will be sent to the target by scheduling an info package.
    Hope you are clear now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Fill setup table 2LIS_03_BX and 2LIS_03_BF at same time

    Hi Guys,
    Can someone tell me whether I can run background Job to fill setup table of 2LIS_03_BX and 2LIS_03_BF at the same time?
    By the way, whether I can run background job by different sever using different filters(site range A, B, C) to filling setup table of 2LIS_03_BX?

    Hi Rajesh,
    All three data source have setup table concept.
    LO extraction means you should fill the setup tables.
    2LIS_03_BX (Stock Initialization for Inventory Management)
    2LIS_03_BF (Goods Movements from Inventory Management)
    2LIS_03_UM (Revaluations) - captures revaluation data.
    please refer the below document for your reference.
    SAP BW - Inventory data loading step by step(0IC_C03)
    Inventory Data Loading (MM) to BW PRD system

  • Extraction Problem- while filling the setup table

    Hi all,
    I have a problem when i  fill the setup table for LO cockpit Extraction on any SD datasources (2_LIS_VAHDR,2lis_13_vdkon etc.,). i am done with LBWQ successfully. i also verified the datasources in RSA6. They are in active status in RSA7-delta queue.
    After i submit the request to fill the setup table, i am getting
    "datasource 2_LIS_VAHDR contains data still to be transferred". if i check the extract checker (RSA3) i am getting the error msg "data source is not defined in the source system"
    Can anybody help me on this?
    one of my friend suggested that it could be the reason that some jobs are in active status that loads/updates data into base tables which the datasources refers.
    Any idea on the reason and resolutions?
    Greatly appreciated !

    Hi Vijaya,
    We too got the same Error : " the datasources are not defined in the source system".
    This is source system connection problem.  Check whether connection between R/3 and BW is active.
    This error occurs when the connection is inactive.
    Also, if it is copy client, then check data exists in other client. If so delete the setup tables data in that client as well.
    This will resolve your issue.
    Edited by: Allen Fyne on Aug 9, 2008 6:47 PM

  • Missing PO in 2lis_02_itm init extraction / setup tables

    Hello Gurus,
    could anyone please help me out with this toppic:
    I want to extract Purchase Orders to BW via DS 2lis_02_itm. Source System is R/3 4.6c. Filling up the setup tables is working. My problem is, that there are several Purchase Orders which are not filled in the setup tables (so no extraction to bw)! I have checked these PO and for me they seem fine. I can´t find any reason why they aren´t extracted. Of course i am running all programms whithout any restrictions. I have debugged the programm rmceneua with one specific po which is not extracted but can not find a reason why it is not written to table MC02M_SETUP.
    Did i miss some customizing settings? Are there some kind of PO which are not extracted because of there PO Type (ZCO/ZB) do they eventually have a wrong status?
    I can not find any information about the functionality of programm rmceneua. Maybe you can help me out of this?
    Thanks a lot

    Did you check whether the process key is maintained properly?

  • Taking long time filling the setup tables for sales and shipment

    Hi ,
    I am trying to fill the setup tables for sales and shipment and it is taking lot of time .
    It took 16 hours just to bring 6 months of  sales history  data in the test environment .
    Cn anybody help on this issue why it is taking that much of time ...
    I am trying to  load the sales data from R/3 into APO-BW from 2005 to 2007 .......
    It is taking 16 hours to fill the data for only 6 months .

    1. delete data and refill the setuptables again by spliting to several small pieces.
    2. compare the data. wht is the last Document numner in RSA3(Maximum one). Start from Maximum one. may be bit complex approch.
    you need to check with PSA and base tables.
    keep one thing in your mind you need to check againest MSEG and BSEG only. noy BKPF and MKPF.
    correct if i'm wrong.
    either refill or create a user exit to avoid duplicae records(you should have very good understanding of data, it will lead to inconsitent data for delta records).
    User exit not a good solution. it's one possibility.
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  • What is the use of setup tables in LO extraction

    Hi Friends,
    What is the use of setup tables in LO extraction, what is the functionality of setup tables
    Thanks in advance

    to prepare data to be extracted to bw,
    more details take a look Roberto's weblog
    hope this helps.

  • Do we need to fill setup table if we change extract structure of D/S

    Hello Experts,
    as we are in need of adding new filed to existing delta enable Datasources.
    Do we need to fill the setup table if we change the Extract structure of Data source which is already loading Delta data to bw system?
    case 1) we are planning to add new field directly in maintain structure in TCode LBWE.
    case 2) adding new field to Extract structure and writing relavent code in CMOD.
    Thanks in advance

    Hello Ravi,
    If you are adding new field to a structure, even though you do not need historical data in the new fields it is a mandate that you have to replicate the datasource and then reinitialize the datasource, in both the cases you have mentioned. The reason for this is, the RSA7 contains your existing structure, as you are changing it, a new replica needs to be created in RSA7. You have to run a INIT without datatransfer, dont need to refill the setup tables for the INIT without data transfer.
    After you activate the new fields and poppulate it using CMOD. First transfer all the records in SMQ1 to RSA7, using a V3 update. Then run a delta in BW, by this way you will load all the existing records from source system to BW. Then replicate the datasource and create the required InfoObject and mapping in BW (Please note that without deleting data, you wont be able to change the DataTarget structure unless you are using remodelling in BI 7.0). Delete the datasource entry in RSA7. Runa INIT without datatransfer.
    Please let me know if you need any more information.

  • Statistical Setup Tables and Full Extractions

    For Full Extractions what is the relationship with the statistical setup tables i.e. no of records in the table = no of records to be extracted? Thanks

    The relationship is 1 -> 1 you  have to fill the setup table, the full load only reads this structure. So if you would like to load a 2LISxx full load every night, you have to delete and refill the setup table in R/3.
    Kind regards, Patrick Rieken.

  • Why we have setup tables in LO extraction and why not in CO-PA,Generic

    Hi Friends
                   Why we have setup tables in LO extraction and why not in CO-PA,Generic
    Please give me reply
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    Hi Revathi,
    Please check the following Threads :
    [why set up tables ?;
    [Why LO only having Setup tables not Others.......?;
    Hemant Khemani

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