F4 help icon on DATS field

Hello Experts!!!
I have a field "date" on my screen which was created using Screen Painter. Its an I/O field having the format DATS. When I call this screen and press F4 on the date field, the calendar appears as a pop-up. My problem is the F4 icon doesn't appear at the end of this Date field. What needs to be done for the F4 icon to appear?Thanks in advance!!

Try using F4_DATE function module for this field.It displays a calendar in a popup window and allows user to choose a date, or it can be displayed read only.
Hope this helps.
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  • F4 help for PO date field in VA01 transaction during upgrade

    Hi All,
    We are working on upgrade project 4.6c to ECC 6.
    We came across one scenario.
    F4 help for PO date field is not coming in newer version in VA01 transaction but i checked in older version it is coming F4 help for PO date(calender).
    May i know the reason regarding this.
    Any clues
    Edited by: Jayanth16 on Nov 12, 2009 6:14 PM
    Edited by: Jayanth16 on Nov 12, 2009 6:22 PM

    User did some changes in include LSDSDF05 due to that F4 help is not coming.
    So i correct that one.

  • Help with Updating Data Fields in Merged Document

    I'm working in InDesign CS5 v7
    I have a multipage report, all using one master page for about 80  seperate records. Each page has their own linked graphs/images.
    We  now have need to alter the source data, and while these alterations can be seen in  'Preview mode' on the Master Page, they are not carrying through  into the pages themselves. No amount of 'Update Data Source' clinking changes this,  and the 'Update Content Data Fields' remains greyed out...
    I really don't want to have to remerge the whole document, as I will loose all of the linked graphs and images.
    Can anyone help?

    You've seen the other thread, so I think you already know the answer...

  • Help with a date field script

    Sorry if this is a repeat. I was interrupted and found that my browser had crashed when I came back so I'm not sure if the question got asked.
    I need a script for a date field (mm/dd/yyyy) where the user can only fill in a date that is between 12/31/1899 and the current date (whatever the date when the form is opened). I'm getting better at writing these but I haven't been successful with this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have a feeling I already answered this question some time ago... Anyway, you can use this code as the field's custom validation script:
    var minDate = util.scand("mm/dd/yyyy", "12/31/1899");
    var maxDate = new Date();
    event.rc = true;
    if (event.value) {
        var d = util.scand("mm/dd/yyyy", event.value);
        if (d<minDate || d>maxDate) {
            app.alert("Error! The entered date must be between " + util.printd("mm/dd/yyyy", minDate) + " and " + util.printd("mm/dd/yyyy", maxDate));
            event.rc = false;

  • Calendar in F4 help of additional data field

    Hi Experts,
    my query is regarding calendar to appear as an f4 help for the additional data field in DIR. is any function module need to be specified at the time of creating characteristics (if yes please guide)?
    thanks and regards,
    Shikha Gupta.

    Logic is like this.
    Here u are defining perticular character to DIR  which belongs to your document type.
    when u assign this value to DIR which is help full in search DIR in CV04N.
    Note: i don't think u need calander in defining Characteristics. u could check format, for Data type only DATE is given insted of calander in CT04.
    If u want include Calander in Data type, then u ask abaper[development].
    i think this is very tedious job.

  • Work flow help - forward a date field by a specified call frequency

    Hi There, I have a 'Last Call Date' field and a 'Call Frequency' picklist with values 'Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly'. I would like to forward another field called 'Next Call Date' according to the call frequency chosen.
    Is it also possible to automatically create a task to make that 'Next Call' and populate my calendar?

    It won't do what you want it to do, the task due date will only forward from the date the workflow ran. But i do vaguely remember finding in the help files somewhere a way to add to a date. So you could possibly create a new field called forward call date and have the workflow update this date with last call date + x days.
    I found this in the help file under Expression Builder - Today ()
    Today's date and time (for example, 01/02/08 11:15:22).
    It is possible to perform calculations with date-time fields in
    calculated fields. When a number is entered in a date-time
    field, days are represented by integers; hours, minutes and
    seconds are represented by fractions.
    For example, to add one minute to the current date and
    time, use the following expression, which is derived from
    the fact that one day has 1440 minutes:
    Timestamp() + 1/1440
    Can't help any more than this as I've not tried to add to a date field, maybe someone else has another idea?
    Good luck

  • F4 help for the Date field in Module-Pool program

    I have a requirement wherein the user shud be allowed to choose a date on the calendar using F4 help and after choosing, it shud get displayed as dd.mm.yyyy format in the field. Is there any functional module to implement this.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Please try the below code in your prgm.
    You have to write the below code in the POV of the required field.
    *&      Module  pov_date  INPUT
    module pov_date input.
    DATA: li_ret_tab LIKE ddshretval OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
    tabname = ' '
    fieldname = ' '
    searchhelp = 'BU_DATE_CHAR'
    return_tab = li_ret_tab
    field_not_found = 1
    no_help_for_field = 2
    inconsistent_help = 3
    no_values_found = 4
    OTHERS = 5.
    IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
    READ TABLE li_ret_tab INDEX 1.
    IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
    wrk_date = li_ret_tab-fieldval. "The required field
    endmodule.                 " pov_date  INPUT
    Hope it suits ur requirement.
    Reward points if useful.
    Thanks and regards,

  • Using F4-Help for a DATS-Field

    I have an input field that is bound to a context attribute of type DATS and some output fields that depend on the value of the input field.
    Is there any chance to throw an event when the user changes the value of the input field via F4-help (calendar help) without pressing enter afterwards?
    Or is there any possibility to change the values of the output fields in another way?

    I suggest you to use the [OVS Value Help|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04s/helpdata/en/47/9ef8c99b5e3c5ce10000000a421937/frameset.htm].

  • Help with the date field!!! in opportunity

    hello friends!!!!
    I have a requirement that in opportunity tab milestone we have created date profile with 4 different date types and position them to milestone tab in opportunity header data.
    Now the issue is out these 4, 2 of them we wish to have as mandatory fields
    date type                     desciption
    ZNOH_CONTSIG          Date of signature
    ZNOH_COSTART         Contract Start Date
    Can you please help how is that possible..
    what procedure will it be behind this !!

    Hello Manuel Rodriguez 
    I have awarded you 6 points for your helpful answer as it didn´t solve my question posted here but a related issue was solved.
    I tried to use the incompletness procedure and also the badi but in both the ways you can check for a field but in my case in opportunity tab milestone
    it looks like an ALV with CRM concept it has date profiles behind that using date management in SPRO. Please have a look if possible.
    Any help would be gr8 and any ideas from people which can give me any infos about it will be great!!!!!!!!!!!
    Many thanks in Advance.

  • F4 help for date field in ITS

    hi all;
    I was working on ESS Leave Request, i am using the standard program SAPMWS20000081H and the service template WS20000081.
    Now in the EP view i am unable to get the F4 help for the date field 'Absence From' & 'Absence To'. i have checked the data element used it is 'DATS'.
    How to get the F4 help in the view, please help me its of high priority.

    Hi, I can tell you what we have done.  I can see that the original template displays the "Absence from" field this way :
    <tr>     <td>`SAP_TemplateEditableField("FromDay", fieldLabel=ABSENCEFROM030150.label, fieldLabelWidth="170", name="ABSENCEFROM030150", value=ABSENCEFROM030150, size="10", maxlength="10", marginTop=9, inspectionText=ABSENCEFROMDAY,  align="",
    required="", width="", onchange="update_checkn(this.SAP_value, this)" )` </td>
    We modified the template to display it like this :
    <tr><td> `SAP_Field("ABSENCEFROM030150","ABSENCEFROM030150", DynproLabelWidth="170")` </td></tr>
    We did the same for ABSENCETO040150. So you can play around with the template to generate the F4 button. ( Note that we also added the ~webgui parameter in the service file and set it to 1, this in order to generate the calendar ). Good luck !

  • Search help for DATE field

    HI all,
    I want to attach search help for a DATE field created in screen painter.
    For PERNR, PREM is attached. Similarly what is the statndard search help name for DATE field?

    Hi ,
    Declare the date field as sy-datum ,
    parameters : date type sy-datum .
    This shud bring the standard search help for date .
    Thanks ..Get back for any issues.

  • How to get the exact day date with the another date field?

    Please help me how to get the specific day of the week's date with the help of another date field.
    Actually , one field(week_day) has 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 here 1--MON,2-- TUE like that.
    another field has the date. based on that date, we have to go to that particular week and need to pick up the date by the above week_day. It should be in that week itself.
    Thanks in advance!!
    Edited by: vissu on Oct 29, 2010 3:07 AM

    Something like this
    SELECT TRUNC(<DATE_COLUMN>,'DAY')+<WEEK_NO_COLUMN> FROM <YOUR_TABLE>;for the particular week of the date

  • Dump in Value-Help Component for date

    I created a Value-Help-Component for date fields. (I cannot use the standard value help, because I need the help to start in the month, the user is working on).
    I am using the Date Navigator to select a date.
    If I first change the month with an arrow of the date navigator and then select a date I get a dump in the method IF_WD_CONTEXT_ELEMENT~GET_ATTRIBUTE_REF in line
        attr_info = me->node_info->if_wd_context_node_info~get_attribute( name_only ).
    , because the element does not have a node_info.
    If I just choose a date in the preselected month (without using the arrows of the date navigator) everything is fine.
    Does anybody have an idea??
    Many thanks in advance.

    I found the "solution" to the problem myself.
    I used the method bind_structure in the component containing the date navigator.
    After I replaced it by set_static_attributes it worked without producing dumps.
    Very strange!

  • Alv + date field problem

    Hi All
    I have a screen with a date field and an alv grid.
    When I hit the f4 help on the date field the date does not appear.
    When I test this screen in the screen painter the date picker shows up, but when I run the program it does not, it is like something is overwritting it.
    Can anyone help with this please
    Thank you

    setting the search help BU_DATE_CHAR didn't work.
    When I press the button on the date field or do an F4 the alv seems to get the focus. 
    Thanks anyway

  • Combine two date field into one timestamp field

    Hello all,
    I need help combining two date fields into one timestamp field.
    I have separate Date and Milliseconds fields and want to
    combine to one Timestamp field can some suggest sql???

    This is my data
    01 JAN 1989 12:01:00.001 AM
    this is my insert drag_time is a timestamp field in another schema
    INTO DRAG (drag_time)
    SELECT to_char(drag_time, 'DD MON YYYY HH12:MI:SS')||(drag_second)||to_char(drag_time, ' AM')
    FROM sa.drag;
    This is the error
    ERROR at line 3:
    ORA-01855: AM/A.M. or PM/P.M. required

Maybe you are looking for