Fonts not showing in CS4

I am sure this has been asked before, though I could not find any discussion thread.  There are a number of fonts, for instance several Adobe OpenType, that do not show up in CS4 (Photoshop, Illustrator).  I run CS4 on a Mac [Leopard].  I also have Extensis Suitcase Fusion ver 2.  I did find differences in installation between the Mac HD and my user font folders.  However, copying a font type from one folder to the other does not make it appear in the CS4 application.
I am attaching a screenshot of Suitcase Fusion showing some of the fonts,
Any help is extremely welcome.
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Santa Fe, NM

By default, all East Asian fonts, like 'Adobe Song Std', appear towards the bottom of the font menu (after Zapf Dingbats or Zapfino), and their names are not in English. Assuming these fonts are correctly installed, you can get to them simply by typing their name on the Character panel, as shown in this screenshot.
If you want the font names on the font menu to appear in English, just go to Preferences > Type and check the option "Show Font Names in English".

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  • Fonts not showing up in InDesign CC 64bit

    I find it extremely difficult to believe that Adobe have not found a solution to the issue of installed fonts not showing up in InDesign. If anybody has found a solution that does not include the "rewriting" of font types. Please assist. We specialize in Brand Management, and it becomes extremely challenging when Adobe InDesign does not show up the installed font in order to ensure Brand Management :/

    I'm not sure if this is the cause for anyone else, but I had the same symptoms--almost no fonts showing up in InDesigns Font dropdown options.
    THE SOLUTION:  The new version of ID has two "font filter toggle button". They are the "Apply Favorite Filter", and "Apply Typekit Filter". It seem that in my install, the Typekit filter was on by default, which makes it so that the Font list only displays those fonts that originate from Typekit, as opposed to the thousand you have on your hard drive.
    Click the toggle to turn off the filter and --zowee! All your fonts come right back.
    I hope this helps some of you. It would also explain why people on both Macs and Windows boxes are having this issue.

  • Fonts not showing up in Flash CS5

    Maybe I'm missing something simple but I just can't get some fonts to appear in Flash cs5  on mac osx. they work fine in Photoshop / Illustrator, but don't appear in Flash.
    Any ideas?

    You may find something useful in one of these links:

  • Fonts not showing correctly only when on my account page on app store

    fonts not showing correctly only when on my account page on app store

    Firstly, make sure that your device is not hidden (left hand pane). If it just reads device then toggle between SHOW and HIDE.
    Secondly, try all the other ports on your computer, even a number of times.
    Thirdly, if you have another computer try plugging your device into it without taking any action, give it a moment, remove it and try it back in your other computer again.
    Failing all that, see here - for Windows and for Macs
    And failing all that put the device into Recovery mode. See here and note the paragraph 'If you restore from a different computer.... ' down near the bottom of the page -

  • After I use the Develop module in LR4 I edit in PS-CS4, now the develop changes do not show in CS4.

    After I use the Develop module in LR4 I edit in PS-CS4, now the develop module changes do not show in CS4.

    You need to send the file over to CS4 as a PSD (with Lightroom Adjustments checked)
    CS4 cannot interpret the newer processing version used by Lightroom 4

  • Hindi font not show in Pagemaker

    Hindi font not show in Pagemaker

    Pagemaker has limited font support and will not be able to handle Hindi. There was a middle eastern version back in the day, nut I'm not sure if it supported hindi. Indesign and maybe some 3rd part plugins would be your best bet.

  • Fontbook activated Fonts not showing up in CS4 apps

    I have a relatively brand new MacBook Pro (3 months) with a clean install of CS4. Until recently I was only using Web standard fonts so did not notice this problem.
    Fonts I open in Fontbook do not show up in any of the CS4 apps. Searched the Apple and Adobe forums and did not find a solution that did not involve either buying a third party app or copying the fonts into the individual app folders.
    The laptop came pre-installed with Snow Leopard and CS4 was a new purchase so downgrading is not an option.
    Thanks for your help.

    yep... activated the fonts before the apps... Helvetica Neue was the one I had just opened/needed... MrsEaves was one I had opened a while ago... both ps1 fonts... neither showing up in InDesign.
    and now for the weird part... after fighting with it for 3+ hours on Sunday (yesterday) and finally giving up and posting the question to this forum... I open up InDesign just now and they're all showing up. No idea why, or what has changed. The only thing I did differently was actually shut down my laptop instead of just restarting it... that must have made a difference somehow.
    Thanks for offering to help.

  • Fonts not showing up in InDesign CS4?

    Newbie here, so any wisdom from the voices of experience is greatly appreciated.
    I just upgraded from CS2 to CS4, and several fonts that worked fine in CS2 do not even show up in CS4 (!).  I'm working with Mac OSX and I'd really like to know if anyone has any constructive suggestions.  I've done some poking around online and it seems I'm not the only one who's encountered this little issue, but it also seems that others have been unsuccessful in resolving it.  Can anyone provide some insight?
    Thank you!

    Thanks for responding.I'm working with Mac version 10.5.8. 
    The fonts I'm trying to work with are foreign language fonts that don't appear anywhere on the font list (trust me-I've looked!).
    Well, if you've really looked through the whole list, you already know that foreign-language fonts usually show up at the end of the list, in categories that are ostensibly by language. Some of them do not show up in their pre-ordained language category; massive Unicode roll-ups of many scripts often show up with the Latin-script fonts or the Thai fonts (???).
    I'm the complex-script DTP wonk in a translation firm that specializes in refugee languages; chances are that I've already encountered the fonts you're trying to install, at some point in the last decade. If I haven't, I know someone who has done so. You really should post the names of the fonts, so I can tell you if I know anything about them, tricks to install them, and so on.
    As far as how the fonts were installed-I'm not sure how they got here initially (fonts are a great mystery to me), but they show up in my Fontbook in the "Computer" collection but not the "User" collection.  Could that have something to do with my problem?
    Uh, maybe. I doubt it, though. You could find out by
    1) Finding out where the actual font files are.
    2) Copying them to your desktop, or someplace where Mac OS can't get to 'em.
    3) Uninstall them from Fontbook. (I don't have a Mac with that version of Mac OS installed; I'll look when I'm at home to see if I can give you step-by-step instructions, or you can Google for instructions.)
    4) Put the font files in your /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS4/Fonts folder.
    For fonts that Mac OS doesn't like, this is the most reliable way to get them working. But really, post the names of the fonts and I'll probably be able to tell you all about using them for typesetting in InDesign.

  • Fonts not showing up in CS4

    Leopard 10.5.8
    CS4 6.06
    fontAgent 4.140
    All was well until a well meaning person swiped my hard drive by mistake. I have reloaded everything. My system had been fine for a year, no font problems.
    FontAgents plugsins are loaded and appear listed in preferences. But when I activate a font, it does not show up in my Indesign menu list. My FontAgent fonts are in a folder in Users/home as they had been before. the auto-activation works, but I can't open up and design with any new fonts. I have not dumped any font caches as it seems more complicated than before.
    I'm going nuts tryiing to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated!

    Existing activation seems fine. So I did make a start up set, and those fonts do activate nicely. This was a workaround. And I also have dragged an alias of the activated font into the Indesign fonts folder, and wham, they show up immediately in the menu list.
    I am used to activating a font in Fontagent, and wham, it shows up immediately in Indesign menu list, working as it should and helping me work quickly. Maybe in my reload of everything, something has gone awry. If I can't figure it out I might reload it all again. thank you for your input..

  • Font not showing up in Photoshop CS4 for Windows

    I have fonts that I've installed in both my Windows XP and Windows 7 PCs.  They show up in the Control Panel - Fonts and open, they show up in Word, but do not show up in Photoshop CS4.  I see in the CS4 Mac forums that there is a way to register a font in CS4, but I can find nothing on doing that on a Windows PC.  Can anyone help?

    Adobe programs are sensitive to font issues, and one, the Titler in Premiere, is the most sensitive. This ARTICLE was written primarily for Titler, BUT translates to PS too. Often, a corrupt, or poorly-designed font will crash Titler, where that same font will usually just fail to display in PS, though it might cause hangs. Tracking down the problem font is outlined in the above article.
    However, even if a font is not corrupt, or bad, it just might not display properly in some Adobe programs. I found that Isabelle and Isabella (two different fonts, with similar names) and from several foundaries, just do not display in Photoshop, or Illustrator. They do not crash the program, or cause a hang, but they obviously have an issue, and just will not display. They also do not crash Titler, but do not display.
    Other fonts, such as the older DejaVu, installed with OpenOffice, would crash Titler. I do not have that font, but do understand that Oracle has rewritten it, so that it now works OK.
    Good luck, and it could well be that your problem font(s) can be replaced by a better one, that has similar characteristics, or can be replaced by the same font, but from another foundary.

  • Fonts not showing in Illustrator CS4

    I am running CS4 on my Mac and after re-loading the software on to my new harddrive none of my computers fonts are showing up.  It seems like just the few that the program comes with are available for use.  They all show just fine in my other programs - Indesign etc.  Can someone tell me if there is a place I should load my fonts folder so Illustrator will show my fonts like it used to?

    This problem seems to be an issue with a typical Windows error where you have to RESTART the computer in order for anomalies to go away.  That's what I did--restarted--and now the file works fine.

  • Some fonts not showing up on Mac

    I produced an e-book on typography for maps. It was produced on a PC and converted to pdf using the PowerPoint 2007 Save As PDF option. My customers who are on PCs have not had any trouble viewing all the fonts shown in the e-book exactly as they should be. However, two of my Mac customers (perhaps more, I do not know) are having black boxes show up where the letters should be. This only happens for certain fonts. For example, AUdimat (OpenType) is not showing up but Gentium Plus (OpenType) is. The fonts are embedded in the file. Any ideas? Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
    It may even be that the fonts are showing up in regular mode (the customers have Acrobat Pro, I believe) but not when it prints or is in Preview or QuickLook. It is a mystery to me.

    I originally thought it was a Mac versus PC issue but now (re: previous comment) it looks to be that the Save as PDF option did not save all the fonts. Some of the fonts saved were OpenType some of the fonts not saved were OpenType. So it doesn't appear to be an OpenType issue. If I were to purchase Acrobat Standard or Pro would I be able to embed all the fonts? Maybe it is because I am using PowerPoint 2007's Save as PDF that is the problem but I am just not sure. I tried signing up for Adobe CreatePDF but then found out that my file size is too big for that program (it's 12 mb whereas the file size limit for Create PDF is 10 mb). Thanks again for reading...

  • Fonts not showing up

    i have installed some fonts in both the Windows/Font dir and the Adobe/Indesign/fonts dir.
    The font is a collection, but only the first font, a bold, in the collection is showing up anywhere - CS3 or even in Office. All the variations light, condensed etc are not showing up although they are present in the fonts directories.
    I'm running Windows 7 and other fonts are working ok, for example Helvetica Neue LT shows all the font family in all areas.
    anyone familiar with this?

    Thanks Mylenium
    I'm running windows 7, 64bit. Fonts are Berthold AG Book Rounded, Book Stencil, Old Face and Schoolbook. I purchased a computer from a designing friend. She's moving into another career. I wanted to transfer the fonts onto my main machine, then reformat the other machine as a backup server. After I install the fonts I can see one of each of the fonts in any of my CS3 applications but there are no variations in the styles. But in the font directory I can see the variations, such as bold, condensed etc.
    I've also tried installing in the InDesign Fonts dir as well.
    thanks Elsie_C

  • Font not showing in Photoshop (works in non-Adobe programs)

    Hi all,
    One of the fonts I want to use in Photoshop CS6 is not showing up. I installed the font, it is working in Word / Gimp / Paint.Net etc, though not in Photoshop or Illustrator. In the picture below you see the font preview, the installed font properties, a preview in Word and the absence of the font in Photoshop.
    Does anyone have a clue how to fix this?
    Thanks in advance.

    There must be something in the font's encoding that Adobe doesn't like. If you run the font through an application like Font Validator it shows several errors. I guess Adobe apps are more stringent with fonts than other applications.

  • Fonts not showing in InDesign CS6

    Hi there,
    I've seen a similar question to this before through a Google search and I tried the advice listed such as placing the affected fonts in: C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\InDesign CS6\Fonts; as well as searching for fonts with a **after its name.  Doesn't work.  The files originated in CS5 and pops up saying there are two missing links (fonts) which are Avenir Book and Avenir Black.  I've done the "Find Font" and the only one that shows is Avenir Book.  Avenir Black isn't even there, even after re-installing and relocating to the new folder.  Secondly, even after I save the file after "finding" Avenir Book, upon re-opening it still says it's missing.  Is there anything else I can try-short of uninstalling InDesign CS6 (I still have CS5 installed)?  Also, I'm not that familiar with InDesign, it isn't a program I use much.

    Is this the same computer where the files started out in CS5?
    There are probably quite a few different cuts of Avenir (certainly over the years it has been available as TT and T1 in both Windows and Mac formats, and I have an OpenType version here from Linotype). Some possibilities for why CS6 might not see a font are that you have installed a different version, you have more than one version installed or it is installed in more than one location, or that it is looking at a different internal name in CS6. Typically, if the fonts are showing as missing, but are, in fact installed, using Find Font and substituting the same font will solve the problem.

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