Graphic Notification Centre Bug?

Hi, guys!
I write to ask you if anyone also sees the Notification Centre buttons like in the images below on OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Since I installed it, I see them like in the images below, and not like they are supposed to be according to Apple official videos. It's not a big problem, but it's weird. I only want to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue (or bug) and, if possible, how to solve it.
Thank you in advance.
P.S: Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish.
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Well, the images are .png screenshots and I can actually see them in my previous post. However, I upload them here again. If they remain missing, tell me and I'll try to upload them in a different format.
Thank you for your interest, leroydouglas.

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  • All day calendar events not being displayed in the notification centre for iphone 5 post ios 7 upgrade. Please help. Is it a bug?

    All day calendar events not being displayed in the notification centre for iphone 5 post ios 7 upgrade. Please help. Is it a bug?
    With iOS 6, the all day events showed up in the notification centre but it lacks in the upgrade iOS 7.

    Same problem here. Some people pointed out that all-day events do show up in their notification center, but that seems only to be the case for birthdays (and only as text like the weather). I've tried it myself on my iPhone and iPad and it did work for birthdays but not for any other all-day events. I already sent this to Apple as a product feedback as well, as should everyone of you. The more people mention it, the faster Apple's going to fix this issue. In its current state, notification center is not a very helpful feature in my opinion. There's absolutely no point in not showing all-day events in the 'today' calendar overview.
    Here's a link to the product feedback page:
    I posted my message in the iPhone section since I couldn't find a page specifically dedicated to iOS 7.
    I really love the look & feel of iOS 7 but it's kinda sad to see notification center not tapping its full potential.

  • I've found two bugs in iOS 7. 1) declined calls does not appear as missed calls on the lock screen/notification centre. 2) when bluetooth is enabled from control center, it does not connect to an already paired bluetooth device

    I've found two bugs in iOS 7:
    1) declined calls does not appear as missed calls on the lock screen/notification centre - iOS 7.0.2.
    2) when bluetooth is enabled from control center, it does not connect to an already paired bluetooth device automatically - iOS 7.0.

    We are all users here, just like you, but you can tell Apple about it by using this link:
    Apple - iPhone - Feedback

  • Widgets are disappeared  from Notification Centre - MBP 9.1/OSX 10.10.3

    Hi evreybody!
    I have installed OS X 10.10.3 yesterday, and today i have noticed that the widgets from the notification centre are disappeared.
    To be more clear:
    Before the upgrade I was able to use the calculator or have other type of widgets in NC, now the calculator is disappeared and the other widgets are not there anymore.
    Does anyone have the same problem?
    Is It part of the upgrade or it is a bug?
    looking forward,

    Filip, the Trim command has nothing to do with. Be aware that you have to reset the Trim command everytime you update the OS. The only "easy" method to set the Trim command is with the latest version of TrimEnabler (2.2) which may not work anymore when the next update comes out, research that before you use it. The older versions of TE are crapware. To do it yourself with Terminal commands (Grant Pannel) is even trickier.  The Intel SSD has Grabage Collection in its controller, thus it is not a big disadvantage when the Trim command is not set.
    The 1.5GB/s "problem" is only when the SSD connects, thus setting "never sleep" for the harddrives is a good idea; do not restart too often.

  • IOS 8.1.3 – Control & Notification Centre disappear from SpringBoard

    Hi All,
    Wonder if anyone else is experiencing this issue or if anyone has a fix it?
    Since upgrading to 8.1.3 I have noticed that my Control & Notification Centre do not appear on my iPhone 6.
    I have tried to disable and re-enable from the Settings app.
    The only way I can get it back is to restart my phone.
    I really do not want to reinstall the iOS yet, so would appreciate some advise first.
    The Control & Notification Centre's are normally OK in the morning, as I am able to enable Bluetooth before driving to work.
    I also plug my phone into my car using a car specific media cable, not sure if that could be locking up the phones features.
    Please also note that on the Lock Screen I can still access the Control & Notification Centre, it's just on the SpringBoard where I have the issue.
    Thanks in advance.

    This just happened to me too. I updated an iPhone 6 from 8.1.2 to 8.1.3 via iTunes (v12.1 running under Mac OS X 10.10.2) and experienced this bug -- which was never the case with 8.1.2. The only workaround was a restart.

  • Twitter Alerts Not Updating in Notification Centre On My iPhone

    Hi, I am hoping someone will be able to help me.
    I have an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4. Both devices are running on the most recent iOS software and both have the notification centres and apps within the notification centre set up the same way. But all of a sudden I have stopped receiving twitter notifications on my iPhone. My account is fine and I can send tweets from the phone (tweeting from the gallery and tweeting from safari etc).
    The notifications come through on my iPad as normal but the iPhone is displaying twitter notifications from 5 days ago but nothing recent despite having been sent many today alone. When I get a tweet sent to me, it alerts me on the iPad but not on the phone at all. Last week, it was notifying me on my iPhone the same way as my iPad. I get all other notifications on my iPhone and iPad as normal, Facebook, eBay, iMessage and email. All of those are set up in the same way on both devices and notifications come in at pretty much the exact same time, as usual. 
    Twitter has just stopped on one device.
    Going in to the Notification settings on the phone you can see it set up the same way as my iPad. I have deleted my account from my phone numerous times, hoping that when I re-enter my account details it will right itself but to no avail. 
    I haven't done anything, it just stopped. The only way of knowing I have even have twitter messages or notifications when I am away from my iPad is because I get an email alert. 
    Is anyone having the same issue? Has anyone heard of this problem? Has something turned off on my phone that I am overlooking? Can anyone offer any advice on how to correct this problem?
    Many thanks!

    I am bumping this because now they have completely stopped now on both devices.
    I've have had multiple people tweet me today and yesterday and not a single notification is appearing on either device.
    Again both devices are iOS5.0.1 both devices are logged in correctly to twitter. I can send tweets from iOS5's interface (gallery, safari etc) with no issues on both devices. But I am yet to receive a tweet notification on my iPhone (last notification is well over 10 days old) and now my iPad 2 (last notification is over 2 days old).
    Neither device has had the twitter app in the notification centre messed with or turned off. Both are on signed in and sound is on, banners are on, "show in notification centre" is on as is "show in lock screen".
    Please help!

  • How do I add more things to my notification centre? Like stocks?

    This is all I have on my notification centre! Can I add more like on the website?

    click on Today then edit button on the bottom.

  • How can I disable Notification Centre in IOS5 and go back to getting the big blue text message notifications?

    I have Iphone 4S on iOS 5
    I flicked the button in settings to set up Notification Centre, but now I want to disable Notification Centre as the text notification is nowhere near as good as the old 'big blue' text received box.
    1- where do I find button to DISABLE Notification Centre? (I can't find one)
    2- how do I revert back to the old big blue box text notification?

    I've tried literally every option available in "Notifications" to get back the big blue box, but it seems that every option I choose nothing really changes.
    The messages continue to come up with the small box, green Message icon, and the name and Text Message beneath.
    Is there no other way, or some sort of trick, to get the blue box back?

  • Calendar events not showing in notification centre

    Was hoping there was someone out there that may have experienced the same problem, and has a solution.
    I have noticed this morning that after upgrading to OS X Yosemite, I do not have my calendar events showing in notification centre. I cannot be sure that this is a result of upgrading to Yosemite.
    Problem #1: In the today tab on notifications, an event did not show up for today, in both notification centre on my Mac, and on my iPhone. This seems to have been solved by changing the event from an all day event, to set hours. Is there a way that all-day events can be shown in notification centre?
    Problem #2: In the today tab on notifications, down the very bottom, my Mac says there are no scheduled events for tomorrow. On the same tab on my iPhone, it says "there are 2 all-day events scheduled". Similarly, the event is listed in the notifications tab (not the today tab), in notifications centre on my phone, until you press on the event and it flicks you through to your calendar. Is anyone aware of why these events would not be showing up on my mac's notification centre?? I am assuming it has nothing to do with changing it from an all-day event, because it shows up on one device, but not another.
    Calendar is switched on for notification centre on iPhone and mac.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I found when I created an event, I needed to add an alert to it. Then it started showing up.
    Notification Center Basics
    Notification Center Preferences
    Notification Center Setup

  • Birthday calendar in notification centre alerts

    Hi there
    For some reason, all my birthday calendar entries have changed their alerts which means that in notification centre, instead of the birthday alert appearing the week before, the alert now only shows on the same day.
    I generally like to have a weeks notice, so is there any way of changing them all to alerting 1 week before?

    Same problem here.
    I wanna have a look into my 5 upcoming appointments!

  • Calendar and call not showing in Notification Centre in iOS 6.0.1 in iPhone 4S

    After i updated my 4S to iOS 6.0.1,Calendar Events and Call wont show up in the Notification Centre. I need to personally edit the Calendar Events fr them to show up. P

    you can see the rest of the story  at.....
    Web Address (URL):

  • How do you get ALL reminders to show in your notification centre?

    So weird. All of them showed up on my old iPhone 4, which was on iOS 7 at the time already. Now I'm on a 5S, and all I see are the ones that have an alarm. Is there anyway to change/fix this so that I can see them all? I've tried toggling the on and off switch for "Reminders" under the Notification Centre tab in Settings, but nothing changes. Thanks!

    the first generation Apple TV had a hard disk where you could synchronise media from iTunes to it
    so it showed up in itunes
    the newer appletvs don't have storage for other usage as cash
    and access media by streaming it from the computers shared iTunes lib so it does not show up as a device in iTunes
    unless you connect the Apple TV to the computer by microUSB cable and then it's only purpose is to restore a failed firmware of the Apple TV

  • How do I get rid of the massive date in Notification centre

    Have just updated to Yosemite, which so far has been nothing but utter pain.
    Latest issue is that the notification centre now includes an ENORMOUS Day and Date box which takes up a quarter of the screen real estate on my Macbook Air.
    It is totally useless given that I already have the day and date written quite neatly in the menu bar.
    How do I get rid of this waste of space so that I can actually fit something useful in the notification centre, there doesn't seem to be a delete option for it in the edit setting.
    Whoever wrote the apple webpage saying Yosemite had been beautifully redesigned needs their head examining, or preferably shooting.
    Many thanks.

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I am aware of the Notifications Control Panel and its total lack of any option to turn off the massive day and date so perhaps I should alter my question to WHY is there no option to get rid of the enormous waste of space Day and Date box.
    Probably the same reason why there is no option to say this answer did not solve my problem or help me.
    I wish I could go back to Snow Leopard - but even just the CBeebies website for my daughter no longer works on it and we are forced to upgrade and turn more and more into a grumpy old man.

  • Duplicate alarms in iOS 7 notification centre

    (iPhone 5, iOS 7)
    I have one alarm set in the clock app. Yet it appears twice in the notification centre:
    "You have an alarm set for 05:42."
    "Your alarm is set for 05:42."
    I've tried deleting the alarm and recreating it. One of the two entries above gets deleted; the other remains even if all alarms are deleted completely.
    Any suggestions?

    SilvaJoao wrote:
    It's not really a fix, but my problems went away by reseting the iphone. (you know, press home + power for a few seconds until the iphone turns off)
    Hope it fixes yours!
    It worked for me, thanks!

  • Notifiche badge calendario spariscono/problem with notifications centre

    Utilizzo le notifiche badge per il calendario ma dopo poco o se ne faccio un tap nel centro notifiche,spariscono tutte,mai successo.
    Prima sparivano solo se facevo un tap e le altre rimanevano.
    I'm using badge notifications for the calendar but if i touch It from notifications center,every notification go away and everything go away in 5 minutes from the notification centre.

    Ho il tuo stesso problema, se risolvi o trovi un modo scrivilo! :)

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