Help with export ?glitch? of my Slideshow from Aperture 3

when I try to export my Slideshow from Aperture 3 it thinks for a few seconds and then says done - help
in Aperture 3 (all updates)
put together a 150 photo slide show
each slide = 3 seconds
2 songs added
Hit "Export..." button
make selections
hit "Export"
three seconds later a dialog box pops up and says "done, your file is in path/path/path" and so on
File is not there - does not look like it wrote any file - processing would take a lot more than 3 seconds
I must be missing a check box or radio button somewhere or doing something wrong
I have tried it several times with many selections re: size and quality but always the same

Hello David,
Are you running OS 10.7.2 Lion? Perhaps you have trouble with a video codec? -is-installed-and-3ivx-video-codec-is-installed/
Look in your System Library and User Library if the 3ivxVideoCodec.component
is installed.
     Check in /Library/Quicktime  (System Library) and ~/Library/Quicktime (User Library)
If you are running OS Lion, then the Libraries are hidden by default.
The User Library can be revealed from the Finder menu by holding down the option (⌥)-key while selecting "GO"  till the Library appears in the drop down menu.
The System Library can be revealed  from the Finder menu by selecting "GO" -> "Go To Folder" and entering    /Library/Quicktime .
Look for 3ivxVideoCodec.component installed and remove it, if it is present.
Also look in both libraries for a duplicate Aperture media browser plug-ins, e.g.
/Library/Application Support/iLifeMediaBrowser/Plug-Ins/iLMBAperture31Plugin.ilmbplugin/
if you are running Lion and still have iLMBAperture31Plugin.ilmbplugin, remove it, if
LMBAperturePlugin.ilmbplugin is present.

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    is it even possible to copy the slideshow to a CD?

    I see the export options, but they all seem to be specific to other apple products or a TV.
    These export options are just guidelines to pick a suitable resolution and codec. If you pick one of them it will render your slideshow and export a Quicktime movie; then you move this movie to a folder and burn this folder to a CD.
    If you want a movie that can be viewed on a display of anoter computer I'd go for the option with the highest solution and pick the full HD option: HD 1080p. All other options will result in higher compressed videos with less resolution.

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    EXP-00019: failed to process parameters, type 'EXP HELP=Y' for help

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    I am trying to export a bunch of albums from iphoto to a brand new dvd-r disc.  I am trying to move the photos to free up more space on the computer. I get the message "there is not enough disk space to complete this operation"  when I try to export just one album (total 826mb).  I still have 870mb free on my HD.   Thanks for your help.

    I still have 870mb free on my HD. 
    You have a major crisis right now and you need to solve it immeadiately.
    OS X needs about 10 gigs of hard drive space for normal OS operations - things like virtual memory, temporary files and so on.
    Without this space your Mac will slow down as the OS hunts for space on the disk, files will be fragmented, also slowing things down, apps will crash and the risk of data corruption - that is damage to your files, photos, music - increases exponentially.
    Your first priority is to make more space on that HD.
    Nothing else can be done until you do. Purchase an external HD and move your Photos and Music to it. Both iPhoto and iTunes can run perfectly well with the Library on an external disk.
    Burning material to optical disk will not work Creating a disk needs a large amount fo disk space - at least twice the amount you think you need.
    But really, you must make space on that HD. You are in grave danger of losing important data.

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    I would be thankful for any suggestions.

    Provide the name of the program you are using so a Moderator may move this message to the correct program forum
    This Cloud forum is not about help with program problems... a program would be Photoshop or Lighroom or Muse or ???

  • Need help with Export workflow.

    Hello again.
    Today I was experimenting with exporting a project using Export QT Movie and QT Conversion.
    My goal is to show a QT project on the web, either 640x480 or 320xx240, depending on how monstrous the file size is.
    My initial impression was that export QT Movie simply generates (I'm guessing) a full size rendering of the project. It's icon is a FC icon. What I did then was an "Open with..." quicktime(pro). This is where I get confused: I know that the next steps are for for preparing the project for sizes, compressions and so on. The export to QT movie seems to be a longer route to get to the settings that you need to use in QT Conversion, which after selecting QT conversion, you have the Format, Use, and Options settings.
    Am I right so far?
    Some background about my project- Easy setup= DV-NTSC. If I look in my browser, my clips are 720x480, 29.97fps, Compressor(?)DV/DVCPRO-NTSC, pixel aspect ratio, NTSC-CCIR 601 and anamorphic is checked.
    I also have still photos motion control stuff, PS tiffs, that do not have anamorphic checked.
    Form here on is where I get confused.
    Under settings, I am selecting DV/dvc-NTSC for compression frame rate 29.97, medium compressor, scan mode, interlaced, and aspect 4:3.
    The filters setting I don't use.
    The size setting I'm trying 320x240 with aspect ratio and de interlace video UNCHECKED.
    Is this a good workflow for the web. I notice on 640x480 my titles (livetype) seem kind of jagged.
    Any help preparing a project for the web would be appreciated. If you need more info let me know.
    Thanks so much.

    Thanks for the additional comments and ideas.
    In terms of profile, as I mentioned, the intermediates will be going off to the editor (off-site) for editing on his FCP suite.  I'll stick to working in the prescribed HDTV (Rec. 709) space, and I've given him all the detail I can of how I'm working, but crucially I haven't stood at his edit-suite to see how the stuff looks.
    But, he's no newbie, so I'm hoping it'll be OK.
    Blasted shame about the H.264 BluRay not being compatible with QT - I thought I had this whole issue beat until that came along.  It's not a matter of disk space here, but the editor is mithering that the intermediates we are testing, in either PNG, or Animation, and a couple of others, are choking his playback.
    I'm not sure what to say about that, other than to go down this road of trying to squish these intermediates as low as possible without wrecking the look, hence finding that the DNxHD is providing the best solution.  If it had been a SD project, I might well have tried the native H.264, even over our normal PNG workflow.
    So what will play the native H.264 BluRay compressed output?

  • I have an itouch, most songs i got off my cd's. i have a new laptop and want to put songs from itouch to laptop.I can only get the songs that i purchased onto the laptop? need help with how to get the rest from itouch to laptop please??

    i have an itouch, most songs i got off my cd's. i have a new laptop and want to put songs from itouch to laptop.I can only get the songs that i purchased onto the laptop? need help with how to get the rest of the songs (from my cd's) from itouch to laptop please??

    See this previous discussion:
    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device: Apple Support Communities

  • Help with backing up files and opening from disk image.

    I am trying to back up my hard drive so that I can send my PowerBook in for repair. I used disk utility from my Panther install discs to create a disk image of my HD.
    The disk image was created successfully and mounts perfectly on my HD. I can open it and open all of my files from the disk image just fine when it is mounted on my PowerBook.
    However, when I take it to a different Mac, things start getting sketchy. I can open Word files just fine, but Excel files claim they are read-only and cannot open. I checked the permission back on my PowerBook to see what was up, and the files were read/write for the owner and read-only for groups and others, but they should still open as read-only files right? I even checked the permissions on the Word files to see if there was a difference, but there was no difference.
    I can take the external HD back to my PowerBook, remount it, and open everything fine, but then on the other Mac it is a no go.
    I need to back this up for when it is out on repair, but I need to know that the files will open in case I need to restore my disk.
    Can anyone help??
    BTW, I couldn't find the best forum to post this in, if there is a better one please direct me there...

    I went into the Apple Store nearby today to send my PowerBook off for repair for a screen issue, and in the process got help with my backing up issue.
    It seems all one needs to do is copy the file from the external hard drive to the internal drive.
    It was that simple.

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    I have a 2nd generation iPod Nano. I have a new laptop and attempted to download iTunes to manage my music library. I don't listen to the music on the computer just purchase from iTunes and then Sync with my iPod. I'm not good at techology. When I downloaded iTunes onto my new laptop, it deleted all my playlist but my songs are on my iPod just in numerical order.
    I cannot get my Music from my iPod to transfer to the current version of iTunes. I am able to select Sync my iPod and it said Do Not Connect but nothing happpened with my iTunes library. Also, I purchased a song from iTunes and it will not transfer to my iPod.
    Any suggestions other than to keep using my old laptop? I'm not even sure if the Music Library is set up on that computer because in the process of attempting to set up on the new laptop I select to move my Library to the new laptop.

    Syncing music is a one way street with the iPod and that is from iTunes to the iPod and NOT the other way around. The only exception to this rule is with iTunes purchases. You can transfer them back to iTunes by plugging the iPod and choosing File -> Transfer Purchases.
    Otherwise, see this older post from another forum member Zevoneer covering the different methods and software available to assist you with the task of copying content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.

  • How do I get a slideshow from aperture to play on apple tv?

    I can't figure out how to send a slideshow created in aperture to apple tv. Any clues would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hello William
    You would need to export and send the slideshow to iTunes. Once hat is done, make sure that Home Sharing is turned so you can then find the movie in the Computer app and select your computer and find the video there to be played on your Apple TV
    Aperture 3.x: Sharing Your Slideshow Movies
    Setting up Home Sharing for Apple TV (2nd generation and 3rd generation)
    -Norm G.

  • ICC help for printing to my Canon IP5200 from Aperture

    Am trying to find some ICC color profiles for my Canon IP 5200r printer. Since my reinstallation of Aperture my Canon profiles for the IP 5200 have disappeared. I looked for them on my old printer profiles.  i did find some profiles that i had made mysef but no canon provided profiles.
    I have gone to the Canon website and look for ICC profiles on their site and cannot find any. Any suggestions on what ICC profile settings to use to print from aperture to my canon 5200r.  Any suggestions

    re-instaled canon driver and the canon ICC profiles showed up profiles in aperture

  • Help with exporting data from pdf form

    I have about 100 pdf forms that I created in adobe forms central and distributed as a pdf form (rather than on the web). I am trying to export the data into a spreadsheet but when I export it, the fields are all jumbled in the csv file, as in they are not in the same order. I need to export the data all together so I'm going to the forms menu and selecting "manage form data" and then selecting "merge data files into spreadsheet". I tried exporting a single file but that gave me something really weird.
    Please help, I have a deadline next week to analyze this data and can't make sense of it once it is exported to a spreadsheet.

    Would you please share your form with me and send me one of your pdf forms and some of the csv files?
    You can share your form by doing the following:
    1. Click on the “Share” icon on the bottom left corner.
    2. Click on “Add Collaborator” on the popup menu.
    3. Enter [email protected] under “People to share with”.
    4. Set subject to "Export data from pdf form"
    5. Click the “Share” button on the bottom right of the dialog.

  • Help with exporting tracks from Garageband into iTunes please?!

    I have voice-recorded a list of Italian words and phrases which I want to import into iTunes as separate tracks so that I can shuffle them & test myself to learn them. So far I have been using the cycle region to import each word but it is taking forever! I beieve it is not possible to have multpile cycle regions and have been playing about with the markers using the podcast track but I can't get it to export in chapters either.
    Is there a way to split a single track in Garageband and import it as mulitple tracks into iTunes all at the same time?
    Thanks for any help you can give me!

    vanessa2011 wrote:
    the chapters only work when you actually burn to CD. I assume that's correct?
    for your purposes, yes (technically it would create podcast style chapters so you could jump past a section, for instance, but not in a shuffle fashion like you want)
    vanessa2011 wrote:
    I'm guessing that will take an awful lot of CDs?!
    you could use a re-writtable, but no, this doesn't sound like a really workable solution for what you're doing.
    vanessa2011 wrote:
    Just two of the chapters has already become 220 'songs' in iTunes and over 20MB.
    one thing you should be doing is selecting the "compress" option in the export dialogue. you can probably use very aggressive compression for spoken word since hi-fidelity wouldn't be that important (you might experiment with a custom setting to see how low you can go with it still being acceptable)
    vanessa2011 wrote:
    I wonder how much would fit onto a CD
    in terms of audio, it's time, not disc space. a standard CD holds 74 minutes of audio (some store 80)
    you could try an audio editor instead of GB:
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)
    but GB is probably the most simple option

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    Hey guys, your help would be greatly appreciated!
    I shot a bunch of clips using 'ishowu' with the '640x480' option enabled... then imported them into Final Cut to make a movie.
    My question is, now that the movie is done, what is the best way to export for youtube, using what dimensions? I tried to export using 1280x720 for youtubes widescreen, but it stretches out my whole video making everything look abnormally wide. How can I get the best video size but without it streching out my video?

    Export it using 640x480.
    There is no point in making it larger because you cannot put in information that is not there originally.
    640 x 480 is the optimum size. Make it any bigger and it will just appear degraded.

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